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Title: FAQ
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Questions we all once had. Or still have...

Finding minerals
Where can I search for (and find) minerals? (,18.0.html)
What are the most prolific mineral localities? (
Who can guide me professionally to those localities? (,9262.0.html)
What are good spots to eat, sleep, spa after mineral collecting? (,44.0.html)
What are regulations for collecting/exporting, per country?  (,7715.0.html)
Where can I find nice relaxed people to collect minerals with? (,43.0.html)
Where are mineral clubs in my region? (,41.0.html)
and use the map to find the localities... ->

Buying minerals, equipment, etc
Where and when are mineral fairs to buy minerals? (,8345.0.html)
Where do I find good-reliable mineral dealers? (,42.0.html)
Where can I buy geo-mineralogical books? (,12151.0.html)
Where can I buy my (Jousi) mineral boxes the cheapest? (,32.0.html)
Where can I buy the best hammers, chissels, loupes etc? (,9037.0.html)
Where can I buy good microscopes? (,12169.0.html)
Where can I search in all mineral magazines? (,27.0.html)
What are online sources for free mineral literature? (,322.0.html)
Where do I buy rock trimmers/breakers? (,1418.0.html)
How can I clean my minerals? (,200.0.html)
Where can I have my minerals analysed? (,404.0.html)
What is the best underground light? (,1663.0.html)
Can I swap/sell minerals in your forum? (,14.0.html) (yes, only good-rare stuff)
and use the map to find the sellers... ->

Viewing minerals
Where are mineral museums to visit during my holidays? (,40.0.html)
Where are collectors with nice collections to visit? (,56.0.html)
and use the map to find them... ->

Photographing minerals
How can I photograph my micro-minerals? (,8.0.html)
or, who can photograph my specimens professionally? (,9170.0.html)
and, what setups are other photographers using? (,33.0.html)
I need a new camera, which one? (,909.0.html)
What is this stacking all about? (,3654.0.html)

Storage of minerals
How do I store my minerals best? (,387.0.html)
What is good light in my mineral cabinets? (,4620.0.html)
What software can help me in managing my collection? (,878.0.html)

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