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David Hospital:
Hi all mineral collectors,

Just yesterday a new auction of rare minerals in Purple Sky Minerals-E-Rocks began.

This time the following minerals are included, many of them very rare, always in microcrystals:

-Caysichite-(Y)   (the only Erbium mineral in existence, of almost 5000 known minerals!, after the database
-Montesommaite from Montesomma
-Marshite amd Miersite: the most famous iodine minerals, in well formed crystals !
-Tapiaite+Joteite: two very aesthetic new minerals
-Coccinite:  a Hg-I mineral rarely seen on the market
-Liroconite: probably the most sought after British mineral at a start price very low for such a rarity
-Eskolaite: a rarity with a very simple formula, Cr2O3, in crystals !
-Curetonite :from the famous dealer Forrest Cureton
-Tubulite : 3 exceptional tubes + 2 boulangerite rings in a single specimen !
-Native Nickel: a rarely seen native element
-Sabatierite: a very rare thallium selenide mineral

and many more...

Have a look at :

Many thanks for your time.

Best wishes,

David Hospital

David Hospital:
Hi all mineral lovers,

A new auction of Purple Sky Minerals in E-rocks is already on line !

This one is a selection of rare to very rare minerals like : kambaldite, ruifranconite, francisite, grammaciolite, hilarionite, embreyite, rakovanite, surite, niedermayrite, lasalite, shilovite, rheniite, braccoite, demicheleite-(Br) (!), sulvanite, quintinite-2H, bystrite, coiraite... and many others from Eifel.

If you like systematic minerals in crystals, have a look at:

Thanks for your time.

Have a Happy New Year !

David Hospital:
Hi all collectors,

Just yesterday, a new Purple Sky Minerals auction in E-rocks has begun. This time is a Lengenbach, Binntal, Switzerland Special with a nice selection of sulphosalts and other minerals from there.

Of special interest for their rarity are the following: edenharterite (!!), imhofite, baumhauerite-2a, sinnerite and quadratite, but other rare species from there like rathite, trechmannite, smithite, hatchite-wallisite, sartorite, hutchinsonite, lengenbachite, liveingite, baumhauerite, molybdenite-3R, dufrenoysite, jordanite, seligmannite, marrite are also in the auction. You will see the selection covers almost all the paragenesis from the quarry.

Have a look if you're interested in this fascinating quarry !

David Hospital:
Hi all mineral collectors, but this time especially Tsumeb collectors,

A new auction of Purple Sky Minerals is on line in e-rocks. This time is a Tsumeb Extreme Rarities Special !

Mineral species from Tsumeb never auctioned before are at auction this week, for example:

Gerdtremmelite, Fahleite, Renierite, Reinerite, Koritnigite, Calcioandyrobertsite, Lukranite, Alamosite, Keyite, Molybofornacite, Willemseite, Zincgartrellite, Stranskiite (with a possible O'danielite (!)), Hidalgoite, Beaverite-(Cu), Helmutwinklerite, Connellite, Stolzite, Minrecordite, Leadhillite and many more...

Have a look and bid if you like:

Some of these species are very difficult to get, as you probably know. This is your opportunity !

Merry Christmas !

David Hospital

David Hospital:
Hi mineral collectors,

The new auction of Purple Sky Minerals in E-rocks, finishes in about 24h.
Some items still have no bids, so it's your opportunity to win some rare species at cheap prices.

As usual I selected one of a kind rarities from very diverse localities in the world, all in crystallized form. for example the exceptional sylvanite+tellurium below

Have a look and bid!


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