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Title: Main mineral fairs and symposia
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The main events / mineral fairs?

Tucsonjan-feb (,470.0.html)
Bolognamarch (,1354.0.html)
Walldorfmarch (,1954.0.html)
Bad Emsapril (,2080.0.html)
(Denver)april (,1800.0.html)
Rochester     april (,2417.0.html)
Santa Anamay (,1804.0.html)
Tokyomay (,2366.0.html)
(Hong Kong)june (,2456.0.html)
Ste.Mariejune (,1226.0.html)
  summer !
Denversept (,1800.0.html)
Munichend oct (,1268.0.html)
Tisnovbegin nov (,1833.0.html)
Liègebegin nov (,2333.0.html)
Santa Ananov (,1804.0.html)
Barcelonanov (,2125.0.html)
Parisdec (,1768.0.html)
Hamburgdec (,4559.0.html)
Tokyodec (,2366.0.html)

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Rock show. Rock Show. Rock shoooooooow! ;)
Title: Re: Main mineral fairs
Post by: Admin on March 16, 2017, 09:25:28 AM
Main (MM : micromount)-symposia
(list made: april 2016 ; last updated october 2019)

Fallbrook (,10314.0.html) Pacific Micromineral Conference
Tucson (,10475.0.html) FOM symposium

Rosenheimer (,4655.0.html) Internationaler Micro-Mounter-Tauschtag

Meerssen (,1933.0.html) IRMM
Tavagnasco (,12231.0.html) Giornata Mineralogica
Bramberg (,3731.0.html) Kristalltage convention
Rochester (,2417.0.html) Mineralogical symposium

Camprodon (,17825.0.html) Reunion micromineralogie
Chelmsford (,6852.0.html) Micromounter's Symposium

Treviolo (,2541.0.html) International Micromounts Exchange
El Dorado (,6272.0.html) NCMA Meeting

Cremona (,4767.0.html) Incontro Micromounters

Baltimore (,6275.0.html) Desautels symposium
Kelso (,3059.0.html) FOM symposium
Scandicci (,4571.0.html) Microcentro

Montigny (,226.0.html) 4M
Hudson (,14354.0.html) Micromineral Symposium
Socorro (,8094.0.html) New Mexico Mineral Symposium

(and the periodical "Clara-meetings" (,1826.0.html), plus other trade days (search for "scambio", "échange", "tauschbörse" etc in the forum)

If we missed one, let us know...