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2017, Jacobson, The Denver Gem & Mineral Show


Frank de Wit:
Each year since 1968, some 400 volunteers in the Greater Denver area have come together to host the extraordinary Denver Gem & Mineral Show. With an educational charter and a commitment to the geosciences, the not-for profit endeavor has become a main stay for mineral and fossil collectors from around the globe. And while it has spawned numerous satellite shows, the speakers, exhibitors, scientists, prospectors, dealers, volunteers and families keep the "Main Show," the Denver Gem & Mineral Show, at the center of mineral and fossil universe for one weekend each September. Proceeds, which cumulatively total more than $500,000 from the show support earth science education and research.
This beautifully illustrated retrospective chronicles the show's 50 years of education, fellowship, specimens and activities. And is a must for collectors everywhere.

Frank de Wit:
Mark Ivan Jacobson
The Denver Gem & Mineral Show

A Retrospective
Perfect Binding
144 pages
Dimensions: 9.5 by 10.5
ISBN: 978-0-692-93991-8

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