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Halite /rock salt cubes in Merkers Mine, Thuringia
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Excavation of vivianite crystals in Cameroon
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Hejiawan : Icelandic Spar / Calcite Ishibokawa : Stibnite Harts Range : "Giant Garnet" - probably a legend Garibaldi mine : Icelandic Spar / Calcite Merit Pila : Amber Kap-Kutan Caves : Aragonite Anloua / Cameroon : Vivianite Seberged Island : Forsterite (Peridote) Sivas / Turkey : Epithermal Calcite Helgustadir : Icelandic Spar / Calcite Kongsberg : Native Silver Ikkafjord : Ikaite Evje - Iveland : Pegmatite minerals Mors Island : Calcite after Ikaite Ascensao pegmatite : Beryl Pilar de Jaravia : Gypsum geode Merkers mine : Halite cubes Hennenkobel : Feldspar crystals Debar, Macedonia : Gypsum Cobalt, Ontario : Native Silver Smithsonian Institution : Washington : Gypsum from Naica mine Etta mine, South Dakotah : Spodumene Naica mine : Gypsum Carlsbad mine : Halite Lechuguilla cave : Gypsum and Aragonite Harding mine : Spodumene Kestelek Probertite Rhodochrosite : Capillitas (coming soon) Paris : Muse Ecole de Mines : Anloua Vivianites Germany : Freiberg Bergakademie : Beryl from Ascensao Mineralogical Museum Hamburg : Ishinokawa Stibnite Moler Museet : Ikaite Pseudomorphs Kongsberg Museum : silver wires Ikuno mine : Wada Collection : Stibnites Put-in-Bay : Celestite crystals Dalnegorsk ore field Kola Peninsula - coming soon Perticara Mineralogical Museum Milano Devils Tower : Basalt Columns Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland Svartifoss : basalt columns Tanco Pegmatite Keeweenaw Peninsula Hoba Meteorit Tsumeb Mine "Green Hill" Rubicon Mine Verloren Giant Quartz

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