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Title: Collection management
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Collection management software

For privacy/antispam reasons, the contact information is for registered members only.
For the discussion topic, first register (, then please click here (,16929.0.html).

AgMiner (,16927.0.html)
Carles Millan Cat (,7708.0.html)
DB_AMI (,4921.0.html)
GS Mineralien-Verwaltung (,16933.0.html)
ICM Minéralogie (,5677.0.html)
MineralDesk (,15718.0.html)
MineralPro (,17153.0.html)
myColex (,16928.0.html)
Oleg Lopatkin's (,7470.0.html)
Tellico (,16929.0.html) (linux)

Colido (,16926.0.html)
Mindat catalog (,11528.0.html)

and of course LAMP(Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP), MS Access/Excel, Google Docs, Filemaker Pro etc

Also added "DB_AMI" to the list, not stricto senso a program. Members of the AMI get access to a database "program" and periodically they can download the new dataset from excel into that database. See here (,10903.0.html): the AMI is usually the first website, that has new IMA minerals online...!