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Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21402 - Vol. XLI, No. 2

ANDALUSITE (red)- Bastnas Mines, Riddarhyttan, Sweden
An unusual occurrence for an otherwise ubiquitous mineral, andalusite occurs here as dull red flattened masses lightly scattered in hard mica-schist matrix. The material was collected some years ago by the late Claus Hedegaard, and we have recently analytically confirmed these while searching for rare Ce and La phases from this prolific locality. Relatively large but ugly samples, sizes from about 5cm to 10cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, with copy of our EDS spectra included.

ARSENTSUMEBITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
Small but colorful chartreuse-green micros of arsentsumebite lightly scattered on quartz or in vugs, occasionally with mimetite and possibly other phases. Uncommon at the locality, this arsenate analog of tsumebite was further described in the Mineral News article of June, 2012 (the color issue is available @ 6.00 per copy. Postpaid in the US). Only a few specimens on hand, sizes range from about 1cm to 3cm across @ just 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality and coverage.

BARBOSALITE w/ PHOSPHOSIDERITE- Cigana Mine, Conselheiro Pena, M.G., Brazil
Recently discovered small specimens consistenting of rich aggregates of small, black, pseudo-cubic crystals of barbosalite with small needles and/or spherules of pale lilac to beige phosphosiderite on matrix, typically over dark altered triphylite or reddish cavernous hureaulite. An interesting assemblage with fairly good micro potential for the species, overall sizes from about 1.3cm to 2.4cm @ 30.00 and 45.00 each. Only five specimens available!

BARITE "ROSE"- nr. Norman, Cleveland Co., Oklahoma
The classic barite "rose" formations from the Lake Thunderbird area, here as brick-red radiating plates of sand-encrusted barite, all showing the pleasing rose-petal habits, as individual rosettes or as unusual larger intergrown groups of rosettes without matrix. Attractive samples, overall sizes range from about 3cm up to 7cm @ 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each. One large 11cm group @ 65.00; list alternates!

CARBOBORITE in SAKHAITE- Titovskoe, Polar Yakutia, Siberia, Russia
This rare mineral occurs here in the Tas-Khayakhtakh range as rich crusts of water-clear and lustrous tiny crystals lightly scattered over borate rock composed primarily of colorless to greyish-white granular sakhaite, often with tiny black acicular needles and rosettes of ludwigite as well. Only the third documented locality in the world for this rare species, here in excellent association with sakhaite from its type locality, only a few on hand, sizes from about 1.5cm to 2.5cm across @ 125.00 and 165.00 each.

CHANGOITE- La Compania Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
This rare mineral occurs here at the type locality area (Sierra Gorda) as colorless to pale yellowish, highly lustrous aggregates well scattered on matrix, often with minute hexagonal caracolite crystals, pale blue-green krohnkite and possibly other species, many with micro potential as well. First described in 1997 and generally unavailable until a new discovery in 2011, we have only a few 2.5cm-3.5cm specimens on hand, offered at just 45.00 and 55.00 each! Get them while you can!

DAVIDITE-(La)- Radium Hill, Olary, S.A., Australia
Black, vitreous to resinous masses of davidite-(La) in and on matrix, these quite rich and from the type locality, some with minor yellow carnotite. Matrix sizes from 1.5cm to nearly 4cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

FERRI-GHOSEITE- Tirodi Mines, Balaghat District, India
Another redefined amphibole species that continues to add to the growing complexity of approved amphiboles appearing in the literature. The mineral appears as somewhat fibrous to radiating masses of pale tan to orange-hued color lightly scattered on black, granular braunite matrix. Chemically noted as a sodium--manganese-iron-magnesium monoclinic amphibole. Type locality specimens range from about 2.5cm to nearly 6cm across @ 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each. Get one before the name changes!

FUENZALIDAITE in NITRATINE- Mina Soledad, Pozo Almonte, Chile
Pale yellow, microscopic masses of this rare iodate-sulfate mineral well scattered in white, crystalline niter matrix. The locality is in the Pampa del Tamarugal district and is only the third (?) reported locality for the species. We have only a few of these rich specimens, ranging from about 3cm to 6cm across @ 35.00, 55.00 and 85.00 each.

GALENA with QUARTZ etc.- Joplin, Tri-State Dist., Jasper Co., Missouri
A neat miniature that shows an elongated and singly terminated, frosted quartz crystal (~2.5cm tall) protruding from a nicely crystallized galena matrix, showing a perfectly trigonal outline of a second detached crystal remnant as well. Careful examination under the scope shows delicate black sulfide balls along the base of the quartz and climbing up along several prism faces, as well as tiny pyrite, marcasite, sphalerite etc. evident as well. Originally acquired in October, 1967, an attractive, fine miniature specimen about 3.5cm x 3cm @ just 40.00.

HOCHELAGEITE- Mont St Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
White silky masses of this rare mineral scattered on tiny matrix specimens, here from the Poudrette Quarry, the type locality for the species. Only a few old samples available, from small fragment in a capsule to 2cm across @ 15.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 65.00 each. List alternates!

HOLDENITE- Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
This uncommon mineral occurs as thin, bright pink seams running through red willemite ore matrix, typically under a thin film of bronze-colored kraisslite on larger samples. Small masses of several millimeters @ 20.00, a few matrix specimens from 1.5cm to 5x3cm @ 45.00, 75.00 and 150.00 each.

HYDROMAGNESITE on SERPENTINE - Spring Street, Staten Island, New York
Rich white spherules and sprays of hydromagnesite nicely scattered on green serpentine matrix, from a fine New York City locality. These were collected in the late 1960s to early 1970s during the construction of a housing project. Some of these may show a subdued yellowish-blue FL response in both LW and SW as well. The locality is also well-known for artinite which is occasionally associated here as elongated, needle-like crystals. Specimen sizes range from about 4cm to 8cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

KAATIALAITE- Nieder-Beerbach, Odenwald, Hesse, Germany
Relatively pure, greyish-white masses of this uncommon mineral comprising matrix. Old material recently uncovered here and obtained more than 30 years ago, we offer a pure fragment in a vial @ 25.00, or as large samples reaching nearly 2.5cm @ 75.00 each. List alternates!

KAERSUTITE- Kaersut, Umanadsfjord, Greenland
Brown platy masses of this amphibole mineral nicely scattered in greyish white rock matrix, here from the rarely offered TYPE LOCALITY for the species. Only a few small thumbnails available, averaging about 1.5cm @ 25.00 each. Classic!

KARPATITE- nr. Picacho Peak, San Benito Co., California
Excellent, elongated bright yellow needle-like crystals and aggregates of fluorescent karpatite scattered on matrix, occasionally with minor quartz or other species. Some with micro potential and all quite representative for this unusual hydrocarbon species. Matrix sizes from about 2cm to nearly 5cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

KIDWELLITE- near Valmy, Humboldt Co., Nevada
This unusual phosphate occurs as small, olive-green balls and botryoidal masses scattered over hard rock matrix, occasionally with other phosphates. An interesting locality for the species, most with micro potential, generous sizes from 3cm to 7cm @ 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

LAMMERITE- Abundancia Mine, Guanaco, Chile
A new find of this extremely rare mineral, here occurring as surprisingly rich, dark green micro crystals and aggregates richly scattered in matrix, occasionally with other species. We've XRD-confirmed this material, specimens from about 2cm up to nearly 8cm across (!!) @ 30.00, 45.00, 75.00, 100.00, and 150.00 each!

LAMMERITE-BETA (IMA #2009-002)- Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as minute olive green to greenish yellow, coarse, prismatic crystals, typically striated and in crusts. Formula: Cu3(AsO4)2 - monoclinic, IMA #2009-002, a dimorph of lammerite but with a very different structure. Typical association is hematite, but green to bluish green lammerite, or green piypite, are also sometimes present. Specimens average about 1.2cm across @ 140.00 each

LAUTITE- Lauta, Marienberg, Erzgebirge, Germany
Type locality material comprised of small (~1cm) fragments of this uncommon CuAsS mineral as massive aggregates lightly scattered in matrix. Old Cureton material and only a few samples on hand @ 45.00 each. List alternates!

LINARITE with ANGLESITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
As described in the June, 2012 issue of Mineral News, this is the first (and only) find of the species at he prolific Black Pine, here as extremely tiny laths and aggregates sparsely scattered in and on transparent to translucent anglesite, occasionally with minor malachite, mimetite etc. Only a few specimens known, sizes from about 1cm to 3cm across @ 25.00 and 40.00 each. List alternates!

MANGANO-MANGANI-UNGARETTIITE- Hoskins Mine, nr. Grenfell, NSW, Australia
This rare species, an unusual Mn-rich alkali amphibole, occurs as dark red, fine grained masses in matrix. Approximate formula: NaNa2(Mn2+2Mn3+3(Si8O22)O2, offered as small but quite rich sliced sections ranging in size from 1cm fragments up to 3.5cm @ 45.00, 75.00, 120.00 and 175.00 each. Type locality, of course! And don't you just love the amphibole nomenclature? Say it fast, three times!

MESOLITE- Faroe Islands Archipelago, Denmark
This old and well-formed specimen is comprised of off-white, densely aggregated radiating needles with a distictive satin-like luster and little discernable matrix. The precise locality is possibly from Streymoy Island in the archipelago that lies about midway between Iceland and Norway but is now a self-governing country within Denmark's sphere of influence. The sample is accompanied by an old Michigan College of Mines label (1897-1926), as well as one from the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum. Overall size about 6x4cm @ just 40.00.

NADORITE- Langban, Varmland, Sweden
Modest specimens for the locality, consisting of sulfur-yellow masses of nadorite scattered in typical manganiferous matrix. The specimens are from old material collected many years ago, priced according to overall size and richness, averaging 3cm to nearly 5cm across @ 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each.

NICKENICHITE- Nickenich, Lacher See, Eifel, Germany
Minute fragments showing tiny, dull pale blue aggregates of this relatively new Na-Ca-Cu (Mg,Fe,Al) arsenate perched on matrix. Quite rare and available only as small specimens from 5mm to 15mm @ 35.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each.

NIKISCHERITE- Huanuni Mine, Dalence Prov., Oruro, Bolivia
This species occurs as georgian green (RHS#139B) plates to several millimeters stacked in radiating balls up to 1cm, occasionally with minor matrix, here from the type locality, of course! IMA #2001-039, formula: NaFe6^2+Al3(SO4)2(OH)18.12(H2O) - the iron analog of shigaite, and named for Excalibur's founder and owner, yours truly. Moderately attractive for a new species, and each specimen is accompanied by a signed A.J. Nikischer label and copy of our confirming analysis. Specimen sizes from about 6mm to nearly 1.7cm @ 75.00, 95.00, 120.00 and 150.00 each, priced according to quality, not size. Only a handful of specimens available! Current availability: 2-3mm @ 75.00; 5mm group @ 125.00; one 3cm matrix group @ 450.00. All subject to prior sale.

PETALITE- Karibib, Erongo, Namibia
Unusual PINK petallite in largely pure masses comprising matrix. The region is the type locality for karibibite, and petalite, an uncommon Li-Al-silicate, from this district has been known for many years but not widely available. Only a few samples on hand, sizes ranging from 2cm up to 5cm across @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

PYROXMANGITE- Sunnyside M, Silverton, San Juan Co Colorado
Pleasing, bright pink, fine-grained masses of pyroxmangite are richly scattered in and often completely comprising matrix, occasionally with small specks of galena and possibly other phases. Old material from this famous and prolific mine, specimens from about 2.5cm to 7cm @ 10.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. A few larger (9-10cm) with a face cut @ 55.00 each.

QUARTZ- Crystal Hill, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania
Water-clear, slender and elongated quartz crystals without matrix, these singly terminated from this obscure locality. Sam Gordon briefly mentioned the occurrence in his 1922 book, The Mineralogy of Pennsylvania, but I have seen few specimens from the locality. From an old university collection, clean crystals from about 1.6cm to nearly 3.5cm tall @ 5.00, 10.00 and 20.00 each, or a lot of three different @ 25.00. Rare locality!

QUARTZ pseudo @ GYPSUM- nr. Crawford, Dawes Co., Nebraska
Odd rosettes of bladed gypsum replaced by quartz, all without matrix and forming weird rosettes similar to the well-known gypsum roses. Interesting pseudomorphs from an excellent and unique locality, sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, one exceptional 7x5cm specimen @ 75.00.

SERPIERITE- Otona Mine, Heroica Caborca, Sonora, Mexico
Sky blue crusts of serpierite well-scattered on matrix, representative for the species. Good locality material collected many years ago from this uncommon locality. Old Cureton inventory recently uncover, specimens range in size from about 2.5cm to 5cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

SILVER variety AURIAN SILVER- Elura Mine, Cobar, NSW, Australia
This well-known locality has produced some spectacular silver specimens, and this lot includes a wide range of habits of matrix-free native silver. Our SEM?EDS analysis indicates most of these are aurian silver, with up to 10% gold content (copy of analysis included). Many show elongated spinel twinning, others crude but discreet crystals, wires, herringbone aggregates etc., all quite attractive and delicate. We can offer excellent specimens as boxed micros from 5mm to 1cm @ 10.00 and 25.00 each, or as larger matrix-free groups from 1.5cm to 2.5cm long (!) @ 50.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each. Micromount special: 4 different small boxed mounts in assorted habits @ just 30.00 per lot of 4! Limited availability; list alternates, please!

SWITZERITE w/ ROCKBRIDGEITE- Cigana Mine, Conselheiro Pena, M.G., Brazil
A new but small find of excellent micro switzerite, here as coppery brownish-red to nearly colorless crusts of rhomb-like, lamellar crystals in vugs of deep greenish-black rockbridgeite. Only a very few small specimens with good micro potential on hand, matrix sizes from about 1.2cm to 2cm across @ 35.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality.

TAKOVITE- Carr-Boyd Nickel Mine, W.A., Australia
Another rarity from this prolific locality, one of only a few reported finds of this nickel member of the hydrotalcite group. Takovite occurs as bright aqua, colorful coatings on rock, occasionally admixed with other Ni-rich phases. Sizes from 2cm to nearly 10cm @ 25.00, 35.00, 65.00 and 125.00 each.

TARBUTTITE- Broken Hill Mine, Kabwe District, Zambia
From the country formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, we have specimens of this zinc phosphate as clear, colorless to pale yellow, prismatic crystals with sharp terminations. These tarbuttite crystals richly cover the dark vuggy matrix, resulting in fairly attractive specimens. These will make great micros as well. In sizes from 1 cm to 5 cm @ 7.50 15.00, 30.00, and 45.00; one large 8x5cm specimen @ 125.00.

TENNANTITE-TERAHEDRITE- Casapalca, Lima Dept., Peru
Sharp tetragonal crystals and aggregates richly scattered over sulfide/quartz crystal matrix, these from very old stock. Our analytical studies of this material have shown the crystals to usually be a border-line compound between these two phases, alternating from antimonian tennantite to arsenian tetrahedrite! Each sample is quite attractive, well crystallized, and will be accompanied by copies of two typical analyses showing the marginal phase boundaries we've discovered. Specimen sizes range from about 4cm to nearly 12cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00, 75.00, 100.00, and 150.00 each, priced according to quality and size. Very nice stuff!

TITANITE with CLINOCHLORE- Shigar Valley, Skardu Dist., N.A., Pakistan
Exceptional, apple green gemmy titanite crystals to more then one centimeter tall scattered on the surface of a very dark greenish clinochlore-encrusted feldspar matrix, with the titanite crystals showing unblemished terminations, with twinned crystals evident as well. You've seen small thumbnails of these these at the shows for more than $1000 a specimen, but we have one large, attractive sample from this great find, averaging 8cm long overall(!!), at just 500.00! Don't miss this handsome specimen!

TRONA (CRYSTALS!!!)- Owens Lake, Inyo Co., California
Perhaps the finest trona crystals ever offered, we have a small selection of superbly crystalized, pale honey-colored trona crystal groups on minor matrix, the elongated, somewhat flattened and radiating crystals reaching up to 4cm tall(!!), and all brightly fluorescent (blue/white SW and LW!) as well. Superb for the species, display quality specimens ranging in size from about 4x3cm to 6x5cm, priced according to quality, at 175.00, 250.00, 300.00 each. Wow!

URANINITE- Richardson Mine,Haliburton Co, Ont., Canada
From an old collection, we have several interesting single crystals of uraninite, most without discernable matrix, and all quite hot! These are crude cubes, varying in size from about 1cm to 1.4cm, priced at 75.00 to 100.00 each.


Siderites- Various Localities Worldwide
There are likely several hundred siderite specimens in our inventory, many from well known as well as obscure localities, with vintages from the late 1800s to the 1970s. We offer a collection of ten different siderite specimens, ranging in size from about 3cm to 5cm across, @ just 125.00 per lot, plus shipping. All will be individually labelled and there will be no locality duplication as well.


Iron Ore Separation Tube
A commercial souvenir circa 1947, mailed from a mining company in the Lake Superior region to a collector in New Jersey, comprised of a mining-themed decorated cardboard box that contained a sealed glass tube about 12cm tall. In the tube are about a dozen different pulverized ores of differing colors, noted as "Actual Ore Samples" and nicely layered within the tube that stands upright. The parcel cost 4 cents (partial stamps still attached to the outer box top) to mail. The box is worn, but is a rather unique mining souvenir of the iron mining industry with interesting mining graphics inside and out. This item was pictured and described in the February, 2014 issue of Mineral News. Overall size about 16x7x4cm @ 55.00. One only!


BLUE DIAMONDS- Enhanced Stones from the Republic of South Africa
These are faceted, round diamonds, all averaging about 5mm across and weighing in excess of a half carat each, and all have been enhanced (via irradiation methods) to produce a highly desirable blue stone. These are attractive and priced far below what a similarly hued natural stone would sell for, these offered at just 125.00 each, suitable for both fine jewelry as well as a collectible diamond. Only a few available!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21403 - Vol. XLI, No. 3

ALUMINITE- Newhaven, East Sussex, England
White chalky masses of cauliflower shaped nodules of aluminite, some with minor matrix. From one of the better known localities for the species, these are old specimens collected many years ago. Nodule sizes range from about 2.5cm to nearly 5cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

BARAHONAITE-(Fe)- Dolores Mine, Pastrana, Murcia, Spain
This complex hydrated Ca-Cu-Fe arsenate occurs as minute, yellowish green scales and crusts scattered on matrix, typically associated with excellent, deep green hemispheres of micro conichalcite and possibly other species. The Fe-analog of barahonaite-(Al), these are from the type (and only!) locality, most with modest micro potential, overall sizes ranging from about 1.5cm to 2.2cm @ 50.00 and 65.00 each, depending on quality.

BORNITE- Bor, Bor-Majdanpek Mining District, Serbia
A large, solid mass of dark bluish-black bornite, so thick that is displays its subconchoidal fracture over much of its surface. The bornite mass sits over a vein of tarnished pyrite/pyrrhotite-rich sulfides that run through the base rock matrix. An old and excellent, large ore sample from this historic locality that produced over 50 different mineral species, including many copper-sulfides and arsenides. The specimen measures about 12x11x8cm and weighs nearly 7 pounds(!!), only one available @ 250.00.

BRUNOGEIERITE- Tsumeb, Namibia
Extremely tiny, nearly black mass of this exceptionally rare Fe-Ge oxide without matrix, presented here as a homogeneous speck in a small vial. Type locality, of course, exceptionally rare, only two available @ 125.00 each. List alternates!

CALCITE var: Iceland Spar- Gouveia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
We recently uncovered a small lot of these water-clear Brazilian Iceland Spar specimens, all showing excellent double refraction in the matrix-free rhombic cleavages. Specimens with a distinctly yellow hue average about 2.5cm on edge @ 5.00 each, while larger, colorless rhoms average about 4cm on edge at 15.00 each. Neat stuff!

CARNOTITE- Jo Dandy Mine, Montrose Co., Colorado
Bright yellow microscopic balls and veinlets of carnotite richly cattered over pale grey, quartz-rich matirx, Virtually all of these have rather attractive micro gypsum crystals scattered about as well, and these will make interesting micros. Specimens range from 2.5cm to 5cm @ just 10.00, 17.50 and 25.00 each; a few larger to 7cm+ @ 45.00 each, all with a copy of our confirming analysis.

CARROLLITE- Kolwezi, Shaba Province, Dem Rep Congo
Brilliantly metallic, silvery grey octahedrally modified crystals and aggregates of carrollite perched in and on dolomite matrix, occasionally with calcite rhombs and/or other minor sulfides present. Crystals range in size from a few millimeters to nearly a centimeter across, matrix sizes from about 4cm to 5cm @ 50.00 to 65.00 each, or as a large hand specimen of white dolomitic calcite showing a 4cm long seam of silvery aggregates of carrollite, and a second vug disclosing the dinged edge of a 2cm (!!!) crystal(!!), overall about 8x7cm @ just 125.00. One only!

CARYOCHROITE- Umbozero Mine, Alluaiv Mt., Kola, Russia
Another relatively rare species from the Lovozero Massif, here as nearly monomineral masses of this dark brown, nafertisite-like material, some with long slender embedded elpidite crystals. From the type locality in the Elpiditivoye pegmatite, formula: (Na,Sr)3(Fe3+,Mg)10[Ti2Si12O37](O,OH)9*8H2O. IMA #2005-031, author's studied material, rich samples from about 2cm to 4cm across at 60.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each.

CORNETITE- L'Etoile Mine, Lumbubashi, Shaba, Dem Rep of Congo
Type locality specimens of brilliant, electric blue cornetite druses scattered on matrix, some with botryoidal chrysocolla or minute, glassy-green libethenite micro crystals (EDS confirmed). Beautiful material, some with minor malachite or potentially other species. Sizes range from about 3cm to 8cm across at only 20.00, 35.00, 50.00, 65.00 and 90.00 each. Type locality material and excellent pieces, all very attractive under the scope from the former country of Zaire!

CRYPTOMELANE- Reaphook Hill, nr. Blinman, S.A., Australia
Rich botryoidal knobs of brownish black cryptomelane richly scattered in and on matrix, some with occasional phosphates and other oxides. Good representative specimens for this normally ugly mineral from a reasonably famous Australia locality, matrix sizes from 3cm to 8cm across @ 10.00, 25.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

DIAMOND- Northern Cape Province, Rep So Africa
A rather large (15.1 carats!!) but ugly rough diamond, here as a somewhat greasy-looking, grey cubic mass without matrix. The stone has both the adamantine luster but still greasy outward appearance, something that led us to analytically confirm that, yes, it is a diamond despite its significantly large size. Only one available, accompanied by the confirming analysis, size is a rectangular 15x11x8 mm stone @ just 1100.00, less than 75.00 a carat!

EPIDOTE- near Pampa Blanca, Huancavelica, Peru
The last of an old supply of well formed terminated crystals of epidote, free of matrix. These dark green, nearly opaque crystals are found as sprays and singles of prismatic epidote crystals with nicely defined sharp terminations. Singles and groups from 2 cm to 4 cm, competatively priced at 7.50, 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00 each, depending on quality and size.

FLUOR-BUERGERITE- Mexquitic, Sam Luis Potosi, Mexico
A recently redefined tourmaline species, here as bronze to brown, somewhat chatoyant crystals, either as small sections with minor matrix (4mm to 10mm) @ 15.00, 20.00 and 25.00 each; or as TN specimens with a few tiny crystals, overall ~2cm @ 35.00.

FLUORKYUYGENITE (IMA# 2013-042)- Hatrurim Basin, Negev Desert, Israel
One of several NEW SPECIES discovered here, fluorkyuygenite occrs as colorless microscopic aggregates sparsely scattered in larnite matrix, often with other species. Formula: Ca12Al14O32[(H2O)4F2], isometric, IMA #2013-042, a new member of the mayenite group. We have a few superbly documented specimens that include full WDS chemistry, a color image and a pair of SEM photos as well. Co-type specimens in polished sections averaging 1cm+ @ 295.00 each. List alternates!

FLUORMAYENITE (IMA# 2013-019)- Jebel Harmun, Judea Desert, Israel
Another NEW SPECIES recently approved, these as tiny colorless grains in larnite matrix, intimately associated with ye'elimite and other phases. Formula: Ca12Al14O32F2, isometric, IMA #2013-019, another new member of the mayenite group. These are author's holotype material, prepared as small polished sections and accompanied by full chemistry, color image and a pair of SEM photos as well, only two available, @ 285.00 each.

GALENA- Viburnum Trend, Renyolds Co., Missouri
Old stock from the Scott Williams inventory, these are small (1cm) mounted galena specimens in shallow black-base TN boxes, with all samples showing good cube and/or octahedrally modified cubic crystals with little or no matrix. Many of these are also suitable for neat micro's as well. We have about a dozen of these cuties, offered inexpensively for just 4.00 each from this classic lead-producing district.

GOETHITE ps @ SIDERITE w/RUTILE- Yates Brook Farm, Shelby, North Carolina
A unique specimen, obtained many years ago from our original supplier of the excellent micro anatase crystals that occur here. The specimen shows several rhombs (largest to 3cm on edge) of siderite completely replaced by brown, solid goethite, among which are scattered numberous small rods of deep red rutile (sparse on the top, prolific on the bottom of the piece) along with minor quartz crystals as well. Collected probably in the 1960s or earlier, overall size about 6x5cm @ 185.00. One only!

GYPSUM "Desert Rose"- Sahara Desert, Ouargla Province, Algeria
These are interesting, well formed desert roses from an uncommon locality in the Sahara Desert, formed by interlocking tabular crystals of pale brown gypsum to several centimeters across. Rather attractive and undamaged intergrown roses, overall group sizes averaging 5cm to 6cm long @ just 15.00 each. Neat locality and pleasing to look at!

GYPSUM variety SELENITE- Lake Bumbunga, Lochiel, S.A., Australia
These are transparent, stout gypsum crystals without matrix, most showing interesting twins and intergrowths of two crystals, and often with brownish hour-glass inclusions evident as well. Interesting and reasonably attractive specimens, sizes from about 2.5cm to 4cm across @ just 8.50, 15.00 and 20.00 each.

HALITE (Blue!)- Lea Mine, Carlsbad, Eddy Co., New Mexico
Attractive material collected many years ago, here as transparent to translucent halite masses showing clear to dark blue to purple coloration! The color is caused long exposure to the low-grade radiation within the potash deposit and is unique for this material. The material was from National Potash Company property, 1700' level, 10th. Zone, mined long ago! Specimens from about 2cm up to 3cm @ 7.50, 10.00 and 15.00 each; a couple of handsome 7cm+ specimens on hand @ 125.00 each with unique color!

MARSHALLSUSSMANITE (2013-067)- Wessels Mine, Kalahari, N. Cape Prov Rep Sou
This NEW SPECIES occurs as delicate, pale pink aggregates, from this famous manganese deposit, these without matrix. Formula: NaCaMnSi3O8(OH), triclinic, a new member of the pectolite group with approved IMA #2013-067. Author's material, small boxed specimens, quite pure, averaging about 5mm across @ just 55.00 each.

MESOLITE- Pune District, Maharashtra, India
Transparent elongated rod-like crystals of analytically confirmed mesolite in radiating sheaves varying from 3cm to 6cm tall and largely comprising matrix. There is much confusion and mis-identification of fibrous zeolites, particularly those of the natrolite-mesolite-scolecite varying compositional ranges between Na and Ca. This is largely a result of their similarity in appearance and often confusing, apparent symmetry similarities between the orthorhombic and pseudotetragonal crystals. Recently uncovered in our warehouse from some long-forgotten purchase, these are attactive and relatively inexpensive, each sample accompanied by a copy of our analytical work, with specimens ranging from about 5cm to 9cm across @ just 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each. Nice!

NATROLITE- Chimney Rock Quarry, Bound Brook, New Jersey
From the famous find in the 1970s, we have recently acquired a huge stash of these unique natrolite crystals, all without matrix, and many with tiny druses of heulandite scattered on the crystal faces. All are stout single crystals, typically in an approximate 6:1 length to width ratio and square cross-section. Selected specimens from a large lot, crystal sizes range from about 4cm to 10cm (!!) tall, offered @ just 8.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Old stuff! A few larger: inquire, and dealer inquires invited for lots of 50 or more specimens..

NAUMANNITE- Ken Snyder Mine, Elko Co., Nevada
This uncommon silver-selenide phase occurs as thin, dark grayish masses and crudely crystalline veins running through quartz matrix, occasionally with micro sulfides as well. Good reference material, EDS-confirmed, specimens from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each.

PECTOLITE- Paterson, Passaic Co., New Jersey
From a large hoard of older specimens collected between 1950 and 1980, we have a good selection of white, radiating pectolite specimens, some with minor rock matrix or associated minor prehenite or other species. The radiating sheaves and hemispheres can stretch up to 5cm or more across, and these are fairly attractive. Warning: sticky little needles are a devil to get out of your fingers! Good specimens ranging in size from about 3cm up to 8cm @ just 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

PETALITE- Uto, Sodermanland, Sweden
An unusual locality specimen of petalite. From older material, ex-E.W. Heinrich collection and Michigan Mining College matreial, consisting of crystalline petallite bound by cleavages, and with a tan to greyish white color, sometimes with a few internal plays of color resembling a Schiller effect when trimmed. Sizes range from 3cm to 6cm across @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. Similar material from the Tanco pegmatite in Canada, XRD confirmed, is also on hand at same size/price ranges.

PSEUDOBOLEITE- Santa Catalina Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
Minute, electric blue druses of this uncommon mineral richly scattered over rock matrix. The specimens show good color and vitreous flashes from the drusy crystalline coverage that extends over much of each matrix specimen. From an older lot, specimens from about 1.5cm to nearly 5cm across offered at just 7.50, 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each, some of the better samples with modest micro potential as well.

QUARTZ var: "AGATE CONCHAS"- Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Uncovered in the new warehouse, these are likely mid-1970s vintage that show greyish chalcedony bodies, often with drusy clear quartz centers, the shapes looking much like (forgive me) little rounded ears or conch shells. Rather flat, odd little things, sizes average about 2cm across at just 4.00 each, a few larger to 4cm @ 8.50; one 6cm @ 15.00. A strange addition to your quartz collection!

SAZHINITE-(Ce)- Ariskop Quarry, Windhoek District, Namibia
This moderately rare hydrated Na-Ce-silicate occurs as grayish white, micro glassy crystals, appearing in typical "broadsword" habit in vugs, often with broze-brown tuperssuatsiaite and occasionally other species. Fairly large matrix specimens, superior to the Russian type material, these will yield good micromount when trimmed. Specimen sizes from 2cm up to 6cm @ 60.00, 80.00 and 100.00 each, depending on quality and associations.

SCORODITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
From our research material used for the June, 2012 Mineral News article on the Black Pine Mine, we have a selected a small supply of scorodite specimens from this prolific locality. This interesting arsenate occurs as tiny micro crystals with a barely perceptible blue hue (much like Magagascar celestine), typically perched in vugs of massive quartz matrix with scattered sulfides, sometimes associated with beudantite, carminite or other species. Select specimens, most with micro potential, matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality and associations.

SHIROKSHINITE- Kirovskii Mine, Kukisvumchorr Mt., Russia
From the type locality for this Khibiny rarity, we have obtained a few excellent matrix samples of this new fairly mica with octahedral Na! The mineral occurs as 1mm-3mm yelllowish to white pearly scales in a sodalite-natrolite matrix. Far superior to the tiny amount of material we secured some years ago, these range from 1.5cm to nearly 4.5cm across at 65.00, 95.00, and 125.00 each, or a few capsules available @ 55.00 each.

SIDERITE/GOETHITE ps COPROLITE- Mahajanga Region, Madagascar
For those really strange curiosity collectors out there, we have obtained a small load (no pun intended) of 40 million year old crocodile droppings, replaced by a mixture of siderite and goethite but retaining their unique and unmistakable form. Thankfully solid and odorless, these average about 6cm long @ just 15.00 each.

SPESSARTINE in MUSCOVITE- Wiseman Mine, Mitchell Co., North Carolina
Glassy red, flattened spessartine garnet frozen in thin sections of silvery, translucent muscovite. The garnets are typically small and their restrained growth as flattened pods makes them of special interest, and we have a few specimens ranging in size from about 6cm to 10cm across @ 25.00 and 45.00 each.

SPURRITE (lavender!)- South Sister's Peak, Luna Co., New Mexico
Pale lavender colored massive spurrite largely comprising matrix. Specimens show occasional white, somewhat chalky spots of merwinite (?), and the spurrite is noted for its unusual, non-polysynthetic twinning on (205) observed in thin section. When in combination with the more common (001) polysynthetic twinning, cyclic twins are observed. Old Ward's material, specimen sizes average about 5cm across @ just 20.00 each.

TETRAHEDRITE (Argentian)- Kellogg, Shoshone Co., Idaho
Rich greyish metallic masses of silver-rich tetrahedrite scattered in pale brown siderite matrix. Our analytical confirmation shows approximately 9.4 wt% Ag substituting for copper, but this is insufficent to be categorized as freibergite, the silver-dominant species also known from the district. Specimens are old Ward's material, sizes averaging 2.5cm to 4.5cm @ just 10.00, 17.50 and 25.00 each, with a copy of our analytical work.

TREMOLITE (Fluorescent)- Franklin Quarry, Franklin, Sussex Co New Jersey
Collected sometime in the early 1970s, tremolite occurs here as small, white bladed aggregates lightly scattered in matrix. The tremolite is best distingusihed by its brightly fluorescent (blue-white under SW UV) nature. Only a few available, matrix sizes from about 3cm to 6cm across @ just 10.00 and 20.00 each.

"TURGITE" over KYANITE- Graves Mountain, Lincoln Co., Georgia
Weird specimens, collected in the 1960s by Ted Morely of Piedmont Minerals, all showing densely aggregated plates of intergrown kyanite blades that are consistently and completely coated by iridescent brown "turgite", an ill-defined mixture of hematite and goethite. The iridescent colors are mostly blues, greens and purple shades, and they add an unreal appearance to these otherwise complex specimens. We located a total of nine large specimens in our warehouse, sizes ranging from about 6cm to 10cm across @ just 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each. Old-time stuff, and larger ones are fairly heavy!

TYUYAMUNITE- Jo Dandy Mine, Montrose Co., Colorado
Despite their visual simialrite to the carnotites from the same locality (see earlier in this list), the lack of associated gypsum, different underlying matrix and slightly more greenish yellow color prompted analytcal checking that confirmed these as tyuyamunite rather than carnotite. Specimens show rich coverage of micro aggregates, sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm at just 8.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each; a few larger to 8+CM @ 50.00, all with a copy of our confirming analysis.

WILLEMITE- Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
We've sorted through hundreds of pounds of willemite and selected a handful of choice, greyish white to pale willemite specimens that show superb, brilliant green fluorescence under SW UV, all in nicely isolated, thick bands in ore. One of the more desirable willemite habits in good hand specimens in franklinite ore. Old stuff, choice hand specimens in the 6cm to 10cm size range at just 35.00 and 55.00 each.


CRYSTALLOGRAPHY COVERS - Postmarked January 1, 2014 New York City
This year is the International Year of Crystallography, and we have had a number of exclusive, commemorative covers prepared. All have been postmarked by the US Postal Service with a special New York Mineralogical Club postmark of January 1, 2014 in New York City, and each envelope shows the Club's logo and the IYC logo in red as well. Most covers are franked with a variety of mineral-related stamps as listed here:

Item 1a and 1b: Cover franked with a 2013 Medal of Honor stamp @ 5.00 each (There are two different covers available.)
Item 2: Shows the 1974 (10 cent) U.S. diamond-shaped block of 4 different mineral stamps, plus an old (6 cent) stamp @ 7.50 per cover
Item 2a: A set of four different item #2 covers @ 25.00 per set (save 5.00)
Item 3: Shows one of the second group (29 cent) of U.S. mineral stamps, accompanied by a 17 cent stamp @ 6.00 each
Item 3a: One of each of item #3 (all 4 different) @ 20.00 per set -save 4.00!
Item 4: One 2013 coal miner stamp @ 6.00 each
Item 5: One specially produced Nikischerite stamp with one 10 cent mineral stamp @ 7.50 each
Item 5a: Set of four different Item #5s @ 25.00-save 5.00!
Item #6: A complete set of all of the above, a total of 15 different covers @ just 75.00!
Color images will be on our website soon and in the April issue of Mineral News!

COMING NEXT MONTH: Enroute to us are specimens of several new species, including zadovite, vapnikite, ardaite, nabimusaite and more. Stay tuned!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21404 - Vol. XLI, No. 4

All specimens offered on a first-come first-served basis, FOB our warehouse.

ATACAMITE- San Manuel Mine, Pinal Co., Arizona
Knobby aggregates comprised of micro crystals of atacamite completely comprising these interesting specimens, occasionally with minor azurite evident as well. Old Scott Williams material collected in 1960 and ranging in size from about 2.5cm to 6cm across at just 20.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each.

BARYTOCALCITE- Alston Moor, Cumberland, England
An excellent, old classic specimen from the type locality area, here as many small (to 5mm) crystals standing upright over the entire surface of an exposed seam on matrix. An old Lazard Cahn label accompanies the piece, ex-Cilen, about 4x3cm @ 85.00.

CHANABAYAITE (IMA 2013-065)- Pabellon de Pica, Chanabaya, Chile
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, purplish-blue tufts and sprays of needle-like crystals lightly scattered on matrix, typically with other secondary copper minerals as well. Formula: CuCl(N3C2H2)(HN3)*.25H2O - orthorhombic, IMA #2013-065. Type locality material, all specimens with arrows, specimens from about 2.5cm to 4.5cm across @ 55.00, 80.00 and 120.00, depending on quality and crystallization.

COPPER- Bridgewater Mine, Somerset Co., New Jersey
Old specimens from this long-defunct locality that was reopened about 1820 and was sporadically worked until 1910. The native copper occurs here as thin seams and masses running through rock matrix, some with drusy calcite and occasionally unconfirmed secondary copper phases usually labeled as "chrysocolla". Rather ugly stuff that might clean up respectably, specimens are all from the Howard E. Moore collection and were collected between 1934 and 1939. Sizes range from about 6cm to 12cm across, priced at just 45.00, 65.00 and 95.00 each.

DIAMOND (FLUORESCENT!)- Bloomfontein, Orange Free State, Rep So Africa
Small but brilliant, gemmy, pale yellow diamond crystals without matrix from this prolific locality, here selected from several thousand loose crystals because of their unique blue fluorescence under LW (and lesser SW) ultraviolet light! In our experience, less than 10% of all diamonds will show any fluorescent response, and these have the bonus of being gem quality octahedrons as well! Sizes average about 2mm @ just 25.00 each! The only available "native element" that fluoresces!

ENARGITE with CALCITE- Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana
An old, A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum specimen and accompanied by their label, the sample shows densely crystallized metallic enargite richly comprising matrix, with numerous small rounded crystals of white calcite liberally scattered over the surface. A small adhered label is also attached to the bottom of the piece, overall size about 8x7cm @ 150.00.

FAHEYITE- Sapucaia Mine, Galileia, M.G., Brazil
The first of this rare and complex Be-Fe phosphate species we have offered in some time, these are small micro groups of white fibrous needles perched on tiny matrix pieces of muscovite, smaller samples placed in capsules or larger ones mounted in a plastic micro box. Overall sizes average 2mm priced according to quality and coverage @ 50.00 and 65.00 each. Limit one per order, please!

FLUOR-LIDDICOATITE- Antandrokomby, Antananarivo, Madagascar
This newly-redefined tourmaline species occurs as matrix-free glassy aggregates and partial crystals, most showing a dark rim with a paler, often pinkish core. Formula: Ca(Li2Al)Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3F - trigonal. Not particularly attractive, but representative material, sizes from about 1.7cm to 5cm across, the larger sizes showing some striated faces, @ just 20.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each.

FLUORLAMPROPHYLLITE (2013-102)- Morro do Serrote, Pocos de Caldas, Brazil
Another NEW SPECIES from Minas Gerais, fluorlamprophyllite occurs as yellowish brown elongated micro aggregates scattered in nepheline syenite matrix, typically with nearly black aegirine, microcline, natrolite etc. Formula: Na3(SrNa)Ti3(Si2O7)2O2F2-monoclinic, IMA #2013-102. A new member of the lamprophyllite group, specimens from 2cm to 4cm @ 45.00, 65.00 and 95.00 each. Type locality material, of course!

FLUORO-LEAKEITE- Norra Karr, Jonkoping, Smalland, Sweden
This complex amphibole, approved in 2009, occurs here as dark greenish blue, thin flattened and elongated crystalline aggregates lightly scattered in matrix. The list of amphiboles continues to grow as a result of better analytical tools and restudy of old specimens from classic localities, and these thin samples range from about 1.5cm to 4cm long @ 20.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each. Type locality material, only a few on hand!

HYDROCARBON variety GILSONITE- Bonanza Vein, Bonanza, Uintah Co., Utah
If you are lacking black ugly hydrocarbons in your collection, have we got a deal for you! Variously named as "mineral pitch", kerogen, bitumen, asphaltum, uintahite or other obscure designations, gilsonite is one of four hydrocarbon minerals found in the Uintah Basin, and it is described more fully in a recent (Vol 30, No.4) Mineral News article by geologist Bob Werner, The material is black with a glassy luster, fairly brittle and shows good conchoidal fracture patterns, much like that seen in obsidian. Specimens are pure, relatively light and range in size from about 3cm to 6cm across @ just 5.00, 10.00 and a few at 15.00 each, depending in overall size.

HYDROKENOELSMOREITE- Germania Mine, Stevens Co., Washington
From one of the three co-type localities, this newly defined species (2010) occurs here as yellowish brown filmy crusts sparsely scattered on vuggy quartz matrix, collected sometime in the 1970s and originally named as ferritungstite, since relegated to a Fe-rich variety of this hydrous Fe-W oxide. Only a few specimens on hand, sizes from about 2cm to 4cm across @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

JOANNEUMITE (IMA# 2012-001)_- Pabellion de Pica, Chanabaya, Chile
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, purple-red micro crystals sparsely scattered on matrix, typically with other pale blue secondary copper minerals. Formula: Cu(C3N3O3H2)2(NH3)2 - triclinic, IMA #2012-001, Type locality material, some with modest micro potential, and all specimens with arrows, sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 55.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each. Only a few available!

KONONOVITE (IMA# 2013-116)- Arsenatnaya fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Yet another NEW SPECIEWS from this famous Kamchatka volcano, these from the second scoria cone of the northern breakthrough of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption. The new mineral occurs as white prismatic to thickly tabular submicro crystals (0.1mm) that form visible white crusts over the volcanic scoria. Formula: NaMg(SO4)F - monoclinic, IMA #2013-116. Named for Russian mineralogist Oleg Vasil'evich Kononov (b. 1932), specimens average about 5mm across @ 125.00 each. List alternates!

LANGITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
From our studied material published in the June, 2012 issue of Mineral News, we have a few specimens of langite, rarely found at this prolific locality! The mineral occurs as electric blue, transparent micro crystals in vugs, typically with pale mimetite needles, beudantite and a variety of other species. Excellent micro's, choice specimens from about 1.5cm to 5cm across at 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each. Limited!

LEGRANDITE- Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Not the type locality for this zinc arsenate mineral, but perhaps the best known, legrandite occurs as small, well developed yellow transparent microcrystals and crude, translucent radiating crystalline aggregates to in vuggy limonitic gossan matrix. Representative and moderately attractive, with micro potential on some to boot. Sizes from about 2cm to 6cm across priced to quality and size @ 15.00, 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

LENGENBACHITE- Lengenbach Q., Binnetal, Valais, Switzerland
Type locality material! Lengenbachite occurs as small platy to foliated grey metallic masses in aggregates and in vugs in sugary dolomite, often associated with similar appearing but somewhat granular jordanite. Typical material from this prolific locality obtained from a Swiss museum, in sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 45.00,
65.00, 95.00 and 125.00 each.

LITHIOWODGINITE w/ TA-WODGINITE- Tanco Mine, Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada
This relatively rare species occurs as small brownish masses sparsely scattered in quartz matrix. Originally obtained in the early 1990s from the authors when proposed as tantalowodginite, [formula: (Mn,Li)4(Ta,Sn)4(Ta,Nb)8O32 - monoclinic], they subsequently withdrew it when redefining the wodginite group in 1992, instead determining that it is perhaps a mixture of two phases, lithiowodginite and Ta-rich wodginite. It was further studied for a number of years and erroneously published in Canadian Mineralogist (Vol. 39, pg 917-023) as approved tantalowodginite after it was resubmitted in 2000 (IMA #2000-026). The material formerly called tantalowodginite, and the 2000-026 mineral, are still either "discredited" or "suspended", respectively, in IMA parlance. Tired of waiting, we have decided to release the material held in stock for so many years based on the published 1992 reference calling it lithiowodginite+Ta-rich wodginite. Only a few specimens on hand, primarily matrix samples to 1cm with a tiny dark brown mass on each @ 50.00 per sample. Someday, it may be redefined again...

MALACHITE- Lottery Mine, White Pine Co., Nevada
From an obscure locality, these are small green tufts of malachite scattered on limonitic, somewhat vesicular matrix, some of the larger specimens with small pods of white, globular "cave calcite". The Lottery Mine name appears in the local tax records, but nowhere else! Specimens show moderately good color contrasts and range from about 2.5cm to 10cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each.

NARSARSUKITE- Sage Creek, Whitlash, Liberty Co., Montana
Perhaps the least known of the several narsarsukite localities, this Montana occurrence consists of mustard yellow crystalline masses in quartz and/or grayish green aegirine. Moderately rich, nice specimens, 3cm to 7cm @ 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

NICKELTSUMCORITE (2013-117)- Km-3 Mine, Lavrion, Attiki Pref., Greece
Another NEW SPECIES from the well-known Lavrion (Laurium) district, here as brown to yellowish brown crusts and tiny (<1mm) aggregates overgrowing an assemblage of calcite, dolomite, annabergite, gaspeite etc., occasionally with Mn-oxides or Sb-rich phases of the romeite group in Ni-Pb-As-Sb ore veins. Formula: Pb(NiFe3+)2(AsO4)2(H2O,OH)2 - monoclinic, IMA # 2013-017. Type locality material and the Ni-analogue of tsumcorite, all with arrows from 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ 125.00 and 155.00 each, depending on coverage.

NIOCALITE- Oka, Quebec, Canada
This unusual species, a calcian niobian silicate, occurs as mm-sized prismatic crystals scattered through matrix. Besides the brownish yellow niocalite, the matrix may also contain dark grey crystalline latrappite and possibly other phases from this classic locality. Sizes from 2cm to nearly 8cm @ 15.00, 30.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each.

NORSETHITE- Kremikovtsy, nr. Sofia, Bulgaria
Interesting pale brown spherules of platy crystals and aggregates of somewhat pearly norsethite scattered in dark brown matrix. A rarely offered mineral from an obscure locality, we have a few samples from about 2cm to nearly 4.5cm @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

NORTHUPITE- Searles Lake, San Bernadino Co., California
From the classic locality, we have a small selection of very sharp single crystals of this unusual carbonate, all showing excellent octahedral habit without matrix. Old material, crystals range from about 0.9cm to 1.3cm tall @ 15.00, 20.00 and 25.00 each. Nice!

OPAL- Bohouskovice, Czech Republic
Pale greenish white, translucent masses of opal richly comprising matrix, some with odd, black dendritic inclusions of an unknown material and a white skin of XRD-confirmed cristobalite. Excellent locality pieces, sizes average 4cm to 5cm @ only 15.00 and 20.00 each.

PARALAURIONITE- Pacha Limani, Laurion, Attiki Pref,, Greece
Recently uncovered in our warehouse is a small lot of old, 1970s vintage specimens of typical vuggy grey slag nodules, each with micro, water-clear, thin and flattened but somewhat elongated paralaurionite crystals. these with a variety of potential associations, the most common being laurionite, blocky phosgenite and/or anglesite, ecdemite, aragonite etc. Specimens range from about 1cm to 2.5cm, priced according to quality @ 20.00, 30.00, and 45.00 each, all with micro potential.

PORTLANDITE- Cerro de la Coronita, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Pure white masses of portlandite from an old Morelos locality, these pieces are chalky, soft and neatly fit their textbook description (ie: quite ugly!). Matrix sizes from about 2.5cm to nearly 5cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each, depending on overall bulk of the specimen.

PYRITE with QUARTZ- Leonard Mine, Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana
An old Cureton specimen comprised of a large partial pyritohedron without matrix, showing excellent, bright luster, sharp faces and a splash of radiating quartz crystals perched at the top of the sample. Attractive miniature, size about 4.5x4cm @ 55.00.

QUARTZ variety CARNELIAN AGATE- Stirling Brook, Warren Township, New Jersey
Nestled among the woods of the Watchung Mountains, the locally famous "Carnelian Creek" has produced excellent, deep red-orange, translucent agate for many years (along with mosquitoes), these agates collected by Howard E. Moore circa 1950. Specimens show gentle botryoids and fine carnelian color, small specimens from about 1.7cm to 4cm across @ just 4.00, 8.00 and 15.00 each. An eastern classic!

RALSTONITE w/ THOMSENOLITE- Ivigtut, Arksuk Fjord, Greenland
Large masses of white cryolite showing open vugs containing numerous micro crystals of prismatic thomsenolite, with small, cubic transparent ralstonite crystals sparsely scattered as well! Good micro potential from this classic material, matrix sizes range from about 3cm to 7cm @ 25.00, 40.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each.

REALGAR- Getchell Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
Recently uncovered material from our move, we have located numerous specimens of drusy red realgar in black rock matrix, occasionally as masses with yellowish-orange orpiment or as micro crystals in vugs. The locality has produced many rare micro minerals, and this material has been largely unchecked for nearly 40 years! Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 6cm across at just 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00, with a few larger brutes up to 12cm and up to 125.00, these likely collected by Forrest Cureton many years ago.

REDDINGITE- Hagendorf-Sud, Baveria, Germany
Usually offered as unappealing massive phosphate material, we have a small suite of nicely crystallized reddingite, as translucent microcrystal druses of a pinkish brown color, associated with rockbridgeite and other secondary phosphate minerals. Only a few on hand, about 2 cm each, for only 20.00 each Limit one per order; list alternates.

RHODOCHROSITE with SPHALERITE- Emma Mine, Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana
An old-timer comprised of an exposed seam of pink rhodochrosite showing rhombohedral, opaque pink crystals running through a massive, sphalerite-rich matrix, likely intergrown with other sulfides. Ex-Robbe Collection (G.B. Robbe, 1884-1963, pioneer chemist at Bingham mines) which went to Michigan Tech after his death. Overall size about 9x6cm @ 125.00, with Robbe label.

SAL AMMONIAC- Ravat, Tajikistan
Excellent herringboned, spiky rods of crystallized sal ammoniac without matrix, most averaging about 1.5cm tall and up without matrix. Attractive, great locality specimens with superb habits at just 25.00 each for these curious TN-sized groups!.

SANBORNITE- Esquire #1 Mi., Rush Crk, Fresno Co California
Rich, pearly masses of nearly pure, translucent platy sanbornite comprising matrix. Collected over forty years ago, these are exceptionally rich specimens, overall sizes ranging from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ just 8.50, 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each.

SANTACLARAITE- nr Mt. Hamilton, Santa Clara Co., California
Pink to tan masses of santaclaraite richly scattered in/on rock matrix. Likely from the type locality Pennsylvania Mine, originally from very old Cureton stock. Specimens range from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00 each; a fine and rich 8cm specimen @ 65.00.

SCHULENBERGITE- Ramsbeck, Sauerland, Germany
Pale blue, platy microcrystalline aggregates of this unusual species richly scattered on matrix, all showing fairly rich coverage. Interesting for both the locality and species, matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

SIDERAZOT- Lagno di Polleno, Vesuvius, Napoli, Italy
Truly one of the more bizarre "freaks of nature", siderazot is an iron nitride (Fe5N2), occurring as silvery metallic to iridescent films covering good portions of a light weight vesicular scoria rock. Considered doubtful by some, these were collected after the 1941 lava flow, which is no longer accessible. Sizes from 3.5cm to 6cm matrix specimens @ 20.00, 35.00, and 55.00; one fine 11x5cm sample @ 125.00.

SKLODOWSKITE- Musonoi, Katanga Province, Dem Rep Congo
Minute, bright yellow glassy crystal sprays of sklodowskite richly scattered on matrix and in seams and vugs of siliceous dolostone. Excellent material from an old lot, all with micro potential as well, and copious coverage! The locality was formerly within Shaba Province of Zaire before the political upheaval and name changes. Moderately hot stuff, matrix sizes from 2cm to 4cm @ 20.00, 30.00, 45.00, and 75.00.

SPODUMENE in pegmatite- Bessemer City, Gaston Co., North Carolina
A large pegmatite "chunk" comprised of quartz and albite showing flattened, elongated aggregates of pale greenish-grey spodumene scattered about the piece. Ex-Michigan Tech specimen (#DM11665), quite hefty and measuring about 11x7x6cm @ 55.00. Also suitable for a small doorstop.

TENORITE- Fremont District, Hidalgo Co., New Mexico
From old material collected in the 1960's, we have a small lot of black dendritic tenorite well scattered on hard rock matrix, some with minor secondary copper staining evident as well. These were erroneously believed to be Mn-oxides, but EDS showed them to be rather interesting, fern like flattened growths of tenorite! Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 7cm across @ 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

THOMSONITE etc.- Drain, Douglas Co., Oregon
Large vugs in greenish basaltic matrix are filled with pink to white coarsely bladed thomsonite richly lining the cavities, occasionally with later-forming mesolite needles as well. Old stock, collected by Ted Morley in the 1960s, likely from the old Whipple Quarry, with specimens ranging in size from 2.5cm to 8cm across @ 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each, many with micro potential as well.

TROLLEITE- Champion Mine, Mono Co., California
This anhydrous aluminum phosphate occurs here as pale blue masses richly scattered in quartz matrix, occasionally with darker masses of minor scorzalite. Old material recently uncovered in our warehouse, with specimens ranging in size from small 1.5cm chips to hefty 9cm hand specimens @ 5.00, 15.00, 30.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.


TEXAS METEORITE COLLECTION- Various Localities in Texas
From our extensive meteorite stock, we are offering a super collection of twelve different Texas meteorite specimens! All are professionally prepared slices with one face polished, and individual weights will range from about 7 grams up to 25 grams or more, sizes from about 2.5cm to 5cm or larger, total weight in excess of 185 grams. No overweight irons here, but stony-irons only, at least four or five different types, all individually labeled, valued at over $1150.00, our net price: $895.00 plus shipping! Limit one per customer.


FOSSIL ECHONOID - SEA URCHIN- Mepygurus depressus, Madagascar
Excellent, polished hemispheres of these classic five-pointed star sea urchins (species is mepygurus depressus), showing soft shades of brown and tan with well-defined form and all highly polished. Jurassic in age, these range from about 145 to 210 million years old, most about 6cm across at just 20.00 each. Limit one per order, please!


Excellent, transparent pale green faceted quartz, typically called "greened amethyst" or "praisolite" in the trade. The color is a result of slow heat-treating pale amethyst, much of which will turn a pleasing orange-yellow citrine, but occasionally selected stones will be turned a pale green color! We have a small supply of free-form faceted gems of this delicate color, most ranging from 5 carats to over 20 carats in size, all fully transparent and damage-free, at just 4.00 per carat in single stones; just tell us the approximate carat weight you want, and we'll select the nearest size gem. SPECIAL: bargain priced lots in assorted shapes at 50 carats for just 150.00 per lot, a 25% savings!

From the depths of our gemstone stock, we have assembled a few sets of five different colored sapphires, most in good quality oval facetted stones, all eye clean and showing distinctive colors, typically showing pink, pale green, blue, orange and yellow hues. This quality normally sells in the $300 to $400 per carat range, but we are blowing them out at about $100 a carat, with our five stone assortments ranging from approximately 2.5 to 3.0 carats per lot at just 250.00, 275.00 and 300.00 per boxed set! Add these excellent, gemmy stones to your gem collection at a great bargain price! Only six sets available and all subject to prior sale.


INSECTS in AMBER- Danzig Region, Poland
Reasonably large, transparent amber lozenges, each with a tiny included winged creature! Hand-selected from a large collection, these are generously sized and quite fascinating, each accompanied by its own color photograph of the included insect! Sizes average 1cm to 2cm long, and are only 20.00, 25.00, 30.00 and 40.00 each, depending on size and the quality of the bug and the amber!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21405 - Vol. XLI, No. 5

All specimens offered on a first-come first-served basis, FOB our warehouse.

ALTAITE- Hilltop Mine, Dona Ana Co., New Mexico
This unusual lead-telluride occurs as brilliant metallic streamers scattered through rock matrix, occasionally with other tellurium minerals. Available as rough matrix samples from 1cm to nearly 6cm across @ 20.00, 40.00, 65.00 and 100.00 each according to coverage; EDS confirmed and copy supplied!

ATACAMITE- Kadina, South Australia, Australia
Small green aggregates lightly scattered over pale brown rock matrix, these from material obtained in the late 1970s. Not as rich as other Australian localities specimens, these range from about 3cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each, some with modest micro potential.

BOULANGERITE- Oberlahr, Westerwald, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany
Old Ward's Natural Science specimens comprised of dense, massive, silvery-grey boulangerite matrix, potentially with other admixed metallic Pb-Sb-S phases. A somewhat flattened, fibrous structure can be seen under magnification, and this Rheinland-Palatinate material may be from the Silberwiese Mine, although not labeled as such on the original Ward's labels. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 4cm across @ 15.00 and 25.00 each. Old and difficult locality material to obtain today!

BOURNONITE in QUARTZ- Horhausen, Altenkirchen, Rhineland, Germany
A recently uncovered lot of old material, ex-Wards, but precise vintage unknown despite the inclusion of "Nassau" in the locality labels (Nassau borders have changed many times and ranged from a single town to a large area later part of Prussia!). The bournonite occurs as greyish black, metallic masses richly scattered in white quartz matrix, most specimens showing minor green secondary copper mineral alterations, white cerussite, and possibly other phases. Presented here as chunks of fairly rich ore, specimens range from about 2.5cm to 3.5cm @ just 10.00 and 15.00 each from this classic Dana locality!

BROCHANTITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
Tiny bladed micro crystals of dark green brochantite scattered on matrix, some with massive azurite, chrysocolla and possibly other species. An interesting assemblage with modest micromount potential, matrix sizes from 2cm to 3.5cm @ 8.50, 12.50 and 20.00 each; a few to 5cm @ 35.00. Uncommon at the locality!.

CELESTINE (Orange!)- Caledon Township, Ontario, Canada
Recently uncovered after our warehouse move, we stumbled upon a box of orange (!!) celestite obtained in the mid/late-1970s. The celestine forms flattened, deep orange crystalline aggregates to several centimeters across (larger in larger specimens) richly scattered in greyish limestone matrix. The locality is likely the Deforest Quarry, but these were was simply noted as Caledon Township. A paper in American Mineralogist (Vol. 64, pgs 160-8) opined that the color was caused by 50ppm inclusions of copper, of which several primary and secondary minerals are known from this locality. Interesting material, and a rare color for celestine, specimen sizes range from about 3.5cm up to 9cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00.

CERUSSITE- Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Arizona
Old-time classics from this famous Pinal County locality! These cerussites form nicely reticulated groups of free-standing translucent crystals and aggregates with or without matrix, all showing moderately well-formed crystals up to a centimeter or more! From an old hoard, likely from the Collins Vein, these range from about 2cm to 3.5cm @ only 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each. Very nice for old time stuff!

COPPER pseudo @ ARAGONITE- Corocoro, La Paz Department, Bolivia
Wonderful pseudohexagonal aragonite-shaped crystals completely replaced by copper, retaining their original, sharp habit. Recently described in Mineral News (May, 2014) we have a number of these exceptional, classic locality pseudos, sizes in singles and intergrown groups from 1cm to nearly 1.8cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

DELINDEITE- Mt. Rasvumchorr, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
From an unusual occurrence, we recently acquired three small specimens of micro, pale yellow, lamellar delindeite scattered in an orthoclase-rich pegmatite matrix, here associated with dark bronze-colored astrophyylite and occasionally with fibrous pale brown lorenzenite as well. Interesting association pieces with modest micro potential from an unusual locality, specimens average 2.5-3cm @ 125.00 each. List alternates!

DELVAUXITE var: BORICKITE- Brandberg, Leoben, Styria, Austria
This strange mineral, alternately known as foucherite, then borickite (aka borickyite), and now considered to be delvauxite (itself ill-defined), occurs here as orange-brown crusty masses scattered on hard rock matrix. Very old material from this excellent locality, variously labelled as Tollinggraben or simply Leoben, either as small samples in a capsule @ 10.00, or as larger matrix specimens from 1.5cm to 3cm @ 25.00 and 40.00 each; one rich, large ,ex-Albanese specimen, 6cm @ 75.00.

DEPMEIERITE- Karnasurt Mine, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
This relatively rare species occurs as colorless aggregates, offered here as small, relatively pure masses. Found underground by mine geologists in association with minor natrolite in a hyperagpaitic hydrothermal vein more than 25 years ago, and only in a single specimen (!!), this new cancrinite-group mineral was subsequently approved about 5 years ago. Formula: Na8[Al6Si6O24](PO4,CO3)1-x*3H2O - hexagonal, the PO4-dominant analog of cancrinite, vishnevite, hydroxycancrinite and kyanoxalite. IMA #2009-075, named for German crystallographer W.H. Depmeier (b.1944), only a few small samples on hand averaging 0.5cm across @ 125.00 each. A rare, one-locality species! List alternates!

DESAUTELSITE- Union Carbide Mine, San Benito, California
Orange, minutely platy aggregates of desautelsite thinly encrust areas of a serpentine matrix. Some samples have minor white fibrous tufts of artinite, and each comes with a photocopy of a locality label signed by the late Paul Desautels. Sizes are 2.5cm to nearly 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00 each; a few showy samples, slightly larger @ 65.00 each.

DIAMOND- Northern Cape Province, Rep So Africa
A very strange group of four intergrown and somewhat rounded transparent to translucent diamonds without matrix, these forming an odd "L"-shaped crystal group with numerous, highly modified crystal faces! Weight is 4.82 carats, measuring about 1cm along each "leg". A nicely visible, intergrown group that is relatively inexpensive @ just 650.00 for this unique diamond specimen!

DOLEROPHANITE- Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
This rare copper mineral occurs as minute brown to black micro crusty aggregates and well-formed, complex doubly terminated micro crystals scattered on scoria matrix, often associated with other obscure bluish green copper phases and commonly with green euchlorine. Only a few samples available, far superior to earlier material from 10 years ago, sizes ranging from about 0.7cm to 3.5cm @ 45.00 for small micros, the larger matrix samples @ 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

ENARGITE with QUARTZ- Moonlight Mine, Butte, Silver Bow Co Montana
Another old-timer from one of the many Butte sub-localities, here as nodular crystals of enargite scattered across the top of the specimen, with stout, milky white quartz points protruding through the enargite. Provided to Michigan Tech by A.M. Mackenzie in the distant past, a pyrite and sulfide rich matrix underlays it all, overall size about 8x7cm @ 135.00, with old cardboard label.

GALENA- Galena, Cherokee Co., Kansas
A beast of a specimen, comprised of densely intergrown galena cubes from 1cm to 2.5cm across in a heavy, upright specimen. The galena crystals comprise most of the piece, and there is a minor amount of rock matrix across the back of the specimen. A white alteration (anglesite?) on the back of the piece coats smaller
crystals, while the front and sides have a sporadic, brownish overgrowth in the recesses of the sample. A large, old specimen (once belonging to English-born John Gerry a mine captain in the Michigan iron mines) that could use some cleaning, it weighs about 7 pounds and measures a hefty 13x10x9cm @ 250.00. Heavy!

GLAUCOCHROITE- Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey
Typical multi-mineral ore samples taken from the Joe Cilen collection and elsehwere, gluaocochroite occurs as a grey, non-fluorescent, association with brilliantly fluorescent willemite and franklinite, and possibly with fluoresecent clinohedrite or hardystonite (no calcite!). Older, quality pieces, three on hand at 3cm to 5cm @ 80.00, 90.00, and 100.00 each, depending on coverage.

GLAUKOSPHAERITE- Carr Boyd Nickel Mine, W. A., Australia
A copper-nickel member of the rosasite group, glaukosphaerite occurs as medium green crusts on matrix, possible occuring and admixed with takovite and other secondary nickel minerals. Good coverage for this mineral, in sizes from 2cm to 7cm across @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each.

GOLD- Mile End, New South Wales, Australia
An older specimen from this obscure locality, here showing about a half-dozen micros of crystallized gold scattered on a slightly ferruginous quartz and rock matrix. Although the sample could be trimmed to produce a handful of fine micromounts, we appreciate it more as a small hand specimen. The collection vintage is sometime in the early 1970s, overall size about 4.5x4cm @ 150.00.

HOLMQUISTITE- Uto, Sodermanland, Sweden
A lithium rich member of the amphibole group, holmquistite occurs as dark bluish black fine grained elongated masses comprising much of this amphibolite rock, occasional prismatic crystals or silky masses of the mineral are evident as well. Excellent type locality material, sizes from 2cm to nearly 5cm @ 20.00, 35.00, and 55.00 each. One 8cm sample, ex-E.W. Heinrich, @ 65.00.

JOHNBAUMITE- Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Spotty masses of grey to pale greenish grey aggregates of johnbaumite scattered in matrix, these associated with brownish andradite garnet and brilliantly fluorescent willemite, occasionally with other possible species. The johnbaumite is mildly fluorescent as well (SW orange), and this material came from a single boulder collected at the former Franklin Mill Site in October, 1983 by yours truly. Recent analytical work confirms the material as AsO4>PO4 with little or no fluorine, confirming what many believe that the mineral may be more common at Franklin than previously thought. Specimens range in size from about 3cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

KEGELITE- Tsumeb, Namibia
This rare mineral occurs as pearly white aggregates well scattered and comprising the upper surface of these small matrix specimens. One of the more difficult to obtain Tsumeb species, ex-Walter Kahn material obtained many years ago and suitable for good micromounts. Priced according to coverage and size, with specimens ranging from 1mm to 6mm across @ 25.00, 40.00, 60.00, 85.00. Rare!

KYANITE in Pegmatite- Windham, Cumberland Co., Maine
Three large specimens, quite old and originally collected by L.L. Hubbard (1849-1933) that subsequently found their way to the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum before landing in our warehouse some years ago. The specimens show richly scattered, thick, pale blue blades of kyanite from 5cm to 10cm long well-scattered in quartz-dominant matrix. Exceptionally rich specimens that will clean up to excellent cabinet pieces from this old locality. Overall specimens sizes range from 13x10cm up to 21x11cm (!!), priced at just 60.00, 85.00 and 100.00 each. Heavy!!

METARAUCHITE- Belorechenskoe Deposit, N. Caucasus, Russia
This rare mineral occurs as minute, yellow crystalline druses scattered on matrix. Described in 2008 in the Czech Republic (IMA 2008-050, formula: Ni(UO2)2(AsO4)2*8H2O), the mineral remains difficult to locate and has been confirmed from fewer than five localities worldwide. The Belorechenskoe deposit (type locality
for rauchite) was the subject of an excellent, detailed article in the Mineralogical Almanac (Vol. 15, Part 2) and is known for both its nickel and uranium minerals that occur there. We have only a few confirmed specimens, sizes average 2.5-3cm across and are priced at 150.00 each.

MOUNTKEITHITE- Mount Keith Deposit, W.A., Australia
Sparse pale pink masses of mountkeithite are scattered over a bleached serpentinite rock. Derived from the alteration of deeper pink to purple associated stichtite, other associated species include magnetite and possible hexahydrite. A rare, one-locality mineral, each larger sized matrix piece has one or more areas of the mineral. Sizes from 2.5cm to 7cm across @ 45.00, 65.00 and 95.00 each.

NABIMUSAITE w/ YE'ELEMITE- Jabel Harmun, Judea Desert, W.Bank, Israel
This NEW SPECIES occurs within the Palestinian Autonomy and is a co-type sample, offered here as a 1cm polished section in a 2cm probe mount. Formula: KCa12(SiO4)4(SO4)2O2F - trigonal, IMA # 2012-057. The mineral occurs as microscopic colorless grains with ye'elemite, associated with larnite and minor brownmillerite matrix, accompanied by complete chemical quantification as well as three SEM images that pinpoint the various species in the sample. Only one available, superb documentation, at 350.00.

NELENITE- Huanggang Mine, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia China
From a relatively recent find, this rare mineral occurs here as micro hexagonal plates that are typically stacked in minute, somewhat globular aggregates nicely perched on white, rhombic cleavages of calcite matrix. Identification has been confirmed by chemistry, XRD and Raman, and a copy of the original Raman spectra is included with each sample. Coverage is obvious to the naked eye and will also yield decent micromounts if trimmed further. Specimens range in size from about 1 cm up to 4+cm @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each.

PARATACAMITE-(Mg) IMA #2013-014- Quebrada, Camarones, Chile
This NEW SPECIES occurs as glassy green, micro crystals sparsely scattered over rock matrix, occasionally with other rare copper phases. Formula: Cu3(Mg,Cu)Cl2(OH)6 - trigonal; IMA #2013-014. This is author's material and a new member of the atacamite group. Specimens will yiled modest micros upon trimming, and
overall sizes average about 3cm across at 120.00 each. List alternates!

PHLOGOPITE w/ PARGASITE - Limberg Quarry, Pargas, Finland
A very old specimen, accompanied by a heavily aged Helsinki Mineral Museum label obtained years ago during one of our trips to Finland. The specimen shows a fairly large, columnar phlogopite crystal about 4cm tall and 2cm wide, perched at the edge of a massive, etched white calcite matrix, accompanied by greyish-green grains and globular aggregates to 1.5cm of analytically-confirmed pargasite. Only one specimen available, a classic from this famous locality, overall size about 10x6x6 cm @ 250.00.

POLLUCITE- Tanco Mine, Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Nearly pure, greyish white massive pollucite comprising matrix, occasionally with minor quartz. X-Ray verified material, sizes from 2cm to 5cm across @ 8.00, 15.00, 25.00, and 45.00 each, a few to 8cm to 12cm @ 65.00, 85.00 and 100.00, from one of the better documented localities for the species!

PSEUDOMALACHITE- Inspiration Consolidated Copper Mine Arizona
A large specimen, ex- A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum, comprised of hefty rock matrix with pale blue-green chrysocolla and other pale green secondary copper staining, with approximately two dozen, dark greenish-black, wonderfully spherical and isolated pseudomalachite balls scattered about on one surface, most in the 2-3mm size range. They contrast nicely against the pale blue-green undercoating, and the piece might be from the Thornton Pit, although the museum label does not specify it, instead indicating the 1912 name of the consolidated workings of this prolific copper ore property in the Globe-Miami District of Gila County. Overall size is about 12x8x5cm at just 125.00.

QUARTZ- Grymes Hill, Staten Island, New York
An odd assortment of matrix specimens showing small cloudy grey to slightly greenish quartz crystals well-covering a limonitic mass. Some samples show a transparent layer over a included quartz, while others are rather opaque, tan-green color. These were primarily collected in 1961 by H.E. Moore, and these odd, New York City specimens are from 4cm to 7cm @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each; one 10cm specimen @ 65.00. From a great locality near Wagner College that now overlooks the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge!

QUARTZ (Smoky)- Anderson's Gully, Mooralla, Victoria Australia
Excellent, doubly terminated small groups of fine, dark brown smoky quartz crystals without matrix. These show multiple crystal faces. some with apparent reverse scepters and other odd habits, all with good luster and richly colored transparency as well. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 3.5cm @ 15.00 and 25.00 each. Great locality stuff that is attractive and weird as well!

SCHUETTEITE- Oceanic Mine, San Luis Obispo Co., California
Canary-yellow, earthy masses of this rare secondary mercury mineral intergrown in brick-red cinnabar/clay matrix, possibly with other, non-descript secondary mercury minerals. Old, type locality material, only a few specimens available, sizes from 2cm to 5.5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each.

SCOLECITE w/ FLUORAPOPHYLLITE- Pune District, Maharashtra, India
An attractive group of richly intergrown, slender, transparent to opaque white scolecite (EDS confirmed), with some crystals somewhat flattened and surrounding a few pale green fluorapophyllite crystals peeking out among the scolecites. This moderately attractive piece measures about 12x9cm @ is just 65.00.

SEPIOLITE- Valley Quarry, Valley, Stevens Co., Washington
Rich, white, fibrous sepiolite largely comprising matrix, occasionally with minor dolomitic marble present among the seams. The material was collected circa 1980 and is the only reported occurrence of sepiolite in the state of Washington (see Mineral News, May, 2006), although the locality was largely unknown and
is not documented in MinDat or any of the regularly available references to minerals of Washington. While similar palygorskite has been reported in the State, our EDS (and earlier XRD work) confirms the absence of necessary aluminum found in palaygorskite. Perhaps a unique occurrence, now closed, these uncommon, fibrous specimens range in size from about 4cm to 12cm long @ just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each for the largest.

SIDERITE with NATIVE COPPER- Ray, Pinal Co., Arizona
Weird, murky green siderite balls and dumbbell-shaped sheaves a few millimeters across, lightly scattered on quartz/rock matrix, all with small but excellent arborescent masses and/or spinel twinned spears of native copper, some piercing the siderite or showing a variety of forms on the same specimen. Old material acquired over 30 years ago, these are unusual specimens likely confined to a single occurrence, and not found in the usual Arizona literature from this defunct locality. Specimens range in size from about 2cm to 4cm across @ just 7.50, 12.50 and 20.00 each, most suitable for micros as well!

SPENCERITE- Hudson Bay Mine, Salmo, B.C. Canada
Pure white, somewhat micaceous and pearly platy aggregates of spencerite without matrix. A rare zinc phosphate from the type locality, originally obtained from the Royal Ontario Museum. These are offered as small fragments in a capsule @ 15.00; matrix specimens from 0.8cm to nearly 4cm @ 25.00, 50.00, 100.00 and 200.00 each.

STICHTITE- Stichtite Hill, Dundas, Tasmania
Rich, deep lilac-purple masses of stichtite generously scattered throughout matrix, most with minor green serpentine in association. Very colorful, classic material, matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 12.50, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. A few to 12cm across and quite attractive @ 75.00!

TONDIITE (IMA #2013-077)- Santo Domingo Mine, Arica, Chile
This NEW SPECIES occurs as emerald green, vitreous micro crystals lightly scattered on rock matrix, occasionally with other secondary copper minerals. Formula: Cu3MgCl2(OH)6 - trigonal, IMA # 2103-077. Excellent, colorful druses with modest micro potential for a new species, sizes average 2.5-3cm @ 125.00 each. Only a few available!

TOPAZ (Imperial)- Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Excellent single crystals of imperial color topaz without matrix. These are singly terminated with good prism faces and display fine pinkish sherry to mild honey color throughout. Gemmy and attractive, getting considerably more difficult to acquire economically, these are older samples from about 1cm to nearly 2.5cm @ just 10.00, 20.00, 30.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each, depending on size and color.

VESUVIANITE variety CYPRINE- Parker Shaft, Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
A hefty hand specimen of rich, pale brown andradite showing excellent patches of blue vesuvianite (variety cyprine) scattered throughout the piece. There is much willemite in the specimen, but it is only evident under SW UV, as is a generous but filmy patch of clinohedrite (FL SW orange) on one edge of the specimen. Minor calcite, and possibly other phases, are present as well. Ex-H.E. Moore Collection, overall size about 6x5cm @ 65.00.

ZADOVITE (IMA #2013-031)- nr. Arad, Negev Desert, Israel
This NEW SPECIES, a co-type sample from the paralava of the Hatrium formation at the Gurim anticline, occurs as colorless, submicroscopic grains sparsely scattered in melilite/wollastonite matrix, occasionally with minor rankite, schorlomite garnet and possibly other phases. Formula: BaCa6[SiO4)(PO40](PO4)2F, trigonal, IMA #2013-031. Elegantly prepared and thoroughly identified in a 1 cm ore section in a 1.5x1.5cm probe mount, accompanied by a color image plus backscattered SEM images at various magnifications that show the labelled phase boundaries, plus full analytical chemistry of the zadovite in a single specimen at 300.00. List alternates!


MINERALS OF USSR- Minerals First Discovered in the Former Territory of the USSR by Igor V. Pekov
This long awaited book by Dr. Igor Pekov received rave reviews when first published several years ago, written in English and complete with 184 color photos of minerals and localities, 68 SEM images and crystal diagrams. The strength of this 370 page hard cover work lies in the marvelously complete locality information lacking from so many published Russian mineral descriptions, and each description also includes excellent physical characteristics, type locality info, historical data and much more. This is a much-needed reference work @ only 59.00 plus shipping!


NEVADA MINERAL COLLECTION- Various Localities in Nevada
A nice lot of twenty-five (25) different species including many unusual items and odd-locality pieces, all from Nevada! Most are aesthetically challenged but generously sized from 3cm to 6cm across. Individually labelled, these lots are easily worth twice the price of 25 different for only 125.00!


Sometimes, we just can't resist something attractive that is only mildly related to our main field of mineralogy. We recently came across a interesting lot of water-clear faceted quartz from Brazil that had been treated by the proprietary, and permanent, Azotic process. The result is transparent gems that show a wild array of purple-blue-green color flashes in each stone! We have several different cuts and sizes, ranging from: about 7.5mm squares (2-2.5 cts each) @ 10.00, fine 10-11mm antique cushion cuts (5.5-6 cts each) @ 20.00, or larger ~15x12mm ovals (about 8 carats each) @ just 25.00 per stone. We can provide matched pairs at 2 times the single stone prices, or offer a special 50 carat lot of assorted stones @ just $135.00 - less than $3.00 a carat! Great looking material, and a suitable enhancement for Brazilian quartz gemstones!


The Pseudo News - by Dr. Phil Betancourt
We have a limited number of perfect-bound reprints of the long out-of-print The Pseudo News, a 128 page periodical that focused on the collecting of mineral pseudomorphs. A quarterly magazine that was published in three annual volumes from 1994-1996, it described finds at classic localities, as well as new finds at more obscure sites. It provided excellent technical recounting of the various types of pseudomorphs that occur in the mineral kingdom and was avidly read by a small but enthusiastic group of subscribers. Difficult to locate in full sets, we offer a complete reprint, including a comprehensive index, for just $35.00 postpaid in the U.S.A.; for foreign mailing: add $20.00.

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21406 - Vol. XLI, No. 6

All specimens offered on a first-come first-served basis, FOB our warehouse.

AURICHALCITE- 79 Mine, nr. Hayden, Gila Co., Arizona
Just uncovered in the warehouse: a small flat of excellent, needle-like pale blue aurichalcite from the 79 Mine, collected in 1968, wrapped, and unseen by human eyes ever since! Perhaps the finest U.S. occurrence of the mineral ever found, we have a small selection of TN sized specimens, some with hemimorphite or other minerals, all with good micro potential as well, at just 10.00 per specimen. Colorful and attractive!

AZURITE- Mechernich, "Rhenish Prussia" Germany
A very old specimen, ex-A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum and accompanied by their cardboard label, indicating the specimen was provided by L.L. Hubbard (b. 1849) who studied at Harvard, Bonn and Heidelberg. The piece shows numerous balls of pisolitic azurite protruding from a hard, sandy matrix. The azurite balls appear to run throughout the entire piece and are not a superficial coating but rather a dense "bunch of grapes" that average about 5mm across and are individually comprised of hundreds(?) of tiny azurite crystals. The "Rhenish Prussia" on the label suggests the piece was possibly early 19th century or later, as the locality is an ancient mining area now part of North Rhein-Westphalia. A rarely-encountered specimen with excellent pedigree, overall size about 5x5cm @ 175.00.

CALCINAKSITE (IMA #2013-081)- Bellerberg, Eifel District, Germany
This NEW SPECIES occurs as vitreous, greyish white, densely intergrown and flattened sheaves scattered on matrix. Formula: KNaCa(Si4O10)*H2O, triclinic, IMA #2013-081, a new member of the lithiionite group. Boxed specimens average about 1.5cm across, type locality and author's material, @ 125.00 each. Only a few on hand!

CALLAGHANITE- Basic Refactories Mine, Gabbs, Nye Co., Nevada
Extraordinary material from a find of brilliant, deep blue druses and micro crystals of callaghanite richly scattered on matrix, occasionally associated with other species. Excellent for the species, colorful and hence quite attractive for a rarity, some with fine micro potential as well! The best ever! Sizes from 2cm to 10cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00, 55.00, 80.00 and a few at 100.00 each, depending on size and coverage!

CALOMEL- Redwood City, San Mateo Co., California
This uncommon mercury chloride occurs here as patches of transparent to slightly yellowish druses well scattered on rock matrix, potentially associated with other mercury-rich phases. The calomel shows good fluorescence (bright orange-red under SW UV) as well, and these specimens are quite old, recently rediscovered in an old cigar box from the Godshaw collection. Specimens range in size from about 2.5cm to 4cm @ 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00. List alternates!

CANCRINITE- Cancrinite Hill, Dungannon, Ontario, Canada
Cancrinite occurs here as rich yellowish masses scattered in calcitic matrix, typically assocaited with dark blue sodalite and possibly other phases. A moderately attractive combination from a prolific locality, specimens from about 2cm to 8cm across @ 8.00, 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each, depending on overall size and coverage.

CARLETONITE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Pure, pale blue crystalline chunks of carltonite crystals without matrix, some with a pale lavender rim surrounding the crystal core. Old, rich stock, average sizes from 0.6cm to 1.2cm across @ only 7.50, 10.00 and 15.00 each. A few rather ugly matrix specimens to 5cm at 35.00 each.

CHALCOPHANITE- Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Rich specimens of black, metallic-appearing chalcophanite botryoids nearly completely covering one or both sides of limonite matrix. Associations include calcite in a variety of habits, and possibly other minerals as well. Modest micro potential on these, in samples from 4cm to 8cm @ 20.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

CHALCOPYRITE- Anxbach Mine, nr. Lorscheid, Germany
A very old specimen, ex-L.L. Hubbard (b.1849), comprised of numerous small chalcopyrite crystals lightly scattered on rock matrix. The locality is an ancient one in Rheinland-Pfalz, finally abandoned in the 1950s, and the specimen shows crystallization on both the top and bottom surfaces. The piece is accompanied by an old A.E. Seaman Museum cardboard label, overall specimen size is a hefty 11x8cm @ just 65.00.

ELPIDITE- Khan-Bogdinskii Massif, Gobi, Mongolia
Rich masses of vitreous orange brown elpidite are scattered through a pegmatite-like matrix. The elpidite is mostly found as irregular crystalline masses, with an occasional crystal face present. Nice representative specimens from the distant Gobi Desert, in sizes from 2cm to 5cm, reasonably priced at just 15.00, 25.00, and 35.00 each.

EMMERICHITE (IMA #2013-064)- Rother Kopf, Roth, Eifel, Germany
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, tabular brown crystals perched on matrix. Formula: Ba2Na(Na,Fe2+)2(Fe3+,Mg)Ti2(Si2O7)2O2F2 - monoclinic, IMA #2013-064. This is a new member of the lamprophyllite group, type locality and author's material, sizes average about 1.5cm @ just 75.00 each, most with modest micro potential as well.

ENSTATITE- Stillwater Mine, Nye, Montana
This famous PGM locality is well known for its rare minerals that occur in the ubiquitious enstatite, here as greyish-green crystalline aggregates richly comprising matrix. Excellent locality material despite its ugly look, specimen sizes range from about 1.5cm to nearly 6cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

EPIDOTE- Rosario Mabel Mine, Castrovirreyma, Peru
Excellent, deep green to nearly black elongated spears of terminated epidote crystals in tightly packed groups without matrix. These are quite lustrous and relatively damage free from this interesting find, with the groups extending from about 2.5cm to 4.5cm long @ 15.00, 30.00, 40.00 and 50.00 each. A few high-end specimens available; inquire!

EUXENITE-(Y)- Tunnelen, Hilltveit, Iveland, Norway
Black to brown resinous masses of this complex uranium-bearing yttrium niobate occur scattered through a reddish feldspar matrix. Quite rich and representative for the species, these are competitively priced in sizes from 2.5cm to 4.5cm at just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each. Old material, ex-Hedegaard Collection.

FERRIMOLYBDITE w/ MOLYBDENITE- nr. Winfield, Chafee Co., Colorado
Old Cureton stock comprised of yellow masses of ferrimolybdite scattered on quartz matrix, associated with greyish metallic molybdenite as well. The precise locality is noted as the "North Fork of Clear Creek, 1 mile W of Winfield". An unusual Colorado occurrence, specimens from about 1cm to 6cm across @ just 5.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

FERROINDIALITE (IMA #2013-016)- Bellerberg, Eifel, Germany
Another NEW SPECIES from this prolific area, ferroindialite occurs as tiny grey to greyish-violet crude hexagonal crystals and sections intergrown in matrix. Formula: (Fe2+,Mg)2Al4Si5O18 - hexagonal - IMA #2013-016. The mineral is a new member of the beryl group and a chemical dimorph of sekaninaite. Type locality and author's material, small specimens about 1.2cm across @ 125.00 each.

FIEDLERITE- Harakas Cove, Lavrion, Attiki Pref., Greece
Minute, thin tabular micro crystals of transparent fielderite sparsely scattered in vuggy ancient slag, sometimes associated with boleite, pseudoboleite or other species. Most can be trimmed for additional micro potential, but only a few samples on hand, overall sizes ranging from about 2.5cm to 3.5cm @ 35.00 and 55.00 each. List alternates.

FLUORAPATITE- Cerro de Mercado, Durango, Mexico
The classic, well studied apatites often used in analytical standards: excellent yellow-green elongated and transparent fluorapatite crystals and prisms, many singly terminated and quite clean, ranging in size from about 1cm to nearly 2cm tall, priced according to completeness, clarity and size @ 10.00, 17.50 and 25.00 each. Very fine, research-grade material! Matrix specimens occasionally on hand - inquire!
GOBBINSITE- Poudrette Quarry, Mont St Hilaire, Canada
Transparent micro crystals appearing as tiny chevron-like aggregates sparsely scattered in matrix, occasionally with tabular gmelinite-Na, pyrite or other species. These were collected in the late 1990s and will yield modest micromounts, overall matrix sizes average about 2cm @ 25.00 each. Only a few available!

GYPSUM etc.- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
From our analytical study published in the June, 2012 issue of Mineral News, these are from the first reported occurrence of the mineral at the prolific Black Pine Mine! Gypsum occurs as colorless to greyish micro spears and aggregates sparsely scattered over yellowish beudantite that coats well-terminated quartz crystal groups. Specimens are primarily TNs to 3.5cm @ just 10.00 and 15.00 each.

HYDROTALCITE-2H in LIZARDITE- Snarum, Modum, Buskerud, Norway
Pearly, white foliated masses of waxy hydrotalcite-2H richly scattered in pale yellow-green lizardite matrix, occasionally associated with crude black "martite" aggregates as well. Excellent locality material, old Cureton stock, specimens from about 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

KURNAKOVITE- US Borax Mine, Boron, Kern Co., California
Remarkably clear specimens of glassy kurnakovite, these collected in the late 1950s! The specimens show weird, wispy inclusions of an unidentified muddy, clay-like grey mineral (possibly saponite or other member of the montmorillonite group), and other inclusions of globular ulexite and needle-like inderite have been reported in the literature. Perfect {010} cleavage yields excellent, somewhat flattened, glassy specimens, ranging in size from about 2.5cm to nearly 7cm across at just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each for the largest and cleanest one. Old stuff from more than a half-century ago, and in an usually unaltered state!

LAACHITE (IMA #2012-100)- Dellen Quarry, Mendig, Eifel Dist., Germany
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as tiny, thin elongated needle-like sprays of brownish colored rods sparsely scattered on white crystalline matrix, occasionally with small dark amphibole pods. Formula: (Ca,Mn)2Zr2Nb2TiFeO14 - monoclinic, IMA # 2012-100. The mineral is the Nb-domiant analog of zirconolite-3O. Type locality, author's material, specimens are just under 1cm with modest micro potential @ 145.00 ea.

MILLERITE w/ GROSSULAR- Orford Nickel Mine, Quebec, Canada
Brassy to somewhat silvery micro rod-like crystals of millerite perched in vugs within pale green chromian grossular matrix. Each simple will yield at least one good micromount with a pleasing and colorful association under the 'scope. Overall matrix sizes average about 1.5cm @ just 15.00 each. Nice!

NITROCALCITE- Catalonia, Spain
This uncommon mineral occurs here as small, white grains admixed with brownish black granular soil matrix. Ex-Cureton material, generously packed in a 2.5cm tall stoppered glass vial @ just 30.00 per vial!

PYRARGYRITE w/ QUARTZ- Vienna Mine, Pole Creek, Blaine Co., Idaho
Minute, silvery to deep red metallic masses and crystalline aggregates of pyraryrite scatteed in/on quartz matrix. Old micro material acquired in the distant past, and research on this obscure locality has failed to produce additional information. Only a few small specimens available, averaging 1.5cm @ 25.00 each.

PYRITE-MARCASITE BALL- Stubbenkammer, Island of Rugen, Germany
An old Scott Williams specimen comprised of a solid nodule of pyrite-marcasite, about the size of a clementine, here without matrix. The ball is exceptionally heavy and dense, and shows no sign of typical marcasite deterioration. The old WIlliams label is attached to a small handwritten German label as well, vintage unknown but clearly quite old. The island is Germany's largest, just lying NNE of the coast, now part of the Mecklenburg-West Pomerania region. A neat specimen, size about 5cm in diameter and perfectly round @ just 55.00.

QUARTZ var: CHALCEDONY- unspecified locality in Florida
Perhaps one of the strangest chalcedony specimens we have ever encountered, this is an ex-A.E. Seaman Museum specimen from the J.V.W. Rawlings (b. 1826) collection. It is comprised of about a dozen greyish mammillary teats projecting upward from massive chalcedony seam, most averging about 1.5cm tall, the largest ones grouped in rows of three across. Attractive, strange, quite unique, possibly from the well-known Tampa chalcedony region, but otherwise labelled simply as "Florida". Overall size about 7x5cm @ 75.00.

RIVADAVITE- Tinkalayu Mine, Salta Province, Argentina
White nodules of massive borax with needle-like inclusions of colorless to white rivadavite scattered throughout. Classic, type locality material from this "Salar del Hombre Muerto" locality, specimens from about 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

ROSASITE & CALCITE- Silver Bill Mine, Pima Co., Arizona
Bright blue balls and globular forms of rosasite richly scattered over exposed seams and vugs, some with white platy rosettes of calcite. Very attractive and rich material collected some years ago. Nice older pieces, sizes from about 4cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each, depending on overall quality. A few large Mapimi specimens also on hand, ranging up to 13x6cm to 100.00.

ROWEITE- Solongo, Buryatia, Siberia, Russia
Small tan to brownish cherty colored masses of somewhat nodular roweite scattered in matrix. Formerly a one-locality, one-known-specimen mineral from Franklin, NJ, these are from a 1997 discovery in this prolific boron-rich locality. Only a few small thumbnails available, averaing about 1.5cm @ 75.00 each.

RUIZITE- Christmas Mine, nr Hayden, Gila Co. Arizona
Fleshy-brown masses of minutely crystalized elongated needles and aggregates of ruizite richly scattered over smectite matrix, occasionally with other species. From the original find in the 1970's, matrix pieces from 2cm to 7cm across @ 15.00, 30.00, 45.00 and 55.00 each. Rather ugly stuff, but type locality material; A few larger specimens to 10cm @ 100.00.

SARCOPSIDE- Solleftea, Angermanland, Sweden
Nicely crystalline examples of this primary pegmatitic phosphate mineral, occuring as dark brown nearly opaque cleavages with varying amounts of matrix. Most clearly illustrate the distinctive fibrous silky habit of sarcopside. From 2cm to 7cm @ 10.00, 15.00, 30.00, and 45.00.

SCHROCKINGERITE- nr. Wamsutter, Sweetwater Co., Wyoming
This uncommon mineral occurs as minute scales of pale yellowish crusts sparsely scattered in a light tan arkose sandstone from the Red Desert area. Brightly fluorescent response as numerous tiny pinpoints highlight this old material, specimens from about 2cm to 5cm @ 12.50, 20.00 and 35.00 each; an 8x4cm rich sample on hand @ 65.00.

SCHULAMITITE (IMA #2011-016)- Bellerberg, Eifel District, Germany
This relatively NEW SPECIES was first described from the Negev Desert in Isreal and has recently been confirmed from the prolific Eifel District as well. The mineral occurs here as rather richly scattered sugary druses of brownish-orange masses in matrix, quite a bit richer than found in the type material. Formula: Ca3TiFe3+AlO8 - orthorhombic - IMA # 2011-016. Only a few specimens on hand, aboout 2cm across, @ 75.00 each.

WOLSENDORFITE etc..- Shinkolobwe, Shaba, Zaire (DRC)
Excellent examples of bright orange wolsendorfite on matirx, typically with uraninite, minor becquerelite, uranophane and/or curite, depending on the sample. Formerly Ziare, now in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ex-V. King collection, ex-Sorbonne material, specimens from about 2.5cm to 3cm @ 250.00, and 350.00. Excellent!!

ZAVARITSKITE- Moldava, Czech Republic
This rare mineral occurs here as somewhat greyish masses sparsely scattered in rock matrix, often with minute native bismuth, purple fluorite, and possibly other phases. An uncommon mineral, old Cureton stock, specimens from about 2cm to 4cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.



We have a few first-edition copies of this classic 1968 softcover book published by Lapidary Journal back in the days it covered minerals as well as lapidary and beads. There were several different printings of this edition, but most are in good shape with clean covers and tight bindings. Multiple chapters, each devoted to field collecting in a specific state, cover NJ-PA-MD-VA-WV-KY-TN-NC-SC-GA-AL and FL. Many maps, b/w images, 133 pages in 8.5x11.25" format @ just 10.00 each with any mineral order.

FLEISCHER'S GLOSSARY- 2008 Edition by Malcolm Back

The latest edition of Fleischer's Glossary of Mineral Species has been produced but is not available through dealers. Hence, we will dump our existing supply of the expanded 2008 edition that encompasses 346 pages covering 4233 species. The mineral groups appendix has been added, and many new nomenclature changes have been provided, some among a fair amount of controversy! Our reduced price is just 19.00 per copy with any mineral order as long as our small supply lasts. (You can get a new one from MinRec, and with shipping it will run about 40.00!)


We've accumulated a large number of individually identified specimens from several prolific mines in Utah, most in the 2cm-3cm size range and virtually all with excellent micro potential. In order to move many of these one-of-a-kind and small quantity specimens, we offer a collection of twenty (20) different pieces our choice for just 89.00! Excellent value, many SEM identified, many are copper minerals with good micro potential. Limit one collection per customer, please!


TOPAZ (Pink!)- Azotic Treated, Brazil
Stones from a professional and patented Azotic enhancement treatment of transparent Brazilian topaz, we have a number of excellent, eye-clean faceted gems of fine pink color, available here as small lots of five stones that will include two pear-shaped, two ovals, and one brilliant round. Total carat weight of each lot will average over 4 carats, nicely boxed, at just 40.00 per set. We can also offer a larger lot of 40 carats of assorted shapes at just 350.00 for the lot!


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