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David Hospital:
Hi again mineral collectors,

Please also see my facebook and twitter webpages with more info about the Lengenbach auction that finishes next Saturday 24th!

And the auction itself is:

Have luck when you bid !

David Hospital

David Hospital:
Hi all mineral collectors,

I introduce you my first new auction in under the trade name "Purple-Sky-Minerals".

This first auction is devoted to Lengenbach, Binn Valley, Switzerland minerals, a famous locality known for its very rare thallium sulphosalts.

Some species in this auction include extreme rarities like: quadratite, imhofite, sinnerite, marrite, baumhauerite-2a, rathite and hatchite/wallisite, but also the rare lengenbachite, smithite, trechmannite, hutchinsonite, seligmannite, molybdenite-3R, sartorite, baumhauerite, binnite, goyazite, jordanite, hyalophan, and others.

Please, have a look on the following link if you're interested.

For more info about the locality, see the recent and excellent article in the Mineralogical Record vol.45 March-April 2014 nÂș2 issue and also "Faszination Lengenbach" (2008) book.

Good luck if you bid!

And also, please check my new web page recently opened and devoted to systematic/rare minerals.

Many thanks for your interest.

David Hospital
Purple Sky Minerals

Frank de Wit:
David Hospital / /

Also sells via eRocks

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