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Pentagondodecahedral ("pentagonal") pyrite crystal from Murgul mine, Turkey.
Prize specimen similiar to this one.

We would like to welcome you to a little "Giant Crystal Contest" and ask you for your help in designing a nice logo and a banner for this site.

The best contribution, i.e. the winner of the logo design and the winner of the banner design respectively will get a prize. The prize is an almost perfectly developed pentagondodecahedral pyrite crystal - see image above - from Cakmakkaya mine, Murgul, Turkey, which is not giant, but roughly 2 cm large. However pyrite crystals of this shape and perfection are pretty rare to obtain.

Somebody asked, which image he can take as base for the logo and banner. Well, I think basically any image on this site can be used...though personally I would prefer the giant crystals of Naica mine.


Rules of participation :

- Everybody can participate and design a logo and/or a banner for the Giant Crystal Project Site. Any participant of this contest is obliged to the following rules.

- The logo and/or banner must relate to giant crystals or a single giant crystal. Animated logos or banners are welcome.

- The logo and/or banner must contain the text "The Giant Crystal Project". Any other text on the logo / banner must be clearly readable and in english language.

- All logos and/or banners must be sent to us via our email adress at our contact page as attachment.

- With sending your logo and/or banner you agree, that the Giant Crystal Project has the right to use the logo / banner supplied freely for its own use, including the redistribution on the Internet in form of logo or banner swaps.

- The members of the Giant Crystal Project have the sole right to choose the best logo / banner and to nominate the winner(s) of this contest.

- The winner(s) of the contest will be announced on this website, if he / they do not prefer to stay anonymous. The prize - a pentagondodecahedral pyrite crystal - will send to the winner(s) via ordinary mail in timely manner after the end of the contest.

- This contest starts at January, 16th. 2005 and ends - unless otherwise stated - at February, 16th. 2005.


Now we are excited to see your logos and banners. Thank you very much for participating and for your help !