Animated Giant Crystal Banner by Mike Crouse


Finally...the Results of the Logo & Banner Contest


Well, here they are : the results of the Giant Crystal Logo & Banner Contest. Not too many people participated, but there were at least three contributors, which sended in really interesting layouts. Here they are...


1. Mike Crouse / Ohio, USA at

The most elaborated layout is certainly the animated banner by Mike at the top of the side. Thank you very much, Mike. Please go and have a look at his website. He also sended some more logo layouts, which have a distinct pentagonal shape :


2. Lutz Geißler / Freiberg, Germany at

Lutz sended two very nice layout designs, which will be hopefully seen on some links pointing to the Giant Crystal Project in the future. Thank you, Lutz.



3. Doris Winter / Germany

Finally Doris Winter sended some fine banner and logo layouts. Especially the transparent logo will make a nice background texture. Thank you.




And now... for the prize. As we like most of the layouts very much, we simply cant make up our mind. So after some thinking we decided to send a pentagonal pyrite crystal to each of the three logo & banner contributory, which will be done in the next days.