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October 18, 2018, 07:16:38 AM

Author Topic: Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, Pacific Museum of Earth  (Read 284 times)

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Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, Pacific Museum of Earth
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University of British Columbia

Vancouver Campus
Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Pacific Museum of Earth

Mineral Collection

From the dazzling and rare mineral and gem collection housed in the PME’s Globe and Gem Gallery to the seven foot tall amethyst geode, the PME has a wealth of mineral displays that highlight the truly spectacular natural beauty on Earth. Come by and tour the mineral rainbow, which showcases the exceptional range of colours found in the world of minerals, or learn about the mineralogical guts of your smartphone. The Mineral Rainbow showcases the full spectrum of colours found in nature. Name that mineral! An identification toolkit will take you through the physical properties that distinguish minerals from one another. Light and minerals: Illuminating the unseen showcases how geoscientists use light to understand a mineral’s chemical history. Smartphones: Miniature mineral deposits explores the mineralogical guts of smartphones.

Stores Road 6339, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T2B4, Canada

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