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Title: Largest mineral fairs
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The largest mineral fairs
(in visitors and number of dealers)

Mineral fairNumber of tables (dealers)Number of visitors
Tucson (,470.0.html) (50+ locations ( (*)
Munich (,1268.0.html)600 (1.250)40.000
Chenzhou (,4758.0.html)500-1.500 (2.300)40.000-320.000 (**)
Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines      (,1226.0.html)1.000 (1.500)35.000
Denver (,1800.0.html) (10 locations ( (*)
Tokyo (,2366.0.html)41720.000
Hamburg (,4559.0.html)40020.000
Edison (,11637.0.html)40016.000
La Union (,3493.0.html)?15.000
Verona (,2363.0.html)28012.000
Bologna (,1354.0.html)2107.500
Paris (,1768.0.html)2005.000
West Springfield (,1803.0.html)200?
Torino (,3277.0.html)190?
Kyoto (,4749.0.html)170?
Li├Ęge (,2333.0.html)1153.500
Barcelona (,2125.0.html)10012.000-13.000
Hong Kong (,2456.0.html)1004.600
Antwerp (,1555.0.html)1003.000
Bakewell (,4751.0.html)1001.100
(*) number not reliable | (**) number very much not reliable

Smaller fairs

Mineral fair     Number of dealers    Number of visitors
Santa Ana (,1804.0.html)80?
Luxembourg (,3482.0.html)701.800
Walldorf (,1954.0.html)601.500
Namur (,2652.0.html)601.300
Bad Ems (,2080.0.html)50?
Hong Kong (MinSoc) (,2456.0.html)301.000
Tisnov (,1833.0.html)??
Et cetera: there are now ca.1.750 mineral fairs (,26.0.html) worldwide...
Also see here (,14408.0.html) for the timing within the year of the main fairs.
And go to for a calendar view...

You can add/correct numbers after registering ( and logging-in.

(Thanks to the show organizers who gave me data, and thanks to Alfredo who helped adding/correcting data)