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April 20, 2021, 07:28:40 PM

Author Topic: Shops/Dealers  (Read 7829 times)

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The marker will point to the address that the mineral shop or mineral dealer has on his/her website. The detailed address of the mineral dealer or shop is in our sharing platform, where every member can see it.

Now: you can ask yourself "who is a mineral dealer, and who is a collector?". The answer to that is simple: if someone's selling minerals (selling is defined as "a trade against money") than he/she's a mineral dealer ;) Some mineral dealers are so-called "crypto-dealers". They're afraid to be called a mineral dealer, but they sell minerals. Also those are mineral dealers. If you're a (crypto) mineral dealer, and your (web)shop is not listed, contact us, and we can add you to our map.

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