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September 24, 2018, 02:16:18 AM

Author Topic: USA, Connecticut, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History  (Read 186 times)

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Frank de Wit

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USA, Connecticut, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
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Yale University
Geology & Geophysics

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

The Division of Mineralogy and Meteoritics oversees a scientifically and historically important collection of over 40,000 mineral specimens (with 36 documented type specimens), and over 400 meteorites. In addition, the collection contains suites of material from localities that no longer exist, early prospecting material, a collection of gemstones, a sizeable collection of Connecticut minerals and meteorite impact-related materials.
Begun in 1807 with pieces of the first recorded fall of the New World — the Weston, Connecticut meteorite — the Yale Peabody Museum meteorite collection is the oldest in the United States, with special strengths in American meteorites of the 19th century.
An account of the identification of the meteorites that fell in Connecticut in 2013 can be found here.
Requests for general information on minerals and meteorites should be directed to the Peabody Department of Public Education at 203.432.3775 or peabody.education@yale.edu.

170 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8118 USA

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