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Edward Antonysen:
A short report is on the FGL-website. See "Report on the 2nd International Sulfosalt Symposium in Tavagnasco (08/2017)":

or directly to the PDF:

Frank de Wit:
Giornata Mineralogica Tavagnasco
No website?

8-10 june 2018

Salone Polivalente – Località Verney
Via Quassolo 10, Tavagnasco, Turin, Italy

Also see:

Frank de Wit:

Frank de Wit:
Updated agenda

Frank de Wit:
2nd International Sulfosalt Symposium

10-12 august 2017

Tavagnasco, Italy

Also see:


Thursday August 10th 2017 (arrival/registration in the afternoon)

Friday August 11th 2017

09:00 Welcome & opening comments (presence of the Major of Tavagnasco) Luca Bindi
09:30 The importance of the sulfosalts symposia and state of the art (new sulfosalts, etc.) Philippe Roth
09:45 What the IMA-NMNC Commission tells us Marco E. Ciriotti
10:00 (Title open) Giovanni Dalla Fontana

10:30 Coffee break (included in the registration fee of 40 €)

11:00 News about sulfosalts from Lengenbach – part 1 Nicolas Meisser
11:30 News about sulfosalts from Lengenbach – part 2 Thomas Raber

12:00 Lunch break (included in the registration fee of 40 €)

13:30 News about sulfosalts from Apuan Alps Cristian Biagioni
14:00 News about Ag-sulfosalts from Uchucchacua, Peru Frank Keutsch
14:30 News from Czech Republic Jakub Plášil

15:00 Coffee break (included in the registration fee of 40 €)

15:15 News from Vulcano, Italy Daniela Pinto
15:45 News about FACES Georges Favreau
16:15 Electron microprobe analyses on sulfosalts Federica Zaccarini
16:45 Going inside the structure of some recent sulfosalts from Lengenbach B. Stroeger
17:15 Another look at modularity of sulfosalts Emil Makovicky

18:00 Social dinner (included in the registration fee of 40 €)

Evening lecture
20:00 News from the quasicrystals adventure (optional) Luca Bindi

Saturday August 12th 2017

09:30 (Title open) Stefan Ansermet
10:00 French mineralogy and French sulfosalts Yves Moëlo
10:30 Crystal structure study of silver-palladium chalcogenides František Laufek
11:00 The high pressure behaviour of emplectite and chalcostibite: a comparison Sabrina Nazzareni

11:30 Coffee break (included in the registration fee of 40 €)

11:45 Highlight on a recent new mineral from Tavagnasco: ciriottiite Luca Bindi
12:00 Hungarian sulfosalts Csanad Loranth
12:15 News from the Tl deposit of Buus Nicolas Meisser

12:30 Lunch break (included in the registration fee of 40 €)

Visit to Tavagnasco tunnels All

For the 1st symposium, see,3107.msg70698.html#msg70698


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