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Frank de Wit:
(email by John)

Greetings from Reno, Nevada

While at the Denver show I noted that there was a new find of crystallized gold offered by Scott Werschky of Miner's Lunchbox.  I don't know if you're familiar with the crystallized gold from Hope's Nose in England but this new find is quite similar with herring bone habit and what could best be described as fractal crystallization.  It is like Hope's Nose gold on steroids!  The gold is from the Fire Creek mine in Lander County, Nevada.  Fortunately, the company operating this mine has recognized that there is potential for specimen recovery.

To see the 6 specimens I have go here:

Frank de Wit:
(email by John)

Happy 4th of July holiday to my fellow US citizens and greetings to everyone else:

Minerals from the Jeff Johnson Collection - This past spring Jeff Johnson contacted me with an offer to sell some specimens from his collection.  He is trying to raise some money for this organization - The Peanut Butter Project ( That is a program addressing severe malnutrition in the third world.  Jeff has informed me that all of the proceeds he receives from the sale of his specimens will go to this project.

Thanks for your interest,
John Veevaert
Trinity Mineral Co.

Frank de Wit:
Trinity Minerals
John Veevaert

Ronna Jewett

6152 Mia Vista Drive, 89502 Reno, Nevada, USA
(was: Weaverville, California, USA)

Also see:

More auctions, see,14178.0.html


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