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Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21802 – Volume XLV, No.2

ALBITE on ORTHOCLASE (Twins!)- Organ Mts., Dona Ana Co., New Mexico
An small lot of very unusual feldspar specimens, ex-Scott Williams from when he operated out of Oberlin, Kansas. Each specimen has small, white albite crystals (variety pericline) perched on well-crystallized, buff colored orthoclase that shows good Baveno twinning. The pieces are fairly attractive and average about 5cm tall @ 55.00. One excellent sample a little over 6cm showing a rare Manebach twinned orthoclase as well is on hand at 85.00, all likely from the Rock Springs Canyon locality. List alternates!

ALUMOEDTOLLITE (IMA #2017-020)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik Vol. Russia
Perhaps one of the rarest copper minerals from this prolific Kamchatka Volcano, this NEW SPECIES occurs as extremely tiny, single dark splintered crystals mounted on a 1cm adhesive disk, requiring 30x or more to observe. Formula: K2NaCu5AlO2(AsO4)4, triclinic, IMA # 2017-020. Author's material from the type locality, the mineral is an analogue of edtollite (which see in this list) with Al prevailing among trivalent cations with Al>Fe3+. Only a few on hand @ 195.00 each.

ANALCIME with STILBITE- Skookumchuck Dam, Thurston Co., Washington
Translucent to transparent trapezeohedra of analcime from 4mm to 7mm across are well-scattered on Eocene basalt, typically with small, bladed stilbite crystals and occasionally with lesser thomsonite or other zeolite phases. Old material from one of the late Rudy Tschernich's finds in the 1970s near Bucoda. Specimens range from about 3.5cm to 5cm across @ just 10.00, 17.50 and 25.00, priced according to quality, not size.

ANATOLYITE (IMA #2016-040)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik Vol. Russia
New species continue to be described from the second scoria cone of the Northern breakthrough of this famous Kamchatka fissure eruption. Anatolyite occurs as tiny clusters of slightly pinkish crystals with white potassic feldspar, here as minute samples under 1mm mounted on 1cm adhesive disks. Formula:
Na6(Ca,Na)(Mg,Fe3+)3Al(AsO4)6, trigonal, IMA #2016-040. Type locality and author's material, will require 15x or more to appreciate their delicate color, named for Russian mathematician and crystallographer Anatoly Kapitonovich Boldyrev (1883-1946) of the Leningrad Mining Institute. Only a few tiny samples available @ 165.00 each. List alternates!

ANDRADITE- Coatsgate Quarry, nr. Moffat, Scotland
From a find in 1994, we have a single specimen of highly adamantine garnet in rich, micro crystals scattered across one surface. Under the scope, the garnet shows is transparent and colorless at the surface, with greenish-brown cores that give the sample its color. Rather interesting and unusual, only one specimen on hand, about 5x3cm @ 45.00.

ANDRADITE variety MELANITE- 1 mile S of Gem Mine, San Benito Co. California
From old Cureton holdings, a small lot of black andradite crystals forming densely intergrown druses nicely covering matrix, many with micro potential for this Ti-rich andradite garnet. Specimens show good luster and are reasonably attractive, specimens from 3cm to 5cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each. Nice!

ARAGONITE (Blue!)- Wenshan Mine, Yunnan Province, PR China
Attractive, pale blue botryoids and stalactitic aggregates of aragonite comprising matrix, these showing excellent color for the mineral. This area was also the producer of the blue, botryoidal hemimorphite specimens that resembled classic Kelly smithsonite seen some years ago. Very pleasing color and surprisingly inexpensive, specimens average 4cm across at just 10.00 and 15.00 each, depending on degree of crystallization!

BITIKLEITE-SnAl- Lakargi Mt., Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia
This exceptioonally rare garnet group species is a NEW GARNET structure mineral, but lacking silica! It occurs as microscopic yellow aggregates in ~1cm polished sections of cuspidine and etttringite with other phases. Formula: Ca3SbSnAl3O12, IMA #2009-052. The sample is mounted in an epoxy probe mount and is
accompanied by a color macro photograph as well as three SEM images pinpointing and identifying all associations (up to 8 have been found already!), as well as a full quantitative chemical analysis! Only one available @ 395.00 each!

BOULANGERITE with QUARTZ- Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Republic
An interesting specimen comprised of numerous small quartz crystal points forming a convoluted bed on thin matrix, invested in several spots by tiny, dark grey, micro fibrous boulangerite tucked into nooks and crannies among the quartz. The piece is ex-Czech National Museum and is accompanied by their label. A moderately attractive specimen with an area of apparent casts after an unknown mineral, overall size about 10x8cm @ 80.00. One only!

CHALCOPYRITE on SPHALERITE- Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., Kansas
An old lot of material originally acquired from Tri-State dealer Boodle Lane in 1957, these specimens show small, brightly metallic, wedge-shaped brassy crystals of chalcopyrite well-scattered over rich sphalerite crystals and masses comprising matrix. Tilting the specimens back and forth results in flashes of bright reflection from variably oriented chalcopyrite crystals, but often reveals deep red-brown coloration of the brilliant sphalerite underlaying them. Specimen sizes from about 4cm to 8cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Great old stuff!

CRANDALLITE- Clay Canyon, nr. Fairfield, Utah
About 20 years ago, we acquired a huge lot of the famous Montgomery-Over crandallite nodules that were likely collected in the 1930's that subsequently yielded so many interesting and new phosphates at the time. Recently uncovered here in the warehouse, and before we start dissecting these samples for more detailed investigation, we will offer unanalyzed samples of rich yellow crandallite that may also yield good micros of other species when broken up and evaluated under the 'scope. Nodule sizes range from about 2cm to 6cm across @ just 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Crandallite is guaranteed, the further search is up to you!

DIAMOND (2.71 carats)- Totiya, Katiola Dept., Ivory Coast
A superb, gemmy dodecahedral diamond crystal without matrix, this one suitable for cutting and with a very subtle yellow color. The crystal weighs 2.71 carats and measures about 7x7mm, and a beige inclusion of unknown composition rests just under the perfectly transparent surface of this wonderfully complex, striated and symetrical crystal! Only one available @ 2350.00, well under 900.00 a carat for gem material!

DIETRICHITE on ZINCOCOPIAPITE- Muzhievo, Beregovo, Transcarpathia, Ukraine
A combination of rare minerals, both newly identified from this Au-Pb-Zn deposit near the Hungarian border. The dietrichite occurs as minute, silky white to colorless fibrous crystals scattered on small lamellar crystals of drusy, bright yellow zincocopiapite. Small but surprisingly rich samples for both of these rarities, sizes from about 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ just 120.00 and 165.00 each, all with modest micro potential as well!

EDTOLLITE (IMA #2016-010)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik Vol. Russia
This NEW SPCEIES was named for Russian geologist and Artic explorer Eduard Vasilievich Toll (1858-1902) who made significant contributions to the geology and geography of Polar Siberia and islands in the Artic Ocean. The mineral occurs as tiny black aggregates mounted on adhesive disks, and these are readily visible at 10x unlike its Al-analog. Formula: K2NaCu5Fe3+O2(AsO4)4, triclinic, IMA # 2016-010. Author's material from the type locality, only a few on hand @ 225.00 each.

EUREKADUMPITE- Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
This interesting species occurs as micro, turquoise-blue balls and rosettes sparsely scattered on matrix, comprised of densely stacked and radiating platy aggregates showing pearly luster when opened. Formula:(Cu,Zn)16(TeO3)2(AsO4)3Cl(OH)18*7H2O - monoclinic. Approved IMA #2009-072. As a co-author, I am delighted to offer this new mineral, originally published in both Mineral News and Zapiski Rossiyskogo Mineralogicheskogo Obshchestva! Specimens priced according to coverage and quality of micro potential, matrix sizes ranging from about 2cm up to 5cm across @ 25.00, 40.00, 55.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

FERRIHOLLANDITE- Mt. Sorharas, Ultevis, Lappland, Sweden
Excellent specimens from one of the best localities for this recently redefined barium bearing mineral. Ferrihollandite occurs here as small crystal prisms, sprays, and elongated crystalline cleavages, all richly distributed throught quartz matrix, possibly associated with piemontite or other phases. Samples from 2.5cm to 8cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

FRIEDELITE- 1180 Stope, 700 level, Sterling Hill New Jersey
From one of the few finds of CRYSTALLIZED friedleite at this prolific locality, the species occurred here in the Sterling Mine as minute, orange monoclinic crystals and druses scattered on brightly fluorescent willemite-rich matrix, typically with franklinite and non-fluorescent calcite. These are unlike the banded, somewhat waxy red, massive friedleite known from the district, originally obtained from Ewald Gerstmann (gerstmannite) in the late 1970s. We have a few samples on hand with modest micro potential, matrix sizes from 2cm to 6cm and priced
according to coverage and size at 20.00, 35.00, and 55.00 each.

HYDROROMARCHITE- Maximianus Herculius Coin, ~300 AD, Hungary
A bizarre occurrence of this rare tin mineral, here as part of a greenish blue alteration product on ancient bronze coins, minted in the early third century A.D. to honor the Roman Emperor (286-305 A.D.) Maximianus Herculius. These were unearthed in Hungary, and the alteration product includes admixed pseudomalachite and a smectite phase as well, in which the hydrromarchite occurs in 20-40 micron wide zones in the alterations. Chemically and XRD identified, each 1.7cm historical ancient coin is just 150.00. Limit one per order, please!

KAMENEVITE (IMA #2017-021)- Oleniy Ruchey, Mt. Suoluaiv, Khibiny Russia
This NEW SPECIES was found at the Oleniy Ruchey (Reindeer Stream) apatite mine, the deposit discovered by Russian geologist Evgeniy Arsenievich Kamenev (b. 1934) and for whom the mineral is named. It occurs as minute aggregates of colorless lamellae, typically associated with brown lomonosovite. Formula:
K2TiSi3O9*H2O - orthorhombic, IMA # 2017-021. Type locality and author's material, tiny specks mounted on 1cm adhesive disks @ 125.00 each. Limited availability!

KAOLINITE- Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas
A pair of dull,pisolitic hand specimens of kaolinite-rich matrix, very old specimens originally provided by Ward & Howell to the Michigan College of Mines. Rathe rugly stuff but with excellent, historical provenance, likely circa 1890s based on the labels. Sizes average about 8cm across @ 55.00 each.

MILARITE- Jaguarassu, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Each sample is a single hexagonal crystal section of milarite without matrix. These are pale green in color and the better quality specimens are nicely terminated at one end of the elongated prism. Old Carlos Barbosa material, overall lengths from 0.5cm to 1cm @ 15.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each, depending on color and clarity.

MORDENITE- Eagle Eye Mine, La Paz Co., Arizona
White tufts of needle-like, elongated mordenite micro crystals form dense bunches and aggregates of this fibrous zeolite on pale, brecciated matrix. From the original find at the locality by the late David Shannon in 1988, we have only a few specimens on hand, sizes ranging from about 3.5cm to 8cm @ just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each, all with modest micro potential as well.

PALYGORSKITE- Pend Oreille Mine, Metaline Falls, Washington
Thin, leather-like flexible mass of this greyish mineral oddity without matrix; very weird stuff, (the "mountain leather" name is quite appropriate). Collected from the 500 level of the mine and purchased circa 1960 when the mine was active. Sizes average from about 4cm to 10cm across, all flexible and quite strange @ just 20.00, 45.00, and 75.00 each. A few monstes to 18cm long (!!) @ 125.00. List alternates!

PREHNITE on QUARTZ- Qiaojia, Zhaotong Pref., Yunnan, PR China
Pale green balls of prehnite to 1cm lightly scattered and perched on groups of transparent, vitreous quartz crustals that fully comprise the matrix of these attractive specimens. A few samples may show an underside of drusy epidote, pale feldspar or occasional inclusions as well. Nicely sizes samples that average about 8x5cm @ 55.00 each. Only a few on hand!

PYRITE & QUARTZ CASTS @ ???- unspecified locality Japan
A relatively large and interesting specimen comprised of countless small pyrite crystals, some up to several millimeters completely comprising matrix. Among the voids of the piece, and particularly covering one surface, are remnants of hollow tubular casts of quartz after an unknown mineral. An accompanying, old Kristalle label does not offer a specific locality beyond "Japan", but the piece is remeniscent of several localities on Honshu Island that a Japanese expert may readily identify. There is one small area of dull grey galena also associated, and the overall size of the specimen is a hefty 14x12x6cm @ just 150.00. One only!

QUARTZ- Goose Lake, Negaunee, Marquette Co., Michigan
A large and curious specimen comprised of elongated quartz crystals to 5cm long, tightly packed and intergrown in a 12x7cm exposed vein. A few of the crystals are curved(!!) or severely flattened and are growing out of a massive quartz base into the exposed rock matrix wall that capped the seam. Likely from the Lindberg Quarry,
but the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum label that accompanies the piece merely gives "Goose Lake" as the locality. Overall size about 12x11x8cm @ only 70.00. A rather heavy piece from an uncommon locality with an odd habit!

REEVESITE- nr. Alpine Mine, San Benito Co., California
This uncommon species occurs here in the Clear Creek Canyon as pale, yellow-green filmy crusts and masses scattered over serpentine matrix. Old material collected nearly 40 years ago, specimens from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 10.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each. The last of our stock from this obscure Goat Mountain locality!

RICHELLITE- Richelle, near Vise, Liege, Belgium
Occurring as olive green to tan-green crusts on rock, richellite is a complex calcium iron phosphate. These relatively rich specimens were collected many years ago. Type locality material, not very attractive but quite representative and reasonably priced, sizes from about 1.5cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

SIDERITE with QUARTZ- Imilchil, Er Rachidia Province, Morocco
Attractive and fairly sharp, glassy rhombs of translucent, greenish-brown siderite to 2cm perched on crystallized quartz, these presenting well and of surprisingly good quality. We have seen similar material ascribed to the Iourien Mine near Tafraout, but our supplier assures us these are from Imilchil. Specimens average about 4cm across at just 45.00 each.

SIDERONATRITE- Capital Reef, Wayne Co., Utah
Bright yellow masses of sideronatrite richly scattered and covering matrix, here from a rather obscure locality now in a national monument area. Old Cureton material collected many years ago, specimens from about 2cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each; a few to 11x11cm @ 85.00 each.

SIEGENITE- Brushy Creek Mine, Reynolds Co., Missouri
Minute silvery octahedral crystals of siegenite scattered on matrix, associated with lustrous black sphalerite crystals and dolomite rhombs. Excellent specimens with fine micro potential, these from a find nearly 20 years ago, sizes from small TNs of 1.5cm @ just 15.00, and a few larger specimens to 5cm @ just 45.00 each. A few from the nearby Sweetwater Mine are also available - inquire!

SPHALERITE with DOLOMITE- Monroe Co. Airport, Monroe Co., New York
An odd specimen showing a deep orange-brown, transparent and gemmy sphalerite crystal group about 1.3cm long perched in an exposed seam in dolostone matrix, associated with numerous, small saddle-shaped rhombs of white dolomite scattered about. Ex-A.E. Seaman Museum, and their label notes it was donated by well-known Michigan copper collector Don Pearce, and it further suggests it was likely deposited as fill at the airport, its original source more likely as construction stone from a nearby quarry like Penfield. Moderately attractive piece, size about 8x5cm @ 55.00.

TALC- nr. San Andreas, Calaveras Co., California
Rich, pale green waxy masses of foliated, crystalline talc comprising matrix, many showing unusual tabular "crystals" and aggregates. From one of the more prolific localities for the mineral, these are moderately attractive for an otherwise uninspiring species. Old material collected many years ago, sizes range from 2cm to 6cm across @ 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

TOPAZ- Dassu (Haramosh), Gilgit, Pakistan
Transparent, pale honey colored single crystals of topaz without matrix, these showing typical stout, prismatic habit with fine pinacoid terminations and well developed prism faces. All show detachment points at the base, and as expected with facet-rough topaz crystals, there are the usual dings in these rather good crystals. Sizes are generous, ranging from 2.5x1.5cm to 4x2.5cm, very inexpensively offered at just 50.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each, far below typical prices seen elsewhere!

URANINITE- Brudenell, Renfrew Co., Onatrio, Canada
Small but interesting uraninite crystals with little or no matrix, showing typical crudely cubic habit and submetallic luster. Collected by a well-known mineralogist/curator on private property some years ago, these range in size from about 8mm to nearly 1.5cm, and all are quite hot! Only a few on hand, priced at 35.00, 55.00 and 85.00 each.

XENOTIME-(Y)- Alexander Co., North Carolina
An old specimen comprised of a blocky, elongated partial crystal of xenotime-(Y) about 3cm tall protruding from a massive xenotime-(Y) matrix mass. The specimen is accompanied by a Neal Yedlin (!!) and Joe Cilen labal,
acquired by Cilen many years ago. While a specific locality in Alexander County is not noted on their labels, the piece is likely from the Hiddenite area that produced such material in the distant past. One specimen only, with labels, about 4.5x3.5cm @ 125.00.

ZIRCONOLITE-3T- Kyauk-Pyat-That, Mogok, Mandalay, Myanmar
This rare mineral has been found here in relatively large, brownish-black single crystals and occasionally as twins, measuring up to nearly 1cm tall. These are matrix-free and fairly sharp specimens from this prolific gemstone region, here as the rare 3-T polytype. The precise locality is likley the Myan Gyi Mine, and only a couple of crystals are available @ 150.00 each. List alternates!

LOVOZERO!- History - Pegmatites - Minerals by Igor Pekov
This excellent hardcover volume describes the history, development, geology and mineralogy of this prolific area in Russia. In a format similar to the much-acclaimed Langban book we distributed, this high quality volume contains nearly 500 pages and is richly illustrated with many hundreds of color and black & white photos and drawings, accompanied by a comprehensive treatment of the 340 minerals that occur here, many with crystal drawings, chemical analyses, photographs etc.. In Dr. Pekov's thorough style, this work is sure to become a mineralogical library requirement! We were the exclusive North American distributor for this fine volume, available @ just 79.00 plus shipping. Foreign clients - please inquire for shipping cost. BONUS: Each order will
include a free copy of Dr. Pekov's Mineral News article that updated many new finds at the locality
We have perfect-bound copies prisitine issues of Mineral News for the years of 2006 through 2017. If you are not a subscriber, or would like to upgrade your library of back issues, we recommended these perfect-bound, soft cover sets, now available at only 35.00 for each year. Shipping per annual issue is free in the USA with any mineral order, or an additional 14.00 for any foreign delivery address. A limited number of bound sets are on hand! Annual subscriptions (12 color issues) are still just 30.00 per year!
HORN CORAL - H. Halli- Arkona, Ontario, Canada
These are interesting, somewhat tubular and horn-like grey coral fossils, Devonian in age and of the Heliophyllium Halli genus. Specimens show typical twisted ring-like structure on the outside, with radiating cores evident as well. Stout samples of this Rugosa order, extinct coral, sizes average about 4x2.5 cm @ just 10.00 each. Neat and inexpensive fossils!
KYANITE- Mondol Kiri Province, Cambodia
Excellent, deep blue faceted ovals of gem quality kyanite, significantly better than most Brazilian goods we have seen. Each stone is approximately 7.5x5.5mm and weighs about a carat, and these are quite attractive, rivaling fine sapphine in color. Only a few available @ just 55.00 each. Limit two per customer, please!
PETROLOGY COLLECTIONS- Various Localities United States
From a large stock of petrology samples, we have assembled two collections of various rock types useful for study and comparison. Specimens tyoically are 5cm or more, and Collection #1 consists of a baker's dozen of 13 different samples @ 125.00, while Collection #2 contains everything in Collection #1 plus seven additional specimens for a total of 20 different samples @ 200.00. There will be material from igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary environments, and each specimen will be individually labelled as to name and complete locality. Limited availability subject to stock on hand!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21801 – Volume XLV, No.1 Our 45th Year!

AMMONIOALUNITE- Schoeller Mine, Kladno, Czech Republic
This relatively rare mineral (described 1989) occurs as white chalky flakes with little to no matrix. An interesting central European local for this ammonium sulfate, we have available grains packed in capsules @ 20.00 each, or matrix fragments ranging in size from 0.5 cm to 0.8 cm at 35.00 and 45.00 each.

ANDRADITE var: DEMANTOID- Campo Franscia, Sondrio Province, Italy
From specimens acquired over thirty years ago, we have a small selection of pale green, chromian andradite (var. demantoid) samples, with crystals to several millimeters nicely scattered on matrix, some with associated chrysotile or other phases. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 5cm across, offered at just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

ANNABERGITE- Candelaria Mine, Esmeralda Co., Nevada
Bright, apple-green to nearly clear micro crystals of transparent annabergite richly scattered in exposed seams on matrix from this uncommon locality. We have a large lot of reasonably priced material, sizes from 1.5cm to 10cm @ just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each depending on size and coverage. Nice micro stuff!

BARITE- Hecla Rosebud Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
Very odd, well-crystallized white to greyish white barite crystals and groups with little or no matrix, all showing an atypical, somewhat rhombohedral habit that is quite pleasing and very unusual for the mineral. From a find about 25 years ago, these are XRD-confirmed, stout, well-formed crystals averaging 1.5 cm to to 2cm across, with overall sizes up to 4cm @ 10.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each, depending on quality. A few larger matrix specimens to 8cm @ 55.00 and 75.00 each.

BARWOODITE (IMA 2017-046)- Big Rock Quarry, Pulaski Co., Arkansas
This NEW SPECEIS occurs as deep, red-brown elongated aggregates sparsely scatted on white feldspar matirx, typically associated with delicate, more prolific pale brown needles of eggletonite, both type locality minerals from here. Formula: Mn2+6Nb5+(SiO4)2O3(OH)3, trigonal, IMA #2017-046. Occasional dark greenish black aegirine, minor yellowish masses of zircon etc. may be associated. A new member of the welinite group and named for the late Henry Barwood. Micromount material, matrix sizes average about 1cm @ 85.00 each.

BRAUNITE- Mamatwan Mine, Kalahari Mn Field, South Africa
This large open pit mine lies to the south of the famous Wessels and N'Chwaning mines, producing massive braunite with lesser hausmannite, hematite and "partidgeite", the latter a discarded name for a Mn2O3 phase found in the ore. We uncovered a large hand specimen of this braunite-rich ore, acquired in 1981 and comprised of sedimentary baunite lutite that occurs as dark greyish black masses comprising matrix, occasionally with minor, thin carbonate streamers of kutnohorite/calcite. Ex-Renaud Vochten collection, noted as XRD confirmed on the back of his his label. A fairly obscure locality that has produced about 30 different species, the specimen is quite dense and measures about 11x7 cm @ just 55.00.

CALCITE enclosing CHALCOPYRITE- Shuikoushan Mine, Hengyang, Hunan, PR China
Two transparent to translucent scalenohedral calcite crystals form much to this specimen, the tips of the crystals enclosing tiny, wedge-shaped chalcopyrite crystals easily seen at 10x. Larger balls of iridescent chalcopyrite are perched on and protruding from the surface of the base of the calcites as well. Growth chevrons and minute secondary copper minerals are evident on the bottom of the piece, adding to the charm and interest of this unusual specimen. Excellent locality piece, overall size about 7x5cm @ 75.00. One only!

CALCITE variety THINOLITE- 25 Miles N. of Nixon, Washoe Co., Nevada
These are strange calcite (calcareous tufa) pseudomorphs after an unknown (perhaps ikaite?) mineral, represented here by acute pyramidal crystals approximating tetragonal symmetry. Specimens show elongated spears of greyish calcite forming interesting boxworks and oddly shaped samples, often called glendonites, barleycorn pseudos, jarrowites and other terms, the exact name generally associated with a specific locality for these oddities. We first offered these in the early 1970s when obtained from the late Ted Morley, and our current stock was collected more than thirty years ago. Specimens from about 5cm to 10cm across @ just 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Weird stuff!

CERITE-(Ce)- Bastnaes Mines, Riddarhyttan, Sweden
Type locality specimens of cerite-(Ce), occurring here as brown to pinkish brown masses scattered in matrix, potentially with dark ferriallanite-(Ce) or other admixed phases. Old material, specimen sizes from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 20.00, 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each, one slightly larger with flattened sprays of anthophyllite @ 125.00.

CHONDRODITE with GRAPHITE etc.- Pargas, nr. Turku, Finland
From the type locality for the species, a large hand specimen of white calcite with tiny, multiple grains of orangeyellow chondroite richly scattered through a central seam, associated with minute, steel-grey graphite flakes as well. Ex- Dutch collector Renaud Vochten and accompanied by his data sheet label, overall size about 11x7x5 cm @ 55.00. One only!

COULSONITE- Buena Vista Hills, Pershing Co., Nevada
Known from only two localities in Nevada, coulsonite occurs intergrown with magnetite, with which it is visually indistinguishable from, and may be associated with massive scapolite and other species as well. Originally obtained from Forrest Cureton many years ago and positively ID'ed in these specimens by polished section ore microscopy, sizes range from 2cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 45.00, and 65.00 each.

DEMICHELEITE-(I) & ARGESITE- La Fossa Crater, Vulcano, Lipari, Italy
A pair of extremely rare minerals, with minute black, submetallic micro sparys of demicheleite-(I) sparsely scattered on matrix (EDS showed I>Br>Cl) with scant, pale yellow argesite (NH4)7Bi3Cl16 as well. A unique combination of species, both from the type locality for each. Modest micro potential, specimen measures about 1.5cm across @ 475.00. List alternates!

DIAMOND (3.65 cts)- Mir Mine, Yakutia (Sakha Republic), Russia
A highly unusual, gem-quality clear group of two intergrown diamond octahedrons, measuring just over 1cm across and weighing an impressive 3.65 carats. From one of the largest "holes in the ground" in the world, the Mir Mine was Russia's first major diamond producer. The crystal group has no visble matrix and has cutting potential as well, one of the few gem-quality pieces in our extensive diamond inventory. Ex-David New Collection, priced at 3650.00. Wow!

DYPINGITE- Clear Creek Area, San Benito Co., California
This magnesium carbonate occurs as white to tan opaque small white balls and bottryoidal crusts on greyish serpentinite matrix. The dypingite is occasionally associated with flattened sprays of artinite on some specimens, suggesting these may have originated in the Artinite Pit in this Picacho Peak locality. Fairly good coverage on these typical specimens, sizes from 2cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each. Old material, ex-Cureton and collected over 20 years ago!

FLORENCITE-(Nd)- Sausalito, Marin Co., California
Rather nondescript, brown and somewhat pulverent florencite-(Nd) described in 1971 by D.J,. Milton et al from this locality. The material is ex-Cureton and offered only as small fragments from about 3mm to nearly 9mm @ 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each. Limited availability of this old material!

FLUELLITE- Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
These may be the finest known examples of fluellite ever found, and certainly the first find from Nevada about 20 years ago! At this great Carlin Trend locality, fluellite occurs as sharply formed transparent crystals richly scattered on grey chert surfaces, usually as tiny individuals but also as rosettes from 0.5 to 3mm across. Colors range from golden yellow to greenish to pale purple, with color zoned crystals frequently encountered. Numerous associations are known, and most will have micro potential as well. Matrix sizes from 2cm to 8cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each.

FLUORITE- Rosiclaire, Hardin Co., Illinois
Perhaps one of the most storied localities in the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District, the Rosiclaire District was home to more than a dozen producing mines. Because miners were threatened with termination if caught harvesting specimens, precise localities were often not given for fear of being traced back to the miner involved. These samples were purchased in 1956 from the late Gene Curtiss, who often met the miners in the middle of the night in local cemeteries to exchange minerals for cash. We recently acquired a good stock of these fluorites, typically in some shade of purple in cubic crystals and aggregates largely comprising matrix, some occasionally with calcite druses or other species. Despite the ridiculously high prices charged for this material
today, we are offering specimens at mine-run prices from 4cm to 10cm across for only 10.00, 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each, depending on quality and size. Old stuff recently brought to market!

HYDROBORACITE- Thompson Mine, nr. Ryan, Inyo Co., California
This unusual borate occurs as slender, white needle-like crystals richly scattered on matrix, some with minor colemanite and possibly other phases. Old material available as either attractive, mounted thumbnails @ 10.00, or as matrix specimens from 3cm to 6cm @ 25.00, 35.00, and 50.00 each. A few foreign localities also available - please inquire.

HYDROZINCITE- Evelyn Mine, Northern Territory, Australia
From a relatively old find, we've located a small number of excellent, micro-crystallized tufts and needles of white hydrozincite richly scattered on matrix, many associated with clear hemimorphite and possibly other minerals from this Pine Creek area deposit. Brilliantly fluorescent, and most with good micro potential as well, sizes from 2cm to 4cm @ 5.00, 12.50 and 20.00 each. We can also supply a small lot of 10 TNs @ just 40.00! Nice!

KOTULSKITE- Oktyabrsky Mine, Talnach, Noril'sk, Russia
A small ore sample about 2.5cm across in a leucite probe mount, accompanied by a pair of SEM images pinpointing the rare mineral kotulskite - Pd(Te,Bi) - in a matrix comprised largely of chalcopyrite with minor pyrrhotite, gold and pentlandite. Full analytical microprobe data is included as well, only one on hand @ 195.00 with full documentation as described.

KRAISSLITE- 1200'L, Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
Coppery-red to brownish kraisslite forms a micaceous scale that partially covers at least one side of these examples of granular, red willemite, some potentially with minor fibrous white sussexite, franklinite etc. All samples are brightly fluorescent (green) due to the pervasive granular red willemite, with overall sizes from 1.5cm to nearly 8cm across @ only 10.00, 20.00, 30.00, 45.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each, per quality and size.

MALACHITE "Finger Stalactite"- Komoto Open Pit, Kolwezi, Shaba, Zaire
Although the locality is now known as Katanga Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these mounted thumbnail specimens are ex-Scott Williams, these from his extensive holdings purchased some years ago. His original inventory note listed the former "Shaba, Zaire" as the locality, suggesting these were obtained prior to the transition year of 1997. These are stalactitic "fingers", somewhat phallic in habit, comprised of deep green malachite mounted upright in a Perky box. These are 2-2.5cm tall with no discernable matrix, offered at Scott's original price of just 20.00 each. Only a few on hand!

MICROCLINE variety AMAZONITE- Qui-Buc #5 Mi, Florissant, Teller Co Colorado
Another lot from the old thumbnail stock of Scott Williams Mineral Company, a selection of quite fine amazonite crystals, neatly mounted in standard TN boxes. Most samples show excellent blue color and sharp crystal form, a few with subordinate quartz matrix evident. Scott's handwritten label indicated these were from the "Que-Buc #5 Mine" in the Florissant-Crystal Peak area, an apparently small prospect in this prolific area unknown to me and unrecorded in Mindat. Neat specimens, offered at Scott's original prices from years ago at just 25.00 each.

MINGUZZITE- Cape Calamita, Elba, Livorno, Italy
A decidedly ugly mineral, here from the co-type locality, minguzzite is offered as small powdery masses of nondescript yellowish brown powdery material in a small capsule, originally in the extensive stock of the Cureton Mineral Company from many years ago. Formula is K3Fe3+ (C2O4)3*3H2O. Named for mineralogist Carlo Minguzzi, I can't imagine he was happy that his namesake mineral was so bereft of visible charm. Only a few on hand @ 35.00 eaach.

PANSNERITE (IMA 2016-103)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Russian scientists continue to work on the remarkable number of new species discovered from this Kamchatka volcano, and this particular fumarole has revealed 30 new species to date! Pansnerite occurs as minute, slightly greenish yellow granular crystals, and we offer individual micro crystals mounted on small adhesive stubs. Formula: K3Na3(Fe3+,Al)6(AsO4)8 - orthorhombic, IMA # 2016-103. Author's studied material, only a few samples available @ 150.00 each.

PARGASITE- An Phu Mine, Luc Yen, Yenbai Province, Vietnam
Bright green, stubby columnar masses of attractively colored pargasite to 1cm perched in brilliant white marble matrix. Much of this and similar material has been offered as fluor-cannilloite, but the vast majority of such samples are actually pargasite. Only three colorful samples on hand, overall about 4cm with pleasing, applegreen pargasites therein, @ just 40.00 each. Nice!

PENTAGONITE- Quarry #4, Wagholi, near Poona, India
Brilliant, electric blue radiating crystal sprays of pentagonite in isolated balls to 1cm on matrix. Excellent, attractive specimens, XRD-confirmed, priced at half what the rest of world is charging for unchecked material (that is likely cavansite), these from the actual mining company that first brought them out! All have good micro potential as well, sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm, priced according to quality at just 25.00, 50.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each. Super!

PETALITE- Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Transparent to translucent clear crystals and aggregates of petalite without matrix, these likely the source of the faceted material seen on the market some years ago. Relatively clean and pure specimens, the larger ones less cloudy and quite transparent, sizes ranging from about 1.2cm up to 3cm tall @ just 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each. Gemmy crystals!

PUTORANITE w/ MOOIHOEKITE etc.- Talnach, Norislk, Siberia, Russia
A superbly documented sample of this rare species, offered as 1cm ore sample mounted in a 2.5cm probe mount, accompanied by full quantitative probe data as well as complete XRD output showing admixed mooihoekite! A pair of rare copper-iron sulfides from one of the world's most inhospitable places, only one
documented sample on hand @ 245.00.

PYRITE with FRANCKEITE- 305m Level, Bismark Vein, Siglo XX, Bolivia
An unsual specimen from a very precise location within the famous Siglo Vente Mine in Llallagua, originally from the Reynolds M. Denning collction at Michigan Tech. Denning was a Professor at the University of Michigan who worked and collected in Bolivia during WWII. This sample shows fairly large octahedra and cube modifications of pyrite to 1.5cm comrising matrix, with one edge showing a dull, 3cm aggregate of greyish metallic franckeite. Overall specimen size about 5.5 x 4.5 cm @ 65.00. A precisely-located and historic specimen, but one only!

QUARTZ pseudo @ CALCITE- Rattlesnake Butte, Jackson Co., South Dakota
These are excellent, well-formed scalenohedral calcites from 3cm and getting progressively larger, all in attractive and interesting divergent groups largely replaced by pale greyish-white sandy quartz. Described in the 1920's, early work on this material showed about 15 different species make up the sands, with approximately 37% residual calcite remaining in these weird crystal groups. Neat specimens from about 4cm to 8cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.

REBULITE in ORPIMENT- Jiepaiyu Mine, Changde, Hunan, PR China
This rare Tl-Sb-As-S mineral occurs here as tiny, dark grayish black submetallic pods sparsely scattered in brilliant yellow to orange-yellow orpiment matrix, occasionally with minor realgar and potentially other species. Analyzed material and from only the second known occurrence in the world, specimens range from 2cm up to 6cm across at 75.00, 125.00, and 250.00, depending on size and coverage, all with arrows and copies of our confirming analysis.

SCORODITE- Baishiding Mine, Zhuang A.R., PR China
Unusual, glassy blue scorodite crystals and glassy aggregates to 5mm (!!) scattered among pyrite and other sulfides comprising matrix. From the find of about 10 years ago, these are excellent for the species with surprisingly large crystals, many deeply embedded in sulfide matrix. Study under the 'scope will show much color zoning and other mysteries to be solved, with only a few specimens on hand averaging about 4cm @ 95.00 each. List alternates!

SHORTITE- Stauffer Mine, Green River, Wyoming
From the geological formation that hosted the type locality, shortite occurs here as tabular crystals to 1cm embedded in dull mudstone matrix, all showing interesting yellow fluorescence and blue phosphorescence, generally well-scattered with occasional larger aggregates richly scattered through matrix, which is fluorescent as well. The shortite occurs as nearly transparent pale yellow blocky masses, passably attractive fro an uncommon mineral. Sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 25.00, 35.00, and 55.00; a few larger specimens to 13x7cm on hand @ 100.00.

SPERRYLITE- Vermillion Mine, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
From the Weber-Perloff Collection material purchased some years ago, we have three boxed and mounted samples from this famous locality, each quite different and carefully mounted in a micro box. The first is an exquisite, very sharp tiny single crystal just over 2mm long delicately and expertly balanced on a cactus spine @ 75.00; a larger cubo-octahedral crystal group with minor golden chalcopyrite about twice as large @ 125.00, and a matrix (!!) specimen with multiple crude crystals scattered about a 1.3cm matrix @ 175.00. Only one of each; list alternates!

SPHALERITE and GALENA- Tochibora ore body, Kamioka Mi, Gifu Japan
An unusual "Shiroji-type" skarn ore, here a solid mass of densely intergrown massive sphalerite and predominant galena completely comprising matrix. Skarns often play host to metallic mineral deposits, and this Honshu Island deposit is also the type locality for kamiokite. A modest hand specimen measuring 9x4cm is offered at 45.00.

TENORITE in CHRYSOCOLLA- Chuquicamata, Antofagasta, Chile
A block of copper ore from this prolific locality, here comprised largely of bluish-green chrysocolla with several pods of black tenorite to 2cm wide scattered therein. The piece has several cut faces that reveal a complex banding of several phases. Overall size about 6x4cm at just 30.00. Colorful!

TETRAHEDRITE variety SCHWAZITE- Pueblo District, Harney Co., Oregon
An old specimen of this mercurian variety of tetrahedrite, the ore material described in great detail in a Canadian Mineralogist article in 2001 (Vol. 39, No. 3, pgs 819-830) in which the author's identified a wide range of ore minerals and secondaries from this old and prolific area. This sample is ex-Wintringham and acquired from the old Sunshine Acres School of Mays Landing, NJ, circa 1950s. The piece shows dark greyish masses of Hg-rich tetrahedrite in seams in siliceous matrix, and under the scope, evidence of covellite, trace azurite, filmy chrysocolla and other unidentified phases scattered throughout the sample. Not pretty, but worthy of further study, as Mindat does not list the azurite and other potential secondaries seen in the specimen. Overall size
about 8x6cm @ 55.00.Great locality piece; one only!

TUNGSTENITE- Crevola Quarry, Ossola Valley, Italy
From material acquired in the mid-1970s, these are white marble matrix samples with very tiny, isolated platy grains of greyish-black tungstenite very sparsely scattered in matrix, occasionally with scant, orange-brown phlogopite evident as well. All specimens with arrows to aid in microscopic examination, overall sizes from 2.5cm to 4cm across @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

Natural History of NY- Part III - Mineralogy (1842) Lewis C. Beck
This oversized original 1842 volume contains over 530 pages of crystal drawings, plates, maps and text describing the mineralogy of the State as known at the time. An original edition of Beck's groundbreaking compilation, bound in gold-embossed brown cloth and printed by White & Visscher in Albany in 1842, the cover is worn and torn in several spots but contents are in good condition with minor foxing. This classic work begs to be rebound, originally priced at 350.00, reduced to just 175.00 plus shipping due to condition of the cover. Superb, historical locality data - don't miss this one!

UK MICROMOUNTS- Various Mines, United Kingdom
There are a vast number of mines in the UK that produced numerous secondary minerals suitable for micromounts. In order to make room in our fully-filled warehouse, we offer a dozen different specimens from a wide range of UK mines, all individually labeled and mounted in TN/Micro boxes at just 49.00 per dozen. While there are more dollars to made selling these interesting minerals individually, enjoy this blowout offer while supplies last. Multiples welcomed, and these are sure to please!

CORUNDUM (RUBY - HT-GF)- Unspecified locality Madagascar
This are bright red, transparent faceted oval corundums (ie. ruby) that average about 8x6mm and typically weigh around 2 carats each. Like many modern gemstones, we believe these are both heat-treated and leaded glass filled to disguise faults and improve both color and transparency, and we label them as "HT-GF" based onour opinion. That said, they are nonetheless attractive and inexpensive compared to untreated ruby of this color and transparency, with each stone offered at just 35.00 each. Only a few available!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21708 – Volume XLIV, No.8

ALPERSITE- Big Mike Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
This rare Mg-Cu hydrous sulfate occurs here at the type locality as pale blue to slightly greensih blue crystalline mounds attractively scattered and largely comprising matrix. Minute needles of white pickeringite are evident on most samples, and these have been XRD-confirmed by the author, and resentative XRD data is suplied with each specimen. Cell dimensions were refined using Rietveld analysis. The mineral occurs rarely as an effluorescent here and is infrequently present at the locality, uncovered under only ideal conditions of formation. Ex-Forrest Cureton, surprisingly attractive specimens ranging from about 4cm to 7cm across are offered at just 45.00, 75.00 and 125.00 each.

AZURITE- Concepcion Mine, Catorce, S.L.P., Mexico
Old time specimens from this excellent silver-copper-zinc locality, considered by Panczer as "limited distribution" in reference to the amount of specimen material produced. These were originally purchased in 1964 and are just now seeing the light of day once again! Azurite occurs here as sparkling druses and elongated crystals up to 7mm long(!!), nicely perched in opened seams in a limonitic matrix, some showing partial pseudomorphing to bright green malachite as well. Quite fine, we offer a range of specimens from several flats of this old material, specimen sizes from about 3.5cm to nearly 7cm across, priced according to quality, not size, @ just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and a few at 45.00 each. Wonderful in both hand specimens and under the scope as well!

BETAFITE var. CALCIOBETAFITE- Mount Brusa, Luvigliano, Padova, Italy
This uncommon mineral occurs as minute, bright orange glassy micro crystals very sparsely scattered in vugs in sanidine matrix. Approved by the IMA in 1982, it was later discredited in the redefinition of the pyrochlore group minerals in 2010, suggested to be a Ca-dominant betafite since it was Nb-dominant over Ti. Whether it will remain a variety of betafite or another species will depend on future nomenclature changes. These interesting specimens have modest micro potential, and all have pinpointing arrows. Specimens average 2cm @ 65.00 each. Only a few on hand!

CALCITE- nr. Santa Barbara, Curacao, Neth. Antilles
White to pinkish massive calcite matrix with occasional small vugs yielding micro calcites as well. Mildly fluorescent (SW purple-blue), some with minor associated phosphate (predominantly apatite) as well. Very unusual locality material (cactus and salty ocean in the same vista!), about 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela. Be the only kid on the block with an analyzed Curacao calcite; matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 8cm @ 7.50, 15.00 and 30.00 each.

CASSITERITE- Huanuni, Oruro Department, Bolivia
A old lot of excellent cassiterite TNs uncovered from our stock of the Scott Williams collection. The dark brown to nearly black Huanuni specimens show superb, brilliant luster as well as the interesting, blocky crystal form sometimes called a "drill-bit" that displays elongated prism faces terminated with a nicely pointed pyramid. Associations on a few samples are typically elongated quartz crytsals. Obviously older material, specimens quite fine and averaging 2.5cm and mounted in "perky boxes" @ just 30.00 each. Only six available.

CLINOZOISITE var: CLINOTHULITE- Micaville, Yancey Co., North Carolina
Bright pink radiaiting aggregates and masses lightly scattered in white oligoclase matrix, typically associated with minor muscovite and/or quartz. Likely from the Fanny Gouge Mine within the Spruce Pine District, these samples were acquired over fifty years ago. Moderately colorful and representative, specimens range from about 3cm to 8cm across @ 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Neat old stuff!

DIAMOND- Ekati Mine, Lac de Gras, NWT, Canada
From the most significant North American diamond producing deposit, we have several superb single octahedral diamond crystals without matrix, all showing excellent form with hues ranging from pale grey to light tan, most typically with minor carbon inclusions and the larger samples with moderately good transparency. Excellentdiamond specimens, these are offered as follows: 2.15 cts @ 440.00; 2.34 cts @ 615.00; 2.67 cts @ 920.00; 3.31 cts @ 1180.00 and one @ 3.59 cts @ 1270.00; all net priced based on size and clarity; don't miss these!

EPIDOTE-CLINOZOISITE- Peavine Peak, Washoe Co., Nevada
These are TN-sized specimens with dark red, elongated crystalline aggregates well scatteed in quartz. While the literature notes that these have traditionally been labelled as piemontite, our chemical analyses have found that there is no Mn in the samples, suggesting that they are actually somewhere between clinozositite and epidote with an intermediate Fe content, and hence, we have labeled them accordingly as epidote-clinozoisite, but they are clearly NOT piemontite. Each colorful TN-sized specimen is accompanied by a copy of our analytical work @ just 15.00 each, about one-third the cost of the analysis itself!

EUCRYPTITE- Londonderry Quarry, W.A., Australia
Rich massive eucryptite comprising matrix and often intergrown with dull beige feldspar, the eucryptite typically white to very pale pink in color. The species is fluorescent dull red to pinkish (SW UV), and these are old specimens originally obtained by Forrest Cureton in Australia many years ago. Specimen sizes range from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 10.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

FERRINATRITE w/ METAVOLTINE etc- Le Cetine Mine, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
This uncommon Na-Fe sulfate mineral occurs here as minute white needle-like micro crystals and aggregates, often intergrown with rozenite and almost always associated with yellowish masses of metavoltine. Only a few specimens available, sizes from 2.5cm to 4cm @ 25.00 and 35.00 each, depending on coverage, not size.

GALENA- East Tennessee Pb-Zn District, Tennessee
An old specimen collected by famous geologist/mineralogist E.W. Heinrich, here as massive galena aggregates richly scattered in off-white, calcite-rich rock matrix. The peice is quite heavy and is accompanied by both Heinrich's label as well as that of the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum. Overall size about 10x6cm @ 55.00. One!

GETCHELLITE- Getchell Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
From the famous South Pit discovery many years ago, getchellite occurs here as deep red, platy to micaceous aggregates lightly scattered in matrix, typically with orpiment, pararealgar and occasionally minor realgar as well. Classic material from the type locality and quite colorful, sizes from 2cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each.

GOLD- Marupa River, Jacareacanga, Para, Brazil
From an extraordinary find, we have a pair of exceptional gold specimens found on the left bank of the river in 2015. Offered here as well-crystallized floaters that display well and are of significant size. These are quite aesthetic, appearing as frothy, crystalline masses, ranging from 3.5cm to 4cm tall, weighing an impressive 36.9g to 53.3g @ 4100.00 and 5950.00 respectively. Crystallized gold is not cheap, but Wow!!!

HAUCHECORNITE- Vermilion Mine, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
This complex bismuth and antimony bearing nickel sulfide occurs as pale bronze, sparse metallic grains, often intergrown with visually indistinguishable associated chalcopyrite. Probably more common but difficult to recognize, we have small specimens about 1 cm @ 30.00, and a pair of larger samples, ex-Prosper Williams, 6cm @ 150.00 and 11 cm @ 250.00. List alternates!

HETAEROLITE- Esperanza Mine, Lavrion, Greece
Tiny, black dipyramidal crystals of hetaerolite scattered in limonitic vugs, occasionally with tiny needles of pyrolusite in association. Soem samples have weirdly twisted crystals of brownish dolomite as well, with matrix sizes averaging about 3cm across, all with micro potential, at just 40.00 each.

HYDROKENOMICROLITE-3R- Alto do Giz, Parelhas, RG do Norte, Brazil
Extremely tiny, pale greenish yellow to colorless grains (1mm or less) of this exceptionally rare mineral individually mounted on a boxed, adhesive disk. Confirmed optically and by microprobe, these are type locality specimens very competetively priced at just 45.00 each! Rare stuff, the material a valid mineral now considered as a Ba-rich variety from this locality and recently IMA approved from the former parabariomicrolite name to the new mineral in CNMMN proposal 16-C!

HYDROMAGNESITE- Chalk Mountain, Churchill Co., Nevada
Small white botryoids to several millimeters richly scattered over rock matrix, these comprised of tightly packed, radiating clusters and needles of hydromagnesite. Recently XRD-confirmed, these were collected on the west side of Chalk Mountain and were recently uncovered in our warehouse (see Mindat image). Some associatedwith pale blue mcguinnessite, specimen sizes from about 2.5cm to nearly 10cm across @ just 8.00, 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each. Neat, and all with micro potential as well!

JAMBORITE pseudo @ MILLERITE- Ca' dei Ladri, Emilia Romagna Reg. Italy
Old material from this uncommon locality, here as sparsely scattered, small radiating needles of dark greenish jamborite lying flat in matrix, likely as pseudos after millerite. Only a few specimens on hand, specimen sizes from 2cm to 3.5cm @ 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

KARNASURTITE-(Ce)- Pegmatite #62, Mt. Karnasurt, Lovozero, Russia
Dull yellowish to tan platy aggregates sparsely scattered in matrix, these from the type locality for the species in the Hackmanite Stock of the #62 pegmatite. Most samples are associated with massive, white natrolite, fluorescent hackmanite, etc. Specimens range from 1cm @ 25.00 to 3cm @ 65.00.

LEISINGITE- Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
This rare species occurs as minute, bright yellow platy crystals and aggregates very sparsely scattered in drusy quartz vugs. A rare copper-tellurate mineral, and there were fewer than a dozen good specimens available on the worldwide market from the 1992 find. These are the very last of our stock, all micros requiring at least 25x, matrix sizes average about 1cm @ 350.00 each. List alternates!

MEGACYCLITE- Tsentral'nyi Mi, Rasvumchorr, Kola, Russia
An exceptionally rare mineral, here from the second find for the species at Rasvumchorr Mtn in Khibiny. The mineral occurs here as snow-white aggregates and extremely thin veinlets up to several millimeters long, sparsely scattered in and on dark green aegirine aggregates and crystals frozen in matrix. All specimens with pinpointing arrows, overall matrix sizes from 1.5cm to 4cm across @ 85.00, 120.00, 165.00 and 200.00 each.

MEGAWITE (IMA #2009-090)- Lakargi Mt., Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as minute inclusions in a complex hydrogrossular-larnite matrix, occasionally with other identified species noted. Superbly documented samples of polished sections about 5mm across in 10mm epoxy mounts, each including a color image and four (4) labelled SEM images that pinpoint and identify the species and its associations. A new CaSnO3 (orthorhombic) mineral in minute, pale yellowish-brown aggregates, IMA #2009-090, co-type material with full probe data, a new member of the perovskite group, only one specimen available @ 245.00.

MELANOVANADINITE- Minasragra, Cerro de Pasco, Peru
Small black to dark brownish aggregates intermingled with patronite and possibly other phases from this well known type locality for the species. A rare mineral from one its more prolific occurrences, granular aggregates of micro masses in full 2cm vials @ 25.00 each, matrix specimens from 1cm to 2cm @ 45.00 and 65.00 each. Ugly stuff but uncommon and from the classic occurrence!

MONTMORILLONITE- Willard District, Pershing Co., Nevada
Relatively pure, greyish white montmorillonite completely comprising these specimens, collected over 30 years ago from the clay deposits found among several tributaries in Coal Canyon. Rich but blandly ugly material, specimens ranging from about 4cm to 8cm across @ just 8.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

NACAPHITE- Koashva Mt., Khibiny, Kola, Russia
Small stacked tabular aggregates of white to slightly pinkish nacaphite perched in small pods in a dark green, aegirine-rich rock matrix. Superior to the nearby type locality material, we have only a few samples of this rare phosphate, sizes from several small fragments in a capsule @ 25.00 per vial to matrix pieces to 1cm @ 55.00 each.

NOVACEKITE-II- Animas Mine, Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico
Minute, bright yellow platy aggregates of this uncommon uranium mineral lightly scattered on gypsum matrix. Many samples labeled simply as "novacekite" are often novacekite-II, the phase with 10 waters rather than 12, heading towards metanovacekite (8 waters) due to the mineral's well-known loss of water at ambient conditions. Specimens range from about 3cm to 5cm across @ 30.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each, depending on coverage.

OLIVENITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
From material described in our June, 2012 Mineral News article, we have a small lot of micro green olivenite specimens on hand, typically as zincian olivenite in tiny sheaf-like crystals rarely exceeding 1mm perched in quartz vugs sometimes with associated corroded tetrahedrite and sometimes with other late-stage copperminerals. Specimen sizes range from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, most with modest micro potential as well.

PERTLIKITE with COQUIMBITE- Alcaparrosa Mine, Calama, Atacama, Chile
A fairly rare mineral described about ten years ago, perlikite occurs as pale yellowish to slightly greenish when Zn-rich micro crystal aggregates sparsely scattered on sulfate matrix, here with a nice lavender band of crystalline coquimbite running through throughout a white, krausite-rich matrix. IMA #2005-055, and only a couple samples available, and trimming may expose occasionally associated alcaparrosaite, overall sizes about 4cm @ 155.00. List alternates!

QUARTZ variety AMETHYST- Unyang, Hwanghae-namdo, North Korea
An obscure locality highlights these small, relatively clean single crystals of amethyst, showing good transparency at the pyramidal faces and typically cloudy at the prisms. Recently uncovered from the detritus of the Julius Weber collection, the vintage of these TN-boxed specimens is unknown. Among the few North Korean minerals we have ever offered, crystals range from about 1.3cm to 2cm tall at just 10.00 and 15.00 each. Only a few available; list alternates!

ROOSEVELTITE- Moldava, Dubi, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Minute, dull white, somewhat platy aggregates of this unusual bismuth-arsenate mineral offered as tiny aggregates in a capsule. Named by Herzenberg in 1946 for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Old Cureton stock that is strictly reference material for the species, just a few vials available @ 30.00 each. List alternates!

SPHALERITE var "RUBY JACK"- Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., Kansas
Classic Tri-State sphalerite, here as rich, deep red to nearly black glassy crystals fully scattered on greyish chert matrix, occasionally as darker floater groups comprising matrix. Originally purchased in 1957 (!!) from the famous Tri-State dealer Boodle Lane, these are surley an American mineral classic, with most specimens in the 5cm to 10cm size range @ just 8.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. About 10 flats of this 60 year-old stock!

SPINEL- An Phu Mine, Luc Yen, Yenbai Prov., Vietnam
Deep red to pink octahedral spinel crystals nicely contrasted on and protruding from brilliant white marble matrix, with individual crystals ranging in size from about 1.5mm to 3mm across, with virtually all specimens showing multiple crystals on each matrix sample. The overall specimen sizes average about 6cm across and are very inexpensively priced at just 30.00 each, far below previous stocks!

TUNDRITE-(Ce)- Vostochnyi Mine, Koashva Mt, Khibiny Russia
From a relatively new find, these are likely the finest Tundrite-(Ce) samples to ever come out of Russia, certainly competeing with the best of Mont St. Hilaire and Ilimaussaq specimens. The mineral occurs as pale yellow radiating sprays of acicular crystals in groups to 1cm across lying flat on matrix, typically associated with natrolite, aegirine and lamprophyllite. Overall specimen sizes average up to 4cm across at 125.00 each, certainly among the best of the species. Only four specimens available!

TUNGSTENITE-2H- North of Chase Creek, B.C., Canada
Dull grey metallic masses of the 2H polytype of tungstenite and admixed sulfides scattered in white quartz matrix. Old Cureton material from many years ago, lean specimens range from about 1.5cm to 4cm @ 25.00, 45.00 and 85.00 each. Only a few available from this unreported occurrence!

URANINITE- North Jack Pile Mine, near Laguna, New Mexico
A pair of dark, granular sandstones collected by E. W. Heinrich from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, each moderately radioactive due to included granular uraninite. Frequently associated with coffinite as well, Heinrich noted in 1958 that both the Jack Pile and North Jack Pile were being mined via an open cut, ultimately planning to connect the two deposits into a single operation, located about 6 miles north of Laguna in Cibola County. Many references today simply call the deposit "Jackpile Mine" (one word), ignoring its earlier naming and history. The specimens average about 7x5cm @ 125.00 each.

VANADINITE- Mammoth Mine, Tiger, Pinal Co., Arizona
From an old dealer's stock, we've located a handful of well crystallized vanadinites from this prolific locality, here as small orange-red barrel shaped micro crystals very richly scattered on matrix. Attractive specimens, overall sizes ranges from about 3cm to 6cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each. Neat old-timers as either display pieces or can be broken down for prolific micros!

WAKABAYASHILITE- Jas Roux, Hautes Alpes, France
Minute, bright yellow needles and thin laths of this unusual species sparsely scattered on matrix, typically with minor realgar and a variety of odd sulfides. Older samples originally from the BRGM in Paris and analytically confirmed, we have a few on hand, most with modest micro potential, sizes from about 2cm to 4cm @ 20.00, 40.00 and 60.00, priced according to quality not specimen size.

WARDITE- Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
Clear to pale greenish-grey tetragonal crystals (some to 1cm !!) and lustrous aggregates scattered on gossan matrix from this excellent locality, more precisely designated as Stoneman Camp. These are not mine-run specimens, but rather are select, well-crystallized wardite specimens from this challenging collecting area, largely accessible by helicopter or small plane only a couple of months of the year. Matrix sizes range from about 3cm to 5cm across, priced according to quality, @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each. Excellent for the price!

ZOISITE variety TANZANITE- Merelani Hills, Manyara Region, Tanzania
Crudely crystalline purplish-blue zoisite (variety tanzanite) here as crude, matrix-free partial crystals and aggregates showing some striated faces, some with minor graphite. Although relatively translucent to opaque, these are among the most reasonably priced, colorful example of tanzanite we have seen, with specimen sizes ranging from about 2cm to 3cm @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each. If you prefer gemmy, well formed single crystals, we have those as well at considerably higher cost. Please inquire.


In the 1960s and 1970s, agate nodules coming from a number localities were of such high quality that they often received specific names to denote their special status among lapidaries and collectors. Today, most of those localities produce little, if any, worthy specimens, and prices for top grade rough can approach $100 a pound for some. We recently acquired from a long-time collector and cutter a very handsome lot of these classic nodules, all expertly cut and polished! The collection includes rare Laguna agates, Coyamito, Agua Nueva and Moctezuma agates from Mexico, excellent banded Botswana from Africa, as well as fine Condor agate from Argentina. These are not slabs, but highly desirable polished nodule halves, and none are heat-treated or dyed. Specimen diameters range from 3.5cm to 5cm across, and a collection of six different localities @ just 95.00 per collection. Every specimen is individually labeled as to precise locality as well, but limit two collections per order, please, as these are in very short supply!

UNITED KINGDOM PYROMORPHITES- 6 Different Mines in the United Kingdom
From a modest aquisition of older micromounts, we have assembled small collections of pyrophite from SIX DIFFERENT MINES in the United Kingdom, including localities in Wales, Scotland and England. All specimens are mounted in 2.5cm clear-top micro boxes and fully labelled as to precise locality, with crystals ranging in color from yellow to green and shades in between. Six different and often unusual UK locality pyromorphite specimens @ just 30.00 per lot. Limited availability - list alternates!

SECONDARY PHOSPHATES- White Elephant Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
We recently uncovered a flat of secondary phosphates from this locality that were collected years ago by grad students of Willard Roberts at the South Dakota School of Mines. While the locality has produced over forty (40) different species, about half of them occur as well-formed micro crystals of various secondary phosphates. A casual look through the flat disclosed at least ten or more are easily recognizable under the scope in these samples, and trimming would likely yield others as well. To move these out quickly, we are offering two different sized lots of unlabelled samples, sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm for the low price of just 5 specimens for 45.00, or 12 specimens for 100.00. We will include a short checklist of what you may find, but it will be up to you to trim, clean, label and mount these on your own. Limit one lot per order, please!


CORDIERITE- Tamil Nadu, IndiaNicely faceted gems of cordierite (variety iolite) show good violet-blue color, as well as the facinating property of trichrosism in which diffeent orientations will show good variation in color from purplish to bluish to greyish within the same stone. Only a few on hand, available as 6mm rounds @ 20.00, and ovals that average about 9x7mm @ 30.00 each.


SHONKINITE- Shonkin Sag Iaccolith, Chouteau Co., Montana
From the petrological type locality, these are rather ugly specimens of shonkinite rock that show embedded augite and several other minerals. Shonkinite is a coarse-grained, plutonic igneous rock that typically contains nepheline and alkali feldspars, conventionally defined today as a melanocratic variety of foid syenite. Excellent locality material, acquired in 1974 and likely collected decades earlier, specimens about 5cm @ 35.00 each.

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21707 – Volume XLIV, No.7

ANDRADITE- Ocna de Fier, Banat (ex-Hungary), Romania
An old specimen comprised of desnsely intergrown dodecahedral crystals of murky, brownish green andradite to 6mm richly scattered on the surface of a massive garnet-rich matrix. The piece is ex-Czech National Museum and is accompanied by their label, the locality a significant producer with over 100 species known, many discovered when the region was an active gold mining region and part of Hungary. The specimen measures about 8x5cm @ just 65.00.

(Admin edit) This should be Ariegilatite
ARIEGILAITE (IMA #2016-100)- Hatrurim Basin, Negev Desert, Israel
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute white crystals scattered in spurrite/brownmillerite matrix, offered here as superbly documented, polished section sample just over 1cm across, accompanied by a color image of the section and a pair of labelled SEM images that pinpoint the species. Full quantitative chemistry is also provided for the specimen; formula BaCa12(SiO4)4(PO4)4F2O - trigonal - IMA #2016-100, the phosphate analog of dargaite. Author's holotype specimen @ 325.00. List alternates!

AZURITE- Chessy, Le Bois d'Oingt, Rhone, France
An old and classic specimen, here as small miniature of thickly tabular, very dark azurite blades densely intergrown and fully comprising matrix, with a trace of green malachite evident as well. Samples from this TYPE LOCALITY may not be as gemmy as those from Tsuemb and elsewhere, they are, nonetheless,
among the most sought-after specimens among collectors. It is reported that the azurites from Chessy were largely mined out by 1845! The piece is ex-Paterson Museum and is accompanied by their rather ratty label, overall size about 3.5cm x 2.5cm @ 225.00.

BABINGTONITE with THOMSONITE- Kouragahana, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
A single specimen comprised of black, highly lustrous micro babingtonite crystals nicely isolated on matrix, associated with several small greyish balls of thomsonite over drusy epidote-encrusted rock. This unusual locality is near the city of Matsue on Honshu Island, and overall specimen size about 4 x 3.5cm @ 30.00. One only, and with modest micro potential as well!

BARICITE- Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
From an old hoard, thick micaceous masses of pale "metallic blue" baricite richly comprising matrix. Type locality material, obtained in the 1970s after the species was first described, sizes from single 1cm plates @ 15.00 to larger 2cm to 5cm matrix specimens of high purity @ 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

BERYL variety AQUAMARINE- Mangochi District, Malawi
Pale blue, translucent vitreous aggregates and masses of aquamarine fully comprise these specimens, a few with trace mica evident. The gem region in this landlocked country (formerly known as Nyasaland) borders Mozambique to the east, but specimens have previously been largely limited to the Zomba region.
Only a few massive samples on hand, sizes from about 2.5cm to 8cm across @ 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. One large crystal section about 12x9x7cm on hand @ 100.00.

BETA-ROSELITE with ERYTHRITE- Bou Azzer, Tazenakht, Morocco
An excellent micro specimen, ex-Lou Perloff/Julius Weber collection, nicely mounted in a 2.5cm micro box and showing richly scattered, divergent deep purple platy crystals of erythrite, with a columnar group of lighter pink beta-roselite crystals perched amount the erythrite blades. The piece measures about 2cm
across and is a handsome example of a great association of these two cobalt-rich arsenates. Only one available @ 65.00. Very attractive under the scope!

BRINDLEYITE- Victorio, Luna Co., New Mexico
Rather ugly greenish to brown masses of this rarely recognized mineral, a nickel-rich member of the kaolinite-serpentine group. We have brindleyite as small masses and flakes packed into capsules, varying from tiny aggregates slightly masses, at 35.00 per capsule. Ex-Dr. Sidney Williams, the late mineralogist and manager at Phelps-Dodge's Research Laboratory who described many rare species during his career.

CALCITE (Rare Scepter)- St. Andreasberg, Harz Mts., Germany
A highly unusual crystal from this historic locality, a sharp rhombohedral crystal forms the base for a steeplelike scepter growth comprised of several joined and elongated prisms. A similar sample is pictured in Mindat (ex-Kay Robertson Collection and noted as from an 1800's find). This sample shows a distinctive, rosybrown hue at its core, and it nicely translucent. It also displays a pleasing, dull red fluorescent response as well, under both SW and LW UV. The sample is ex-E.W. Heinrich, famous geologist and mineralogist, and is accompanied by his label. Overall size of this truly superb thumbnail is about 2.5 x 1.5 cm @ 150.00. A highly unusual and excellent TN!

CALEDONITE with LINARITE- Los Azules, Zapallar, Copiapo, Chile
A fairly uncommon Pb-Cu-carbonate-sulfate mineral, the caledonite occurs here as delicate, pale sea-blue micro crystals and aggregates scattered in seams and vugs, associated with striking, dark purplish-blue linarite and potentially other phases in pale rock matrix. Most samples will have good micro potential as well, and specimen sizes range from about 2cm to nearly 5cm across @ 35.00, 50.00 and 65.00 each, depending on coverage.

CLINOZOISITE- Ward Mine, White Pine Co., Nevada
As featured in the September, 2017 issue of Mineral News, this is the first confirmed clinozoisite to be found at this prolific locality. The mineral occurs as pink micro crystals lying flat on a pale grey, cherty matrix. Coverage is relatively lean but obvious, and some have modest micro potential. XRD data is supplied with each sample, and matrix sizes are commensurate with coverage, ranging from about 2cm to 8cm across @ 8.50, 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

DARAPSKITE- Pampa del Toro, Antofagasta, Chile
A rather ugly mineral, a sodium-nitrate-sulfate-hydrate, occurring here as relatively pure, colorless to tan crusty aggregates comprising matrix. From the type locality, old Gunnell material offered as tiny fragments in a 2cm vial @ 35.00 each. Limited availability!

DIAMOND - Macle Twin- Oranjemund, Orange River, Namibia
After combing through our extensive inventory of diamond crystals, we have located several gemmy, transparent white macle twins from this prolific area that borders South Africa. These transparent crystals have the shape of an equilateral triangle, rather flat in aspect, but all quite clean and gemmy. Good examples of these interesting crystallographic habits include one of each of the following: 0.81 cts 7x6x2mm @ 480.00; 1.16 cts 8x6x2mm @ 600.00; 1.43 cts 8x6x3mm @ 745.00. List alternates!

ECLOGITE- Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina
Yes, its a rock, not a mineral, but what a rock! Eclogites are often quite striking in appearance and useful indicators for some diamond occurrences as they represent high-pressure, densely metamorphosed mafic igneous source rocks from mantle depths. These show richly scattered red garnet grains, omphacitic
pyroxene, darker amphiboles and possibly other phases. Specimens from this relatively unexploited locality make superior thin sections and polished sections as well, or you can just study their complexity in hand specimens or under the 'scope! Sizes range from about 3cm to 7cm across, very reasonably offered at just 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

EPIDIDYMITE w/ SERANDITE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Somewhat blocky, pseudohexagonal opaque white crystals of this uncommon beryllium mineral to 6mm nicely perched on matrix, the rear of the specimen showing bright pinkish, translucent crystals of serandite covering about 75% of the back of the piece! An aesthetic miniature that stands about 3.5cm tall with an
adhered and unobtrusive flexible base @ 175.00. One only!

FLUORITE- Fluorite Ridge, nr. Deming, Luna Co. New Mexico
An old E. W. Heinrich specimen and accompanied by his label, comprised of massive, color-zoned fluorite that ranges from the predominant sea-green to white to red-brown included areas, all quite vitreous and showing interesting fluorescent color zones under LW and SW UV as well. The piece weights just over four
(4) pounds(!!) and measures a hefty 12x9x9 cm @ just 45.00.

GALENA- Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, B.C., Canada
Fine-grained, massive galena with admixed sphalerite and pyrhottite result in an odd, banded metallic ore sample in these rich specimens. Old material, acquired with the unrealized thought of preparing neat polished sections, we offer specimens from 5cm to 7cm @ just 15.00 and 20.00 each. Heavy!

GANOMALITE- Jacobsberg Mine, Varmland, Sweden
Exceptionally rich granular white aggregates of ganomalite intergrown with brilliantly fluorescent (redorange) calcite comprising matrix, most with minor dispersed biotite and possibly other species. The larger pieces are perhaps the richest specimens we've ever offered, sizes from about 1.5cm to an astounding 12cm long @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00, 65.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

GAUDEFROYITE- N'Chwaning II Mine, Kuruman, Rep So Africa
Superb groups of handsome, brilliantly lustrous small black elongated hexagonal crystals of gaudfroyite perched on and covering black manganese ore matrix, some with minor calcite and/or hematite as well. Excellent for the species, these are half the price of similar material of 20 years ago. Only a few specimens on hand, sizes range from TNs @ 25.00 to 4cm specimens @ only 55.00 each! List alternates!

GAYLUSSITE- Lake Amboseli, Rift Valley Province, Kenya
Excellent single crystals and strangely distorted hoppers of translucent gaylussite without matrix. All are at least singly terminated, some better are doubly terminated, and the hoppers are quite sharp and elongated. Only a few mounted TNs @ 20.00 each. Old material from a great locality!

GEDRITE- Skisshyttan, Dalarna, Sweden
From a well known locality for the species, gedrite occurs here as black, radiating aggregates well-scattered in matrix. The material is known for the metavulcanite rock matrix, reported to be 1.7 billion years old! Specimens range in size from 2cm to 6cm across at just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each, all with relatively good coverage.

INYOITE with MEYERHOFFERITE- New Pit, Boron, Kern Co., California
From a classic U.S. locality, these are glassy, greyish white aggregates of inyoite richly scattered in matrix, typically with white, opaque meyerhofferite. Specimens range from about 1.5cm to nearly 12cm across @ 12.50, 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. Excellent Kazakhstan material also available - inquire!

JOHANNSENITE- Black Hole Prospect, Aravapai Dist. Arizona
Brownish radiating columnar sprays and divergent aggregates of johannsenite richly comprising matrix, originally from the first discovey of the species in Arizona in the early 1960's by the USGS. Specimens range from about 2cm to 6cm across, a few larger, occasionally with minor admixed magnetite, at just 10.00, 17.50 and 25.00 each.

KOGARKOITE- Mt. Princeton Hot Spring, Chaffee Co., Colorado
This uncommon species occurs as minute crystal aggregates and relatively pure cellular masses to 0.5mm intergrown in epsomite matrix, offered as crude fragments in a capsule. The material was once mistakenly identified as schairerite, but subsequent XRD work showed it to be this rare Na-F-sulfate mineral. Originally obtained from Adolf Pabst (pabstite) via Forrest Cureton, only a few available @ just 25.00 each.

LEADHILLITE w/ CALEDONITE- Mammoth-St Anthony Mine, Tiger, Arizona
Rich, pale blue masses of leadhillite comprising about half of this rich specimen, also associated with richly scattered, glassy micro cerussite, paralaurionite and possibly other phases, including an area of intense green micro caledonites! There appear to be other unknowns in this vuggy sample, but we don't have the heart to break it up for further analytical work. A neat, representative leadhillite with moderately good color, overall size about 5x4cm @ 250.00. One only!

LEVANTITE (IMA #2017-010)- Har Parsa, Hatrurim Basin, Negev, Israel
This NEW SPECIES occurs as microscopic crystals and rims in 2cm polished ore sections in a complex matrix of unusual species. Formula: KCa3Al2(SiO4)(Si2O7)(PO4) - monoclinic - IMA #2017-010. Author's holotype and co-type specimens, elegantly presented with a pair of labeled SEM images, a color image of the section and full quantitative chemistry for each individual specimen. A new member of the latiumite group from the west slope of Mt. Parsa @ 285.00 each. Only a few available!

MIMETITE- Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia
From an old hoard of material originally supplied by the late Scott Williams some years ago, these are excellent, bright yellow groups and of sheaves of mimetite crystals to 4mm nicely radiating and free-standing on matrix, most mounted in Scott's classic pedestal style in standard TN boxes. Quite attractive, most reach 2.5cm across, and these were prepared more than 25 years ago by one of the more prolific dealers of that time. Fewer than a dozen available @ just 25.00 each. Attractive and most with fine MM potential as well; don't miss these from the heyday of Tsumeb material!

OLIVENITE- Tin Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing Co. Nevada
From an old-time hoard, we have a half dozen specimens of excellent Tin Stope olivenite, here as sharp and highly lustrous dark green to nearly black micro crystals scattered on dense, rhyolitic matrix. Expertly prepared, most with a saw-cut base, these display well and are priced according to overall quality/size. Specimens range from about 5cm to nearly 10cm across @ 50.00 and 75.00 each. Nice!

PELLYITE- Esquire #8, Big Creek, Fresno Co., California
Dark brown masses of pellyite in matrix, occasionally with other rare barium minerals. An unusual species, these from the most prolific of the few localities we have in stock, matrix sizes from about 1.5cm to 3cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each, depending on richness.

PHURCALITE- Posey Mine, San Juan County, Utah
Phurcalite is available in moderate to richly covered specimens of bright yellow crusts intermixed with sharp acicular tufts of minute crystals. Fluorescent green as well, these make both good hand specimens and fine micromounts. Available as TN's @ 20.00 or larger sized matrix specimens from 5cm to 9cm @ 45.00, 65.00 and 80.00 each.

PYROMORPHITE on BARITE- Machacamarca Mine, Potosi, Bolivia
An unusual locality and occurrence, here as small hexagonal crystals of greyish to dull green pyromorphite lightly scattered over platy, opaque white barite crystals comprising matrix. Collected nearly 20 years ago and recently uncovered in our warehouse, only three specimens are on hand, averaging about 5cm across @ just 35.00 each, all with modest micro potential as well.

RHODOCHROSITE- Camp Bird Mine, Ouray Co., Colorado
We are excited to offer this old material, originally purchased circa 1968 and rarely seen on the market today from this famous Colorado locality. The rhodochrosite occurs as delicate pink druses fully covering the concave side of calcite-rhodochrosite molds, presenting pleasing, dimpled specimens with virtually no rock matrix. The convex side of the samples shows paler rhodochrosite with more prolific white calcite that is brightly fluorescent (red SWUV), these as relatively thin drusy aggregates. Excellent for the locality, originally acquired about 50 years ago, sizes from about 2cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 30.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each. See one of ours pictured on Mindat; fewer than two dozen available from this old find!

RICHELSDORFITE- Burrus Mine, nr. Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada
Excellent neon-blue, spongy crystalline aggregates and stacked tabular crystals of richelsdorfite scattered in vugs in matrix, typically with malachite, chrysocolla and possibly other species. Old material recently uncovered in our warehouse, fine for the species, good micro potential on the better pieces, and matrix sizes from 1.5cm to nearly 4cm @ 10.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each.

ROBERTSITE- Tip Top Pegmatite, Custer Co., South Dakota
This phosphate mineral, named for the well known mineralogist and author Willard Roberts, occurs as medium to dark brown crystalline coatings scattered over a phosphate rock matrix. The robertsite is distinguished by its radiating structure, and is associated with the typical group of secondary phosphates this locality is well known for. Sizes from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 35.00, and 50.00 each. Similar material from the White Elephant Mine also available - inquire!

RODALQUILARITE- Joe Shaft, Tombstone, Cochise Co., Arizona
Pale yellowish green flattened aggregates of this rare tellurium mineral scattered on rock matrix, occasionally with other species. From the famous discovery of about 45 years ago, then only the third world locality for the species. We have specimens from 1.5cm to 6cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00, 50.00, 75.00.

ROSASITE with HEMIMORPHITE- Nevada Superior Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
This little-known locality first produced a smattering of Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu minerals in 1905, and this material is the first reported occurrence for rosasite, as well as hemimorphite from the mine! Rosasite forms tiny, latestage blue botryoids and isolated balls in a brown, quartz-rich gossan matrix, some with tiny sheaves of radiaiting, clear hemimorphite as well. Specimens are primarily TNs with good micro potential, and the locality will be featured in an upcoming Mineral News article. Matrix sizes from about 2cm to 3cm across @ 8.50 and 12.50 each, depending on quality.

SHARYGINITE (IMA # 2017-014)- Bellerberg, Casper Quarry, Eifel, Germany
Another NEW SPCIES from this prolific Rheinland-Palatinate volcanic deposit, here as minute brown crystalline aggregates scattered in typical Eifel matrix, mounted in 2cm polished sections. Formula: Ca3TiFe2+Fe3+O8 - orthorhombic, IMA # 2017-014. Author's holotype material elegantly presented with a colorsection image and three SEM images with full quantitative chemistry for the species. The Fe-analog of shulmanite, and only a few documented samples on hand @ 295.00 each.

SIDORENKITE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Minute, reddish-brown crystalline aggregates of very tiny sidorenkite very sparsely scattered in typical aegirine-rich MSH matrix, these originally obtained from Dr. George Chao at Carleton University many years ago. Only three specimens available, averaging about 4cm across @ 150.00 each. List alternates!

SPHALERITE var: SCHALENBLENDE- La Calamine, Vervier, Belgium
An old specimen showing multiple banded layers of shpalerite and wurtzite in varying shades of tan to brown, resulting in the "schalenblende" variety from this well-known locality known as modern day Kelmis, the type locality for willemite and a couple of other species. The sampel is very dense and heavy despite its diminutive size, donated by W.A. Blomstran to the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum. Overall size about 4x3cm @ 45.00. One only.

STRACHERITE (IMA 2016-098)- Arad, Hatrurim Basin, Negev Desert, Israel
This NEW SPECIES occurs as microscopic crystals to 0.4mm in spurrite, offered as polished samples averaging about 1cm across and expertly prepared, presented with accompanying color sample image plus two (2) SEM images and full micrprobe chemical data. Formula: BaCa6(SiO4)2[(PO4)CO3)]F - trigonal, IMA
#2016-098. Author's studied co-type material with a wide array of unusual associated species, the first phosphate-carbonate member of the nabimusaite group. Only a few prepared and documented specimens on hand @ 295.00 each.

TOPAZ- Tanakami Mine, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
A single crystal of transparent topaz without matrix, here displaying good prism faces with a typical pyramidal termination and minor damage at the rear of the specimen. The locality was mined for centuries, and many topazes were apparently uncovered in the late 1800s. Only one crystal available, stands upright
at 2.8cm tall by 2.1cm wide @ 75.00. Ex-F. Mecke Collection.

TROEGERITE- 40 mi. so. Green River, Emery Co., Utah
Lemon yellow platelets and crusts of this uranyl arsenate on sandstone/conglomerate matrix. Not particularly attractive but fluorescent bright green! An uncommon member of the autunite group. Sizes from 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 20.00, 35.00, and 55.00 each.

URANOCIRCITE- Bergen, Vogtland, Germany
Small platy greenish yellow crystals of uranocircite sparsely scattered on matrix, the largest group about 5mm across. An old, classic material, sizes from 2cm to 6x3cm @ 40.00, 60.00 and 95.00.

VAUQUELINITE- Moon Anchor Mine, Maricopa Co., Arizona
Colorlful secondary material, vauquelinite occurs as bright yellow to greenish-orange coatings, with moderate coverage, contrasting nicely against a dark matrix, and associated with bright orange to yellow mimetite, occasionally as microcrystals, and possibly ajoite. From 2cm to 4cm @ 10.00, 20.00, and 35.00
each, depending on size, coverage and associations.

WOLSENDORFITE- Wolsendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Dark orange-red masses of this unusual uranium mineral richly scattered on matrix, often associated with uraninite and possibly fourmarierite and other species. Classic locality material, TN sizes to 1.5cm @ 40.00 each.

YANOMAMITE- Mangabeira Mine, Mt. Alegre de Goias Brazil
This rare indium mineral occurs as extremely small micro balls in vugs, often associated with minor scorodite in a quartz/topaz matrix. One of the few indium minerals available anywhere, specimens with one or more arrows from about 1cm to 3cm @ 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each, depending on coverage, not size. Type locality material, ex-Luis Menezes.

ZINKENITE with BERTHIERITE etc.- Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex Co New J
A pair of large, greyish calcite masses, each lightly embedded with pale red-orange realgar grains, accomapnied by very tiny, thin metallic streamers of elongated berthierite and zinkenite scattered in several areas of each specimen. Occasional platy molybdenite, as well as small masses of arsenopyrite and pyrite have also been observed in these samples, and the literature reports seligmanite and baumhauerite, which I have not been able to verify as yet. Rare at the locality, these large specimens are about 13cm across @ 200.00 each. List alternates!BOOK

This is the full-length, authorized reprint of the lengthy serialized article from past issues of Mineral News, here as a 29 page booklet, center stapled and with plastic cover in an 8.5x11 inch color format. Fascinating reading with numerous citations from original texts going back to the 1890s, it is available for just 15.00 postpaid in the USA, 19.00 for Canadian addresses, and 22.00 overseas customers!

POLISHED AGATES- Minas Gerais, Brazil
We stumbled across a flat of hand-polished Brazilian agate slices recently, these imported some years ago before the craze to dye everything began. These are choice slices with a range of excellent banding, colors and patterns, polished on both sides and ranging from 8cm to 10cm across. Old stuff in an ideal size, offered as mini collections of three different at just 25.00 per lot. Limit two per customer, please; all suitable for framing, and seen elsewhere at three times our price!
UNITED KINGDOM PHARMACOSIDERITE- Various Mines in the United Kingdom An interesting lot of six (6) mounted micromount specimens of pharmacosiderite, each from a different mine in the UK, the majority from various Cornwall localities. The tiny cubic crystals range from green to brown, and it is an unusual offer due to the diversity of localities in the lot. The collection of six different locality specimens is just 35.00 for the lot!
A highly unusual gemstone, here as excellent, sherry colored 6x4mm ovals that are nicely faceted and are eye-clean gems! While these are likely from one of the Bahia mines, we are uncertain of the exact locality beyond Brazil. Rarely offered in this quality and clarity, these well-cut ovals are just 30.00 each. Limit two per customer, please!

Frank de Wit:
CATALOG 21706 – Volume XLIV, No.6

Our latest catalog has our well-known assortment of new and rare species, old classics and representative specimens from a wide range of worldwide localities. Of particular interest are the excellent molybdofornacite samples, and especially the world-class specimens of whewellite from a new mining
venture in South Dakota., perhaps the finest ever discovered! As usual, all items are first-come, firstserved, FOB our warehouse.

ALCAPARROSAITE (2011-024)- Alcaparrosa Mine, Antofagasta, Chile
This rare species occurs as tiny, pale yellow tapered crystal blades in very small radiating aggregates perched on matrix, all collected from a now-exhausted vein. Formula: K3Ti4+Fe3+(SO4)4O(H2O)2, monoclinic, IMA #2011-024, and a new structural type. These is good micro potential on these with some careful searching, common associations including pale lilac coquimbite and possibly other sulfates. Specimens averagem about 3cm to 4cm across @ just 65.00 each.

AMBLYGONITE- Tin Mountain Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
Rich, nearly pure cleavages of greyish white amblygonite comprising matrix, all showing excellent cleavage and form. Analyzed material with a distinct fluorine peak distinguishes the material from similar appearing montebrasite. A copy of our analytical work accompanies each specimen, sizes range from about 4cm to 10cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

ANHYDRITE- Faraday Mine, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
A large, pure mass of slightly purple, glassy anhydrite, rarely found in such pure form! The specimen weighs about 390 grams and measures 8x7x3cm. Ex-F. Mecke Collection and quite old, only one available @ 175.00.

ARTHURITE- Cu Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing Co, Nevada
Bright green radiating micro sprays of well crystallized arthurite richly scattered over dense, occasionally altered, rhyolitic matrix, sometimes with other species such as chenevixte, arsenisiderite etc., and quite striking under the 'scope as well! Perhaps some of the finest, old material from the Copper Stope that we have uncovered in our extensive warehouse stash! Matrix sizes ranging from about 2cm up to 6cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each. If you know an Arthur, get him one of these! A few superb specimens from 75.00 to up to 150.00 are also available, a typical one pictured on our website in the Photo Gallery.

AURICHALCITE- Esfahan, Esfahan Province, Iran
An older thumbnail specimen showing spectacular, bright blue, radiating micro crystals of aurichalcite to 5mm long perched on vuggy limonitic matrix, also with tiny balls and bowties of a very pale green secondary copper mineral resembling malachite. The specimen is accompanied by a Willard L. Roberts (robertsite, pararobertsite) label, well known mineralogist and former curator at the South Dakota School of Mines. The label notes the locality as "Isfahan", the old spelling of modern day Esfahan, and the specimen is likely from the Chah Kuh area. One only, size about 2.5x2cm @ 40.00.

BARROISITE- Iratuyama, Doi cho, Uma Gun, Ehime, Japan
Strictly representative specimens of this more exotic amphibole group mineral, occurring as dark green crystal prisms scattered through a schist-like rock matrix. Great locality material, old stuff, sizes from 2cm to 4cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.

CLINOENSTATITE- Bad Harzburg, Harz, Germany
This unusual species occurs as small, highly vitreous flattened aggregates lightly scattered in dark, ultramafic rock matrix, easily observed due to the striking contrast of luster between the species and its host. Old Cureton material obtained decades ago, specimen sizes range from about 2.5cm to 7cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

DIAMOND- Tshikapa, Kasai Province, Dem Rep Congo
Excellent, frosty cubic single crystals of natural diamond without matrix, these rather large for the locality which is better known for significantly smaller samples. Typically opaque to slightly translucent, color hues are generally silvery to brownish, all with adamantine luster. We have priced these in the relatively low 100.00 per carat range, with a small selection of stones ranging from 2.05 carats up to 3.20 carats @ 200.00, 275.00 and 325.00 each.

DIVERSILITE-(Ce)- Yukspor Mt., Khibiny, Kola, Russia
This rare species occurs as peach to yellowish tan plates and pearly masses to 2mm perched in vugs and exposed seams in matrix. A K-Na-Ba-REE titanium silicate, offered here in matrix specimens from 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ 125.00, 150.00 and 175.00 each depending on size and coverage.

DOLOMITE var: ANTHRACONITE- Alpena, Alpena Co., Michigan
A large and heavy specimen of this uncommon variety of dolomite, here as nearly black, thin and elongated columnar aggregates densely intergrown and forming a band to up to 7cm wide in the center of the rock matrix. Also known as "stinkstone", the dark color is typically the result of micro petroleum inclusions. Ex-Seaman Mineral Museum and with their label, overall size about 13x12x8cm @ 75.00.

FERROLAUEITE & FERROSTRUNZITE- nr. Hanover Twp., Burlington Co., New Jersey
First described in the late 1980s but not formally published until 2012, the species occurs in several locations along an unnamed creek that crosses via a roadway culvert into both Monmouth and Burlington counties. (For a detailed discussion of the locality, see the Mineral News article of April, 2017 pertaining to ferrostrunzite and ferrolaueite.) The mineral occurs as extremely tiny, honey-brown micro crystals perched among excellent radiaitng crystals of ferrostrunzite, occasionally with tiny green balls of glauconite-1M or other species. We have only four specimens, collected by the late Frank Leans in 1972 and originally labeled for the ferrostrunzite, supplied some years ago by Jim Ferraiolo, both co-authors of the new mineral. Sizes range from about 2.5cm to 3.5cm @ 125.00 and 150.00 each. List alternates!

FLUORCAPHITE- Koashva, Khibiny, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Repeat of a sellout first offered a few years ago! This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, clear glassy to pale greenish aggregates and small hexagonal CRYSTALS in matrix, here associated with natrolite and some with fine-grained sitinakite pseduomorphs after lomonsovite. Formula: (Ca,R)5(PO4)3F, where R=Sr,Na,REE., dimorphous with fluorapatite. Type locality material, only a few specimens available, matrix sizes from about 2.5cm to large 5.5cm samples @ 50.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each depending on coverage and quality!

FLUORITE- William Wise Mine, Westmoreland, New Hampshire
A wonderful older specimen, collected circa 1960 from this famous New England locality. The specimen displays translucent to transparent, bright green fluorite completely comprising matrix, showing numerous octahedral crystal faces and cleavages with no associated rock, forming a 6x5x5 cm hand specimen. From the collection of the well known mineralogist, author and curator George Robinson (georgerobinsonite) and accompanied by his label, one only @ 65.00. List alternates!

GEHLENITE- Crestmore Quarry, Riverside Co., California
Translucent greyish masses of gehlenite intimately intergrown with merwinite and comprising matrix, occasionally with minor greenish vesuvianite as well. An old US locality for the mineral, rich, massive specimens from 3cm to 6cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00, and 35.00 each.

HEMATITE- Taouzm, Er Rachidia Province, Morocco
Interesting, black botryoids of hematite comprising matrix, the top surfaces being quite lustrous, and the sides of the specimens showing the radiating structure of the mineral in cross section. Fairly attractive and from a locality that started to produce specimen material less than ten years ago. Samples average about 4.5cm across at just 15.00 each.

HEULANDITE-Ca with STILBITE-Ca- Vaijapur, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
A recently acquired lot of attractive, pale orange-tan heulandite-Ca as tiny coffin-shaped crystals, very richly scattered over weirdly convoluted matrix, associated with similar colored stilbite crystals and larger bowties of paler stilbite on every specimen. Attractive, analytically confirmed (copy of our EDS supplied) specimens that are quite showy, specimens ranging in size from about 5cm to 15cm across @ just 25.00, 50.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each depending on size and aesthetics. Great stuff!

JAMESONITE- Sombrerete, Zacatecas, Mexico
Superb, thick metallic rods of stibnite-like crystals of jamesonite nicely scattered in/on matrix with well crystallized pyrite. From the original 1975 find, these modern classics are exceptional for the species, with overall sizes from 3cm to 6cm @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00.

KENTROLITE- Langban, Varmland, Sweden
Dark reddish black granular masses of this rare lead silicate, richly distributed through a matrix containing biotite, variety manganophyllite, minor calcite, and possibly magnetoplumbite. Representative, and difficult to obtain, these are old Cureton stock samples. Sizesfrom 3cm to 8cm @ 35.00, 50.00, 80.00 and 100.00.

KETTNERITE- Three Muskateers Mine, Mohave Co., Arizona
Tiny, bright yellow-orange micro crystals of kettnerite scattered in seams in quartz, occasionally with minor fluorescent scheelite, bismutite and crude, platy yellow wulfenite. Interesting association pieces with good micro potential, sizes from 2cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.

LATRAPPITE- La Trappe, Oka, Quebec, Canada
Minute, pseudocubic black crystal sections and aggregates of submetallic latrappite sparsely scattered and embedded in carbonatite matrix. Type locality material for this niobium analog of perovskite. Matrix sizes from 1.5cm to 4cm @ 10.00, 20.00, and 35.00 each.

MARCASITE- Cap Blanc-Nex, Pas-de-Calais, France
Solid nodules of marcasite without matrix, occasionally with intimately intergrown minor pyrite that often contributes better stability to these odd ball0like structures. Matrix free, nodules sizes range from about 2cm to 4.5 cm acrss @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. List alternates!

META-AUTUNITE- Apex Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
This hydrated calcium-uranium-phosphate occurs here as small (1-1.5mm) pale green platy crystals lightly scattered on dark rock matrix. The specimens will also yield decent micromounts, as the crystals show sharp tetragonal form and contrast nicely against the matrix. Distinguishable from the commonly associated metatorbernite by its fluorescent response under SW UV. Specimens range from 4cm to 12 cm across, @ just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each for the largest.

MOLYBDOFORNACITE- Alice Mine, Goodsprings, Clark Co., Nevada
Excellent micro crystals of olive green molybdofornacite lightly scattered on matrix, occasionally associated with a wide range of other species, mostly typically hemimorphite, rosasite, cerussite and others. A moderately rare mineral in well-formed, elongated tiny crystals from the Yellow Pine Extension, the mineral has been EDSconfirmed for Mo>Cr content, and a copy of our analytical work accompanies each specimen. (We have found no fornacite thus far, and some earlier reports of the mineral at the locality may have been in error due to overlapping EDS peaks of Pb and Mo which an inexperienced operator might miss!). Fine micro material, specimens range from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each priced according to quality.

NATROLITE- Upper New Street, Paterson, Passaic Co., New Jersey
Thin, needle-like sprays and tufts of white natrolite well-scattered on basaltic matrix, some associated with prehnite, calcite etc. Old material collected many years ago from this prolific New Jersey locality, now sitting under a housing development. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 5cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

OLIGOCLASE- Dordal, near Bamle, Norway
Salmon to pink colored grains of "sunstone", as oligoclase is referred to at times, to several cm occur in igneous quartz and biotite bearing matrix. The characteristic schiller effect is evident in many of these pieces; old Claus Hedegaard specimens, sizes range from 3 to 6cm @ 12.50, 20.00, and 35.00 each.

POTASSIC-MAGNESIO-FLUORO-ARFVEDSONITE- Hgwy 366, Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada
Perhaps one of the longest species names in mineralogy, this amphibole was originally described in 1985 from here, the type locality. It occurs as crude, small bluish-black aggregates scattered in matrix, often with somewhat corroded microcline overlaying coarse gnessic matrix, and potentially other rock-forming minerals. Specimens range from 4cm to 8cm across @ just 20.00, 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each, but this is ugly stuff!

POTASSIUM ALUM- Silver Peak, nr. Alum, Esmeralda Co Nevada
Excellent, pure columnar masses of colorless, transparent, ice-like potassium alum with little or no matrix. XRDconfirmed material, fine vitreous masses from 3cm up to exceptional 7cm cabinet specimens, priced @ only 10.00, 20.00, and 35.00 each.

PYRITE- Homestake Mine, Lead, Lawrence Co., South Dakota
From this famous gold producing mine that reached a depth of almost 7500 feet (2300 meters), we have uncovered a small lot of very brilliant cubic pryites forming thumbnail groups of both isolated and intergrown crystals, occasionally with minor quartz. Small but quite attractive TNs from about 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ just 8.50 and 15.00 each, also suitable for splendid micromounts!

RHODONITE- Cummington, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
A fairly old specimen of deep pink, densely aggregated rhodonite largely comprising matrix, accompanied by a crusty and brittle label from Alvan G. Barras (b. 1868) who apparently dealt in minerals from his home in Lithia Massachusetts. The specimen is quite colorful and is bound on two sides by black Mn-oxides, nicely setting off the deep pink core. An old, classic locality with a rare label, overall size about 9x6cm @ 45.00. List alternates!

RUBICLINE- Mt. Vasin-Myl'k, Voron'i Tundry, Russia
Another rare and interesting mineral from the Kola Peninsula, here as small phenocrysts in a complex feldspar and pollucite assemblage. From only the second reported locality for this rubidium-dominant feldspar (and the first of two Rb-dominant minerals known), this is a 2cm polished probe mount, accompanied by one large-format SEMimage and full WDS chemistry and empirical formulae! Only one specimen available with superb documentation, priced considerably lower than the initial find about ten years ago @ just 225.00 each. List alternates!

SAPONITE var: AQUACREPTITE- unspecified locality in Peru
A mineralogical nomenclature oddity, the name "aquacreptite" had variously been used to label both a ferroan antigorite and a hydrated talc, now generally believed to be a Fe-rich saponite. This is a small 3cm pale brown nodule showing a distinct layed banding and smooth, greasy surface with ill-defined conchoidal fracture. The accompanying Scott Williams label suggests a composition near Mg4Fe3+2Si6O19*8H2O, with some Al2O3 present, but the analytical technique is unknown and results are not a clear match for a specific phase, suggesting a mixture. Many well known Peru localities are rich in talc, kaolinites or smectites, so this one will remain an enigma. Only only available, with Williams labels, @ 25.00.

SATTERLYITE- Big Fish River, Yukon Territory, Canada
Greenish brown, somewhat glassy radiating aggregates of this unusual phosphate species scattered in small nodular matrix from this prolific locality. Only a few specimens available, priced according to overall richness, from 2cm to 3cm @ 45.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each.

SCHAFERITE- Arsenatnaya fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Another extraordinary find from this Kamchatka volcano, the mineral occurs as bright yellow-orange spherical aggregates forming attractive clusters up to 5mm (!!) across. Discovered in 1997 at Eifel, this occurrence of schaferite from the second scoria cone of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption is far superior to the type locality material, much like the previously offered nichenichite crystals from our previous list. Only three specimens available, sizes average 2.5cm to 3cm across @ 195.00 each. List alternates!

SPURRITE (lilac!)- Fuka, Bicchu-cho, Okayama Pref., Japan
Although a prolific mineral here, at Crestmore, and elsewhere, these are quite interesting in that the spurrite is a wonderful lilac-purple color and comprises much of teh entire matrix of each specimen, occasionally with subordinate amounts of colorless calcite and/or wollastonite. Neat, colorful stuff, specimens from about 3.5cm to 5cm across @ just 35.00 and 45.00 each.

SULFUR (NATIVE)- unspecifed locality in Louisiana
Bright yellow partial crystals and aggregates of native sulfur to 1cm are well-scattered in a sedimentary rock matrix, filling exposed seams that are shared by nicely fluorescent, oddly-zones, micro calcite crystals. The calcite is quite fluorescent (blue-white) under both LW and SW UV, and there are apparently other unidentified species in the sample as well that provide additional color under UV. The piece is ex-E.W. Heinrich, famous mineralogist and geologist, and is accompanied by his label. Overall size is 10x7x5cm with good coverage @ just 55.00 for this colorful Louisiana specimen. One only; list alternates!

THOMSONITE-Sr- Mt. Rasvumchorr, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
This rare zeolite species described in 2000 occurs as minute radiating "brushes" of crystalline groups to 1cm nicely scattered in veinlets and exposed seams on matrix. Formula: (Sr,Ca)2Na[Al5Si5O20]*6-7H2O. Type locality material with some micro potential, and only one of three known localities in the world for this rare Sr-dominant zeolite. Author's material; sizes from 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 85.00, 120.00 and 150.00 each.URALOLITE- Boevskoye Dep., nr.Kamensk, Ural, Russia This rare Ca-Be-phosphate occurs as minute needle-like aggregates perched in matrix. These are author's material from the original find at the type locality, available as minute fragments with modest micro potential in a capsule @ just 30.00 each.

VANDENBRANDEITE- Musonoi Extension, Katanga(Shaba), Dem Rep Congo
A selection of half a dozen excellent vandenbrandeite specimens, most from the Vandall King uranium collection, here showing well formed, dark greenish black vandenbrandeite crystals to several millimeters isolated and in small groups on uranium-rich, digenite ore matrix, often associated with other uranium minerals such as kasolite, cuprosklodowskite etc.. Fine for the species from this prolific (formerly Zaire) locality, specimens from 2cm to 6cm priced according to quality @ 50.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

WHEWELLITE on CALCITE- Elk Creek, Meade Co., South Dakota
Extraordinarily large crystals and complex, reticulated aggregates of whewellite perched on brownish, botryoidal calcite matrix, occasionally with yellow calcite points and druses as well! We recently acquired a significant lot of about a dozen high-quality samples from a private mining venture, and these are clearly the best and largest we have ever seen! The mineral ranges from elongated and flattened, crudely etched and reticulated beige to white aggregates that extend from 4cm(!!!) and up, o large, blocky plates of sharper single crystals with minor yellow transparency! Quite incredible for the species, these were recently featured in a short Mineral News article (August, 2017), and a couple are pictured in Mindat as well. Certainly the "Best of Species", specimens range in size from about 6cm to a monster 18cm sample, priced according to whewellite quality, at 300.00, 500.00, 750.00, 1000.00, 2000.00 and 3000.00. These are brilliantly fluorescent at all wavelengths and phosphorescent with some color zoning, too! Second to none, we believe!

WIDGIEMOOLTHALITE- Widgie 132 N Mine, Widgiemooltha, Australia
This rare species occurs as vitreous micro green, glassy crystals and crystalline aggregates in thin gaspeite seams in matrix. A rare one-locality species from the original Westaus Mineral Museum find, sizes from 1.5cm to 2cm @ 100.00 and 125.00, depending on quality/coverage.

WODGINITE var: TANTALOWODGINITE- Veshnyakovskoye, Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia
This uncommon species was originally submitted and approved as tantalowodginite (IMA#2000-026), but then subsequently discredited. It occurs here as small (~1mm) dark brownish grains without matrix, obtained by a Russian scientist from the Elash stream beds! An interesting occurrence, once a member of the ever-expanding wodginite group @ just 20.00 each.

ZIRCON on SIDERITE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
A rather aesthetic thumbnail specimen showing several greenish-tan intergrown rhombic crystals of siderite to nearly 1cm each comprising the host matrix for a euhedral, brownish tetragonal 1cm zircon crystal that sits perched among the siderites, showing perfect faces and form on all exposed surfaces! The rear of the specimen is filled with micro white, tabular albite crystals, and the specimen is carefully mounted on a clear leucite square in an upright position. The piece is pictured on; quite attractive, well formed, overall size about 2.5x2cm @ 75.00. One only!

A privately bound, hardboard covered book written by U.S. National Museum curator George P. Merrill in 1886 and published three years later in Washington, D.C. as part of the Museum's annual report of 1886. It is both a catalog of the Museum's holdings of building and ornamental stones at the time, as well as a remarkable overview of minerals in building stones, the physical and chemical properties of the various rocks, a petrological classification table, methods of quarrying, the equipment used, the weathering characteristics of the various rocks, preservation techniques, and a host of other topics. Over 370 pages, with tables and appendices throughout excellent tight binding, size about 23x15cm @ just 40.00.

Nicely cut 7x5mm cabochons of bright orange spessartine garnet, all are quite transparent and show good color for this manganese-rich garnet. A moderately unusual cabochon material at just 25.00 per stone or 45.00 for a boxed matched pair!

GNEISS- White Plains, Westchester Co., New York
A classic example of this metamorphic rock showing tight gneissic banding of alternating light and dark minerals. Obtained years ago during the blasting and extension of Route 287 near the Tappan Zee bridge, this is a fairly heavy and large specimen measuring about 12x10 cm in cross-section, offered at just 45.00.


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