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Namibia Field Trip



As you can read on this page, I visited the giant quartz locality on Farm Verloren, Hakos Mountains twice before in 1988 and 1998 or at least tried to do so (1988). However, I never got the chance to do some serious scientific work there. It is not easy to see the individual crystal shapes in the towering walls of quartz, but at least I was able to spot a 15 m crystal in 1998. But I never saw the larger ones and this is what I would like to try this autumn of this year. It is a rugged and remote terrain and so we will need at least two days to do a proper documentation there. We also would like to produce 3d panoramic images at various places like the ones we did in the Merkers mine.

Further more we would also like to visit and document other places with giant crystals in Namibia.There are rumours baout other large quartz crystals in the Hakos mountains nearby. I also remember the Giftkuppe near Omaruru, where 60 cm long rutile crystals have been found in colonial times. Than there are the large quartz crystals from the Farm Otjua, some of which are now on display in Swakopmund. And most probably there are others as well. We will see...

For all this we need...yep, thats right : Money. We are well prepared to do much of the necessary funding from our own ressources, but if you would like to contribute your share, this will make things much easier for us. Please feel free to do so and our gratitude will be yours. Hold on : One last point : In the moment we have the possibly to hire a Volkswagen Bus in Namibia, but for going to the giant quartz crystals on Verloren we certainly need a more hardy vehicle. So, if you know of an affordable 4 x 4 vehicle down there, please let us know.

Thank you very much for your attention and... maybe your help !


Thomas Krassmann