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The not so giant crystals ... Trading mineral specimens with me


Well, you might have noticed it : I am a mineral enthusiast ! An avid mineral collector since 25 years and my collection in the moment (May 2007) hosts about 2200 specimens with 1200+ mineral species. Giant crystals not included...;-)

So, what do I collect : Generally spoken : Rare minerals in good quality crystals. I am no locality collector, i.e. : I am not after getting each single mineral from a given locality, but I prefer to have samples of a mineral species from various localities. On the other hand I am not a single mineral species collector. The mix is, what gives the thrill... Two libethenites from Vila Vicosa, Portugal, two from Mindola, Zambia and one of course from the type locality Libethen, preferably with typical matrix and a good paragenesis, thats the thing. Got the idea...? And of course I am always interested in mineral species that I do not have...

Speaking of sizes I generally do not like micromounts. Well, I agree, there are minerals, which are small and only available in micromounts. But if I have the choice, I would rather prefer a 5 x 7 cm matrix specimen with small crystals of mineral........(please insert rare mineral name) in its typical paragenesis. Even if it is only quartz or calcite, it simply tells much more about the formaton of this mineral than just a tiny crystal in its MM - box. Being a geologist, I like the whole story !

Below you find my trading list with about 250 entries as of May 20th, 2007. Please choose either the (smaller) Excel - version or the (larger) html - version just as you please. Probably you will find some specimen that you like. If so, please drop me an email here. If not, please contact me as well, maybe I can organize something you are looking for.


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Thank you and have a nice day !