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How can I contribute ?


To maintain a site like this is a tedious work, which needs the help of many people. So if you like to support us, you are most welcome to...


...send us feedback and any relevant information right here.

Any texts, photos, maps, links, even samples relevant to giant crystals and giant crystal localities are appreciated. We will be happy to publish your information here and quote its source.

Also, if you encounter any obvious errors or odd language - my mother language is german - please let me frankly know about it ! Thank you !


...engage yourself in co-programming this site.

To be honest, my skills are more in the area of scientific research rather than in website design. Consequently the programming of this website may be sometimes poor and my english bumpy. So, if you would like to lend me a hand, you are most welcome to do so !


...spread the word !

This website needs attention to grow into a significant source for information about large and giant crystals. Tell the people about it. If you like, link your site to this one and we will link to your site in exchange. The more people know and visit this site, the more information will be available...for anybody. us to fund the giant crystal project.

This is a private initiative born out of enthusiasm and the thought, that giant crystals are beautiful and delicate structures. Though inorganic, they are a fragile part of our environment and needs protection, some of them urgently so.

If you like to contribute in the knowledge and in the preservation of this unique and marvellous geo-sites please feel free to do so. Go here for more information.


However you contribute, we gratefully appreciate your help and support !


Thomas Krassmann