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Title: Bookshops
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Where to buy mineralogy books?

Please avoid Amazon, etc at all cost. Order at / via your local bookshop and keep bread on their family table.
Or buy directly from the below publishing houses and book-resellers.

Lapis bookshop  ,7499.0.html
Bodemschat books,4814.0.html
Bosse books     ,5661.0.html
Bode Verlag     ,7498.0.html
Mikon books     ,5547.0.html
Le Règne Minéral bookshop,7497.0.html
and              |

Moore books     ,9278.0.html

Lithographie    ,5703.0.html
MinRec books    ,7514.0.html
Excalibur books ,4941 (,4941.msg58758.html#msg58758)
Nevada Mineral & Book Co.,8071.0.html
MS Book and Mineral Co.,10401.0.html
Rocks of Ages   ,18736.0.html
and              |

If you know another good book-reseller / publisher, please let us know (,11880.0.html).