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Frank de Wit:
2019 dates of the TIVDC (*) shows:

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
Organized by the TGMS,14631.0.html
14-17 february 2019 /

Also see: /

* = Tucson International Viral Distribution Center shows
        (Rock :) @,5,115692,174197#msg-174197)

Frank de Wit:
Alfredo Petrov and an Opal Sulfur Dilemma
“white transparent material atop some of the [El Desierto sulphur] crystals. It is hyalite opal.”

Frank de Wit:
Jordi is opening his topics...

Alfredo Petrov:
Collectors Edge wholesale outlet has beenm selling for about 6 days already. Kristalle and several others opened Monday. JTI opened today (1 day earlier than last year). And to think that the shows don't really "officially" start till next weekend. Rock Currier used to say "Tucson week was fun; Tucson month is less fun". At the time he said that, Tucson was still only 3 weeks, but now it really is a month!

Frank de Wit:
“seems that about a 1/3 of the dealers are already displaying which, as discussed before, makes the scenario very complex for the small dealers, specially considering that a large dealer, Crystals Classics, was today already in full activity at their different rooms in the HTCC-InnSuites”


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