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You want to see detailed up-to-date information about mineral localities etc?

1. (answer to the question = drinkcoffeeverkeerd )
    (then wait for approval for an hour or so (and make more coffee...)

2. Introduce yourself (,4782.0.html) to the other members
   Then you can see:
   - Mineral localities (there are 3.350 mineral localities on the map now)
   - Our forum on macro-micro mineral photography
   - The forums on equipment for mineral collecting and analysing laboratories
       and thousands more Shops/dealers, Clubs and Museums

3. Share information (,18.0.html) with the forum, help yourself and your fellow collectors
   Then you can see:
   - even more up-to-date information (,65.0.html) on interesting mineral localities
   - Our forum on macro-micro mineral photography (,8.0.html), incl the setups of our members (,33.0.html)
   - > 1.450 geo-mineralogical periodicals (,27.0.html), for which we maintain the TOC's
   - > 1.625 mineralogical books (,57.0.html) with links to the pdf's etc

4. Share a lot of information, add information to the maps and help other members with new collecting spots
    Then you can see:
   - underground mineral localities (,31.0.html), hot new collecting spots before they get published, etc
   - type localities on the map
   - airports on the map to make travel planning easier
   - good hotels, spa's and restaurants near mineral localities, etc

Help eachother and have fun ;)

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