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April 21, 2021, 01:28:32 AM

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Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 20, 2021, 09:13:05 AM »
Descloizite - dechenite etc etc, edited
Pyrobelonite, edited
Mottramite, edited

Népouite, added

Cossaite, added
Argesite, added
Brontesite, added
Demicheleite Group, added
Demicheleite-(I), added
Demicheleite-(Cl), added
Demicheleite-(Br), added

Stardate: 20210420: d+7.229

Utahite new data prepublished, edited
Magnesiohögbomite-6N12S prepublished, edited
Keystoneite new data prepublished, edited
Szaibélyite new data, edited
Avdeevite published, edited

Grimmite published, edited

Silesiaite published, added
Kristiansenite Group, added
Kristiansenite, added

Virgilite, edited
Quartz-β Group, added
Eucryptite, added
Quartz-α Group, edited

Stardate: 20210421: d+7.230
Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 19, 2021, 08:12:43 AM »
Quartz Group, all minerals edited and to linklist

Fairfieldite-roselite-β-roselite-groups, finished :)
Dobšináite, edited
Roselite Group, added
Roselite-wendwilsonite Series, added
Roselite, added
Wendwilsonite, added
Brandtite, added
Rruffite, edited
Kröhnkite, edited

Galeaclolusite published, edited
Nioboheftetjernite published, edited

Stardate: 20210419: d+7.228
Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 18, 2021, 03:53:32 PM »
Bonaccordite, edited
Pecoraite, added

Fairfieldite-collinsite Series, added
Messelite-collinsite Series, added
Collinsite-hillite Series, added
Roselite-β-talmessite Series, added
Talmessite-gaitite Series, added

Fairfieldite Group, added
Parabrandtite, added
Nickeltalmessite, added
Gaitite, added
Talmessite, added
Roselite-β, added
Hillite, added
Cassidyite, added
Collinsite, added
Fairfieldite, added
Messelite, added
Anapaite, edited

Reevesite, edited

Stardate: 20210418: d+7.227
Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 17, 2021, 02:49:45 PM »
New minerals

Haitaite-(La), added
Dobšináite, added
Bobfinchite, added
Yuzuxiangite, added
Ferri-hellandite-(Ce), added
Elgoresyite, added
Phosphocyclite Group, added
Phosphocyclite-(Fe), added
Phosphocyclite-(Ni), added

Sluzhenikinite, edited

Pascoite Family - decavanadates, edited
Protocaseyite, added

Kahlenbergite Group, added
Kahlenbergite, edited
Diaoyudaoite, edited
Shagamite, added

Moabite, added
Graulichite-(La), added
Graulichite-(Ce), edited
Yakubovichite, added

Tetrahedrite Isotypic Series, edited
Tennantite-(Cu), edited

Philipsburgite, edited
Aldermanite, edited
Tiettaite, edited

Sodalite Group, edited ... nice.....
Clathrates, edited
Lazurite, edited

Unnamed (sulfite analogue of alloriite), added
Alloriite, added

Panichiite, added
Challacolloite-hephaistosite Series, added
Challacolloite Group, added
Hephaistosite, added
Challacolloite, added

Mutnovskite, edited

Stardate: 20210417: d+7.226
Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 16, 2021, 08:44:34 AM »
Aldermanite new data, added
Stefanweissite, edited
Walentaite, edited

Lucabindiite Group, all minerals edited
Therasiaite, added

Fingerite, added

Tondiite, edited
Herbertsmithite, edited

Bubnovaite, edited
Dobrovolskyite, edited

Steropesite, added
Lafossaite, edited
Nataliyamalikite, edited
Bismuthinite, edited
Stibnite, edited

Stardate: 20210416: d+7.225
Shops/dealers / Re: Purple-Sky-Minerals / David Hospital
« Last post by David Hospital on April 15, 2021, 06:01:18 PM »
Hi lovers and passionates of systematic minerals,

The new auction of systematic minerals is online at E-rocks /Purple Sky Minerals, as usual with many rare minerals from the new collection I recently adquired :


Criddleite (from Hemlo mine, extremely rare Tl-Au-Ag mineral, ANALYZED !!, for the first time auctioned on erocks)
Chudobaite (from Tsumeb !!)
Mertieite-I (very rare Palladium mineral, analyzed !)
Phosphophyllite (from the Unificada mine !!)
Giessenite (very rare sulphosalt !)
Gunningite (from Bisbee !)

..and many more !!

David Hospital
Purple Sky Minerals

Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 15, 2021, 09:32:00 AM »
TMDC’s / molybdenite group, all edited
Scacchite Group, all edited
Rheniite new data, edited
Molybdenite, edited
Dzhezkazganite, added

Mohite, edited

Tarkianite, edited

Erazoite, edited

Fiemmeite, edited

Gerhardtite, edited
Rouaite, edited

Vasilseverginite published, edited

Stardate: 20210415: d+7.224
Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 15, 2021, 09:31:37 AM »
Cyanotrichite Family, added
Cyanotrichite, added
Carbonatecyanotrichite, added
Khaidarkanite, edited
Camérolaite, added

Parnauite, added
Mixite Group, edited
Goudeyite, added
Strashimirite, added

Stardate: 20210414: d+7.223
Public / Re: News: changelog
« Last post by Admin on April 13, 2021, 09:27:01 AM »
Wadalite Group, added
Adrianite, added
Eltyubyuite, added
Wadalite, added
Rondorfite, added

Almarudite, added

Stardate: 20210413: d+7.222
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