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Title: Palm Desert
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Mineral Locality Symposium
Organized by the Southern California Chapter Friends of Mineralogy,10472.0.html

Jewels South of the Coachella Valley Region
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Lectures & Field Trip, CSUSB Palm Desert Campus and Salton Sea Mudpots. Drive to Cargo Muchacho
Saturday: Lecture & Field Trip Schedule
8:30 am Registration & Silent Auction Set Up
9:00 am Dr. Britt Leatham & Bruce Bridenbecker Opening Remarks
9:10 am Jack Hobart - “Salton Sea Mudpot History and Photography”
9:45 am Break & Silent Auction Viewing
10:15 am Bill Besse – “Cargo Muchacho Mountains: Mining History, Geology & Minerals”
10:50 am Dr. Britt Leatham – “General Mineralogical Overview of Coachella Imperial Valleys”
11:30 am Dr. Robert Housley & Marek Chorazewicz close Silent Auction
Sunday, March 25, 2018
Field Trip: Mines in Cargo Muchacho Mountains

24-25 march 2018

California State University, San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus
37500 Cook St, Palm Desert, California 92211,USA

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