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Title: Mineral fairs
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Mineral fairs

The marker will point to the hall where the mineral fair is being held. The dates of the mineral fair etc is in our sharing platform, for every sharing member to see, including all the reports that our members (and others) wrote about that mineral fair. If your mineral fair is not listed, contact us (,11880.0.html), and we can add you to our map.

To see the details, you need to do... nothing ;)
You can see all details on mineral fairs in a calendar view
or see them directly in the forum board,26.0.html

But it would be nice if you:
1- register ( on this forum,
2- introduce (,59.0.html) yourself,
3- and share some collecting stories yourself in the forum or write a report about a mineral fair...

Mineral fair reports are in,51.0.html (for members)

Back to the maps (