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Title: Commercial analyses
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Commercial analyses
(costs between ca.10 and 150 USD per sample)
(list updated 4 january 2017, when updating, also update here (,404.0.html))

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Alexandr Martaus
XRD (30 euro),11936.0.html

Geologynet / Bob Rocks
XRF (AU$15.00 per sample)
XRD (AU$120.00 per sample)
Raman (AU$15.00 per sample)
Petrological analysis etc,17463.0.html

Geospectra César Menor-Salván
Raman spectroscopy 5 euro
SEM-EDS (6-17 euro)
XRD (20 euro)
EPMA (price on request)
ICP-MS (price on request),7753.0.html

Gunnar Färber
SEM-EDS (price on request),4779.0.html

Joy Desor Mineral Identification Service / Mineral-Analytik
SEM-EDS (25 euro)
Raman (15 euro),6343.0.html

John Attard
XRD ($40),16775.0.html

Kerry Day "Kaygeedee"
EDS ($10),8077.0.html

Kristall Labor / Dietbert Leusmann
XRD (21-48 euro),14205.0.html

Rob Lavinsky
XRD ($40)
Raman ($40)
Wet chemical ($30),5101.0.html

Steffen Möckel
SEM-EDS, EPMA, IR (22 euro and upwards),9734.0.html

Terra Mineralia
SEM-EDS (20 euro) ?,5108.0.html

Tony Nikischer
SEM-EDS ($60.00)

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
XRD (?),11909.0.html

Uta Müller
XRD (22 euro),12152.0.html

Walter Gabriel
EDS (price on request),7485.0.html

For scientific purposes
(a scientific article must usually be written to allow the use of the analysing equipment)
For scientists, see here (,404.0.html) (for registered members)