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David Hospital:
Hi collectors again!

Last call for this interesting auction on rare minerals worldwide !

The auction finishes tonight !

Good luck !

David Hospital:
Hi all mineral collectors,

After the summer holidays it's time continue with the hobbies !.

I prepared an colorful auction with some really interesting rarities that I hope are of interest to you.

What is at auction, between other species, are:

-Braccoite (IMA 2013-093) new mineral from the only known locality. This is the only sample in MINDAT gallery for this mineral that will be public in a few days.
-Rheniite : nice specimen with crystals of the one of the only two rhenium minerals in Nature !
-Schuilingite-(Nd): one of the very few minerals with gadolinium and samarium in its composition !
-Rakovanite: a colorful new vanadium mineral (IMA 2010-052)
-Selenium : exceptionally well formed crystals from the Anna mine.
-Despujolsite: good sized aesthetic specimen with gemmy well formed crystals from N'Chwaning III mine
-Bobkingite: nice blue clear crystals of this rarity from Cerro Minado.
-Mantienneite: an extreme rarity from Cameroon with a copy of a label by J.Mantienne.
-Routhierite+Arsiccioite+Protochabourneite from Arsiccio: three thallium extreme rarities, two of them being new minerals: arsiccioite( IMA 2013-058) and protochabourneite (IMA 2011-054).
-Momoiite: a green new member of the garnet group (IMA 2009-026)
-Kambaldaite: nice grass green crystals of this rarity from the type locality
-Crookesite : a very sought after thallium-silver-copper selenide !

And many more.

Have a look if you are interested !

Best wishes,

David Hospital

David Hospital:
Dear collectors,

Just yesterday a new Purple Sky Minerals auction has begun on e-rocks!.

As usual, many rare species are on auction, for the demanding and exigent collector,

I want to highlight this time the following:

-Demicheleite-(Br), Demicheleite-(Cl), Hephaistosite, and the very new mineral Theresiaite (IMA 2013-050)  all of them from La Fossa Crater, Eolian Islands, Italy.
-Lasalite with dickthomssenite from the type locality in Vanadium Queen Mine, Utah.
-Curetonite (in crystals !!) from the type and only known locality in Redhouse Barite Mine, Potosi District, Osgood Mts, Humboldt Co., Nevada, USA
-Buckhardtite and eztlite (in microcrystals !) from Moctezuma, Mexico.
-Rakovanite from the type locality Sunday Mine, Slick Rock District, San Miguel Co., Colorado, USA
-Cronstedtite from Brunita Mine, La Paraleja, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain (outstanding crystals!)
-Fluorocalciopyrochlore from Orberg Quarry, Kaiserstuhl, Baden-Württemberg, Germany ( a new mineral IMA 2013-055).
-Yuanfullite nice crystals from the most famous locality in Spain : Nuestra Señora del Carmen Mines, Jumilla, Murcia.
-Paakkonenite a rarity from Matra Mine, Corsica, France
-Lavoisierite: from the type and only known locality worldwide in Punta Gensane, Viù Valley, Torino Province, Piedmont, Italy.
-Mottanaite-(Ce) from Monte Cavalluccio, Sacrofano, Latium, Italy
-Spangolite  from Madonna di Fucinaia, Campiglia Marittima, Livorno, Tuscany, Italy in outstanding deep blue gemmy crystals !!
-Jouravskite:from N'Chwaning, North Cape Province, South Africa

And many more...up to 55 rare species !

but please check the complete auction below if you like systematic well crystallized minerals.

Many thanks for your time!

Good luck if you bid !

David Hospital

David Hospital:
Hi all Tsumeb mineral collectors,

-Are you a passionate of Tsumeb minerals ?
-Do you enjoy watching microcrystals under the microscope? Especially colorful landscapes of different species under the same field of view?
-Do you want to get extreme Tsumeb rarities that you don't find in other webs or Mineral Shows?
-Do you want to get some Tsumeb species that your friends have told about them but you haven't heard before ?
-Do you enjoy strange chemistries like germanium minerals?

If you answered yes most of the above questions, this is your auction !

This time extreme rarities like Reinerite (!!!) Calcioandyrobertsite+Stranskiite (!!!), Helmutwinklerite (!!!), Renierite (in crystals !!) Ovamboite(!!), Kegelite, Alamosite. Molybdofornacite, Thometzekite, Zincgartrellite, Keyite, Koritnigite, Heterogenite, Luzonite, Tsumcorite, Ludlockite, Carminite, Cuprite included in cerussite, etc. are all in the same auction and some of them have never auctioned before in e-rocks !

Incredibly, some Tsumeb specialists/collectors interested in these rarities don't make anything to get these minerals. I hope you don't be one of them!

It is not necessary to bid now, you have one week to do it.
Good luck when you bid!

And also, please check my new web page recently opened and devoted to systematic/rare minerals.

Many thanks for your interest.
David Hospital

David Hospital:
Last call for the auction below that finishes in 3 h !! Have a look at


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