Reckibach dolomite deposit, Binntal, Wallis, Switzerland

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The Reckibach (right bank) in 1993 above; and 2004 august below (left bank) together with Ate van der Burgt:

(text and pictures by Frank de Wit)

When we visited the locality in 1993 we did not find much; we were there alone and I made a bad fall in the riverbed... A small tree punched my back, and the scar still reminds me of how it bleeded... ;-)
Somehow we did not return here until 2004... Although we already knew of the interesting finds of 'Lengenbach-like-minerals' here.

The Schweizer Strahler reported Lengenbachit-xx, Realgar-xx from the Reckibach etc in 1979.
Some friends of us also worked here extensively, so did the AGL.
Soit: this year we finally went there again with Ate to work in the right zone with the right material... :-)
We demolished my finest material in the hard dolomite rock. Damn, even my strahlstock broke...
But it was worth it! We found nice Realgar-xx, Dufrenoysit-xx (probably), Jordanit-xx and even some Smithit. Also larger Baryt-xx and Hyalophan/Adular with small Rutil-xx, Pyrit-xx, Calcit-xx etc.
Much is still to be worked at here at home...

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