according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Oxides, Hydroxides, V[5,6]-Vanadates, Arsenites, Antimonites, Bismutites, Sulfites, Selenites, Tellurites, Iodates)

4.C: Metal : Oxygen = 2 : 3, 3 : 5, and similar

4.CA. With small cations
No examples known

4.CB. With medium-sized cations
4.CB.05. Corundum-Ilmenite group
Corundum  /  Korund Al2O3 trig., R-3c FOTO     G
Hematite  /  Hämatit Fe2O3 trig., R-3c FOTOA
Eskolaite Cr2O3 trig., R-3c G
Karelianite V2O3 trig., R-3c A
Tistarit Ti2O3 trig., R-3c IMA 2008-016
Ilmenite FeTiO3 trig., R-3 G
Pyrophanite MnTiO3 trig., R-3 FOTOG
Geikielite MgTiO3 trig., R-3 FOTOG
Ecandrewsite ZnTiO3 trig., R-3 IMA 1978-082
Melanostibite Mn2+(Sb5+,Fe3+)O3 trig., R-3 A
Brizziite NaSbO3 trig., R-3 IMA 1993-044
Auroantimonate AuSbO3 N

Akimotoite, MgSiO3, trig. (R-3), ist structurally a member of the Corundum-Ilmenite group. In Nickel & Nichols (2008) classified in the Enstatite group (9.DA.05), but the mineral is not a pyroxene.

4.CB.10. Bixbyite group
Bixbyite (Mn,Fe)2O3 cub., Ia-3 G
Yttrialite-(Y) Y2O3 cub., Ia-3 IMA 2010-039
Kangite (Sc,Ti,Al,Zr,Mg,Ca,□)2O3 cub., Ia-3 IMA 2011-092
Avicennite Tl2O3 cub., Ia-3 G

4.CB.15. Pseudobrookite group
Pseudobrookite Fe2TiO5 orth., Bbmm FOTORd
Armalcolite (Mg,Fe2+,Al)(Ti,Fe3+)2O5 orth., Bbmm FOTORd
Mongshanite (Mg,Cr,Fe,Ca,K)2(Ti,Zr,Cr,Fe)5O12 N

4.CB.20. Högbomite group
Magnesiohögbomite-2N2S (Al,Mg,Fe,Ti)22(O,OH)32 hex., P63mc Rn
Magnesiohögbomite-2N3S (Mg,Fe,Zn,Ti)4(Al,Fe)10O19(OH) hex. Rn
Magnesiohögbomite-2N4S (Mg8.2Fe1.3Zn0.2)Al22.7Ti1.6O46(OH)2 hex., P63mc IMA 2010-084
Magnesiohögbomite-6N6S (Mg,Al,Fe)3(Al,Ti)8O15(OH) trig. Rn
Ferrohögbomite-2N2S (Fe,Mg,Zn,Al)3(Al,Ti,Fe)8O15(OH) hex., P63mc IMA 2001-048
Ferrohögbomite-6N12S Fe6Al14Ti2O30(OH)2 hex. H
Zincohögbomite-2N2S (Zn,Al,Fe)3(Al,Fe,Ti)8O15(OH) hex., P63mc FOTORn
Zincohögbomite-2N6S (Zn,Al,Fe)7(Al,Fe,Ti,Mg)16O31(OH)2 hex., P63mc Rn

4.CB.25. Pseudorutile group
Pseudorutile Fe2Ti3O9 hex., P6322 FOTORd

"Kleberite" (discredited) is a hydroxylian, Fe-poor variety of pseudorutile.

4.CB.30. Berdesinskiite group
Berdesinskiite V2TiO5 mon. IMA 1980-036
Oxyvanite V3O5 mon., C2/c IMA 2008-044

4.CB.35. Schreyerite group
Schreyerite V2+3Ti4O9 mon. IMA 1976-004
Olkhonskite (Cr,V)2Ti3O9 mon. IMA 1993-035

4.CB.40. Nolanite group
Nolanite (V,Fe,Ti)10O14(OH)2 hex., P63mc G
Rinmanite Mg2Fe4Zn2Sb2O14(OH)2 hex., P63mc IMA 2000-036
Kamiokite Fe2+2Mo4+3O8 hex., P63mc FOTOIMA 1975-003

4.CB.45. Claudetite group
Claudetite As2O3 mon., P21/n FOTOA
Stibioclaudetite AsSbO3 mon., P21/n IMA 2007-028

4.CB.50. Arsenolite group
Arsenolite As2O3 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG
Sénarmontite Sb2O3 cub., Fd-3m FOTOG

4.CB.55. Valentinite group
Valentinite Sb2O3 orth., Pccn A

4.CB.60. Bismite group
Bismite Bi2O3 mon., P21/c G

4.CB.65. Sphaerobismoite group
Sphaerobismoite Bi2O3 tetr. IMA 1993-009

4.CB.70. Sillénite group
Sillénite Bi12SiO20 cub., I23 FOTOG

4.CB.75. Kyzylkumite group
Kyzylkumite V3+2Ti3O9 mon. FOTOIMA 1980-081

4.CB.80. Tietaiyangite group
Tietaiyangite Fe4FeTiO9 N

4.CC. With large and medium-sized cations
4.CC.05. Chrombismite group
Chrombismite Bi16CrO27 tetr. IMA 1995-044

4.CC.10. Freudenbergite group
Freudenbergite Na2(Ti,Fe)8O16 mon., C2/m A

4.CC.15. Grossite group
Grossite CaAl4O7 mon., C2/c IMA 1993-052
Grandiferrite CaFe4O7 FOTOH

"Grandiferrite" was described from a burning coal mine dump from Kopeisk, Ural, Russia, without IMA approval.

4.CC.20. Mayenite group
Mayenite Ca12Al14O33 cub., I-43d IMA 1963-016
Brearleyit Ca12Al14O32Cl2 cub., I-43d IMA 2010-062

4.CC.25. Yafsoanite group
Yafsoanite (Ca,Pb)3Te2Zn3O12 cub., Ia-3d IMA 1981-022

4.CC.30. Perovskite group
Perovskite CaTiO3 orth., Pbnm G
Barioperovskite BaTiO3 IMA 2006-040
Megawite * CaSnO3 orth., Pnma IMA 2009-090
Lakargiite CaZrO3 orth., Pnma IMA 2007-014
Latrappite (Ca,Na)(Nb,Ti)O3 orth., Pbnm FOTOIMA 1964-019
Lueshite NaNbO3 orth., Pbnm FOTOA
Natroniobite NaNbO3 mon. Q

4.CC.35. Loparite-Macedonite group
Loparite-(Ce) (Na,Ce,Sr)(Ce,Th)(Ti,Nb)2O6 cub., Pm-3m FOTOA
Tausonite SrTiO3 cub., Pm-3m FOTOIMA 1982-077
Isolueshite (Na,Ca,La)(Nb,Ti)O3 cub., Pm-3m IMA 1995-024
Macedonite PbTiO3 tetr., P4mm IMA 1970-010

4.CC.40. Crichtonite group
Crichtonite Sr(Mn,Y,U)Fe2(Ti,Fe,Cr,V)18(O,OH)38 trig., R-3 FOTOA
Senaite Pb(Mn,Y,U)(Fe,Zn)2(Ti,Fe,Cr,V)18(O,OH)38 trig., R-3 FOTOG
Davidite-(Y) (Y,U)(Ti,Fe)21O38 trig., R-3 Rn
Davidite-(La) La(Y,U)Fe2(Ti,Fe)18(O,OH,F)38 trig., R-3 FOTOA
Davidite-(Ce) Ce(Y,U)Fe2(Ti,Fe)18(O,OH,F)38 trig., R-3 FOTOA
Landauite (Na,Pb)(Mn,Y)(Zn,Fe)2(Ti,Fe,Nb)18(O,OH,F)38 trig., R-3 IMA 1965-033
Loveringite (Ca,Ce)(Zr,Fe)(Mg,Fe)2(Ti,Fe)18O38 trig., R-3 IMA 1977-023
Lindsleyite (Ba,Sr)(Zr,Ca)(Fe,Mg)2(Ti,Cr)18O38 trig., R-3 IMA 1982-086
Mathiasite (K,Ba)(Zr,Fe)(Mg,Fe)2(Ti,Cr,Fe)18O38 trig., R-3 IMA 1982-087
Dessauite-(Y) (Sr,Pb)(Y,U,Mn)Fe2(Ti,Fe,Cr,V)18(O,OH)38 trig., R-3 IMA 1994-057
Gramaccioliite-(Y) (Pb,Sr)(Y,Mn)Fe2(Ti,Fe)18O38 trig., R-3 FOTOIMA 2001-034
Cleusonite Pb(U4+,U6+)Fe2(Ti,Fe)18(O,OH)38 trig., R-3 FOTOIMA 1998-070
Paseroite PbMn2+(Fe3+,)2(V5+,Ti,)18O38 trig., R-3 IMA 2011-069

4.CC.45. Magnetoplumbite group
Hibonite (Ca,Ce)(Al,Ti,Mg)12O19 hex., P63/mmc G
IMA 2009-027 (Fe,Mg)Al12O19 hex., P63/mmc IMA 2009-027
Barioferrit BaFe12O19 hex., P63/mmc IMA 2009-030
Hawthorneite BaMgTi3Cr4Fe4O19 hex., P63/mmc IMA 1988-019
Haggertyite (Ba,K)Fe6Ti5MgO19 hex., P63/mmc IMA 1996-054
Batiferrite BaTi2Fe10O19 hex., P63/mmc FOTOIMA 1997-038
Magnetoplumbite PbFe12O19 hex., P63/mmc G
Nezilovite PbZn2(Mn,Ti)2Fe8O19 hex., P63/mmc FOTOIMA 1994-020
Plumboferrite Pb2(Fe,Mn,Mg)11O19 hex., P63/mmc G
Lindqvistite Pb2(Mn,Mg)Fe16O27 hex., P63/mmc IMA 1991-038
Diaoyudaoite NaAl11O17 hex., P63/mmc IMA 1985-005
Yimengite K(Cr,Ti,Fe,Mg)12O19 hex., P63/mmc IMA 1982-046

4.CC.50. Jeppeite group
Jeppeite (K,Ba)2(Ti,Fe)6O13 mon., C2/m FOTOIMA 1980-080

4.CC.55. Zenzénite group
Zenzénite Pb3(Fe,Mn)4Mn3O15 hex., P63/mcm IMA 1990-031

4.CC.60. Mengxianminite group
Mengxianminite (Ca,Na)4(Mg,Fe,Zn)5Sn4Al16O41 mon. N

4.CC.65. Allendeite group *
Allendeite * Sc4Zr3O12 trig., R-3 IMA 2007-027

4.CC.70. Bitikleite group *
Bitikleit-(SnAl) * Ca3SbSn(AlO4)3 cub., Ia3d IMA 2009-052
Bitikleit-(SnFe) * Ca3SbSn(Fe3+O4)3 cub., Ia3d IMA 2010-064
Bitikleit-(ZrFe) * Ca3SbZr(Fe3+O4)3 cub., Ia3d IMA 2009-053
Elbrusite-(Zr) * Ca3UZr(Fe3+2Fe2+)O12 cub., Ia3d IMA 2009-051

* new, not in Nickel & Nickols (2009)

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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