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- Basics :

What is a giant crystal ?
Purpose of this project
Purpose as formulated by PALACHE in 1932


Locality Pages :

- Africa :

Vivianite : Anloua, Cameroon
Olivine : Seberged, Egypt
Petalite : Rubicon Mine, Namibia
Meteor Iron : Hoba, Namibia
Quartz & Dolomite : Farm Verloren, Namibia


- America :

Rhodochrosite : Capillitas, Argentina
Native Silver : Cobalt, Ontario, Canada
Ikaite : Ikkafjord, Greenland
Gypsum : Naica mine, Mexico
Halite : Carlsbad, USA
Spodumene : Etta mine, USA
Basalt : Devils Tower, Wyoming, USA
Aragonite : Lechuguilla, New Mexico, USA
Celestite : Put-In-Bay, Ohio, USA
Spodumene : Harding, New Mexico, USA


- Asia :

Hedenbergite etc. : Dalnegorsk ore field, Eastern Russia
Calcite / Iceland Spar : Hejiawan, China
Stibnite : Ichinokawa, Japan
Amber : Merit Pila, Malaysia
Calcite : Sivas, Turkey
Probertite : Kestelek, Turkey
Aragonite : Kap-Kutan Cave, Turkmenistan


- Australia :

Calcite : Garibaldi mine, Australia
Garnet : Harts Range, Australia


- Europe :

Ikkaite : Mors, Denmark
Feldspar : 'Hühnerkobel', Germany
Halite : Merkers Mine, Germany
Calcite : Helgustadir, Iceland
Basalt : Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
Sulphur: Perticara, Italy
Gypsum : Debar mine, Macedonia
Pegmatite minerals : Evje - Iveland, Norway
Native Silver : Kongsberg, Norway
Beryl : Ascensao, Portugal
Phlogopite : Kovdor mine, Kola, Russia
Gypsum : Pilar de Jaravia, Spain


- Museums with giant crystals :

Denmark : Moler Museum
France : Ecole de Mines
Germany : Bergakademie Freiberg
Germany : Mineralogisches Museum Hamburg
Germany : Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart
Italy : Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano
Norway : Bergverksmuseet Kongsberg


Interactive, Specials & Resources :

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Giant Crystal Forum
360-degree panoramas of giant crystals


- Towards giant crystals :

Help us to substantiate these rumours
'The List' : not so giant crystals, but possibly in your collection ?


- Resources :

The Reading Room : in depth information on giant crystals
Links to relevant sites


Other stuff :

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