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General Geology & Mineralogy :


Frank de Wit's excellent site about mineralogy and mining...thank you indeed for hosting
this site :

Thomas Witzke's site about saxonian and new minerals, with a collection of hard to obtain
mineral descriptions of early mineralogists :

Mineral deposits of Russia and the Far East at :

Photographic mineral atlas with many (!) photos of rare and ultra rare minerals as well as other difficult to obtain information

Large selection of russian minerals including many giant crystals on "Druza" here and here. Please visit this excellent website !

The german Mineralienatlas with a wealth of information about mineralogy, particularily worth a visit are the newly started and extremely elaborated mineral portraits and the Mineralrekorde with a comprehensive list of the largest crystals of its kind (in german).

Looking for general information on minerals ? Try : or for a start.

Website of the Deutsche Edelsteinmuseum Idar-Oberstein,
which hosts a very large collection of gems and gemmy crystals of all kinds.

Specific Localities :


Africa :

Cameroon - Vivianite : Ecole de Mines Website


America :

Argentina : Capillitas : Information about the discovery of the rhodochrosite stalagtite cave at the Minas Capillitas and the corresponding mineral list at MinDat

Canada : Cobalt / Ontario Official Cobalt History Website and A Tour of the Cobalt Silver Mines

Greenland - Ikkafjord : Imperial College Ikkafjord Expeditions and The Ikaite Homepage

Mexico - Naica Crystal Caves : Excellent documentation of the Naica Crystal Cave here in english and espanol including online diary here and here : Jochen Duckeks website

USA - Crystal Cave, Ohio : Website about Crystal Cave, Ohio

USA - Harding mine : Harding mine website

USA - Lechuguilla Cave : Website of Urs Widmer


Asia :

Japan - Ichinokawa stibinite : Mineralogisches Institut Hamburg, Germany and Ikuno Mine Museum, Japan

Malaysia - Amber in Sarawak : Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart, Germany

Turkmenistan - Kap Kutan : Kap-Kutan website of V. Maltsev


Australia & Oceania : No links yet


Europe :

Germany - Erzgebirge, Saxony : Freiberger Geowissenschaftliche Sammlungen

Germany - Hühnerkobel pegmatite : Hühnerkobel page (in german)

Germany - Merkers potash mine : Erlebnisbergwerk Merkers Homepage (in german)

Germany - Merkers potash mine : Photos from our March 2005 documentation trip by Frank de Wit / Stichting Strahlen

Iceland - Helgustadir : Dr. Leo Kristjansson's Homepage

Italy - Perticara : Museo Storico Minerario di Perticara (in italian)

Norway - Evje / Iveland: Mineralogical field trip report 2002 and the Virtual Museum of Norvegian Minerals by Michael Krause

Norway - Kongsberg : Norsk Bergverksmuseum

Kovdor - Kola, Russia : and M.V.Seredkin as well as N.I. Krasnova about the geology of the Kovdor phlogopite deposit here.


Special thanks to the following contributors for providing information, images and translations :



Lapis - the foremost german mineral magazine :


Spanish mineralogy website :

Jochen Duckek's international showcaves website

Javier Garcia at