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Title: Japan, Kofu, Yamanashi Quartz Museum
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Crystal Museum (クリスタル・ミュージアム)
Yamanashi Quartz Museum

The origin of the "Jewel Street Kofu" originally flourished as a crystal excavation site, and its development as an industry as its polishing and processing technology was excellent. In the museum there is a gemstone gemstone and artworks made from stone. There is a Yamanashi prefectural art museum which holds works of Millet and Barbizon school nearby, and the whole area including the literature pavilion is the artistic forest park. In stores with a retro modern atmosphere, we sell natural stone accessories, glassware, sundries and glass miniatures. We also display artist works inside the museum and outside the building.

1-1-7 Kugawa, Kofu City (N. of Mount Fuji), Yamanashi 400-0065, Japan
貢川1-1-7 (5,815.47 mi), Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0065, Japan

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