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Joan Rosell:
LAST CALL    Rosell Minerals / e-Rocks AUCTION:
15 Nov 2016  23.00 h. GMT

More than 30 specimens available in a new e-rocks auction.
Specimens from Tsumeb, Spanish classic localities, American oldies, brilliant fluorites...

Take a look and bid for them.

Good luck!!!
Joan Rosell

Frank de Wit:
More than 40 new specimens in this update. A good number of ancient Spanish specimens, such as baryte from Osor mines, cobaltoan calcite from Peramea, rhodonite and pyroxmangite from El Molar (Catalunya), blue fluorite from Montseny Mts., goethite from La Arboleda (Euskadi)... Also some uncommon species like coquimbite with krausite from Perú or the Italian sursassite.
And more specimens we hope will be of your interest.

Joan Rosell

Frank de Wit:
In this new update we have the pleasure to offer many Peruvian quality specimens as TETRAHEDRITE from Mundo Nuevo, also various EPIDOTE specimens from Concession Morgan 3. Specimens of Spanish FLUORITE, some old, some new, like the uncommon deep purple fluorite from Moscona mine. Following with Spanish classics, the water-clear GYPSUM crystals from Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza), with a good balance between size and quality. GOLD nuggets from Extremadura. Brilliant BERYL AQUAMARINE from Dasso (Pakistan), specimens from my own collection as amazing LAZURITE from Sar-e Sang, Afghanistan, which is not what it seems...
Enjoy these fine minerals.

We invite you to visit our RM new blog:
Joan Rosell
C. Indústries, 57, entr. 3a
08820 El Prat de Llobregat
Tel. 93 478 6796
M. 656 648 499

Frank de Wit:
New blog

Joan Rosell:
We have published some new minerals in our website in APRIL 2014


-   Phosphohedyphane from Taouz, not described before in this mine (analyzed).
-   Spanish fluorites from classic and rare localities like Alumbres.
-   Really good Fluorite specimens from Clay Center, Ohio.
-   Crystallized curite from Katanga.
-   Nice powellite from India.
-   New minerals from Les Ferreres mine (Catalonia, Spain): theisite, claraite, cobaltkoritnigite…
-   Barite from Osor mines, a Catalan classic.
-   Rare tyuyamunite from Badajoz (analyzed)
-   New Hemimorphite specimens from San Valentín quarry, La Unión.

We would like also present you this new book “ROCABRUNA I EL SEU ENTORN. LA MINA DE LES FERRERES”. With many mineral photos, full color, rare arsenates and carbonates, geology, mining history…

Take a look IN USSUU


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