according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2008), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Fluorides, Chlorides, Bromides, Iodides)

3.C: Complex Halides

3.CA. Borofluorides
3.CA.05. Ferruccite group
Ferruccite Na[BF4] orth., Amma FOTO     G

3.CA.10. Avogadrite group
Avogadrite (K,Cs)[BF4] orth., Pnma FOTOG
Barberiite NH4[BF4] orth., Pnma FOTOIMA 1993-008

3.CB. Neso-Aluminofluorides
3.CB.05. Cryolithionite group
Cryolithionite Na3Li3[AlF6]2 cub., Ia-3d FOTOG

3.CB.10. Group removed
3.CB.15. Cryolite group
Cryolite Na2Na[AlF6] mon., P21/n FOTOG
Simmonsite Na2Li[AlF6] mon., P21/m or P21 IMA 1997-045
Elpasolite K2Na[AlF6] cub., Fm-3m FOTOG

3.CB.20. Colquiriite group
Colquiriite CaLi[AlF6] trig., P-31c FOTOIMA 1980-015

3.CB.25. Weberite group
Weberite Na2Mg[F/AlF6] orth., I2mm FOTOG

3.CB.30. Karasugite group
Karasugite SrCa[OH/AlF6] mon., P21/c IMA 1993-013

3.CB.35. Usovite group
Usovite Ba2CaMg[F/AlF6]2 mon., C2/c IMA 1966-038

3.CB.40. Thomsenolite group
Thomsenolite NaCa[AlF6] · H2O mon., P21/c FOTOG
Pachnolite NaCa[AlF6] · H2O mon., F2/d FOTOG

3.CB.45. Carlhintzeite group
Carlhintzeite Ca2[F/AlF6] · H2O tric., C-1 or C1 FOTOIMA 1978-031

3.CB.50. Yaroslavite group
Yaroslavite Ca3[(OH)2/Al2F10] · H2O orth. A

3.CC. Soro-Aluminofluorides
3.CC.05. Gearksutite group
Gearksutite Ca[AlF4(OH)] · H2O tric., P-1 FOTOA

3.CC.10. Tikhonenkovite group
Tikhonenkovite Sr[AlF4(OH)] · H2O mon., P21/a FOTOA
Acuminite Sr[AlF4(OH)] · H2O mon., C2/c IMA 1986-038

3.CC.15. Artroeite group
Artroeite Pb2[Al2F6(OH)4] tric., P-1 IMA 1993-031

3.CC.20. Jarlite group
Jarlite Na2(Sr,Na)14Mg2Al12F64(OH,H2O)4 mon., C2/m G
Jørgensenite   (Joergensenite) Na2Sr14Na2Al12F64(OH)4 mon., C2/m FOTOIMA 1995-046
Calcjarlite Na4Sr12Al12F64 mon., C2/m G

3.CD. Ino-Aluminofluorides
3.CD.05. Rosenbergite group
Rosenbergite AlF[F0.5(H2O)0.5]4 · H2O tetr., P4/n FOTOIMA 1992-046

3.CD.10. Prosopite group
Prosopite CaAl2F4(OH)4 mon., C2/c FOTO ENTDECKUNG G

3.CE. Phyllo-Aluminofluorides
3.CE.05. Chiolite group
Chiolite Na5Al3F14 tetr., P4/mnc FOTOG

3.CF. Tecto-Aluminofluorides
3.CF.05. Ralstonite group (Pyrochlor structure)
Ralstonite Na0.5(Al1.5Mg0.5)F4(OH)2 · H2O cub., Fd-3m FOTOG

3.CF.10. Coulsellite group * (Pyrochlor derivative)
Coulsellite * CaNa3AlMg3F14 trig., R-3m IMA 2009-070

3.CF.15. Bøgvadite group
Bøgvadite    (Boegvadite) Ba2SrNa2Al4F20 orth., Pnmn or Pn2n IMA 1987-029

3.CG. Aluminofluorides with CO3, SO4, PO4
3.CG.05. Stenonite group
Stenonite Sr2AlF5(CO3) mon., P21/n A

3.CG.10. Chukhrovite group
Chukhrovite-(Ca) Ca4.5Al2F13(SO4) · 12 H2O cub., Fd-3 IMA 2010-081
Chukhrovite-(Y) Ca3YAl2F13(SO4) · 12 H2O cub., Fd-3 A
Chukhrovite-(Ce) Ca3CaAl2F13(SO4) · 12 H2O cub., Fd-3 A
Chukhrovite-(Nd) Ca3NdAl2F13(SO4) · 12 H2O cub., Fd-3 IMA 2004-023
Meniaylovite Ca4AlSiF13(SO4) · 12 H2O cub., Fd-3 FOTOIMA 2002-050

3.CG.15. Creedite group
Creedite Ca3Al2(F,OH)10(SO4) · 2 H2O mon., C2/c FOTOG

3.CG.20. Bøggildite group
Bøggildite    (Boeggildite) Sr2Na2Al2F9(PO4) mon., P21/c G

3.CG.25. Thermessaite group
Thermessaite K2AlF3(SO4) orth., Pbcn FOTOIMA 2007-030
Thermessaite-(NH4) K2AlF3(SO4) orth., Pbcn FOTOIMA 2011-077

3.CH. Silicofluorides
3.CH.05. Malladrite group
Malladrite Na2SiF6 trig., P321 FOTOG

3.CH.10. Bararite group
Bararite (NH4)2SiF6 trig., P-3m1 G

3.CH.15. Hieratite group
Hieratite K2SiF6 cub., Fm-3m G
Cryptohalite (NH4)2SiF6 cub., Fm-3m FOTOG

3.CH.20. Demartinite group
Demartinite K2SiF6 hex., P63mc IMA 2006-034

3.CH.25. Heklaite group *
Heklaite * KNa[SiF6] orth., Pnma IMA 2008-052

3.CH.30. Knasibfite group
Knasibfite K3Na4[SiF6]3[BF4] orth., Imm2 IMA 2006-042

3.CJ. With MX6 complexes, M = Fe, Mn, Cu
3.CJ.05. Rinneite group
Rinneite K3Na[FeCl6] trig., R-3c FOTO ENTDECKUNG G
Chlormanganokalite K3K[MnCl6] trig., R-3c G

3.CJ.10. Erythrosiderite group
Erythrosiderite K2[Fe3+Cl5(H2O)] orth., Pnma FOTOG
Kremersite (NH4)2[Fe3+Cl5(H2O)] orth., Pnma FOTOG

3.CJ.15. Mitscherlichite group
Mitscherlichite K2[Cu2+Cl4(H2O)2] tetr., P42/mnm G

3.CJ.20. Douglasite group
Douglasite K2[Fe2+Cl4(H2O)2] mon. ENTDECKUNG G

3.CJ.25. Redikortsevite group (unknown structure)
Redikortsevite NH4MgCl3 · 6 H2O orth., Bb21m H

3.CJ.30. Zirklerite group (unknown structure)
Zirklerite (Mg,Fe)2Al4Cl18(OH)12 · 14 H2O (?) trig. Q

3.CK. With MX6 complexes, M = Sn, Bi *
3.CK.05. Panichiite group *
Panichiite * (NH4)2SnCl6 cub., Fm-3m IMA 2008-005

3.CK.10. Steropesite group *
Steropesite * Tl3BiCl6 mon., Cc IMA 2008-014

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

* new, not in Nickel & Nichols (2008), preliminary classified

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

Ferruccit, Avogadrit, Barberiit, Cryolithionit, Cryolit, Simmonsit, Elpasolit, Colquiriit, Weberit, Karasugit, Usovit, Thomsenolit, Pachnolit, Carlhintzeit, Yaroslavit, Gearksutit, Tikhonenkovit, Acuminit, Artroeit, Calcjarlit, Jarlit, Jørgensenit, Jörgensenit, Joergensenit, Jorgensenite, Rosenbergit, Prosopit, Chiolit, Ralstonit, Bøgvadit, Bögvadit, Bogvadite, Stenonit, Chukhrovit-(Y), Chukhrovit-(Ce), Chukhrovit-(Nd), Menyailovit, Creedit, Bøggildit, Böggildit, Boggildite, Malladrit, Bararit, Hieratit, Cryptohalit, Rinneit, Chlormanganokalit, Erythrosiderit, Kremersit, Mitscherlichit, Douglasit, Zirklerit, Redikortsevit
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