according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Oxides, Hydroxides, V[5,6]-Vanadates, Arsenites, Antimonites, Bismutites, Sulfites, Selenites, Tellurites, Iodates)

4.B: Metal : Oxygen = 3 : 4 and similar

4.BA. With small and medium-sized cations
4.BA.05. Chrysoberyl group
Chrysoberyl  /  Chrysoberyll BeAl2O4 orth., Pbnm FOTO     G                      
Mariinskit BeCr2O4 orth., Pnma IMA 2011-057

4.BA.10. Manganostibite group
Manganostibite Mn2+7Sb5+As5+O12 orth., Ibmm G

4.BB. Only with medium-sized cations
4.BB.05. Spinel group
Spinel MgAl2O4 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG
Hercynite FeAl2O4 cub., Fd-3m G
Gahnite ZnAl2O4 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG
Galaxite MnAl2O4 cub., Fd-3m G
Magnesioferrite MgFe2O4 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG
Magnetite FeFe2O4 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG
Trevorite NiFe2O4 cub., Fd-3m G
Cuprospinel CuFe2O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1971-020
Franklinite ZnFe2O4 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG
Jacobsite MnFe2O4 cub., Fd-3m FOTOA
Magnesiochromite MgCr2O4 cub., Fd-3m G
Chromite FeCr2O4 cub., Fd-3m G
Nichromite NiCr2O4 cub., Fd-3m N
Cochromite CoCr2O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1978-049
Zincochromite ZnCr2O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1986-015
Manganochromite MnCr2O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1975-020
Magnesiocoulsonite MgV2O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1994-034
Coulsonite FeV2O4 cub., Fd-3m Rd
Vuorelainenite MnV2O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1980-048
Brunogeierite Fe2(Ge,Fe)O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1972-004
Qandilite Mg2TiO4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1980-046
Ulvöspinel Fe2TiO4 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG
Filipstadite (Mn,Mg)2(Sb,Fe)O4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1987-010

4.BB.10. Hausmannite group
Hausmannite MnMn2O4 tetr., I41/amd FOTO ENTDECKUNG G
Iwakiite Mn(Fe,Mn)2O4 tetr., I41/amd IMA 1974-049
Hetaerolite ZnMn2O4 tetr., I41/amd G
Hydrohetaerolite HZnMn2-XO4 (X ca. 0.4) tetr., I41/amd G

Hydrohetaerolite is probably not a valid mineral.

4.BB.15. Maghemite group
Maghemite Fe3+2.67O4 cub., P4332 or P4132 G
Titanomaghemite Fe(Fe,Ti)2O4 Q

4.BB.20. Tegengrenite group
Tegengrenite (Mg,Mn)2(Sb,Mn)O4 trig., R3 or R-3 FOTOIMA 1999-002

4.BB.25. Xieite group
Xieite FeCr2O4 orth., Bbmm IMA 2007-056

4.BC. With medium-sized and large cations
4.BC.05. Marokite group
Marokite CaMn2O4 orth., Pman or P21ab FOTOIMA 1963-005

4.BC.10. Dmitryivanovite group   *
Dmitryivanovite   * CaAl2O4 mon., P21/c IMA 2006-035
Krotit   * CaAl2O4 mon., P21/n IMA 2010-038
Aciculite CaFe2O4 FOTOH

"Aciculite" from a burning coal mine dump, was described without IMA approval.

4.BD. Only with large cations
4.BD.05. Minium group
Minium Pb2+Pb3+2O4 tetr., P42/mbc FOTOG

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes
*   New, not in Nickel & Nichols (2009)

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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