I am www.strahlen.org
Nice to meet you :)

And you are?
Aha. A mineral collector.
A field collector?
Yes. Super!

I was made as a website, especially to help you as a field collector...

Field collectors usually want information. And loads of it...
You want information. Right?
To start with: you probably want to know *where* a mineral locality is.
You want accurate GPS coordinates. Right? Got it...

And you probably want to know the actual status of that locality. Is the locality still there? Or lost cq has it been turned into a mining museum? Or, you want to know if it's still possible to find minerals there? If so, what minerals? And perhaps you want to know who was at the locality recently? And what that person's experiences were? Well, got that too! In our forum/database... And on our online maps. Almost 2.800 visitable mineral localities at the moment: quarries, alpine localities, old underground mines, dumps, etc.
I really don't know a faster and easier way to help you ;)
What I don't have though, is -all- mineral localities. That's what mineralienatlas and mindat are for.
On my website, I only have the interesting localities that still deliver minerals,
and only the localities that we visited and have experience with.
If you want a bite of our experience, and share your experiences with us, then join us...

Then: you probably want to read yourself into all the relevant literature about that locality?
Well, got that too! There are ca.430.000 pdf's in our (ocr-ed, fulltext searchable) database at the moment. And friends send us more pdf's every day.
The pdf's are not on my website, of course, but you can request them as a member of our forum.
Also, all the current (and most of the older) magazine TOC's are in our forum, searchable, which is a handy thing, when you're preparing a mineral trip.
What magazines you ask? Well: you name it, we probably have it. Ca. 1.250 periodicals/magazines. What? One thousand+ magazines?! Yep... It's almost incredible how much mineral periodicals there were/are over the centuries. A few dozen well known current popular mineral magazines, a hundred or so current geoscience magazines, hundreds of old scientific magazines dating back to the 1700's and hundreds of current club magazines. Ah, yes, and in our forum you'll also find ca.1.350 geomineralogical (e)books. Forget about gsw, georef, google or any well known scientific database. Our database is more focussed, and benchmarked better.
The benchmark is in our forum, for you to check. Prove me wrong ;)

And: you might want to visit a museum near where you're staying on your collecting trip?
Or visit a local mineral dealer to buy minerals?
Or a local museum curator, mineral collector or club to trade minerals with or ask questions to?
Or visit a mineral fair near you?
We have all that information plotted on our maps too.
Seven thousand points at the moment, and growing every day...

And finally: you might want to see on the map, in an instant, when you're planning a mineral trip, where the nearest international airport is?
Or the nearest good hotel, restaurant or bed&breakfast that we have experience with?
Got that too...!

All that information is what we have to offer you as a field-collector. And more...
Information also on mineral photography, software, microscopes, stacking, equipment, on analysing minerals, helmet-lights for underground, et cetera...
There's probably information missing on our maps or in our database. The complete database is yet to be made: by you!
Simply type what you miss, in the forum, and we can add it to the map.

The only thing we ask you is to share your mineral trips and information with us to help other collectors.
When we all help each other, we make our little world a better place ;)

Check it out! It's simple: register, politely introduce yourself, and you're in.
Hope to see you in our forum!

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