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Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21703 – Volume XLIV, No.3

This list has the usual assortment of new species, classic specimens and odd-ball locality pieces from many old collections that stock our extensive inventory. As usual, all specimens are offered on a first-come, firstserved basis, FOB our warehouse. Enjoy!

AFMITE- Bachman Mine, Hellertown, Pennsylvania
Pearly white radiating platelets of this uncommon and relatively new phosphate lightly scattered on cherty limonitic matrix, occasionally with tan crandallite or possibly other species. The mineral was named for the Association Francaise de Mineralogie (AFM) by Kampf et al in 2010, and structurally confirmed from this U.S. locality in 2012. Only a few specimens available averaging 4cm to 5cm and priced according to richness and coverage @ 40.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each.

ALLANITE-(Ce)- nr. Reno, Washoe County, Nevada
Nicely formed crystal sections of the rare earth mineral allanite-Ce are offered here as free standing with little or no matrix, all with good prism faces. These are black, occasionally with trace feldspar and with typical dull luster, and most show several good faces. Collected over 30 years ago from a small prospect about 12 miles north of Reno, priced according to crystal quality and size, overall 1-2.5cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 40.00 each.

ARSENOPYRITE with HEMATITE- Paguk Mine, nr. Taegon, South Korea
This sample sports a thick, jagged mass of aresenopyrite protruding from one end of a hematite-rich matrix that shows minor ore banding in rock matrix. Originally labelled in an old collection as "danaite", a cobalt-rich variety of arsenopyrite, we analyzed the piece and found no significant cobalt present. From an obscure and unrecorded locality, complete with our original chemical analysis, specimen size about 7x5cm @ just 50.00 (the cost of our analytical work!) with a former collection label of unknown origin. One only!

AUGELITE- Machacamarca Mine, Potosi, Bolivia
Excellent colorless, tarnsparent to translucent crystals of augelite to 5mm well scattered on rock matrix, occasionally with minor pyrite, barite or other species. The locality was the first to produce crystallized augelite in the world, later surpassed by Yukon material for "best in the world". We have a few old matrix specimens that average about 9x5cm with multiple crystals scattered about at just 85.00 each. List alternates!

AZURITE in GRANITE- Mount Godwin-Austen (K2), Baltistan, Pakistan
An unusual geological occurrence of flattened, circular azurite masses in pale grey granite, collected from a small area on K2, the second highest mountain in the world! Known as the "Savage Mountain" due to the difficulty and high death rate among climbing attempts, here is one locality few of us will ever visit in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Some of this material has shown up in the past as crudely polished pieces, this is the first uncut specimen material we have been able to secure. Only a few samples available, sizes average 5 to 6cm across at just 25.00 each. Great locality material!

BISMOCLITE- Falcacci Stope, Rio Marina, Elba, Italy
This uncommon bismuth oxy-chloride occurs in these specimens as white, pearly to greasy micro platelets richly scattered on matrix, often associated with minute magnetite and/or relict pyrite. From the type locality for riomarinaite, we acquired these samples more than 30 years ago and have just recently rediscovered them in an old Dover, NJ crate. Small fragments in a capsule @ 15.00, matrix specimens from 1cm to 2cm across @ 25.00 and 40.00 each, one 4.5cm sample @ 125.00. List alternates!

CHRISTOFSCHAFERITE-(Ce)- Wingertsberg, nr. Mendig, Eifel, Germany
The rare mineral was IMA-approved (2011-107) several years ago, but little has found its way into collector hands. We recently obtained from one of the authors a few tiny crystals from the holotype material, each offered here as a black single micro aggregate in a 2cm vial! A rare mineral, the Mn2+ dominant member of the chevkinite group. Only a few available @ 110.00 each.

CORUNDUM variety RUBY- Kidal Region, Mali
Crude hexagonal crystals of opaque, pinkish corundum without matrix, these appearing slightly rounded and surface abraded. This is apparently a new find, and the locality remains somewhat of a mystery although nepheline syenites and related minerals are known from this obscure region. We have a small lot of single crystals ranging in size from about 2cm to 3cm tall, most with obvious prism faces and pinacoid terminations @ just 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each, depending on quality.

DIAMOND- Tshikapa, Kasai Province, Dem Rep Congo
From a old hoard of interesting diamond rough when DRC was still Zaire, we offer a small lot of seven (7) different diamond crystals packaged in a 2cm screw-top vial. Each lot will contain a range of hues, typically white to greenish, the vast majority showing usual cube habits. Crystals will range from about 1.5mm to 2mm across, total lot weight usually under 0.5 carats at just 30.00 per lot! Neat samples for micromounting or jewelry work, limit 3 lots per order, please! Domestic shipments only.

FERROSTRUNZITE- Marlton, Burlington Co., New Jersey
This largely undocumented (thus far) locality apparently produced a number of interesting phosphates, with the ferrostrunzite forming excellent radiating micro crystals and sprays tucked in exposed seams and vugs in brown, hardened mud-like matrix. Soon to be featured in a Mineral News article (currently being written by yours truly), these will make superb micros! Ex-Julius Weber material (and likely collected by the late Frank Leans over 35 years ago), specimens from about 2cm to nearly 5cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00 and 30.00 each. Excellent stuff!

FLUORAPOPHYLLITE over KINOITE- Christmas Mine, nr Hayden, Gila Co. Arizona
Unusually coarse crystals for the locality, hand culled from a large lot, these are sharp colorless crystals to several mm's, almost cubic in habit, covering deep blue kinoite and richly coating these matrix specimens. All will make excellent and colorful micromounts, from 2cm to nearly 5cm @ only 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Neat!

GOWERITE- nr Ryan, Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California
Rich coverage of this borate mineral on matrix! Gowerite is found as radiating tufts, to 0.5cm, of translucent microcrystals with moderate to thick coverage on at least one side of the matrix. Micro potential on this material, likely from the Corkscrew Canyon Mine, now impossible to obtain from this locality since its elevation to National Park status. Sizes from 3cm to 6cm @ 20.00, 40.00, 60.00, and 80.00 each.

HYDROZINCITE- Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Delicate, minute white sprays of micro crystals of hydrozincite richly scattered on gossan matrix. Old material from the late 1970's with good micro potential and brillaint, blue-white fluorescence as well, occasionally with hemimorphite or other phases! Matrix sizes from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each, a few to 8x5cm @ 55.00 each.

IDAITE- Gruvberget, Kiruna Region, Lappland, Sweden
Rich metallic masses of idaite nicely scattered in rock matrix, most intergrown with other sulfides and with secondary copper minerals. Old material obtained from Hans Wilke many years ago, and mentioned in his book of Swedish mineralogy. Interesting locality material, sizes from 1.5cm to 4cm @ 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each.

ISOFERROPLATINUM (crystal!)- Konder, Ayan Maya, Far Eastern Reg., Russia
From a more recent find of CRYSTALS offered as native platinum, we have a nice selection of specimens averaging 3m to 5mm across, each showing slightly water-worn cubic faces. Each sample is accompanied by a copy of our chemical analysis, all showing these are actually isoferroplatinum. Others are charging up to $900 per gram(!!) for crystallized samples, we offer ANALYZED specimens at about half that price, at only 95.00, 125.00 and 150.00 each, all with documentation!

LAHNSTEINITE (IMA 2012-002)- Dornberg Mine, Ramsbeck, Germany
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as colorless to cloudy white triclinic crystals scattered on the surface of sphalerite-rich, Pb-Sb-S ore matrix. Formula: Zn4(SO4)(OH)6*3H2O - triclinic – IMA #2012-002. This is the second German locality for the species, provided by one of the authors. only a few small (1cm)
specimens with rich micro potential @ 185.00 each.

LITHIOPHORITE- Queen City Mn Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
Non-descript but exceptionally rich black masses of ugly lithiophorite comprising matrix, here with small amounts of fluorescent gibbsite as well. Recently featured in Mineral News, Vol. 33 (2017) No. 2 issue, andfrom one of only a few localities for the species in Nevada. Specimens range in size from about 3cm to 8cm across @ 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each. One 13cm specimen @ 55.00. List alternates!

MAGNETITE- nr. Bangassou, Mbomou Prefecture, Cent Afr Republic
Sharp, single octahedrons of well-formed magnetite without matrix, these averaging about 2.5cm tall! As expected, they are magnetic and show only a light rusty patina over the crystal faces. The original source for these excellent octahedral crystals has long been disputed, and a locality in Mindat refers to "Ilogo Prefecture", which does not exist in the Central African Republic! With only two small (and now defunct) known iron mining areas in the country, the locality is likely here in this SE area of the country, bordering on the Mbomou River and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Well formed crystals, matrix-free, at just 15.00 each.

MALACHITE- Kolwezi, Katanga Copper Crescent, Dem Rep Congo
We have gathered a large selection of our better malachite specimens obtained over the years from this prolific district, here as both acicular, somewhat fibrous malachite, as well as rich botryoidal malachite, both habits that are appealing, sit well, and are excellent display specimens. These are MINERAL specimens, not polished pieces, and a wealth of sizes and habits are on hand from 5cm up to 12cm across, priced competitively at just 15.00, 30.00, 45.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each. All are attractive, and a few higher are available, inquire!

MARGAROSANITE, CALCITE etc.- Jacobsberg, Nordmark Dist., Varmland, Sweden
A rather ugly rock comprised of densely packed biotitic mica and other phases, showing a non-descript patch of nicely fluorescent (SW blue-white) margarosanite plume about 3x2cm, with a similarly sized calcite (SW red-orange) mass perched at the opposite end of the piece. There are other crusty white phases on the same surface as well, but none are fluorescent. One specimen only, size about 6x6cm @ 125.00.

METAVARISCITE w/ VARISCITE- Lucin Hill, Box Elder Co., Utah
Excellent micro crystals of tabular to elongated transparent to pale green metavariscite crystals nicely scattered in seams with green variscite. Some crystals are nearly equant and show interesting twinning, and all have superb micro potential. Matrix sizes from 1.5cm to 4.5cm @ 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each. Great stuff from an old locality, collected circa 1985!!

MUSCOVITE- Balch Farm, nr. Lyme, Grafton Co., New Hampshire
A rich and quite nice muscovite specimen comprised of thick, tabular muscovite plates to 3cm across forming a complex, intergrown group that shows only the divergent mica plates, but likely surrounding a hidden pegmatite core as evidenced by the surprisingly heavy weight of the specimen. With over 250 micabearing localities documented in Grafton County, this one is NOT among them, collected in September, 1945 by H.C. Moore and accompanied by his handwritten label. Overall specimen size is a hefty 8x5cm hand specimen @ 45.00. One only from this obscure, heretofore unknown locality of some 70+ years ago!

NONTRONITE with HEDENBERGITE- North Wilson Pit, Union Carbide Mine, Arkansas
This normally unappealing clay mineral occurs here at this Garland County property as rich, pistachio-green to yellowish crusts nicely covering a calcite-bearing carbonatite rock matrix that is rich in tiny, brownish black hedenbergite pyroxene crystals and masses. Old material recently uncovered here, specimens with good coverage for a normally ugly mineral, sizes from about 3.5cm to 8cm across at just 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

NORDSTRANDITE- Poudrette Quarry, Mont St. Hilaire, Canada
The mineral occurs here as extremely small colorless to greyish-white radiating crystalline aggregates in tiny balls very sparsely scattered on feldspar matrix. We located a few older specimens in the Sole Collection, most in the 2cm-3cm size range at just 25.00 and 35.00 each.

NORRISHITE- Hoskins Mine, Grenfell, N.S.W., Australia
Black micaceous masses of this relatively new species scattered in/on matrix. A rare Mn-end member micagroup mineral obtained more than fifteen years ago from the type locality, sizes from 1cm to 4cm @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 65.00 each, depending on overall size and coverage.

OLIVENITE- Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
Dark green, brilliant glassy olivenite micro crystals perched in vugs and on matrix, occasionally with malachite, chenevixite and possibly other species. There are two distinct habits, one long and slender, generally with pale green color (excellent micros!), and stouter, much darker green crystals. Good micro potential on these neat specimens, sizes from 1.5cm to 3cm @ only 5.00, 7.50 and 10.00 each.PYROXMANGITE- Conselheiro Lafaiete, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Rich, deeply hued, opaque pink-red masses and cleavages comprising matrix. Attractive, colorful material, originally identified as rhodonite but subsequently X-rayed and confirmed as the more uncommon species pyroxmangite! First obtained in 1995, we recently uncovered a small lot of this material, likely from the Morro da Mina property but not the gemmy, transparent rhodonite also found here. Matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 5.5cm @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

QUARTZ variety CHALCEDONY- Unspecified Locality in Madagascar
Weird, globular to mammillary botryoids of translucent white chalcedony forming oddly-shaped clusters and "ear like" specimens, typically with little or no associated matrix. A mineralogical curiosity, specimens averaging 4cm to 5cm across at just 15.00 each. Strange!

SANTACLARAITE- Pennsylvania Mine, Santa Clara Co., California
Pink to tan masses of santaclaraite richly scattered in/on rock matrix. From the type locality Pennsylvania Mine that lies just east of Mt. Hamilton. Originally from very old Cureton stock supplied by Richrd Erd, the USGS mineralogist who described the mineral. Specimens range from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 30.00, and 45.00 each; a fine and rich 8cm specimen @ 75.00.

A single specimen of this rare species, here as intimately associated with crystalline probertite forming a 1cm TN. Likely from the Sankaya Boron Deposit near Kirka, the sample is ex-Br. Juan Salvador Collection, only only, @ 160.00.

SOBOLEVSKITE- Oktjabrskij, Talnach, Noril'sk, Russia
A 2.5cm probe mount containing a well documented ore sample from this prolific PGM locality. The specimen consists of minutely scattered sobolveskite in galena, accompanied by six (6) photomicrographs of X-ray maps pinpointing the element coverage throughout the sample. Specimen is about 1.2cm across in a 2.5cm probe mount @ 175.00. One only!

SPADAITE- Palos Verdes Hills, Los Angeles Co, California
An hydrous magnesium silicate mineral, spadaite occurs as light brown fibrous masses on matrix. Resembling a pale chocolate colored asbestos, the enigmatic and still questionable spadaite species apparently formed as a secondary mineral, developing substantial masses on one side of the Miocene sediment matrix. Likely from the Livingston Quarry at this locality and collected many years ago, sizes from 3cm to 6cm @ 35.00, 50.00, and 75.00 each, or smaller peices in a capsule @ 15.00. One huge 11cm specimen @ 175.00.

SPODUMENE variety KUNZITE- Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Before you get excited, these are NOT the gem kunzites from the region (we have those, too) but rather hefty, opaque spodumenes with a pronounced pinkish hue that show excellent fluorescence under both LW and SW UV, with the LW response (pinkish-orange) the better of the two! The specimens all show crude
crystal faces as well, but we were only able to secure of few of these fluorescent oddities, averaging about 5.5cm tall and up to 4cm wide at just 25.00 each. Limit one per order, please!

STILLWELLITE-(Ce)- Castellaccio di Petrignano, Latium, Italy
Very tiny, pale pink transparent crystals of stillwellite-(Ce) very sparsely scattered and perched in vugs among crystalline sanidine matrix. Typical associations include magnetite and occasionally other species, these from the 1977 discovery at this Vetralla locality. Specimens average 2.5-3cm @ 40.00 each, all with a pinpointing arrow.

THOREAULITE- Bakeanoe Ta-Deposit, E. Kalba Range Kazakhstan
This moderately rare tin mineral occurs here as thin, somewhat tabular yellow-brown platelets without matrix. A single plate just under 1mm across, most with some micro potential, packaged in a capsule @ only 35.00 each.

TINZENITE- Falotta, nr. Tinzen, Grisons, Switzerland
Dark, nearly black braunite and white barite comprise the matrix of these rather lean samples, here showing pinkish orange tinzenite lightly scattered in isolated areas of the specimens. One of several known localities in the Albula Valley near the type locality, specimens range from 2.5cm to nearly 4cm @ 35.00 and 50.00 each. Only a few on hand!

TYROLITE- Gold Chain Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
Fine radiating micro aggregates and flattened crystal sprays of rich, greenish blue tyrolite nicely scattered in vugs and exposed seams on quartz-rich matrix. Some of the finest we've seen from the locality, these are 2cm to 4cm specimens, very reasonably priced @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each, depending on quality and overall size/coverage. Good micro potential on better pieces!

WOLLASTONITE- Estrella Mts., Maricopa Co., Arizona
Radial aggregates of shimmering white wollastonite crystals are abundantly present throughout a greywhite, metamorphosed limestone matrix. Fluorescent bluish white in dull red matrix under SW UV. Reasonably attractive, sizes are from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 5.00, 10.00 and 15.00 each. Old material!

PALERMO THUMBNAILS - Palermo Mines, Grafton Co., New Hampshire
Specimens from the collections of Dr. Michael Swanson, these are twenty (20) mounted specimens from
various Palermo collecting trips, some dating back to as early as 1960 and as late as the early 1980s. A
marvelous snapshot of the prolific phosphate discoveries of the time, there is modest duplication but a
wealth of classic Palermo species in the lot. Collection of 20 specimens mounted in labeled thumbnail sized
boxes at 175.00 per lot of twenty specimens.
DIGITAL SCALE: 500g Capacity
We acquired a small lot of digital scales recently, testing them against our fairly expensive lab scales with
great success! These measure in grams(g), ounces(oz), troy ounces(ozt), hundred weight(dwt) and carats
(ct), with a 500 g capacity (or equivalent), accurate to 0.1g. The units run on 2 AAA batteries (supplied) and
are compact (10x6.5cm) devices you may find useful for weighing small specimens, cabochons, cut stones
etc..While our supply lasts and complete with instructions, just 15.00 each with any mineral order!
TSAVORITE GROSSULAR- Merelani, Arusha, Tanzania
Excellent, clean bright green tsavorite garnet faceted stones, here as calibrated 5x3mm ovals showing fine
color and careful cutting. Judgung from the rough crystals we have in stock, finding rough clean enough to
facet is certainly a challenge! We offer 5x3mm ovals @ 30.00 each, or a lot of three for 75.00. Limited

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21702 – Volume XLIV, No.2

AKERMANITE- Oka, Quebec, Canada
This uncommon Ca-rich Mg-silicate occurs widely in small amounts, here as greyish white to slightly yellowish aggregates lightly scattered in intruded alkaline rock matrix. Not much to look at, but older material ex-Canadian Geological Survey, a few samples from about 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 20.00 and 45.00 each; one extraordinarily large specimen sporting two drill holes from an old exploratory mining venture, about 12x10cm @ 150.00. List alternates!

AZURITE- Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
Selected from numerous collections in our warehouse, we offer a modest range of classic Bisbee azurites obtained over the years, many pre-1950, some from museums, dealers and private collections. Typically small, dark blue druses, crystals and botryoidal crystalline knobs of azurite richly scattered on matrix, some with minor green malachite, all with micro potential and all with rich coverage. Specimens priced according to quality, sizes 2.5cm to 4cm @ just 20.00, 30.00, 50.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each. Old, classic material!

BARITE with PYRITE- Rosiclaire, Hardin Co., Illinois
An unusual combination of white to transparent platy barite crystals to 5mm well-scattered on greyish micro dolomites, also showing very rare (for the district) micro pyrite druses richly spread over the samples. Excellent TN-sized samples with good micro potential as well, the pyrite so rare from the Rosiclare district that images on Mindat are sorely lacking! Speicmens from about 2cm to 2.5cm @ 10.00 and 15.00 each.

BERYL variety EMERALD- Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Yes, emeralds can be ugly, and these are the ones! Dull green masses of poorly crystallized emerald generously fill these nondescript specimens, largely comprised of the green to greyish-green beryl and a dark mica (phlogopite?). While the color is distinctive, these are rather opaque and offer no serious gem potential nor sharp crystal faces. From the Iron Quadrangle, specimens average 4cm to 5cm long @ just 10.00 each!

CALCIOMURMANITE (IMA 2014-103)- Mt. Pyalkimpor, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
This NEW SPECIES occurs as pale pinkish tan micaceous plates to several millimeters wide, scattered in nepheline-rich lujavrite rock matrix, typically with fine-grained potassic feldspar, aegirine etc. Formula: (Na,[])2Ca(Ti,Mg,Nb)4[Si2O7]2O2()H,O)2(H2O4) - triclinic, IMA #2014-103. This locality is approximately 1km from the type where the species was found on an old museum sample. Fairly rich specimens, sizes from 2cm to 3cm across and priced according to size and coverage @ 150.00 and 195.00 each.

CALCITE pseudo @ FOSSIL CLAM- Azanarusawa, Chiba Pref., Honshu, Japan
Weirdly fluorescent (SW and LW bluish white) and briefly phosphorescent (pale green) translucent to white calcite has completely replaced the upper surface of a fossil clam shell. The underside of the shell is a mix of caliche-like shell fragments mixed with granular aggregates of numerous unidentifed mineral grains. A unique occurrence, with Japanese label, size about 5cm across @ 55.00. List alternates!

CLINOCHLORE var: KAMMERERITE- Kop Daglari, Erzurum, E. Anatolia, Turkey
One of the more handsome examples of this chromian clinochlore that we've had, these samples show numerous, deep magenta colored crystals to 5mm on the better samples nicely scattered over one surface of rock matrix, most showing a good triangular outline and raised slightly from matrix. Old and very colorful material from the 1970's, specimens from 3cm to nearly 6cm @ 50.00, 75.00, 100.00, 125.00 and 150.00 ea

COVELLITE- Lily Mine, Pisco Prov., Ica Dept., Peru
From the locality better known for its "Andean Opal", we have a small lot of rather rich, dense, massive blueblack metallic covellite, intergrown with minor pyrite, quartz and possibly other phases. The material is quiteheavy and takes an excellent polish, sold for lapiday use starting at $100 a pound! Our samples are rough chunks from 4cm to 11cm across, certain to turns your hands black when handling, offered at just 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. A few specimens with one cut face and lightly buff polished, 5cm to 9cm across the face @ 30.00, 55.00 and 80.00 each

DESCLOIZITE- Overland Mine, White Pine Co., Nevada
From a uncommon locality in Nevada, we have an interesting lot of attractive, red to orange-red descloizite, here as thin crusts of minute botryoidal knobs richly scattered on matrix, some with a paler yellow-orange color but still analytically confirmed as descloizite. Attractive specimens under the scope as well, the locality is one of many old and obscure mining prospects listed in the County Recorder's records, but not mentioned in any mineralogical or geological reference we can find! Heyite has been reported in the area as pseudomorphs after descloizite, but we found little or no iron in any of our analyses. Colorful specimens, very reasonably priced and featured in Mineral News (September, 2012), sizes from about 3cm to 7cm @ 7.50, 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00; a few larger, 10cm to 15cm long @ 50.00, 65.00 and 80.00 each, all with a copy of an analysis!

DIAMOND- Zimi Region, Western Area, Sierra Leone
Best known for its brilliant yellow diamonds, the Zimi region was once rich in excellent, highly productive diamond deposits, but production has largely moved to eastern parts of the country. We recently uncovered some old (ex-David New) crystals in the inventory, offered here as pale amber-brown, highly striated cubic crystals without matrix. Under the scope, these show remarkably complex morphology. Sizes include: 4x4x3mm (0.62 cts) @ 90.00; 5x4x3mm (0.80 cts) @ 120.00. List alternates!

DIOPTASE on MALACHITE etc.- Tsumeb, Namibia
An old specimen comprised of a half dozen small (2mm) deep green dioptase crystals perched on one edge of large, cauliflower-like, velverty botryoidal malachite specimen, also with a few small greysih whilte dolomites and a partial 1.5 cm fragment of a wulfenite crystal sitting in the middle of the specimen. Ignoring the dioptase and wulfenite, this is an otherwise excellent Tsumeb malachite brought out circa 1980, the associations making it especially desirable, overall measuring a hefty 8.5cm across @ just 200.00. Nice!

FERRI-FLUORO-LEAKEITE- Flora Mt., Lovozero, Kola Peninsula, Russia
A new locality for this complex amphibole species, here as short prismatic black crystals to a few millimeters long, lightly scattered in fenite matrix, largely comprised of quartz and alkali feldspar, occasionally with trace beige colored narsarsukite as well. Specimens range from about 2cm to 3.5cm across priced according to size and richness @ 60.00, 90.00 and 125.00 each. List alternates!

FRAIPONTITE- Silver Bill Mine, Cochise Co., Arizona
This uncommon mineral occurs here as pale blue masses and streamers running through matrix, most associated with micro hemimorphite, calcite and occasionally altered galena as well. Moderately colorful material collected over 25 years ago, ex-Cureton specimens from 2.5cm to nearly 9cm across @ 10.00,
20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

GIBBSITE with LITHIOPHORITE- Queen City Mn Prospect, Nye Co., Nevada
Opaque, off-white cherty masses of gibbsite are the primary matrix mineral in these decidedly ugly specimens, with black lithiophorite appearing as spots and small masses scattered about the gibbsite. Recently described in Mineral News (2017, Vol. 33, #2), the material is weakly fluorescent (SW - green),
perhaps it's only redeeming characteristic other than it represents one of the few reported occurrence of lithiophorite in the state, and the only Nye County occurrence of gibbsite! Likely one of the ugliest (but still interesting) mineral combinations of all time, offered here in sizes from 3cm to 7cm @ just 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

GOSLARITE- Grube Rammelsberg, Goslar, Harz, Germany
Goslarite from this excellent old type locality occurs as nearly pure friable, tan opaque and somewhat powdery masses comprising matrix. Offered as a generously filled capsule @ 12.50, or as solid masses from 1cm to 3cm @ 25.00, 40.00, and 55.00 each.

GOUDEYITE- Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada
Bright to pale green coatings and micro-botryoidal crusts of this rare aluminum copper arsenate, found in the 'Copper Stope' of this prolific Nevada locality. Collected by Forrest Cureton many years ago, most have good micro potential and are associated with other arsenates. Priced according to size and quality, from 2cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, and 65.00 each.

GRAFTONITE etc.- Rice Quarry, Groton, Grafton Co., New HampshireRed-brown crystalline masses of graftonite are embedded and intimately associated with altered triphylite and occasionally bluish vivianite, richly comprising matrix in this old and rich phosphate assemblage. Collected over 40 years ago, excellent locality specimens, sizes from about 2.5cm to 4cm @ 15.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each.

GROSSULAR variety HESSONITE- Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada
Recently uncovered in the warehouse: an old lot of transparent, pale orange to cinnamon colored grossular garnets (variety "hessonite")scattered on matrix, collected in 1972 by the late Russell Buckingham! Still wrapped in local newspapers, these are small (largest xl to 1cm), complex and generally flattened and somewhat crude dodecahedral and trapezeohedral crystalline aggregates on rock matrix, occasionally with minor diopside or other species. Specimens range in size from about 3cm to 12cm across, with coverage light to fair on larger matrix samples. While not the killers this mine once produced, they are representative of the variety and typical of field collected specimens of the time. Priced according to quality/size @ 10.00, 20.00, 30.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

HEMIMORPHITE- Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, Sussex Co New Jersey
An interesting miniature comprised of white, botryoidal hemimorphite completely covering thin rock matrix, with evidence of concentric banding seen from the side of the specimen. The underside shows many micro crystals that are considerably more transparent than the opaque surface botryoidal mass, and the surface is mildly fluorescent under both SW and LW. Size about 5.5x3cm @ 45.00. One only.

HYDROCERUSSITE- Mendip Hills, Somerset, England
Off-white crystalline masses of hydrocerussite are richly scattered with white calcite (easily distinguished by FL-red SW UV) and blackish brown manganese minerals composed primarily of crednerite in these rich specimens from the classic Higher Pitts location. Old material, ex-Cureton, sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

JARLITE- Ivigtut, Arsuk Fjord, Greenland
Jarlite is one of several strontium bearing fluoride minerals first noted from this unusual and prolific pegmatite. Jarlite occurs here at the type locality as greysih crystalline to vuggy masses, associated with fluorite, and possibly containing areas of drusy jarlite as well. Old material, sizes from 3cm to nearly 6cm @ 30.00, 45.00, and 65.00.

LAURELITE- Grand Reef Mine, Laurel Canyon, Arizona
Minute, elongated clear rod-like crystals of this rare species packaged in a gelatin capsule with associated galena, anglesite etc. Lustrous micro crystals and aggregates to a couple of millimeters long, and missing from many reference collections!. Type locality material collected about 25 years ago; good micro potential, @ only 35.00 per capsule of material.

LIMONITE pseudo @ PYRITE- Marion Co., Kentucky
From a small box of old Ward's material, these are typical limonitic pseudos after pyrite, all matrix-free and crystal forms ranging from pyritohedrons and cubes to weirdly elongated rectangular crystals. The locality is old and obscure, and we offer three different cystals, averaging 1cm to 1.5cm each @ just 12.50 per lot of three.

LITHIOTANTITE w/ THOREAULITE- Ognevka Deposit, Kalba Range, Kazakhstan
A surprising find from the type locality for the species, here as unusually large (to 1mm) colorless and highly lustrous grains intimately associated with bright yellow, glassy thoreaulite and occasionally with dark brownish cassiterite as well. Small samples to a several millimeters across but excellent for type locality specimens, only a few on hand @ 125.00 each.

LIZARDITE pseudo @ ENSTATITE- Kennack, Lizard, Cornwall, England
Small platy aggregates of "bastite" to a few millimeters across, richly scattered in dark martrix. These are lizardite pseudomorphs after enstatite, and many older labels simply called them "bastite" or "enstatite" or even "bronzite". From the TYPE LOCALITY for lizardite, classic stuff obtained many years ago, only a few specimens on hand, sizes ranging from about 2cm to 4.5cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

MAGADIITE w/ SILHYDRITE etc.- Trinite Mine, Trinity Co., California
White microcrystalline masses of altered volcanic material comprised of densely intergrown magadiite, typically with minor kenyaite and/or silhydrite comprising matrix, occasionally with minute rhodesite as well. This is type locality material for silhydrite, sometimes designated as near Watson Creek, specimen sizes from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 65.00 each. A rare assemblage!

MAGNESIOHATERTITE (IMA 2016-078- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia Another NEW SPECIES from this Kamchatka volcano, here as minute, dark blue-grey crystals intergrown into tiny aggregates and groups without matrix. Formula: (Na,Ca)2Ca(Mg,Fe3+)2(AsO4)3 - monoclinic, IMA approved #2016-078, the Mg>Fe analog of hatertite. A skilled photomicrographer would likely get an excellent image of these tiny crystal groups, but barely 1mm across is beyond our limited photo capability! Tiny samples, mounted on adhesive disks @ 175.00 each. List alternates!

NABALAMPROPHYLLITE- Kovdor Massif, Kola, Russia
Repeat of a sellout: this NEW SPECIES occurs as small, yellowish brown prismatic aggregates scattered in matrix, typically with minor feldspar, lorenzenite and possibly other phases. Formula: Ba(Na,Ba){Na3Ti[Ti2O2Si4O14](OH,F)2} - monoclinic. IMA #2001-060, specimens from 8mm to nearly 5cm @ 50.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

PHOSPHOSIDERITE, ROCKBRIDGEITE- White Elephant Mine, Custer Co., South Dako
An uncommon mineral at the locality, phosphosiderite occurs here as minute, pale lavender to pinkish botryoids and crystalline aggregates sparsely scattered in rockbridgeite-rich matrix, the latter forming desnse radiaiting aggregates of brownish-black sprays well-scattered in rock, occasionally with odd,
yellowish jahnsite microcrystals as well. Specimens from about 2cm to 4cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each.

PREISWERKITE- Geisspfad, Binnental, Valais, Switzerland
Type locality material! Preiswerkite, a mica group member, occurs as fine grained pale green masses scattered through a tough, schist-like rock matrix. Good representative material, difficult to obtain today, in sizes from 1.5cm to 3cm @ 20.00 and 35.00 each. A few larger pieces up to 6cm @ 75.00 and 100.00.

PYRITE- Grand View Mine, nr Bayard, Grant Co., New Mexico
Distinctive but crude cubic pyrite crystals to 1cm in larger samples, here frozen in disseminated, galena-rich matrix. Good examples of isolated cubes shot through ore-bearing rock, not especially attractive but inexpensively offered for specimens from 5cm to 10cm across @ only 10.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Heavy stuff and will likely require larger priority box postage.

QUARTZ with INCLUSIONS- Sichuan Province, PR China
A recently acquired small lot of well formed singly terminated, transparent quartz crystals, all showing inscrutable inclusions of an unknown black, somewhat wispy, material, some appearing rod-like when travelling along an internal fracture plane. We have seen similar material from both Leshan and Liangshan Prefectures in Sichuan, variously labelled as bitumen, hematite or graphite, with a hydrocarbon being the most likely candidate for the inclusion ID. Interesting crystals, averaging 6cm-7cm tall at just 20.00 each.

QUARTZ-AMETHYST "Grape Agate"- Mamuju, Sulawesi Barat Province, Indonesia
We have been able to secure a few more of these fascinating specimens from last year's discovery of these extraordinarily attractive specimens that have been called chalcedony as well as "grape agate". These are actually tiny radiating amethyst crystals forming wonderful balls and botryoids of pale purple color completely scattered on and about the samples, looking much like small bunches of miniature grapes (and hence, the name)! Quite attractive and a unique habit from an obscure locality, specimens range from about 6cm to 9cm across with varying heights and depths, priced very reasonably at just 35.00, 50.00, 65.00 and 85.00 each. Nice stuff!

SENEKEVICHITE- Dara-i-Pioz, Tien Shan Mtn., Tajikistan
This exceptionally rare species occurs as micro aggregates in fluorite/quartz matrix, some with minor neptunite, leucosphenite or possibly other phases. A relatively new cesium mineral, formula: CsKNaCa2TiO[Si7O18(OH)], IMA-approved over 10 years ago (2004-017) but rarely available since. The cesium analog of tinaksite, type locality material from the author, offered as small microprobed samples in a 1.8cm mount, accompanied by an SEM image and full quantitative chemical analysis @ 225.00. List alternates!

SPHALERITE var: SCHALENBLENDE- Pine Point, Northwest Territories, Canada
This interesting specimen is ex-A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum and is accompanied by their label. It displays a nicely cut and polished cross section of predominantly dark brown sphalerite with lighter alternating bands and plums, also showing minor metallic galena and residual calcite within both the polish face as well as across the rough back heel of the sample. An out-of-the way locality just south of Great Slave Lake with many small prospect pits within its underlying Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc deposit. Polished face size about 10x9 cm @ just 75.00. One only!

STRACZEKITE- Union Carbide Mine, Wilson Springs, Arkansas
Greenish-black micro crystals and platy aggregates of straczekite scattered on cherty matrix. An unusual species from this prolific locality, some associated with minor yellow metatyuyamunite. Type locality material from the North Wilson Pit, sizes from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 35.00, 50.00 depending on size and coverage. Rarely seen on the market today!

TANEYAMALITE- Taneyama Mine, Toyo, Kumamoto Pref., Japan
Specimens from the type locality (!!) obtained over 30 years ago from a Japanese scientist, offered here as dark, greenish brown to nearly black somewhat wavy and vitreous fibrous aggregates sparsely scattered in seams in an iron-rich, metamorphosed chert matrix. The mineral is the Mn-analog of howieite, and legitimate specimens from the type locality are rarely available. Only a few specimens on hand, as small 2+cm TNs @ 35.00; or as considerably larger ore chunks to 6cm @ 125.00 each.

VICANITE -(Ce)- Vico Complex, Tre Croci, Vetralla, Italy
Minute euhedral yellowish-green crystals of this rare mineral sparsely scattered in vuggy sanidine matrix, occasionally covered by or with pale brown micaceous blades of tadzhikite-(Y) and possibly other rare species. A rarely offered Ca-Ce-Th arsenate, these with micro potential. Each specimen is arrowed, sizes from 2cm to nearly 4cm @ 35.00, 45.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality.

WILANCOOKITE (IMA 2015-034)- Larva Ponte do Piaui, Itinga, M.G., Brazil
This NEW SPCEIES occurs as minute, transparent cubes (and occasionally modified by dodecahedrons) sparsely scattered on matrix, often associated with bronze mica and/or fibrous moreasite. Formula: Ba8(Ba3Li2[])Be24P24O96*32H2O, cubic, IMA # 2015-034. Named by the senior author for the late William and Anne Cook, avid systematic collectors and micromounters. The crystals are quite small (0.2mm) and will require at least 20x, but they are lustrous and well-formed micros! Small matrix samples to a few millimeters in a micro box, priced according to the number and/or quality of crystals, @ 60.00, 90.00 and 125.00 each.

SYNTHETIC "ORANGE SAPPHIRE"- Lab Grown Quartz from China
We recently acquired a fairly robust lot of wonderfully large, laser-cut faceted ovals, purported to be synthetic sapphire. A few quick tests suggests these are actually lab-grown quartz, admittedly of a fine, orange padparadscha color, but closely resembling fine citrine. While the real padparadscha sells for over $2000 a carat, we will blow these out at about 1.50 a carat, with nicely cut, perfectly clean faceted ovals ranging in size from about 18x13mm to monster 28x22mm (about 20 carats to nearly 40 carats) at 30.00, 45.00, 50.00 and 60.00 each. Impressive, but still synthetic! Order by price, please!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21701 – Volume XLIV, No.1

Our first list for 2017 has the usual assortment of new species, classic specimens and odd-ball locality pieces from many old collections that stock our extensive inventory. Pay special attention to the last of our Virginia turquoise crystals, the finest U.S. occurrence of kobellite from North Carolina, and many other interesting specimens. As usual, all specimens are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, FOB our warehouse. Enjoy!

ALLANITE-(Ce)- Cranberry Lake Q, Westchester Co., New York
Collected over ten (10) years ago, these are interesting specimens from this small abandoned quarry located in the Valhalla/North White Plains area of Westchester County. The allanite-(Ce) occurs as tiny, elongated black grains in gneiss. The quarry was opened in the early 1900s and produced stone for construction of the nearby Kensico Dam. Specimens of smoky quartz and feldspar were also recoved, and the allanites were analyzed by us in 2005 but never offered for sale until now. Not previously reported, this is the first mineral assemblage documented from this property. Matrix samples in granular, black and white gneiss, sizes from about 2cm to 10 cm @ just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, with a copy of our analysis.

ANDESINE with OBSIDIAN- Motoyama, Iwojima Island, Tokyo, Japan
Excellent tabular crystals of this plagioclase feldspar (albite variety andesine) intergrown into small crossed patterns, typically with tiny shards of black obsidian scattered about these volcanic bomblet specimens. Difficult to obtain today due to unexploded ordnance on the island and the resulting prohibition against trespassing, we have just a few small samples of these classic crystal groups in stock, averaging about 1.2cm across @ 25.00 each.

BOBKINGITE- Cerro Minado Mines, Andalusia, Spain
This rare copper mineral occurs here as micro flattened crystal sprays of pleasing, soft blue color, lightly scattered on matrix, typically associated with other copper minerals such as parnauite, azurite etc., occasionally with pink spherocobaltite on some samples. Good micro material, overall specimens sizes average 1.5-2cm @ just 55.00 each. Only a few on hand!

BOHMITE- Mas Rouge, Les Baux Province, France
Rather ugly stuff, here as massive tan to reddish masses completely comprising this "bauxite" matrix. From a classic area for this major aluminum ore mineral, old specimens ex-Cureton stock ranging in size from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

BURGESSITE- Keeley Mine, S. Lorain Twp., Ontario, Canada
This extremely rare mineral was approved in 2007 from a single specimen found in the collection of the late Joe Cilen. No additional material has emerged, and we have a pair of small matrix pieces offered here for the first time, obtained from one of the authors. The mineral occurs as tiny, pinkish purple radiating laths not unlike erythrite in habit, but quite lean and small as tiny aggregates on massive skutterudite/cobaltite matrix. Type (and only!) locality, overall size: 4mm @ 300.00.

CALCIOJOHILLERITE (2016-068)- Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
This NEW SPECIES was discovered on the second scoria cone of the Northern Breakthrough of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption of this famous volcano. It occurs as micro crystals (about 1mm) of colorless to slightly bluish color lightly scattered on a basaltic scoria, typically associated with splendant black hematite and minute rods of white orthoclase. Formula: NaCaMg3(AsO4)3 - monoclinic, IMA #2016-068. The mineral is a member of the alluadite group and an analog of johillerite in which copper has been substituted by calcium. Modest micro potential as well, specimens averaging about 2.5cm @ 150.00 each.

CONNELLITE etc.- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
This prolific mine has produced over 75 different species, many n attractive micro crystals. The connellite is no exception, here as very tiny, electric blue micro crystals perched on quartz matrix, often with othersecondary phases as well. Neat micros and uncommon from here, specimens in TN sizes averaging 2cm @ just 25.00 each, all with pinpointing SEM copper arrows.

CORUNDUM var: SAPHHIRE- Dachsbusch, nr. Huttenberg, Eifel, Germany
Very tiny micro crystals of blue-grey elongated corundum crystals sparsely scattered in biotite schist, some possibly associate with minute, white sillimanite/andalusite (EDS cannot distinguish) sprays. An interesting locality and strictly for the micromounter and sapphire collector, small specimens averaging about 1cm across @ just 15.00 each.

CRONSTEDTITE w/ CHILDRENITE- Siglo Veinte Mine, Llallagua, Bolivia
Odd, murky greenish brown botryoids of the hexagonal (2-H) polymorphs of cronstedtite scattered on matrix, associated with pyrite, and occasionally weird pinkish massive sphalerite, nice childrenite micros and possibly other phases! Interesting material from a classic locality, specimen sizes from about 2.5cm to nearly 4cm @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each, some with micro potential as well.

DIAMOND- Bou River, Seguela District, Ivory Coast
From an obscure and unusual locality, we have a small lot of diamond crystals without matrix, all exhibiting unusually modified dodecahedral habits! Sizes average 2mm, most are quite transparent, and we will select a PAIR OF CRYSTALS that show different habits and/or color tints for just 15.00 per pair!

DUFTITE etc.- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
Apple green micro balls, crystals and aggregates of duftite well scattered on quartz matrix, typically associated with darker green malachite, and occasionally other secondary minerals such as brochantite, adamite, etc. Attractive under the 'scope, excellent specimens from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Nice!

FERGUSONITE-(Y)-Beta- Arendal, Aust-Agder, Norway
An old stock of this uncommon mineral was recently analyzed and confirmed as fergusonite-(Y)-beta, once called beta-fergusonite when it was first described in the early 1960s. A monoclinic dimorph of tetragonal fergusonite-(Y), this material is filled with weird REE elements, typically with measurable Dy, Ho etc. It occurs as resinous to somewhat vitreous black, glassy aggregates feldspar matrix, and overall specimen sizes range from 2cm to 4cm @ 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each, each supplied with a copy of our EDS spectra and a standard XRD spectra as well.

FRANKLINITE in KUTNOHORITE etc- Sterling Hill, nr. Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
This large specimen sports several black octahedral franklinite crystals to about 6mm lightly scattered in large, pinkish-white, non-fluorescent kutnohorite matrix, shot through in several areas with brightly fluorescent (green SW UV) dull brownish red, "troostite" variety willemite pods (to 2cm across) and small, crude crystals providing the only FL response in the piece! This large specimen was collected in November, 1972, nearly 45 years ago, and it measures about 17x11x5 cm @ just 125.00.

GREENOCKITE on SPHALERITE- Jasper County, Missouri
A very old specimen from the Michigan College of Mines, numbered DM 34, and accompanied by a recent handwritten label, comprised of an odd, yellowish green patina that completely covers the top surface of a well-crystallized sphalerite specimen, with individual sphalerite crystals reaching 2cm and nicely covering a pale grey chert-like underlying matrix. A neat old timer, overall size about 10x7cm @ 125.00.

HAUYNE- Niedermendig, Laach Lake Volcano, Germany
Small but vibrantly colored, electric blue crystalline hauyne, crudely crystallized and extracted from pumice matrix, typical specimen size averaging about 4mm across of pure material and showing some faces as well. Excellent, gemmy color @ just 12.00 each from this Eifel locality.

HUBEITE - Daye Mine, Huang Si, Hubei Province PR China
This uncommon species occurs as attractive, well formed, glassy brown, micro prismatic crystals to 6mm richly scattered on matrix, sometimes intergrown on and about calcite crystals etc. Formula: Ca2Mn2+Fe3+SiO4(OH)(H2O)2. Very interesting specimens from the type locality, generous sizes averaging 9cm across @ just 150.00 each. A few with elongated pink inesite crystals @ 200.00 each, the latter very attractive and quite superb!

JAHNSITE-(CaMnMn)- Bull Moose Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
Excellent micro crystals of the (CaMnMn) member of the jahnsite series, here as tiny, yellowish green glassy crystals perched in vugs in massive primary phosphate-rich matrix. EDS work on these oddly-colored micro crystals repeatedly showed the Mn:Fe ratio near 1:1 to 3:2, with low Mg present as well. All samples witharrows and accompanied by a copy of our analytical work! Although small, these are well formed and make for excellent micros with a wide variety of secondary phosphate associations, with overall matrix sizes ranging from about 1.5cm to 4cm across @ 20.00, 30.00, and 45.00. Nice!

KOBELLITE- Nello Teer Q., Raleigh, Wake Co., North Carolina
This relatively small locality has produced about two dozen species, most from early workings of the quarry prior to 1970 that were subsequently analyzed by modern methods. The kobellite occurs as rich, silvery-grey metallic masses richly scattered on matrix and potentially intergrown with other uncommon sulfosalts. Formula: Pb22Cu4(Bi,Sb)30S69, the Bi-analog of the rare mineral tintinaite. More commonly known from Sweden, these are, by far, the best U.S. occurrence for the mineral we have ever seen. Specimens range in size from 3.5cm to 7cm @ just 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each, and one monster sample with a saw-cut base measuring 20x9cm @ 200.00!

LUNEBURGITE- Mejillones, Antofagasta, Chile
Nearly pure white masses of this rare phosphate comprising matrix. From one of the few described localities for the species, we offer these as small fragments about 1mm across @ 40.00 each, first obtained in 1992 from this locality. Only a few on hand!

MAHNERTITE- Cap Garonne Mine, Le Pradet, Var, France
Superb, colorful, bright blue micro crystals and groups of this uncommon, complex copper arsenate mineral richly scattered on matrix, all providing good micro potential as well. From the type locality for the species, we have just one small sample just under 1cm in size @ 150.00. Excellent, but one only!

MALACHITE- Nevada Scheelite Mine, Mineral Co., Nevada
A newly reported mineral for the locality, malachite occurs here as small, radiating felted masses and micro acicular crystals scattered on the surface of a vuggy, limonitic quartz matrix. Other species may be present, and this material, collected at the 200 ft. level some time ago, deserves additional study. Only a few TNs available, all with micro potential, @ just 10.00 each.

METARAUCHITE- Eduard Mine, Jachymov, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Collected from the Schweitzer Vein at this, the type locality for the species, metarauchite occurs as dull yellowish green crusts well-scattered over dehydrated clay-like matrix, also filling apparent expansion cracks in the matrix as well. A rare, hydrated nickel-uranium arsenate, nicely fluorescent, only one 2cm TN available, ex-Vajdak, @ 395.00. List alternates.

NATROCHALCITE- Chuquicamata, Antofagasta Prov., Chile
Excellent apple-green aggregates of this uncommon mineral lightly scattered over matrix. These are older specimens, occasionally with other minor associations, classic material from TNs to 4cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

PICROPHARMACOLITE, REALGAR etc- White Caps Mine, Manhattan, Nye Co. Nevada
An exceptional lot of rich, handsome specimens from this prolific mine, the picropharmacolite occurs as tiny, white spiny balls of acicular crystals to severall millimeters across, well-scattered on matrix, typically over a pale orange-red druse of realgar and occasionally with transparent gypsum, yellow sulfur and/or white globular pharmacolite. A new mineral for the locality, SEM/EDS verified, and with great micro potential as well. Overall matrix sizes range from about 3cm to 8cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, 65.00 and 100.00 each. Superb!

SCAPOLITE variety WERNERITE- Newtown, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
A very old specimen, likely late 1800s, comprised of densely packed, pale purple scapolite as thick elongated aggregates and masses completely comprising matrix. The piece is ex-Michigan College of Mines and is accompanied by three old labels from the school. A classic U.S. locality for this marialite-meionite mid-member, not fluorescent, overall size about 6x5cm @ 45.00. One only.

SMITHSONITE (Dry Bone Ore)- McCay Tract, Shullsburg, Lafayette C Wisconsin
Discovered in the mid-1800s, the Shullsburg area had numerous lead-zinc deposits that were exploited for more than a hundred years. This specimen is ex-G.A. Koenig (1844-1913) and Michigan Mining College, comprised of brownish, weathered "dry bone ore" smithsonite, accompanied by two old labels identifying the origional collecting site as "McCay's Tract", apparently one of the many obscure deposits worked more than a century ago. Substantial and old but decidedly ugly, overall about 15x9 cm, an historic piece @ just 75.00.SULFUR- Steamboat Springs, Washoe Co., Nevada Rich, bright yellow crystals and druses of native sulfur fully covering silaceous sinter matrix. Ols and colorful material as recently described in the January, 2017 issue of Mineral News, most with good micro potential as well, and all quite reasonable in sizes from 3cm to nearly 8cm @ 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each.

TARBUTTITE- Skorpion Mine, Rosh Pinah, Karas, Namibia
Excellent, densely aggregated small crystalline aggregates and triclinic groups of transparent to pale green tarbuttite forming seams and exposed fields of this uncommon anhydrous zinc phosphate on matrix. An uncommon color, habit and occurrence for the mineral that was discovered about 10 years ago (and offered at outrageous prices!), we have a few representative 5cm specimens on hand @ just 55.00 each.

TORRECILLSDITE (IMA 2013-112)- Torrecillas Mine, Salar Grande, Chile
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs here as extremely small, colorless aggregates of high luster sparsely scattered on grayish white anhydrite/gypsum matrix, potentially with white tamarugite and other phases present. Formula: Na(As,Sb)3+4O6Cl, orthorhombic, IMA # 2013-112. Type locality material, but otherwise
difficult to differentiate, specimens average about 2cm across @ 55.00 each. List alternates!

TOURMALINE etc.- Elliston, Powell Co., Montana
Numerous tiny black crystals of a vitreous tourmaline group mineral are lightly scattered in several areas of this old specimen, best seen under low magnification. Minor quartz and other unidentified phases are present as well and deserve further study. Originally ex-Kiril Spiroff (1901-1981, the mineral namee for spiroffite) and donated to the Michigan College of Mines where he became curator after Seaman's death in 1938. His early career was as a mining engineer in the West before returning to Michigan. The locality label, specifying "Hidden Treasure Gulch" is unrecorded in Mindat, and the Elliston area is covered with numerous claims and old mines (Big Dick, Golden Anchor, Evening Star etc.). A superficially ugly rock, overall size about 6x4cm @ 55.00. For the connoisseur of Montana locality minerals, the piece has some historic provenance as well!

TURQUOISE (Crystals!)- Bishop Mine, Lynch Station, Virginia
From the classic locality for crystallized turquoise, we have a small selection of excellent mounted specimens, all showing fine, blue, wedge-shaped micro crystals on quartz/schist matrix. The Bishop Mine was the first reported locality for crystals of turquoise, and this Campbell County site remains today as one of the finest occurrences of the mineral despite being worked out long ago. Specimens to 1.5cm in standard micro boxes, priced according to coverage and quality @ just 25.00. 35.00 and 45.00 each. The last of our stock with limited availability!

VESUVIANITE- nr. Blue Bird Mine, Mineral Co., Nevada
From a new find at an unnamed prospect near the Blue Bird Mine, we have a good selection of small, pistachio green vesuvianite crystals richly lining exposed seams and cavities, most carefully etched out of calcite and therefore showing good prism faces and terminations, most samples with full surface coverage as well. Recently featured in a Mineral News article, these specimens range from about 2.5cm to 8cm across, priced very reasonably at just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, a few better to 75.00. Nice stuff for Nevada!

VOLKOVSKITE- Boulby Mine, North Yorkshire, England
This rare borate mineral is a member of the veatchite group, and it is found at only a handful of localities worldwide. These specimens are thin, transparent crystalline platelets and cleavages up to 2x1cm in crosssection with a bare trace of pinkish hilgardite (?) providing a hint of color. Only a few specimens available, sizes from about 1cm to 2cm long @ 45.00, 85.00 and 125.00 each. List alternates!

XENOTIME-(Y)- Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil
Excellent elongated single crystals and groups of translucent dark brown glassy xenotimes without matrix.
Perhaps the finest find in recent years for this rare-earth phosphate, these are singly terminated or partially
double-terminated crystals averaging about 2cm long nicely mounted in a TN box at only 55.00 each.

YEGOROVITE- Palitra Peg., Kedykverpakhk Mt., Russia
A fairly recent NEW SPECIES from Lovozero, this one approved in 2008 with only a few samples available!
The mineral occurs as tiny colorless to semi-transparent coarse prismatic to flattened, lamellar crystals up to
1mm long, often associated with minor revdite and megacyclite. Named for crystal chemist Yuriy Klavdievich
Yegorov-Tismeno (1938-2007), the mineral is a new structural type, the first natural sodium silicate with
single chains of Si tetrahedra. IMA #2008-033, Formula: [Si2O4(OH)2]2*7H2O, monoclinic. Offered as tiny
single crystals on a carbon tape mount @ 95.00; small matrix samples from 0.3cm to 0.4cm @ 150.00, or a
few larger specimens to nearly 1cm @ 175.00. Author's material and the last of the type locality find.

ZALESIITE- Gold Hill Mine, Tooele Co., Utah
Although we have offered this relatively uncommon species before, this is from the confirmed locality find
(see Mineral News, Vol 21 #8), with the mineral occurring as pale yellowish green acicular crystals and sprays perched on a garnet skarn matrix. Good micro material selected from a larger lot, with specimen sizes averaging about 1.5-2cm temporarily mounted in clear topped micro boxes at just 20.00 each, occasionally with minor conichalcite. Only a few available!

These two mineral portfolios were produced about 15 years ago by the same people who now publish the
fine, glossy Mineralogical Almanac magazine in Russia. Each portfolio contains 12 different color mineral
photographs (yes, actual glossy photographs!) as generously sized 15x15cm (about 6 inches by 6 inches)
images, carefully mounted on heavy, slate-grey stock and contained in a matching slate-grey folder. Each
mineral is identified on the back of the mounted image in both Russian and English. Set #1, "The Creative
Earth" has a dozen different aesthetic specimens on generally dark backrounds, while Set #2,"On Planet
Earth" offers a dozen attractive samples superimposed on natural backgrounds such as fields, lakes,
mountains etc., certainly more nature-oriented than the first set. We have very limited quantities of each set,
with #1 (minerals only) offered @ $35.00/portfolio, and #2 (minerals + nature) @ $25.00 per portfolio of 12
different; order early and get both for just $55.00. Real photographs suitable for framing!

FORSTERITE var. PERIDOT- San Carlos, Gila Co., Arizona
A small but select lot of excellent, yellow-green forsterite variety peridot cut as faceted octagons from this
well-known Arizona locality. These are eye clean, well-cut 7x5mm octagons, competitively priced at just
10.00 per stone, or a lot of 5 for just 40.00. If you want a large variety of shapes, we can offer an excellent
buy of 20 faceted peridots in assorted shapes for just 125.00, with about 20 cts as the average total carat
weight for each lot. A real bargain in these large lots - don't miss them

SPHALERITE in- CARBONATITE-Dreamer's Hope, Fremont Co., Colorado
An uncommon intrusive rock type, this carbonatite was collected by famous geologist/mineralogist E.W.
Heinrich and is accompanied by his label. Often containing minerals that are unusual in igneous rocks, the
specimen is a hefty 13x6 cm and shows odd, dull, brick-red sphalerite richly scattered in the carbonatite,
with a few small areas of fluorescent calcite evident as well under both LW and SW UV. Small dendrites of
unknown composition are also present, and this petrological curosity is just 55.00, with Heinrich's label.

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21608 – Volume XLIII, No.8

Our latest list, the last for this year, has a number of new species, as well as our usual assortment of rarities, old classics and interesting locality pieces. Also, this list continues the unveiling of long-held petrology specimens from E.W. Heinrich and others, and for those of you interested in such samples, note that, like minerals, they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, FOB our warehouse.

ANDALUSITE var: CHIASTOLITE- Sangping Mine, Xixia, Henan, PR China
These are sliced and polished (one face) cross sections of andalusite crystals (variety chiastolite) showing typical cross patterns due to carbon inclusions so well known in this variety. Only a few on hand, slices from about 2.5cm to 3.5cm across at just 15.00 and 20.00 each.

ARSENATROTITANITE (2016-015)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Another NEW SPECIES from this famous Kmachatka volcano, these from the second scoria cone of the northern breakthrough fissure eruption. The mineral occurs as minute (<1mm) single red distorted crystals and clusters, each individually mounted on an adhesive pad. Formula: NaTi(AsO4)O, monclinic, IMA #2106-015. Type locality material, a new member of the tilasite-durangite group and isostructural with titanite, named for its composition. Very little material available @ 125.00 each. List alternates!

AZURITE - Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
Nice micro crystals and druses of azurite, from the same material often described as"the best known" from Nevada. These are sharp translucent deep blue to 1-2mm crystals, usually associated with malachite and occasionally other copper minerals, with over 110 different species recorded from this prolific mine! Good micro material as well, matrix sizes from 2cm to 5cm @ only 7.50, 12.50, 20.00 and 30.00 each, with midpriced TNs generally the best coverage.

BADALOVITE (2016-053)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
This NEW SPECIES occurs as tiny but rather lustrous and well-formed terminated crystals (about 1mm) often intergrown in clusters on altered basalt scoria matrix. Formula: Na2Mg2Fe3+(AsO4)4, monoclini, IMA #2016-053, the first of several new members of the alluaudite group from this Kmachatka volcano. The mineral is named for Stepan Tigranovich Badalov (1919-2014), professor at the Abdullaev Institute of Geology & Geophysics in Tashkent at the UIzbekistan Academy of Sciences. Nice vuggy matrix specimens averaging 2.5cm @ 175.00 each, all with modest micro potential as well!

BARITE- Onderra Mine, Kaokoveld Plateau, Namibia
From the early find about ten years ago, these are small, transparent, yellowish, glassy barite crystals with little or no matrix, these averaging about 1 cm tall and supplied in clear micro boxes. Moderately attractive small TNs with good form and color for the princely sum of 7.50 each. Limit three per order, please.

BETEKHTINITE- Dzhezkazgan, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan
A superb miniature of this rare Cu-Fe-Pb-sulfide, here as grayish black, elongated crystalline aggregates showing good separation and aesthetically presented in a complex group with little matrix. The piece is exUniversity of Arizona (#14182) and is accompanied by their black on transparent display label. Well formed, moderately attractive for a typically ugly mineral, a 4cm group @ 225.00. One only!

BURBANKITE with SODALITE etc.- Cerro Sapo, Cochabamba Dept., Bolivia
Small pinkish micro druses and crusts of burbankite lightly scattered on matrix, typically with pale blue masses of sodalite, pale green to grey ankerite and massive, sugary barite. From one of the very few alkaline provinces in the Andes, burbankite is one of the unusual minerals found among the 50+ species
known from the locality. Specimens range from about 3cm to 5cm at just 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

CALAMAITE (2016-036)- Alcaparrosa Mi, Calama, Antofagasta, Chile
This NEW SPECIES occurs as tiny, colorless to white acicular crystals intergrown into sprays and clusters to nearly 2mm on a reddish brown romerite matrix. Formula: Na2TiO(SO4)2*2H2O, orthorhombic, IMA #2016-036. The mineral is named for this, the type locality, Calama commune in which the mine is situated.
Only a few specimens on hand, averaing in the 2-2.5cm size range @ 195.00 each.

CLAUDETITE- Allchar, Roszdan, Macedonia
Minute, white micro elongated, crystalline aggregates of this uncommon mineral, lightly scattered on matrix and occasionally with minor realgar. The mineral, one of more than 50 known from this classic locality, is a dimorph of arsenolite and occurs in fewer than 20 countries worldwide. Modest micro potential and only a few available, sizes average about 3cm across @ 55.00. One superb and very rich specimen about 4x4cm @ 125.00. List alternates!

COPPER (w/ Drill Hole)- Keeweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
An unusual, sculpture-like display specimen from an undocumented locality in Michigan's Copper Country, ex-Buckingham Collection. The specimen has a dense rock base about 13x10 cm with a large native copper-impregnated rock mass about 10x10cm protruding and extending upward from the base. The copper shows one complete and one partial drill bit impression from a miner's 4cm diameter drill, the impression piercing directly into the copper and leaving a stepped rotary pattern and a small central nipple in the copper mass! A marvelous mining artifact specimen that has not be cleaned (which would likely improve appearance greatly!), weighing about 6 pounds and measuring about 14x13x13cm @ 275.00. One only!

DAVIDITE-(Y) in TITANITE- Quijotoa Mts, nr, Covered Wells, Arizona
An old batch of davidite-(Y) specimens, originally from famous mineralogist Richard Gaines (gainesite) and each sample accompanied by a copy of his label. The mineral occurs here as dark brown to nearly black masses and pods lightly scattered in massive titanite/rock matrix, subsequently identified in Cureton labels as originating from the Pandora Prospect which is by the Papago Indian Reservation in Pima County, close to the Linda Lee Claims. Only a few samples available, sizes from 1.5cm to 4.5cm @ 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each, with a large 7.5cm sample @ 95.00. List alternates!

FLUORITE- Cumberland, England
An exceptionally large (and old!) specimen, comprised of several, well formed, large cubic crystals to 8cm on edge (!!) densely intergrown over the entire sample and perched on a thin rock matrix. The specimen shows pale purple to clear areas under ordinary light, and extraordinary and brilliant blue-white fluorescence under both SW and LW UV, with the latter being very striking. Unlike many U.S. fluorites, UK specimens often show good transparency as this one does, and the piece is ex-A.E. Seaman Museum and E.W. Heinrich, famous geologist and one of the Museum's great benefactors. The piece shows many cleaved edges on the cube faces and a typical assortment of dings throughout, but that all disappears under the intended UV display specimen that it is. Overall museum-size sample about 23x16x13 cm, weighing nearly 15 pounds (!!) of solid, cubic fluorite, only one available @ 1500.00. Wow!

FLUORITE on BARITE- Danville, Boyle Co., Kentucky
Delicate, pale purple cubes to nearly 1cm are nicely scattered over numerous spikes of white, needle-like barite, perched on limestone matrix. A rather attractive specimen in which the fluorite shows interesting color-zoned edges on the cube faces. Likely from the Caldwell Quarry but not labeled as such, a neat specimen from this old Kentucky fluorspar district. A relatively flat specimen, overall size about 9x7cm @ 65.00. One only!

HEULANDITE-Ca with CELADONITE- Nasik, Maharashtra, India
A large specimen of GREEN heulandite, here as well formed crystals to 1.5cm richly scattered over the entire surface of the specimen, overlaying broadlaths of flattened stilbite sitting under a thin chalcedony layer. The murky green color of the unusual heulandite is caused by inclusions of celadonite, and it does not detract from the moderately vitreous luster of the heulandite. Hefty and quite attractive with an uncommon color, overall about 12x9cm @ just 65.00.

HUREAULITE in TAVORITE- Bull Moose Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
Small pods of micro-crystalized hureaulite entrapped in dark green masses of tavorite matrix, occasionally with other phosphates and minor micro potential as well. The Bull Moose is a very well-known but surprisingly small deposit, consisting of workings about 25 x 10 feet in total. Only a few old specimens on hand, sizes from about 2.5cm to 5cm @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

KINGSMOUNTITE (TL)- Foote Mine, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
This uncommon phosphate occurs here at the type locality as tiny, white radiaiting crystals lightly scattered on matrix, typically with nearly black birnessite and/or mitridatite. Kingsmountite is the ferroan analog of montgomeryite and was first foun din 1968 but not described until more than 10 years later. Modest micro potential, specimens from about 1.5cm to nearly 3cm @ 20.00 and 40.00 each.

KOROBITSYNITE (TL)- Umbozero Mine, Alluaiv, Lovozero, Russia
Small translucent greyish-white bladed crystals of this rare species scattered on matrix, some with epitaxial needles of nearly transparent elpidite crystals, aegirine and albite as well. Korobitsynite is the Ti-analog of nenadkeichite, and these are type locality specimens as well! Sizes from about 1.5cm to nearly 4cm @ 45.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each for the best samples.

KOTOITE (TL)- Hol Kol Mine, Suan-gun, North Korea
Minute transparent to translucent aggregates of this rare borate sitting with small pods of white, somewhat fibrous szaibelyite sparsely scattered in dense, greyish dolomitic matrix. Type locality from a rarely offered locality, only a few small 1.5cm specimens available @ 75.00 each. List alternates!

LAVENITE- Laven Island, nr. Stokkoya, Norway
Small yellowish-brown grains of lavenite sparsely scattered in nepheline/barkevikite/aegirine matrix from this type locality. Not attractive but classic nonetheless. Sizes average 2cm to 5cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. A few larger, ex-E.W. Heinrich, to 9cm @ 75.00 each.

LAZULITE in QUARTZITE- Graves Mt., Lincoln Co., Georgia
Classic locality material showing crude crystals of lazulite to 1cm on the better pieces lightly scattered in sandy, granular quartzite matrix. A fairly large selection available from this old locality, specimens not as pretty as they sound and priced according to size and quality from about 2cm to 7cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

An old and obscure specimen, ex-Michigan College of Mines, labelled simply as "Limonite - Dragon Mine, Tintic, Utah". The sample is actually a solid "finger" of warty limonite/goethite forming the outer surface of a stalactitic mass, the core comprised of excellent, needle-like fibers of malachite forming around the internal, hollow core of the stalactitic rod and radiating inward toward the remaining tubular void. It would appear that this was once a stactite/stalagmite, subsequently encrusted, then the core replaced and filled with later forming malachite. A unique specimen, malachite unreported from any of the four "Dragon Mine" localities in Utah, overall size about 6cm long and a tapered 1.5cm wide @ 75.00, with the malachite exposed at both ends. One only!

MICROCLINE- Morefield Mine, Amelia Co., Virginia
Dull beige massive microcline comprising matrix, occasionally with minor quartz or rarely with small black masses of unanalyzed columbite-tantalite phases. Not attractive but modest reference samples from this historic locality, specimens from about 2.5cm to 9cm across @ just 4.00, 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

MOSANDRITE- Laven Island, Langesundfjord, Norway
Several dark amber-brown, prismatic crystals of this rare-earth bearing silicate occur in a complex, coarsegrained nepheline syenite matrix. The crystals only occasionally show faces (prism) since they are exposed in cross section (both longitudinally, and as sharp, diamond-shaped sections normal to the c-axis) along the rock's fracture surfaces. Several other interesting, crystalline species occur in this material, including zircon and others. Specimens primarily ex-E.W. Heinrich, sizes range from about 2.5cm to 8cm across @ 20.00, 35.00, 55.00 and 70.00 each.

PARSETTENSITE- Foote Mine, Cleaveland Co., North Carolina
Old material collected many years ago and informally called “unknown #2”, consisting of richly scattered bronze-brown radiating spherules and frothy , platy aggregates of micro parsettensite well scattered in vugs on white albite matrix, the smaller samples sometimes underlying pink rhodochrosite. Attractive micro material from this prolific locality, with odd-ball associations possible with careful study. Matrix specimens from about 1.5cm to nearly 5cm @ 15.00, 30.00 and 50.00 each.

PHILIPSBURGITE (TL)- Black Pine Mine, nr. Philipsburg, Montana
Recently uncovered in our warehouse, a flat of excellent, emerald-green micro crystals of philipsburgite scattered over quartz matrix, typically showing finely bladed micro crystals and rosettes! The crystals are typically overgrown with minute quartz druses, making colorful, pale green vitreous balls, sometimes associated with pale green duftite, malachite etc. Matrix sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00, 65.00 and 100.00 each for the most aesthetic. Superb type-locality material, and all with micro potential, too.

PROBERTITE- Borax Open Pit, Boron, Kern Co., California
From the 1987 find from Extension 18, these are sharp, slender elongated probertite CRYSTALS and radiating, divergent aggregates comprising matrix. Most specimens show rounded, warty terminations and are from the finest US occurrence ever reported for the species. Many show dull yellowish orange FLresponse under SW UV. Specimen sizes from about 2.5cm up to 6cm specimens, priced at 10.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each. Excellent with decent display potential as well!

QUARTZ var: POLYCHROME JASPER- Sofia Region, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar
Very attractive, polished end-cuts of this excellent, banded and colorful jasper, a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. Predominant colors are typically gentle shades of rusty brown and tan, with occasional splashes of greys, greens etc. Expertly cut and polished faces average about 7x5cm on each specimen, only a few available at just 20.00 each.

QUARTZ-AMETHYST "Grape Agate"- Mamuju, Sulawesi Barat Province, Indonesia
From the recent find of these extraordinarily attractive specimens that have been called chalcedony as well as "grape agate", these are actually tiny radiating amethyst crystals forming wonderful balls and botryoids of pale purple color completely scattered on and about the samples, looking much like small bunches of miniature grapes (and hence, the name)! Quite attractive and a unique habit from an obscure locality, specimens range from about 6cm to 8cm across with varying heights and depths, priced very reasonably at just 35.00, 50.00 and 65.00 each. Nice stuff!

ROMANECHITE- Fourth Payday Mine, Sierra Co., New Mexico
A new locality for the species, located within the Burnt Cabin Flat area of the Taylor Peak quadrangle in Sierra County. The original find of the specimens was thought to be botryoidal cassiterite because of its very high density and rich luster, but XRD and EDS confirmed romanechite as the species, here as rich, black botryoids of nearly pure material. Moderately attractive for a black species, we have a modest selection of solid and very heavy botryoidal samples ranging from about 3cm to 8cm across at just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each. Neat!

SHIMAZAKIITE (IMA #2010-085a)- Fuka Mine, Bitchu-cho, Okayama Pref, Japan
This rare mineral occurs here at this prolific locality as nearly pure, greyish white masses comprising matrix, rarely associated with extremely small, pale violet henmilite or possibly other species scattered in matrix. A relatively new anhydrous calcium borate, IMA #2010-085, type locality, of course. Only a few small specimens on hand, averaging about 1cm across at just 45.00 each. Rich!

TOURMALINE (var: Indicolite)- Paris, Oxford Co., Maine
An old specimen, ex-Michigan Mining College and originally donated by the rather famous L.L. Hubbard (b. 1849) to the school, here as a pair of pencil-thick, translucent to opaque blue crystal sections, the thicker one about 3cm long, the thinner somewhat longer one on the bottom of piece about 4cm long, each entrenched in greyish massive quartz with flakes of silvery muscovite also present. A classic Maine tourmaline, likely elbaite but perhaps foitite, often called "indicolite" based on color alone. Overall specimen size about 5.5x5cm @ 85.00. One only!

TRIDYMITE- nr. Black Rock, Millard Co., Utah
Minute druses of vitreous tridymite lightly scattered on lithophysal rhyolite, forming unusual concentric banded material from this obscure locality. This is the material featured in the February, 2016 issue of Mineral News that had been XRD confirmed some years earlier, and it is the first reported occurrence of the mineral in Millard County. Specimens range from about 5cm to nealry 10cm across at 25.00, 40.00, 65.00 and 90.00 each, depending on coverage.

TRIPHYLITE- Grafton, Grafton Co., New Hampshire
Very old material, collected by L.L. Hubbard (1849-1933) and ex-Michigan Mining College, here as coarse crystalline masses admixed with typical granitic pegmatite matrix showing greenish brown to bluish (from incipient vivianite alteration) color richly comprising these old specimens. Sizes from about 2cm to nearly 8cm across @ 7.50, 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each. Old stuff!

URANINITE- Shinkolobwe, Shaba, (Zaire) Dem Rep Congo
A fairly hot, mass of black uraninite scattered in rock matrix, here with minor secondary minerals evident, including dull greenish metatorbernite and sparse curite. Very old material from this famous Congo locality, ex-Cleveland Museum of Natural History, a rather flat specimen about size about 5 x 3 cm @ 185.00.

VONSENITE- Burguillos del Cerro, Extremadura, Spain
Widespread in small amounts, vonsonite occurs in this Spanish locality as rock forming, nearly pure schistlike aggregates of indistinct prismatic crystals. Dense, interesting ferrous ferric boron oxide material with a high luster, in sizes ranging from 2cm to 8cm @ 10.00 and 15.00 for the smaller samples, then 45.00 and 60.00 each for the larger.

WAVELLITE etc.- Lucin, Box Elder Co., Utah
From the famous minyulite find (see Mineral News, April, 2012 issue), these are superb, transparent and colorless glassy micro sprays of wavellite well scattered on matrix, typically as overgrowths and associations with more silky, needle-like sprays and balls of minyulite, occasionally with other phosphate species as well. Selected from a large lot of material, these are quite spectacular under the 'scope, with overall matrix sizes from about 2cm to 6cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each, depending on coverage and associations.

ZINCOBRADACZEKITE (2015-041)- Yadovitaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Yet another NEW SPECIES from this Kamchatka volcano, here as tiny blue to bluish grey tabular to irregular micro grains on an altered basalt scoria, occasionally with hematite, K-feldspar etc. Formula: NaZn2Cu2(AsO4)3, monoclinic, IMA # 2105-041. This interesting phase is a new member of the alluaudite
group Nd the Zn-Cu ordered analogue of bradaczekite, all specimens with arrows and perched on vuggy matrix averaging 2cm across @ 165.00 each. Only a few!

WALKS and TALKS in the GEOLOGICAL FIELD- by Alexander Winchell (1886)
One of Professor Winchell's best known works, the "Walks and Talks in the Geological Field" was written to bring concepts and theories of geological sciences to the casual reader, "starting with observations at their front door" and proceeding into mines, metallic ore formation, the fossil record etc.. Over 325 pages, first edition hardcover, moderately good condition for its age @ just 25.00!


Ever since the first appearance of "aqua aura" many years ago, there has been considerable interest (and several scams as well) in weirdly colored quartz crystals often sold as completely natural. While the crystals themselves are, indeed, natural quartz crystals, the vibrant colors available today are the result of a molecular deposition treatment first employed years ago by vaporizing gold (and now other substances) to impart color to otherwise colorless, transparent crystals. We recently acquired a rather large collection of these specimens, all as individual quartz crystals, all singly terminated, and averaging 5 cm to 6 cm tall. Colors include blues, greens, yellows, reds etc., and it appears these were originally intended as pendants, as they have a tiny, 1mm hole drilled through the non-terminated end, suitable for lacing a small wire through the crystal so that it would hang "point down" from a necklace. We offer a lot of five (5) different colored crystals at just 45.00 per lot. Orders for multiple lots welcomed: 2 lots (10 xls) for 85.00; 5 lots (25 xls) for 195.00! Crazy stuff!

ZOISITE variety TANZANITE- Merelani Hills, nr. Arusha, Tanzania
Quickly becoming one of the most popular gemstones, we have a small lot of pale purplish blue zoisite var: tanzanites in nicely cut ovals, all eye clean and quite nice! Although you'd expect to pay up to $250 per carat in this size and quality range, we offer a low flat price for stones in the 0.70 to 1.10 carat range, @ just 70.00, 95.00, and 110.00 per stone. Larger, darker (and considerably more expensive) faceted stones available, as are good single crystals without matrix - enquire!

CROCIDOLITE - Bechuanaland, Botswana
A striking E.W. Heinrich specimen, museum-sized and quite impressive, comprised of densely packed fibrous blue riebeckite (variety crocidolite), an asbestiform mineral commonly referred to as blue asbestos, here as the major component of an altered metamorphic rock. The mineral is present in thick, stacked, wavy bands up to 2cm tall and completely running through the entire 15 pound (!!) sample. Heinrich's label indicates the locality as "Bechuanaland, South Africa", suggesting it was collected long before Bechuanaland became the Republic of Botswana in 1966, when it was still a protectorate under Great
Britain administration. The specimen is a monster-sized example, about 26x15x9 cm, the largest I have ever encountered, @ 300.00 plus shipping. Purported to be among the nastiest asbestiform minerals. Don't eat or breathe this one!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21607 – Volume XLIII, No.7

ANALCIME- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
We have a pair of excellent MSH analcimes, each showing well-formed, white trapeziohedral crystals of good size. The first is a 2.5cm single crystal perched in the center of an 8x6cm complex, etched greyish white crystal of microcline that shows a small (<1cm) orange serandite fragment at one edge, priced at 175.00. The second is a group of somewhat larger (to 3cm) analcime crystals intergrown into a 6.5x4cm group, with a 7mm well-terminated, redish black mangan-neptunite crystal protruding from the base, accompanied by platy polylithionite, small natrolite crystals and other attractive micro minerals as well! This one deserves greater study at only 250.00.

ANGLESITE- San Rafael Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
Small thumbnails from this prolific locality showing weird pods of greyish-white banded anglesite as banded rims replacing altered galena in matrix. Best viewed under the 'scope, these will typically show micro quartz, cerussite or possibly other species associated with these strange-appearing specimens. Only a few available @ 8.50 each.

ANILITE- Painesdale, Houghton Co., Michigan
From the 2009 find, the first analytically confirmed occurrence for the species in Michigan, we have a good selection of brilliant, metallic greyish blue to nearly black splendant aggregates and masses of anilite in seams in white quartz matrix, many with malachite and possibly other secondary copper minerals very richly scattered. XRD data on unground material shows trace admixed chalcocite but otherwise nearly pure anilite at this new surface find!!! Perhaps the richest material ever encountered for the species, the first confirmed for the state, specimens from about 3cm to monster 15cm specimens @ 20.00, 30.00, 45.00, 60.00, 75.00, 100.00, and 150.00 each. Extremely heavy! WOW!

BARIOPHARMACOSIDERITE- Clara Mine, Oberwolfach, Germany
Fine micro cubes of honey gold to brown bariopharmacosiderite richly scattered on matrix. Excellent micro potential specimens from this prolific Black Forest deposit. Type locality material collected more than 20 years ago, sizes from 1.5 to 2.5cm @ 15.00 and 20.00 each, depending on quality.

BAVSIITE (IMA 2014-019)- Gun Claim, Wilson Lake, Yukon Terr., Canada
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, glassy blue crystals sparsely scattered in white, granular witherite/celsian matrix, often associated with tiny green aggregates of its close dimorph suzukiite. Formula: Ba2V2O2(Si4O12) - tetragonal, IMA# 2014-019. Only a few specimens available, all with arrows, sizes average about 2.5cm @ 75.00 each. List alternates!

BECQUERELITE, URANINITE etc.- Shinkolobwe, Katanga (Zaire) Dem Rep Congo
A very dense and heavy black uraninite specimen showing a number of secondary uranium minerals scattered abouts its surface, the most interesting an excellent patch of yellow laths and sprays of excellent becquerelite crystals, accompanied by minor needles of uranotile, dull greenish powdery metatorbernite, curite and possibly others. Exceptionally hot sample, ex-Al McGuinness (mcguinnessite) specimen, size about 6x3.5cm @ 495.00. One only!

BERYL- Helen Beryl Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
A large but rather ugly cabinet specimen showing a 3.5cm pale greenish beryl mass perched at the edge of a hefty pegmatite matrix, here with a larger (6cm diameter), non-descript beryl mass embedded in obvious muscovite, quartz and feldspar matrix, along with black dendritic oxides and apparently other admixed phases revealed by spotty, preferential creamy-yellow fluorescent response under LW UV. Ex-E.W. Heinrich, and his label indicates "core margin replacement unit", likely collected by him in the 1940s. Overall size is about 12x9x9cm @ 65.00. One only!

CASSITERITE- Golconda Mine, Governador Valadares, Brazil
A small lot of pristine, vitreous black cassiterite crystal groups with little or no matrix, these thumbnails showing very sharp faces and high luster! Only a few available, old Luis Menezes material from years ago, sizes averaging about 1.5cm @ just 15.00 each. Nice!

CAVANSITE on STILLBITE- Wagholi, Maharashtra State, India
A nice lot of exquisite, electric blue cavansite in radiating crystal sprays and groups nicely isolated and perched on white stillbite crystals. Attractive specimens at less than half of what others have charged for these excellent specimens. All good quality, priced according to size, coverage, completeness and asthetics, from 2.5cm to 5x3cm @ only 30.00, 45.00, 70.00, and 100.00, a few very dense, compact balls of very deep color on 7cm matrix @ 150.00 each. Beautiful pieces!

CHALCOCITE- Flambeau Mine, Rusk Co., Wisconsin
Interesting, dark greyish blue metallic aggregates and crude crystals of chalcocite completely comprising matrix, these from the well known find of some years ago, now defunct. Someday these may rival Bristol, Connecticut specimens in pricing, but for now are still quite reasonable, with 2.5cm TN's at just 15.00 to 35.00 each, and a few larger samples to 5cm @ 50.00 to 100.00 each, depending on qulaity. Get 'em while you can..

COLEMANITE- Boraxo Pit, Death Valley, Inyo Co., California
Attractive, short prismatic monoclinic spear-shaped crystals of colemanite full covering matrix, all showing excellent form in radiating and up-standing groups. These are transparent to translucent and have a subtle, pleasing greyishwhite color. Quite exceptional when compared to the more typical blocky white specimens, these are very aesthetic and yet reasonably priced, sizes from about 2.5cm to 10cm across @ 8.00, 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00. A few larger available - inquire!

COPPER with MALACHITE, CALCITE- Bound Brook, Somerset Co., New Jersey
A smallish hand specimen showing thin, seam-filling native copper well scattered through matrix, and with superficial green malachite, chrysocolla, and possibly dark, copper-sulfide phases as well. The piece is ex-H.E. Moore, and a handwritten note attached to his label indicates" Found in the brook opposite the quarry" and is dated October, 1946! One small saw cut face shows the dendritic patter of the native copper as well, and the overall size is about 6.5 x 4.5 cm @ just 35.00, with old labels.

CORDIERITE variety IOLITE- Guilford, New Haven Co., Connecticut
A small lot of very old material, ex-Wards Natural Science, recently uncovered here, comprised of dense, greyish to slightly bluish grey massive cordierite richly scattered in minor quartz/sillimanite schist matrix, potentially with other rock forming minerals and minor sulfides as well. A Dana location, likely from the long-gone "Hungry Hill" deposit. Several specimens available, sizes from about 2cm to 4.5cm across at just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each. Great
eastern U.S. locality material!

CORUNDUM variety RUBY- nr. Longido, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Pale pink, somewhat translucent single ruby crystals without matrix, these from an old hoard assembled over fortyfive years ago. All show reasonably well-formed hexagonal plates or barrels and trigons on the pinacoid faces; these are somewhat tabular in habit, sizes range from about 8mm to 15mm across @ 7.50, 10.00 and 15.00 each.

CORUNDUM variety RUBY- Ambodilarja, Corindon Range, Madagascar
A selection of deep purplish-red ruby crystals without matrix, all showing typical hexagonal outlines, and varying from tabular, pinacoidal crystals to slightly more elongated columnar crystals! Most average about 1.5cm in diameter, varying from tabular 6mm samples to 1.5cm columns @ 8.50, 12.50 and 17.50 each.

DATOLITE- Prospect Park, Passaic Co., New Jersey
Frosty, pale green datloite crystals to 1.5cm nicely fill a large exposed vug in matrix, the seam (about 5x5cm) sitting in the center of a large 10x7cm dark basaltic matrix. An old specimen from this famous New Jersey locality showing fairly nice translucent to transparent crystals, ex-Mecke Collection and likely obtained more than 50 years ago, just one available @ 85.00. Nice!

FERRICORONADITE w/ FRANKLINITE- nr. Nezilovo, Veles, Macedonia
This NEW SPECIES occurs as brilliant, lustrous black metallic grains and crude aggregates to 1mm scattered in matrix which is largely composed of massive, brownish-black franklinite partially replaced by gahnite, and associated with minor white barite. Formula: Pb(Mn4+6Fe3+2)O16, tetragonal, IMA #2015-093, the Fe3+ analog of coronoadite. Only a few of these type locality specimens available, author's material, sizes average 1cm @ 125.00 each. List alternates!

FLUORITE with CALCITE- Pint's Quarry, Black Hawk Co., Iowa
Fluorite from this locality is typically a pale honey-brown, here in cubic crystals to 1cm perched among translucent to white sacalenohedral calcites on limestone. The fluorite shows a unique, brilliant WHITE fluorescent response under SW UV, also nicely phosphorescent, and a pale yellowish LW UV response as well. A saw cut base from this uncommon locality near the town of Raymond enables the samples to sit upright and display well; size about 5x3cm @ 35.00; a fine 6x5cm sample @ 65.00.

GOLD- Serra do Caldeirao, Pontes e Lacerda Brazil
A small lot of WELL CRYSTALLIZED gold specimens, these showing excellent herringbone patterns and elongated spinel twins, all with no matrix. These are from the one-time find that was recently exhausted, and if you have ever lusted for a very well crystallized gold specimen, this is your opportunity! Not cheap, but thumbnails to 1.8cm showing excellent form, ranging from about 2.1g to 4.5g @ 525.00, 750.00, 800.00, 875.00, 900.00 and 1125.00 each, with a few minor size and price variations in between. Images and specific specimens per attached. Don't miss these!

GRIPHITE- Sitting Bull Mine, Pennington Co., South Dakota
Rich, brown resinous to vitreous aggregates and masses of griphite scattered in and comprising matrix. A complex phosphate, described in 1979 from the nearby Everly Mine. Matrix sizes from about 2cm to 6cm across @ 10.00, 15.00, 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.

HANKSITE- Searles Lake, San Bernadino Co., California
Excellent single crystals of dipyramidal hanksite without matrix, ranging from transparent to greyish translucent specimens. Fine for the species, we have a large lot from an old hoard that are also faintly fluorescent (LW-bluish), crystals and groups from 1.5 to 7cm across @ 8.50, 12.50, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each.

HAWLEYITE on SPHALERITE- Alpine Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
Dull yellowish orange filmy mases of this cadmium sulfide lightly scattered over sphalerite/quartz ore matrix. EDS confirmed, hawleyite is more likely than similar material erroneously reported as greenockite that requires XRD to properly distinguish. From a a Nevada locality that produced this material as recently as 2009, specimens from about 2cm to 7cm across @ only 12.50, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

MAGNESIO-HORNBLENDE- Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, Sussex Co New Jersey
Agonizing over amphibole identifications is a painful process. We uncovered a old, small lot of nearly black, densely aggregated amphibole from Sterling, most intergrown with small patches of fluorescent calcite, occasionally with trace willemite. It took four analyses, literature comparisons with Palache, Dunn and Klein et al to determine that it is closest to magnesio-hornblende based on our analytical work. Specimens range from 2.5cm to 6cm across, priced at 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00, each accompanied by a copy of an X-ray spectra and a copy of our comparative worksheet against edenite, pargasite etc...I hate amphiboles and rapidly changing IMA nomenclature for the group!

MAGNESIOVOLTAITE (IMA#2015-095)- Alcaparrosa Mine, Calama, Chile
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, well-formed, transparent yellow cubo-octahedral crystals scattered in matrix comprised largely of coquimbite and possibly other phases. Formula: K2Mg5Fe3+3Al(SO4)12*18H2O, isometric, IMA #2015-095, the Mg-analog of voltaite and K analog of ammoniomagnesiovoltaite as well. Type
locality material with modest micro potential, author's material, specimens from 2cm to 3cm across @ 95.00 and 125.00 each. List alternates!

NATROJAROSITE- Kamareza Mine, Laurium, Attica, Greece
Rich, dark brown micro crystals of natrojarosite scattered in seams and vugs in matrix. Good micro potential on most; excellent older locality material, sizes from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

OPAL pseudo @ FOSSIL WOOD- Tonopah, Nye Co., Nevada
We recently acquired an old lot of exceptional, massive grayish white opal that had replaced fossil wood, yielding interesting, conchoidal masses that show some fluorescence (green SW due to trace uranium salts, as well as bluish white SW) as well as distinctly banded color variation that testifies to the former concentric growth and replacement process. Ex-G.B. Robbe (1884-1963), a pioneer in chemical extraction techniques for copper ore benefaction. His monster-sized collection took two men twelve days to pack and move it to Michigan Tech upon his death. A large range of sizes, from 2.5cm to 7cm @ just 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each, a few larger @ 50.00 available!

PARISITE-(La) (IMA #2016-031)- Mula Mine, Tapera Village, Bahia, Brazil
This NEW SPECIES occurs in stout, pyramidal pseudohexagonal crystals to 1cm or more, the yellowish cores being La-dominant, with most showing dark surface alterations and often partially replaced by other REE-rich phases such as bastnaesite-(La) and pinkish brockite. Formula: CaLa2(CO3)3F2, monoclinic, IMA # 2016-031. Excellent for a new mineral, priced far below what was seen in Denver, specimens from about 1cm to 1.5cm @ 95.00, 125.00 and 175.00 each, priced according to quality, not overall size. A few larger, to 3cm @ 250.00.

RHODOCHROSITE on PYRITE- Rodna, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania
From one of our many early trips to eastern Europe, this old specimen is comprised of of both massive and small cubes of pyrite with weird botryoids of pale beige to slightly pinkish rhodochrosite balls intergrown and connected through seams in the pyrite, most balls in the 6mm to 1.2cm size range, and some split open to reveal their nondesccript interiors. Ex-Czech National Museum and accompanied by their somewhat beat-up label, this rather large and hefty specimen measures about 11x8cm @ 150.00. An old classic piece with superb pedigree!

SCHEELITE- Oriole Mine, Minerva, White Pine Co. Nevada
Brightly fluorescent (blue-white SW UV) scheelite richly scattered as veinlets and pods in matrix, these somewhat richer than specimens from several other localities recently offered. Coverage is reasonably good on the surface of each sample, overall sizes ranging from about 4cm to 10cm @ 10.00, 20.00 35.00 and 50.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

SPHALERITE etc.- Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana
A very well crystallized black sphalerite specimen from this prolific area, here presented as densely intergrown crystals to 1.2cm across and fully comprising virtually all of the 11x7cm sample. The sphalerite shows excellent faces and multiple twins, and the bottom of the piece shows a few tiny enargite masses and trace quartz as well under the 'scope, originally labelled on the bottom (inexplicably, we think) for the very subordinate enargite! An
American classic, difficult to find today other than in older collections, a hefty specimen @ 175.00.

SPODUMENE var: HIDDENITE- Salinas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
From a large lot of cutting rough, we have obtained a number of interesting, translucent to transparent, very pale green spodumene samples without matrix, most as pure cleavages or partial crystals of this Cr-rich spodumene. Some are rather gemmy, and are offered as specimens from about 1cm to 2cm tall (weighing anywhere from about 4 carats to 15 carats each), priced at 5.00, 10.00 and 15.00 each. Special: 100 carat, hand-selected transparent lots @ just 85.00 per lot! Also on hand: one excellent 12cm nearly colorless crystal of 740 carats @ 1250.00!

STEPHANITE- Zaca Mine, Alpine Co., California
Greyish black, somewhat tabular micro crystals of stephanite scattered in exposed quartz vugs in matrix, occasionally with minor pyrargyrite and other species. Well crystallized although small, matrix sizes from 1.5 to 3.5cm @ 8.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

STILPNOMELANE etc.- Laytonville Quarry, Mendocino Co., California
Dark brownish to nearly black stilpnomelane occurs here as pods and aggregates scattered in matrix, most associated with the classic rock forming mineral assemblages of deerite, howieite and/or zussmanite. A wide variety of associations possible in random samples, specimen sizes range from about 3cm to 7cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

TELLUROBISMUTHITE- Mangfallberg, Boliden, Sweden
This uncommon mineral (Bi2Te3) occurs here as grey metallic scales and foliated masses richly comprising matrix, typically admixed with granular metallic tetradymite in this gold-bearing sulfide ore. Ex-Cureton specimens, quite rich and dense, sizes from about 2.5cm to 7cm @ 20.00, 40.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each.

THAUMASITE- Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey
Rich white masses and crystalline aggregates largely comprising matrix, occasionally with minor admixed pectolite. Old material from many years ago from this classic locality, specimens from 3cm to 5.5cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. One very rich, large sample about 11x8cm @ 125.00.

VAUXITE- Siglo Veinte Mine, Llallagua, Bolivia
From material brought out in the 1970's, we have a few superb specimens of pale blue vauxite richly scattered on matrix, mostly with wavellite and often micro glassy crystals of paravauxite as well. Stable and quite attractive, type locality material from 1cm to 1.5cm @ 25.00 and 35.00 each; one 6cm @ 175.00. Excellent!

VLASOVITE in EUDIALYTE- Kipawa Complex, Villedieu, Quebec, Canada
The last of this significantly fluorescent mineral, occurring as relatively large, tan colored pods to 1.3cm across scattered in bright pink, attractive eudialyte matrix. The vlasovite shows an excellent cream colored fluoresence under SW UV, and these representative samples range from 2cm to 3.5cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 40.00 each. A very few larger to 125.00; please inquire!

WAGNERITE var: KJERULFINE- Havredal, Bamle, Telemark, Norway
Buff colored masses of this variety of wagnerite richly scattered in matrix. A widespread but otherwise unimpressive and rarely offered phosphate, these specimens range from 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 12.50, 20.00 and 30.00 each, a few to 6cm @ 55.00.

WILLEMITE with CALCITE (FL)- Vrancice, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Streamers and spots of brightly fluorescent (and usually phosphorescent green) willemite scattered in fluorescent (red) calcite, associated with a variety of manganese minerals. Looks identical to Franklin material under the UV light, but remarkably different in daylight! From a short-lived 1950's mining venture looking for silver minerals, this locality is quite extraordinary! Matrix specimens from about 3cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

WOLFEITE- Wilson's Peg. Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
Rich brown masses of this unusual Fe-Mn phosphate comprising matrix, a dimorph of satterlyite. Uninspiring in appearance but from an unusual locality, matrix sizes from about 1cm to 3cm @ 8.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

YINGJIANGITE- Kladska, nr. Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic
This exceptionally rare uranium phosphate occurs as minute golden yellow aggregates sparsely scattered on matrix, some with minor torbernite. Weakly fluorescent and XRD-confirmed material, this from the second world occurrence for the species. Only a few available, small fragment in a capsule @ 40.00, matrix specimens from 0.8cm to 2.4cm @ 75.00, 100.00 and 145.00 each for the richest. Rare stuff!

ZIPPEITE- Apex Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
Deep orange-yellow balls and somewhat tabular glassy aggregates of fluorescent zippeite nicely scattered on matrix, occasionally with gypsum and other phases. Rarely in such good form, these have been XRD and EDSconfirmed. Sizes from 2.5cm to nearly 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

The classic work of this critically important topic, dealing with the formation and classifcation of mineral deposits, here as a harcover second edition in very good condition. Copiously illustrated with diagrams throughout, this 900+ page magnum opus discusses all aspects of formation, extraction,  classification etc. of ore minerals, including 14 chapters pertaining to specialized metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits. Later editions are considerably smaller and less detailed, and this 900+ page monster is the classic one to have for your library! Clean, no stamps or markings, some wear on linen cover @ just 55.00.

Much like the rhyolite deposits in Juab Co., Utah, this area in Paramount Canyon yields similar micro minerals, including excellent pseudobrookite sprays, topaz crystals, hematite plates, quartz crystals, sanidine, bixbyite etc. We offer a small lot of 10 assorted specimens for micromounters, these ranging from about 1cm to 2cm across and all containing one or more potential mounts, all for just 20.00 per lot!

BERYL variety EMERALD- Colombia
Recently uncovered here, faceted emerald from Colombia in classic emerald cut style: one stone weighing 0.65 carats and showing pleasing, light green color with good transparency and minor inclusions, size about 6x4mm @ 100.00 (less than $150 a carat!). The other is a similarly cut, darker stone with better color but less transparency and typical inclusions, weighing 1.65 carats and about 8x6mm in size @ 275.00 (less than $200 a carat!). Only
one of each; list alternates!

BIOTITE-HORNBLENDE SCHIST - Texas Creek, Fremont Co., Colorado
Collected by Professor Wayne Ault of the defunct King's College (Briarcliff Manor) in 1973, this large specimen shows typical, fine-grained biotitic schist with crude laths of a hornblende-like amphibole scattered through the specimen. The precise locality was noted as "US 50, 5.5 miles E. of Jct w/ Rt 69". A hefty specimen, about 15x6cm, and typical for the rock type @ 40.00. One only!


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