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Frank de Wit:
The Most Fantastic Mini Museum !
"Rare" Specimens from Earth and Space, Embedded into an Acrylic Block
(it's so rare, there are 5.500 made of these... ;)

Armin Sorg:

I like to add the "Mineralogische Sammlung" of the TU Freiberg located in the Werner-Bau,
which is separate from the terra mineralia:

and the Prague national history museum:

Both exhibitions with really good and much classic material!

Jos Hens:
I liked the mineral collection in Paris,  l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie

I saw here the best "Bad Ems" Brown pyromorphite I have ever seen!

Frank de Wit:
Should we make a list of the most beautiful mineralogical museums / museum mines in the world,
where beauty is of course relative, and personal, and quality has nothing to do with size, etc,

Anyway: what museums should be on the "must visit" list?
(in random order | it's not a contest)

Mineraliensammlung Stift Melk,7205.0.html

NHM, Vienna,5038.0.html

NHM, London,1900.0.html

Smithsonian, Washington,5749.0.html

Geominero, Madrid,5475.0.html

Terra Mineralia, Freiberg,5108.0.html

André Gorsatt museum, Binn,4980.0.html

TU Bergakademie, Freiberg,7278.0.html

NHM, Prague,6465.0.html

UPMC Curie, Paris,1770.0.html



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