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Exceptional large and giant crystals exceeding 1 m belong to the most spectacular and impressive formations of the mineral kingdom, which fill many people with wonder and enthusiasm. As early as 1900 various famous mineralogists tried to compile and document the occurences of giant crystals and explain their genesis. Nevertheless the readily available scientific data on giant crystals remained limited and gathering the widely scattered information was and still is a tedious work.


Giant gypsum crystals in Naica mine, Mexico


The giant crystal project aims at using the modern communication ways to gather and accumulate as much information about giant crystals and giant mineral aggregates as possible and to present the findings on this website. To enable many people to share this knowledge, english was choosen as language for this website, though the main author is of german mother language.

Large and giant crystals are fragile and often unique creations of our nature, which deserve our special attention and protection, to keep them for posterity and our children. Please help to protect these marvellous creations of our mineral kingdom.

If you have any information to share or have questions about the occurence of large and giant crystals, please let us know. You can find our email and contact adress here.

Please enjoy your visit on our pages and we would be glad to hear any feedback from you. If you are interested to support our project, please feel free to send us an email or have a look here.


Thank you for your interest shown in the giant crystal project !

Thomas Krassmann, December 2004