according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2008), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Fluorides, Chlorides, Bromides, Iodides)

3.D: Oxyhalides, hydroxyhalides and related double halides

3.DA. Oxyhalides with Cu etc., without Pb
3.DA.05. Melanothallite group
Melanothallite Cu2OCl2 orth., Fddd     G

3.DA.10. Atacamite group
     10 a. Atacamite series
Atacamite Cu2(OH)3Cl orth., Pnam FOTOG
Hibbingite Fe2(OH)3Cl orth., Pnam IMA 1991-036
Kempite Mn2(OH)3Cl orth., Pnam G

     10 b. Botallackite series
Clinoatacamite Cu2(OH)3Cl mon., P21/n FOTOIMA 1993-060
Botallackite Cu2(OH)3Cl mon., P21/m FOTOG
Belloite Cu(OH)Cl mon., P21/a FOTOIMA 1998-054

     10 c. Paratacamite series
Haydeeite Cu3Mg(OH)6Cl2 trig., R-3m IMA 2006-046
Paratacamite Cu3Cu(OH)6Cl2 trig., R-3 FOTOG
Herbertsmithite Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2 trig., R-3m FOTOIMA 2003-041
Gillardite Cu3Ni(OH)6Cl2 trig., R-3m IMA 2006-041
Kapellasite Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2 trig., P-3m1 IMA 2005-009

3.DA.15. Claringbullite group
Claringbullite Cu4(OH)6Cl(OH,Cl) hex., P63/mmc IMA 1976-029
Barlowite Cu4(OH)6BrF hex., P63/mmc IMA 2010-020

3.DA.20. Simonkolleite group
Simonkolleite Zn5(OH)8Cl2 · H2O trig., R-3m FOTOIMA 1983-019

3.DA.25. Buttgenbachite-Connellite group
Buttgenbachite Cu36Cl6(NO3)2(OH)64 · n H2O hex., P63/mmc FOTOG
Connellite Cu36Cl8(SO4)(OH)62 · 6 H2O hex., P-62c or P63 FOTOG

3.DA.30. Abhurite group
Abhurite Sn21O6(OH)14Cl16 trig., R32 FOTOIMA 1983-061

3.DA.35. Ponomarevit group
Ponomarevite K4Cu4OCl10 mon., C2/c FOTOIMA 1986-040

3.DA.40. Calumetite-Anthonyite group
Calumetite Cu(OH,Cl)2 · 2 H2O orth. A
Anthonyite Cu(OH,Cl)2 · 3 H2O mon. A

3.DA.45. Khaidarkanite group
Khaidarkanite Cu4Al3(OH)14F3 · 2 H2O mon., C2/m IMA 1998-013

3.DA.50. Bobkingite group
Bobkingite Cu5(OH)8Cl2 · 2 H2O mon., C2/m IMA 2000-029

3.DA.55. Avdoninite group
Avdoninite K2Cu5(OH)4Cl8 · H2O mon., P2/m or P21/m IMA 2005-046a

3.DB. Oxyhalides with Pb, Cu etc.
3.DB.05. Diaboleite group
Diaboleite Pb2Cu(OH)4Cl2 tetr., P4mm FOTOG

3.DB.10. Pseudoboleite group
Pseudoboleite Pb31Cu24(OH)48Cl62 tetr., I4/mmm FOTOG

3.DB.15. Boleite group
Boleite KAg9Pb26Cu24(OH)48Cl62 cub., Pm-3m FOTOG

3.DB.20. Cumengeite group
Cumengeite Pb21Cu20(OH)40Cl42 tetr., I4/mmm G

3.DB.25. Bideauxite group
Bideauxite AgPb2(F,OH)2Cl3 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1969-038

3.DB.30. Chloroxiphite group
Chloroxiphite Pb3CuO2Cl2 mon., P21/m FOTOG

3.DB.35. Hematophanite group
Hematophanite Pb4Fe3O8Cl tetr., P4mm G

3.DB.40. Asisite group
Asisite Pb7SiO8Cl2 tetr., I4/mmm FOTOIMA 1987-003
Parkinsonite Pb7(Mo,⬜)O8Cl2 tetr., I4/mmm or other IMA 1991-030

3.DB.45. Murdochite group
Murdochite PbCu6(O6.51.5)(Cl,Br) cub., Fm-3m FOTOG

3.DB.50. Yedlinite group
Yedlinite Pb6CrCl6(OH,O)8 trig., R-3 IMA 1974-001

3.DC. Oxyhalides with Pb (As,Sb,Bi etc.), without Cu
3.DC.05. Laurionite group
Laurionite Pb(OH)Cl orth., Pcmn . FOTOG
Paralaurionite Pb(OH)Cl mon., C2/m FOTOG

3.DC.10. Fiedlerite group
Fiedlerite    (Fiedlerite-1A) Pb3(OH)FCl4 · 2 H2O tric., P-1 FOTOG
     Fiedlerite-2M Pb3(OH)FCl4 · 2 H2O mon., P21/a Poly

3.DC.15. Penfieldite group
Penfieldite Pb2Cl3(OH) hex., P-6 FOTOG

3.DC.20. Laurelite group
Laurelite Pb7F12Cl2 hex., P-6 FOTOIMA 1988-020a

3.DC.25. Matlockite group
Rorisite CaFCl tetr., P4/nmm . FOTOIMA 1989-015
Zhangpeishanite BaFCl tetr., P4/mmm . IMA 2006-045
Matlockite PbFCl tetr., P4/nmm . FOTOG
Zavaritskite BiOF tetr., P4/nmm . FOTOA
Bismoclite BiOCl tetr., P4/nmm . FOTOG
Daubréeite BiO(OH,Cl) tetr., P4/nmm FOTOG

3.DC.30. Nadorite group
Nadorite PbSbO2Cl orth., Bmmb FOTOG
Perite PbBiO2Cl orth., Bmmb A
Telluroperite Pb3TeO4Cl2 orth., Bmmb IMA 2009-044

3.DC.35. Aravaipaite group
Aravaipaite Pb3AlF9 · H2O tric., P-1 or P1 FOTOIMA 1988-021
Calcioaravaipaite PbCa2Al(F,OH)9 tric., C-1 IMA 1994-018

3.DC.40. Thorikosite group
Thorikosite Pb3(Sb,As)O3(OH)Cl2 tetr., I4/mmm FOTOIMA 1984-013

3.DC.45. Mereheadite group
Mereheadite Pb2O(OH)Cl mon., C2/c FOTOIMA 1996-045

3.DC.50. Blixite group
Blixite Pb2O(Cl,OH)2 orth. A

3.DC.55. Pinalite group
Pinalite Pb3WO5Cl2 orth., Amam IMA 1988-025

3.DC.60. Symesite group
Symesite Pb10O7(SO4)Cl4 tric., B-1 A

3.DC.65. Ecdemite group
Ecdemite Pb6As3+2O7Cl4 tetr. G
Heliophyllite Pb6As3+2O7Cl4 orth., ps.-tetr. Q

3.DC.70. Mendipite group
Mendipite Pb3O2Cl2 orth., Pbnm FOTOG

3.DC.75. Damaraite group
Damaraite Pb4O3Cl2 orth., Pma2 or other IMA 1989-013

3.DC.80. Onoratoite group
Onoratoite Sb8O11Cl2 mon. C2/m FOTOIMA 1967-057

3.DC.85. Cotunnite group
Cotunnite PbCl2 orth., Pnam FOTOG

3.DC.90. Pseudocotunnite group
Pseudocotunnite K2PbCl4 (?) orth. Q

3.DC.95. Barstowite group
Barstowite Pb4(CO3)Cl6 mon., P21/m IMA 1989-057

3.DD. Oxyhalides with Hg
3.DD.05. Eglestonite group
Eglestonite Hg1+6O(OH)Cl3 cub., Ia-3d FOTOG
Kadyrelite Hg1+6O1.5Cl3 cub., Ia-3d IMA 1986-042

3.DD.10. Poyarkovite group
Poyarkovite Hg1+3OCl mon., C2/c IMA 1980-099

3.DD.15. Hanawaltite group
Hanawaltite Hg1+Hg2+O3(Cl,OH)2 orth., Pbma IMA 1994-036

3.DD.20. Terlinguaite group
Terlinguaite Hg1+Hg2+OCl mon., C2/c FOTOG

3.DD.25. Pinchite group
Pinchite Hg2+5O4Cl2 orth., Ibam IMA 1973-052

3.DD.30. Mosesite group
Mosesite (Hg2N)2(Cl2,SO4,MoO4,CO3) · 2 H2O cub., F-43m FOTOG
Gianellaite (Hg2N)2(SO4) cub., F-43m IMA 1972-020

3.DD.35. Kleinite group
Kleinite (Hg2N)2(Cl2,SO4) · n H2O hex., P63/mmc FOTOG

3.DD.40. Tedhadleyite group
Tedhadleyite Hg2+Hg1+10O4I2(Cl,Br)2 tric., A-1 IMA 2001-035

3.DD.45. Vasilyevite group
Vasilyevite (Hg2)2+10O6I3Br2Cl(CO3) tric., P1 IMA 2003-016

3.DD.50. Aurivilliusite group
Aurivilliusite Hg1+Hg2+OI mon., C2/m IMA 2002-022

3.DD.55. Terlinguacreekite group
Terlinguacreekite Hg2+3O2Cl2 orth. subcell IMA 2004-018

3.DD.60. Kelyanite group
Kelyanite Hg1+16Hg2+20Sb3O28(Cl,Br)9 mon., C2/m IMA 1981-013

3.DD.65. Comancheite group
Comancheite Hg2+13O9(Cl,Br)8 orth., Pnnm FOTOA

3.DE. Oxyhalides with Rare Earth Elements
3.DE.05. Håleniusite group
Håleniusite-(La) (La,Ce)OF cub., Fm-3m IMA 2003-028

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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