according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Sulfides, Selenides, Tellurides, Arsenides, Antimonides, Bismuthides, Sulfarsenites, Sulfantimonites, Sulfbismuthites, etc.)

2.B: Metalsulfides, M: S > 1: 1 (mainly 2: 1)

2.BA. Metalsulfides with Cu, Ag and/or Au
2.BA.05. Chalcocite group
     05 a. Chalcocite series
Chalcocite  /  Chalcosin Cu2S mon., P21/c (ps.-hex.) FOTO     G

     05 b. Djurleite series
Djurleite Cu31S16 mon., P21/n  FOTOA

     05 c. Geerite series
Geerite Cu8S5 trig. (ps.-cub.)IMA 1978-024

     05 d. Roxbyite series
Roxbyite Cu9S5 mon. FOTOIMA 1986-010

     05 e. Digenite series
Digenite Cu9S5 trig., R-3m (ps.cub.) FOTO ENTDECKUNG A

     05 f. Anilite series
Anilite Cu7S4 orth., Pnma FOTOIMA 1968-030

2.BA.10. Bornite group
Bornite Cu5FeS4 orth., Pbca FOTOG

2.BA.15. Berzelianite group
     15 a. Berzelianite series
Berzelianite Cu2-xSe      (x ca. 0.12) cub., Fm-3m FOTOG

     15 b. Bellidoite series
Bellidoite Cu2Se tetr., P42/nIMA 1970-050

     15 c. Umangite series
Umangite Cu3Se2 tetr., P-421mG

     15 d. Athabascaite series
Athabascaite Cu5Se4 orth.IMA 1969-022

2.BA.20. Rickardite-Weissite group
     20 a. Rickardite series
Rickardite Cu3-xTe2     (x <= 0.26) orth., CmcmG

     20 b. Weissite series
Weissite Cu2-xTe     (x <= 0.33) hex., P6/mmmG

2.BA.25. Stromeyerite group
     25 a. Stromeyerite series
Stromeyerite CuAgS orth., Cmc21G

     25 b. Mckinstryite series
Mckinstryite Cu0.8Ag1.2S orth., Pnam or Pna21IMA 1966-012

     25 c. Jalpaite series
Jalpaite CuAg3S2 tetr., I41/amdG
Selenojalpaite CuAg3Se2 tetr., I41/amdIMA 2004-048

     25 d. Eucairite series
Eucairite CuAgSe orth., PmmnG

     25 e. Henryite series
Henryite Cu4Ag3Te4 cub., F...IMA 1982-094

2.BA.30. Acanthite group
     30 a. Acanthite series
Acanthite Ag2S mon., P21/n FOTOG
Argentite     (>173°C) Ag2S cub., Im-3mH

     30 b. Naumannite series
Naumannite Ag2Se orth., P212121 FOTO ENTDECKUNG G
Aguilarite Ag4SeS orth.Q

     30 c. Hessite series
Hessite Ag2Te mon., P21/c FOTOG

     30 d. Cervelleite series
Cervelleite Ag4TeS cub., P...IMA 1986-018

     30 e. Stützite series
Stützite Ag5-XTe3 hex., P-62mRd

     30 f. Kurilite series *
Kurilite * Ag8Te3Se trig., R3 or R-3IMA 2009-080

Argentite is a hypothetical mineral, stable only above 173°C.

2.BA.35. Argyrodite group
Argyrodite Ag8GeS6 orth., Pna21 FOTO ENTDECKUNG G
Canfieldite Ag8SnS6 orth., Pna21G
Putzite (Cu,Ag)8GeS6 cub., F-43mIMA 2002-024

2.BA.40. Petzite group
     40 a. Petzite series
Fischesserite Ag3AuSe2 cub., I4132 FOTOIMA 1971-010
Petzite Ag3AuTe2 cub., I4132G

     40 b. Uytenbogaardite series
Uytenbogaardite Ag3AuS2 tetr., P4122 or P41IMA 1977-018

     40 c. Petrovskaite series
Petrovskaite AgAu(S,Se) mon.IMA 1983-079

     40 d. Penzhinite series
Penzhinite Ag4Au(S,Se)4 hex., P6322IMA 1982-027

2.BA.45. Bezsmertnovite group
Bezsmertnovite Cu(Au,Ag)4(Te,Pb) orth., ps.-cub.IMA 1979-014

2.BA.50. Bogdanovite group
Bogdanovite (Cu,Fe)3Au5(Te,Pb)2 orth. (?), ps.-cub.IMA 1978-019

2.BA.55. Bilibinskite group
Bilibinskite Cu2Au3Pb • n TeO2 cub.IMA 1977-024

2.BA.60. Chenguodaite group
Chenguodaite Ag9FeTe2S4 orth., P...IMA 2004-042a

2.BB. Metalsulfides with Ni
2.BB.05. Heazlewoodite group
Heazlewoodite Ni3S2 trig., R32 FOTOG

2.BB.10. Hauchecornite group
Arsenohauchecornite (As,Bi)(NiBi)Ni8S8 tetr., I4/mmmIMA 1978-E
Hauchecornite Sb(NiBi)Ni8S8 tetr., P4/mmmRd
Bismutohauchecornite Bi2Ni8S8 tetr., P4/mmmIMA 1978-F
Tellurohauchecornite TeBiNi8S8 tetr., P4/mmmIMA 1978-G
Tučekite    (Tucekite) Sb2Ni9S8 tetr., P4/mmm FOTOIMA 1975-022

2.BB.15. Pentlandite group
     15 a. Pentlandite series
Pentlandite Fe(Ni,Fe)8S8 cub., Fm3mG
Cobaltpentlandite (Co,Ni,Fe)8S8 cub., Fm3mA
Argentopentlandite Ag(Ni,Fe)8S8 cub., Fm3mIMA 1970-047
Shadlunite (Pb,Cd)(Fe,Cu)8S8 cub., Fm3mIMA 1972-012
Manganoshadlunite (Mn,Pb)(Cu,Fe)8S8 cub., Fm3mN / Rn
Geffroyite (Cu,Fe,Ag)9(Se,S)8 cub., Fm3mIMA 1980-090

     15 b. Godlevskite series
Godlevskite (Ni8.7Fe0.3)S8 orth., C222IMA 1968-032

     15 c. Sugakiite series
Sugakiite Cu(Fe,Ni)8S9 tetr., P42/mnmIMA 2005-033

     15 d. Ferhodsite series *
Ferhodsite (Fe,Rh,Ni,Ir,Cu,Pt)9S8 tetr., P* IMA 2009-056

Manganoshadlunite, originally described as "manganese shadlunite", now renamed (Burke, 2008).

2.BB.20. Vozhminite group
Vozhminite Ni4AsS2 hex.IMA 1981-040

2.BC. Metalsulfides with Rh, Pd, Pt etc.
2.BC.05. Miassite group
Miassite Rh17S15 cub., Pm-3mIMA 1997-029
Palladseite Pd17Se15 cub., Pm-3mIMA 1975-026

2.BC.10. Oosterboschite group
Oosterboschite (Pd,Cu)7Se5 orth.IMA 1970-016

2.BC.15. Chrisstanleyite group
Chrisstanleyite Pd3Ag2Se4 mon., P21/cIMA 1996-044
Jaguéite      (Jagueite) Pd3Cu2Se4 mon., P21/cIMA 2002-060

2.BC.20. Keithconnite group
Keithconnite Pd20Te7 cub., I-43m IMA 1978-032

2.BC.25. Vasilite group
Vasilite (Pd,Cu)16(S,Te)7 cub., I-43mIMA 1989-044

2.BC.30. Telluropalladinite group
Telluropalladinite Pd9Te4 mon., P21/c IMA 1978-078

2.BC.35. Luberoite group
Luberoite Pt5Se4 mon., P21/cIMA 1990-047

2.BC.40. Oulankaite group
Oulankaite (Pd,Pt)5(Cu,Fe)4SnTe2S2 tetr. FOTOIMA 1990-055

2.BC.45. Telargpalite group
Telargpalite (Pd,Ag)3Te cub., I-43m FOTOIMA 1972-030

2.BC.50. Temagamite group
Temagamite Pd3HgTe3 orth., ps.-hex. FOTOIMA 1973-018

2.BC.55. Sopcheite group
Sopcheite Pd3Ag4Te4 orth. IMA 1980-101

2.BC.60. Laflammeite group
Laflammeite Pd3Pb2S2 mon., C2/m IMA 2000-014

2.BC.65. Tischendorfite group
Tischendorfite Pd8Hg3Se9 orth., Pmmn (?) IMA 2001-061

2.BC.70. Kharaelakhite group
Kharaelakhite (Cu,Pt,Pb,Fe,Ni)9S8 orth.IMA 1983-080

2.BD. Metalsulfides with Hg, Tl
2.BD.05. Imiterite group
Imiterite Ag2HgS2 mon., P21/c FOTOIMA 1983-038

2.BD.10. Gortdrumite group
Gortdrumite (Cu,Fe)19Hg6S16 orth.IMA 1979-039

2.BD.15. Balkanite group
Balkanite Cu9Ag5HgS8 orth., PmmmIMA 1971-009
Danielsite (Cu,Ag)14HgS8 orth.IMA 1984-044

2.BD.20. Donharrisite group
Donharrisite Ni8Hg3S9 mon. FOTOIMA 1987-007

2.BD.25. Carlinite group
Carlinite Tl2S trig., R3IMA 1974-062

2.BD.30. Thalcusite group
Thalcusite Cu3FeTl2S4 tetr., I4/mmm IMA 1975-023
Murunskite Cu3FeK2S4 tetr., I4/mmm IMA 1980-064
Bukovite Cu3FeTl2Se4 tetr., I4/mmm IMA 1970-029

2.BD.35. Rohaite group
Rohaite Cu5TlSbS2 orth., Pmmm IMA 1973-043

2.BD.40. Chalcothallite group
Chalcothallite (Cu,Fe)6Tl2SbS4 tetr., I4/mmm A

2.BD.45. Sabatierite group
Sabatierite Cu6TlSe4 orth. IMA 1976-043

2.BD.50. Crookesite group
Crookesite Cu7(Tl,Ag)Se4 tetr., I-4 FOTOG

2.BD.55. Brodtkorbite group
Brodtkorbite Cu2HgSe2 mon., P21n IMA 1999-023

2.BE. Metallsulfide mit Pb, Bi
2.BE.05. Betekhtinite group
Betekhtinite (Cu,Fe)21Pb2S15 orth., Immm FOTO ENTDECKUNG G

2.BE.10. Furutobeite gruppe
Furutobeite (Cu,Ag)6PbS4 mon. IMA 1978-040

2.BE.15. Shandite group
Shandite Ni2Pb2S2 trig., R-3m G
Rhodplumsite Rh3Pb2S2 trig., R-3m IMA 1982-043
Pašavaite    (Pasavaite) Pd3Pb2Te2 orth., Pmmn IMA 2007-059

2.BE.20. Parkerite group
Parkerite Ni3Bi2S2 orth., Pmam G

2.BE.25. Schlemaite group
Schlemaite (Cu,)6(Pb,Bi)Se4 mon., P21/m ENTDECKUNG IMA 2003-026

 * New, not in Nickel & Nichols (2009)

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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