according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Sulfides, Selenides, Tellurides, Arsenides, Antimonides, Bismuthides, Sulfarsenites, Sulfantimonites, Sulfbismuthites, etc.)

2.H: Sulfosalts of SnS archetype (deformed (As,Sb,Bi)S6 octahedra with distinct (As,Sb,Bi)S3 pyramides)

2.HA. With Cu, Ag, Fe (without Pb)
2.HA.05. Chalcostibite group
Chalcostibite CuSbS2 orth., Pnma ENTDECKUNG G
Emplectite CuBiS2 orth., Pnma FOTO ENTDECKUNG G

2.HA.10. Miargyrite group
Miargyrite AgSbS2 mon., C2 ENTDECKUNG G

2.HA.15. Livingstonite group
Livingstonite HgSb4S8 mon., A2/a G

2.HA.20. Berthierit group
Berthierite FeSb2S4 orth., Pnam FOTOG
Garavellite FeSbBiS4 orth., PnamIMA 1978-018
Clerite MnSb2S4 orth., PnamIMA 1995-029

2.HA.25. Aramayoite group
Aramayoite Ag3Sb2(Bi,Sb)SbS6 tric., P-1G
Baumstarkite Ag3Sb2SbS6 tric., P-1 FOTOIMA 1999-049

2.HB. With Cu, Ag, Fe, Sn and Pb
2.HB.05. Aikinite group
     05 a. Aikinite series
Jaskólskiite CuxPb2+x(Sb,Bi)2-xS5 orth., PbnmIMA 1982-057
Pekoite CuPbBi11S18 orth., Pb21mIMA 1975-014
Gladite CuPbBi5S9 orth., Pbnm FOTOG
Salzburgite Cu1.6Pb1.6Bi6.4S12 orth., Pb21mIMA 2000-044
Paarite Cu1.7Pb1.7Bi6.3S12 orth., Pbnm FOTOIMA 2001-016
Krupkaite CuPbBi3S6 orth., Pb21m FOTOIMA 1974-020
Lindströmite Cu3Pb3Bi7S15 orth., PbnmRd
Emilite Cu10.7Pb10.7Bi21.3S48 orth., Pb21m FOTOIMA 2001-015
Hammarite Cu2Pb2Bi4S9 orth., Pbnm FOTOG
Friedrichite Cu5Pb5Bi7S18 orth., Pb21mIMA 1977-031
Aikinite CuPbBiS3 orth., Pbnm FOTOG

     05 b. Meneghinite series
Meneghinite Cu(Pb13Sb7)S24 orth., Pbnm G

2.HB.10. Kobellite group
     10 a. Kobellite series
Tintinaite Cu2(Pb11Sb)Sb14S34.5 orth., Pnnm IMA 1967-010
Kobellite (Cu,Fe)2Pb12(Bi,Sb)14S35 orth., PnnmFOTOG

     10 b. Giessenite series
Izoklakeite Cu2Pb26.5(Sb,Bi)19.5S57 orth., PnnmIMA 1983-065
Giessenite Cu2Pb26(Bi,Sb)20S57 mon., P21/nIMA 1963-004

     10 c. Eclarite series
Eclarite (Cu,Fe)Pb9(Bi6S14)2 orth., PbnmIMA 1982-092

2.HB.15. Jamesonite group
Jamesonite FePb4Sb6S14 mon., P21/a G
Benavidesite MnPb4Sb6S14 mon., P21/aIMA 1980-073

"Sakharovaite" = bismuthian jamesonite, discredited in 2006.
"Parajamesonite" = mixture of jamesonite and other sulfides, discredited in 2006.

2.HB.20. Nagyagite group
     20 a. Nagyagite series
Nagyágite [Pb(Pb,Sb)S2][(Au,Te)] mon., P21/m FOTOG

     20 b. Buckhornite series
Buckhornite [Pb2BiS3][AuTe2] orth., PmmnIMA 1988-022

     20 c. Museumite series
Museumite [Pb2(Pb,Sb)2S8][(Te,Au)2] mon., P21IMA 2003-039

     20 d. Berryite series
Berryite (Ag,Cu)3Pb2Bi5S11 mon., P21/mIMA 1965-013

     20 e. Watkinsonite series
Watkinsonite Cu2PbBi4(Se,S)8 mon., P2 (?)IMA 1985-024
Litochlebite Ag2PbBi4Se8 mon., P21/m IMA 2009-036

2.HC. With only Pb
2.HC.05. Dufrénoysite group
     05 a. Sartorite series
Sartorite PbAs2S4    (or Pb1+2xAs2-2xS4-x ?) mon., P21/n FOTOG
     Sartorite-9c Tl1.5Pb8As17.5S35 Poly
Twinnite Pb(Sb,As)2S4 orth., Pnmn IMA 1966-017
Guettardite Pb(Sb,As)2S4 mon., P21/a IMA 1966-018

     05 b. Baumhauerite series
Baumhauerite Pb12As16S36 tric., P1 G
     Baumhauerite-O3abc Ag3Pb38.1(As,Sb)52.8S96 ps.-orth. Poly
Baumhauerite-2a Ag1.5Pb22As33.5S72 mon. IMA 1988-051
Baumhauerite II Pb3As4S9 Q
Boscardinite Ag0.3Tl1.2Pb3(Sb7.8As1.7)S18 tric., P-1 IMA 2010-079

     05 c. Liveingite series
Liveingite Pb18.5As25S56 mon., P21 FOTOG

     05 d. Dufrénoysite series
Dufrénoysite Pb2As2S5 mon., P21 FOTOG
Rathite Pb8Pb4-x(Tl2As2)x(Ag2As2)As16S40 mon., P21/c G
Rathite-IV Pb3As5S10 Q
Veenite Pb2(As,Sb)2S5 orth., Pmcn IMA 1966-016

     05 e. Chabourneite series
Dalnegroite Tl5-xPb2x(As,Sb)21-xS34 (x ca. 1) tric., P1 IMA 2009-058
Chabournéite Tl5(Sb,As)21S34 tric., P1 IMA 1976-042
Protochabournéite Tl5-xPb2x(Sb,As)21-xS34 (x ca. 1.2 - 1.5) tric., P-1 IMA 2011-054

     05 f. Pierrotite series
Pierrotite Tl(Sb,As)5S8 orth., Pna21 IMA 1969-036
Parapierrotite TlSb5S8 mon., Pn FOTOIMA 1974-059

     05 g. Marumoite series
Marumoite Pb8As10S23 mon., P21 IMA 1998-004

The chemical formula of sartorite is doubtful. Sartorite usually contains some Tl. Several supercells and non-commensurate superstructures seems common. They may be considered as polytypoids and not as distinct mineral species.
Twinnite and guettardite are possibly identical. Reexamination of the type material would be necassary.
Formula of rathite according to the structure determination of Berlepsch et al., Z. Krist. 217 (2002) 581-590.

2.HC.10. Plagionite group
     10 a. Fülöppite series
Fülöppite Pb3Sb8S15 mon., C2/c G

     10 b. Plagionite series
Plagionite Pb5Sb8S17 mon., C2/c FOTO ENTDECKUNG G

     10 c. Heteromorphite series
Heteromorphite Pb7Sb8S19 mon., C2/c ENTDECKUNG G

     10 d. Semseyite series
Semseyite Pb9Sb8S21 mon., C2/c FOTOG
Rayite (Ag,Tl)2Pb8Sb8S21 mon. A

2.HC.15. Boulangerite group
Boulangerite Pb5Sb4S11 orth., Pnam G
Falkmanite Pb5.4Sb3.6S11 mon., P21/a Q
Plumosite Pb2Sb2S5 Q

2.HC.20. Robinsonite group
Robinsonite Pb4Sb6S13 mon, I2/m G

2.HC.25. Moëloite group
Moëloite  (Moeloite) Pb6Sb6S14(S3) orth., P21221 IMA 1998-045

2.HC.30. Dadsonite group
Dadsonite Pb21Sb23S55Cl mon. ENTDECKUNG IMA 1968-011
Disulfodadsonite Pb11Sb13S30(S2)0.5 tric., P-1 IMA 2011-076

2.HC.35. Owyheeite group
Owyheeite Ag3Pb10Sb11S28 orth., Pnam FOTOG
Zoubekite AgPb4Sb4S10 orth.IMA 1983-032

2.HC.40. Sterryit group *
Sterryite Cu(Ag,Cu)3Pb19(Sb,As)22(As2)S56 mon., P21/n IMA 1966-020
Parasterryite * Ag4Pb20Sb14As10S58 mon., P21/c IMA 2010-033

2.HD. With Tl
2.HD.05. Lorandite group
Lorandite TlAsS2 mon., P21/a FOTOG
Weissbergite TlSbS2 tric., P-1 FOTOIMA 1975-040

2.HD.10. Group deleted

2.HD.15. Christite group
Christite TlHgAsS3 mon., P21/n IMA 1976-015

2.HD.20. Jankovičite group
Jankovičite    (Jankovicite) Tl5Sb9As4S22 tric., P-1 IMA 1993-050

2.HD.25. Rebulite group
Rebulite Tl5Sb5As8S22 mon., P21/c N

2.HD.30. Imhofite group
Imhofite Tl5.8As15.4S26 mon., P21/n FOTOA

2.HD.35. Edenharterite group
Edenharterite TlPbAs3S6 orth., Fdd2 IMA 1987-026

2.HD.40. Jentschite group
Jentschite TlPbAs2SbS6 mon., P21/n IMA 1993-025

2.HD.45. Hutchinsonite group
Hutchinsonite TlAs5S9 orth., Pbca FOTOG

2.HD.50. Bernardite group
Bernardite TlAs5S8 mon., P21/c IMA 1987-052

2.HD.55. Sicherite group
Sicherite TlAg2(As,Sb)3S6 orth., Pmnb IMA 1997-051

2.HD.60. Gabrielite group
Gabrielite Tl2AgCu2As3S7 tric., P-1 IMA 2002-053

2.HE. With alkalies, water
2.HE.05. Gerstelyite group
Gerstleyite Na2(Sb,As)8S13 · 2 H2O mon., Cm FOTOG

2.HE.10. Ambrinoite group
Ambrinoite (Na,NH4)2(As,Sb)6(Sb,As)2S13 · 2 H2O tric., P-1 IMA 2009-071

2.HF. With SnS and PbS archetype structure motifs
2.HF.05. Group deleted
2.HF.10. Group deleted
2.HF.15. Group deleted
2.HF.20. Vrbaite group
Vrbaite Hg3Tl4As8Sb2S20 orth., Cc2a G

2.HF.25. Cylindrite group
     25 a. Cylindrite series
Cylindrite FeSn4Pb3Sb2S14 tric., 2 subcells FOTOG
Lévyclaudite Pb8Sn7Cu3(Bi,Sb)3S28 mon., 2 subcells IMA 1989-034
Abramovite Pb2SnInBiS7 tric., 2 subcellsIMA 2006-016

     25 b. Franckeite series
Franckeite FeSn2(Pb,Sn)6Sb2S14 tric., 2 subcells FOTOG
Coiraite FeSn5(Pb,Sn)12.5As3S28 mon., 2 subcellsIMA 2005-024

"Incaite" (discredited 2008), FeSn4Pb4Sb2S14, and "potosíite" (discredited 2008), Fe7Sn18Pb48Sb16S115, are varieties of franckeite.

2.HF.30. Lengenbachite group
Lengenbachite Ag4Cu2Pb18As12S39 mon., 2 subcells G

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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