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Scientific Cooperation Needed


The Giant Crystal Project started out to document and present giant crystals and extradordinary large mineral aggregates...and we are doing this since roughly two years now with ever growing acceptance. Currently we have about 100 visitors a day from all over the world.

However, beyond the gathering of data and presentation of most of this data to the public within this website we at the Giant Crystal Project would like to trigger scientific research about the formation of giant crystals. How do they grow. Why do they grow (and other crystals stay small) ? How do they support their weight during growth. Why is there such a varying maximum of size in different mineral species? What are the chemical and physical principles behind the formation of giant crystals and can we apply these principles to synthesize giant crystals ?

Some of these questions are many decades old and are in fact quoted from classic mineralogist Charles Palache. But essentially these questions are still not answered. Research on giant crystals is virtually non existent, as stated at another place within this project :

"Large and even giant crystals seem to be a somewhat neglected flower in the field of geosciences. Only a limited and widely dispersed literature about this topic exist, and only few scientist are working on this subject despite the fact, that the genesis of extraordinary large crystals is often poorly understood... Giant crystals are spectacular and should be ideally suited to fascinate a lot of people, especially those, who otherwise dont care much for geological topics. So why the reluctance...?"

So, why the reluctance...?? Let us simply start ! There is enough scientific potential to start a research program on giant crystals. If you are a scientist working in the fields of mineralogy, geology, chemistry or physics and are interested in giant crystals, please contact me and tell us, what your interest in the giant crystal subject is and how you are able and willing to contribute. We will try to create an international network of scientists interested in this matter and I am positively convinced that we will be able to raise funds to initiate further research focussed on the formation of giant crystals in the near future. It may be a bit of work to establish such a project, but today we are starting ! So, where are you....?

Looking forward for your contact and thank you very much for your attention !


Thomas Krassmann