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Title: USA, South Carolina, University of South Carolina
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University of South Carolina
College of Arts and Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment
Earth and Ocean Sciences
701 Sumter Street, EWS 617, Columbia, SC 29208

EMC Electron Microscopy Center
Coker Hall of Life Sciences, Room 001, 715 Sumter Street

Electron microscopy center is operated on a cost-recovery basis and fees are accessed for consumables, equipment use, and staff support. The major shared instruments in the EM Center include a JEOL JEM 2100F high resolution analytical transmission electron microscope, an Hitachi H8000 200kV transmission electron microscope, a Zeiss Ultaplus Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, and an FEI Quanta 200 environmental scanning electron microscope with an EDAX EDS system. The ancillary equipment include ultramicrotomes, rotary microtomes, sputter coater, critical point dryer, ion mill, plaster cleaner and carbon evaporator.