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Well, the legal stuff...


1. Copyright Issues :

In providing information about the global oocurences of large and giant crystals we use material from a multitude of sources, some of which may be copyrighted. We try to our best knowledge to give at least the source for the used images or texts and we ususally try to ask for permission before publishing data here. However this is for various reasons not always possible. For example we found that the author of the giant amber publication is apparently lost somewhere.

We are also aware, that we use sometimes images here, which we found long ago on the Internet and we simply dont find these images again to check for a reference. So please take our sincere apologies, if you find any image which you feel do not belong here and is used without your permission. Please tell us and we will remove it as fast as possible.


2. Using Material from this site :

We believe in the freedom to cite and use other peoples texts and images, as long as you quote its origin, i.e. give a reference to the published paper and/or a link to the website. We would encourage you to use and print as much information as you like from this site for your personal use, for scientific studies and for educational purposes. However if you display material on your own website we would like to ask you for a link to the entrance site of the "The Giant Crystal Project site" at, preferably using this

banner to link to our site. Just click the right mouse button to save it to your site. Thank you very much.

While using material from this site you must be aware, that the displayed images here are copyrighted and we can not take any responsibility whatsoever if you violate any copyright by using images from this site. While most of the core texts belong to us, most of the images are not. So to avoid any hazzle, please ask the owner of the images (normally given as reference below the image) for permission to use his image(s). Or ask us, if you are not sure, what to do by using this contact page.


3. External Links :

We at the "The Giant Crystal Project Site" have no possibility to ensure the content of pages that are not maintained by us. As links may not work in the future we can not guarantee that they work now and we are not liable for broken links. And of course we can not guarantee the content whatsoever of external pages as this content may be changed by the respective page owner without any notice.

In the last years several strange judicial decisions made it necessary to point out the following : The listing of an external link does not constitute endorsement of material at this site, or any associated organisation, product or service. By following any link leading out of the "The Giant Crystal Project Site" you accept this notice.


4. Environmental protection :

A kind request to all visitors of this site : Some of the places listed here are open to visitors, some are not and need permission to enter and some are in the wild. If you visit one of the latter sites, please be careful with nature and try not to destroy or harm anything !

Large Crystal occurences are extremely fragile and need our protection, as they are rare and spectactular geological creations of our earth. Please do not hammer or vandalise these creations - later visitors will praise your consideration. Again : Please no hammering ! - You will not be able to take a giant crystal with you, but you will easily be able to destroy and ruin its beauty.

If you visit a site listed here we would be glad to get a short note of your experiences if possible. See the chapter "How can I contribute" for more information.

Some of the large crystal sites described here are in caves. Caves as such are extremely fragile and precious natural monuments and habitats. In most countries of the world, caves protected by law. It is normally forbidden to make camp fires or use open fire, like torches or candles. Often it is not allowed to destroy or even touch speleothems. Any cave animal nearly everywhere on the world is protected! In most countries bats are protected, including the forbiddance to disturb them or even take pictures. Even if there is a gap in this protection, please do not take advantage of it. Thank you !


Thanks to Jochen Duckeck of for his
contribution in doing the legal stuff