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Mineral fairs/meetings / Re: Clara meetings
« Last post by Frank de Wit on September 23, 2018, 11:11:26 AM »
Clara meetings

9 november 2019
6 april 2019
19 january 2019

HF Witte Cultureel en Vergader Centrum     
Henri Dunantplein 4, 3731 CL De Bilt, Netherlands
Shops/dealers / Re: Excalibur Mineral / Tony Nikischer
« Last post by Frank de Wit on September 22, 2018, 07:56:30 PM »
CATALOG 21806 – Volume XLV, No.6

ALLABOGDANITE - Bol'shoy Dolguchan River, Yakutia, Russia
This is an extremely rare (Fe,Ni)2P mineral, discovered in remnants of the Onello meteorite, an Ni-rich ataxite, that was found here in 1997. Each sample consists of a single grain mounted in a 4mm probe mount and accompanied by an SEM image and full quantitative chemical workup for each individually microprobed sample. Named for Dr.Alla Boghanova, author's studied material, only a few available @ 245.00 each.

ALUMOHYDROCALCITE- Mt. Hamilton, Santa Clara Co., California
An attractive pink variety of normally white aluminohydrocalcite, these samples consist of tiny pink stringers, balls, and crystalline coatings scattered over a pale green to white jadeite-bearing, nickeliferous serpentine rock matrix. Once considered a chromian variety, aka knipovichite, this material from the eastern end of Mt. Hamilton was extensively studied in the 1980s that led to the discrediting of knipovichite. Decent looking stuff under the scope,
collected many years ago, from 2cm to 4cm @ 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00 each.

ARAGONITE- Spisska Podhradie, Rosnava, Slovakia
These are 1cm thick, superbly polished slabs of aragonite that show a ribbon-like, undulating pattern of white, tan and brown alternating bands completely comprising matrix. Reasonably attractive and finely polished on one face, this is from an unusual locality not known for the mineral. Sizes from about 7x3cm to 10x5cm @ 35.00, 40.00 and 45.00 each.

BABANEKITE (IMA 2012-007)- Fenugu Sibiri Mine, Gonnosfanadiga, Italy
First described from the Czech Republic, this Sadinian find is the first occurrence of the mineral in Italy, here as minute, elongated crystals forming tiny brownish pink balls and aggregates sparsely scattered on matrix. The locality has produced over 85 different species which include many secondary lead and copper minerals. Specimens average about 2.5cm across @ 85.00 each.

CALCITE- Lucky Jew Mine, Treece, Cherokee Co. Kansas
Sharp scalenohedral calcite crystals to 2cm richly scattered on and comprising matrix, these from an excellent, older Tri-State District locality. The pointed crystals are transparent to translucent, some showing minor included chalcopyrite, typically colorless to slightly yellowish in hue. Purchased in 1967 from "Rosy" Rosenberry, noted dealer in Tri-State material. Only a few groups available, sizes from about 7cm to 9cm across @ just 45.00 each. See our image on Mindat.org.

CASTELLAROITE (IMA # 2015-071)- Monte Nero Mine, Rocshetta Vara, Italy
This moderately new species occurs as colorless, somewhat vitreous to silky aggregates sparsely scattered on brown metachert matrix. Formula: Mn2+3(AsO4)2*4H2O - monoclinic, IMA #2015-071. Named for Fabrizio Castellaro, collector and discoverer of several new species. type locality material, structurally related to metaswitzerite. Sizes from about 1.5cm to 2.5cm priced according to quality, not size, @ 75.00 and 95.00 each, with modest micro potential on the better specimens.

CERIANITE-(Ce)- Morro do Ferro, Pocos de Caldas, MG, Brazil
From old material acquired more than thirty years ago, we have a small supply of this uncommon mineral, offered as tan, powdery masses contained in a capsule. The mineral is the Ce-analog of uraninite and thorianite, and was mentioned from the locality in Chem. Geol. 55. (1986). Only a few samples available @ 25.00 each.

CIRIOTTIITE (IMA 2015-027)- Esperance tunnel, Tavagnasco, Torino Italy
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as microscopic, black metallic tubular fibers very sparsely scattered in chalcopyrite-rich quartz matrix. The mineral tends to form filigree aggregates in tiny spaces in the ore, best seen at 20x or higher. Formula: Cu(Cu,Ag)3Pb19(Sb,As)22(As2)S56 - monoclinic, IMA 2015-027, the Cu-analog of sterryite. Only a few 2.5cm matrix specimens on hand @ 175.00 each, all with good micro potential.

COLUMBITE-(Fe)- Spinelli Quarry, Glastonbury, Connecticut
Rich, dark brown subhedral columbite-(Fe) from this classic eastern locality, most largely comprising matrix. A few of the very best specimens will have black, more highly lustrous samarskite-(Y) associated as well, and allspecimens are priced according to degree of crystallization and size, overall from about 2cm to 3cm @ 20.00, 30.00, and 40.00, with a few larger samples, some with minor samarskite-(Y) to 5cm @ 75.00 and 125.00.

CREEDITE- Aguiles Serdan, Chihuahua, Mexico
Water clear to very pale lilac steeply pyramidal crystals and groups of well formed creedite crystals (0.2cm to 0.5cm) perched on matrix, some associated with minor sphalerite, gypsum etc. Excellent, representative specimens obtained in 1984 from the West Camp (likely Potosi Mine) of this Santa Eulalia find, group sizes from 2cm to about 6cm @ just 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each. Old stuff from a famous find, most with micro potential as well!

CUPROPEARCEITE- Sarbay Mine, Rudny, Kostanai Oblast, Kazakhstan
This rare species occurs here as flattened platy crystals forming small rosettes of micro groups with little or no matrix. Described from a single museum specimen and approved in 2007, these samples are far superior to the type sample that was in extremely tiny (0.3mm) masses. Formula: [Cu6As2S7][Ag9CuS4], trigonal, IMA #2007-046. This is a moderately new member of the pearceite-polybasite group with Cu prevaling over Ag in the A module layer of the structure, and these were studied by both XRD and microprobe. Most of the pearceite-polybasite group minerals at this, the type locality, are ordinary pearceite with Ag>Cu at the A site, and these are indeed rare! Only a two small groups available, all with good micro potential as well, averaging about 3mm across @ 195.00 each!

DIAMOND- Dudno Region, Lunda Province, Angola
From the old stock of well known dealer David New, we offer an interesting selection of small diamond crystals from this rarely offered locality. Each crystal is a modified dodecahedron or octahedron and measures from 2mm to nearly 3mm, with a color range from transparent white to yellow to greenish brown hues. We offer these transparent diamonds @ just 20.00 each, or a lot of three different @ just 55.00 per set. Excellent locality material!

EULYTINE- Linka Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
Atypical pale greenish masses of eulytite scattered on rock matrix, occasionally with intermingled bismutite as well. Structurally confirmed material from this uncommon bismuth mineral locality, sizes ranging from about 2cm up to nearly 6cm @ 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

FLAMITE (IMA # 2013-122)- South Haturim Formation, Negev, Israel
This extremely rare silico-phosphate species occurs here as thin bands within a larnite-gehlenite-rankinite matrix. Formula: (Ca,Na,K)2[(Si,P)O4] - hexagonal, IMA #2013-122. This type locality specimen is a 1 cm square accompanied by multiple SEM images and complete analytical chemistry for each of the two separate flamite bands identified in the SEM images. Only one superbly documented sample available for this relatively new species @ 450.00. List alternates!

FORNACITE etc.- Silver Coin Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
Tiny, pale yellow-green crystal groups in sparse, isolated patches on quartz matrix, typically associated with mimetite, barite, chrysocolla and potentially a host of other species. Over 100 different minerals have been reported from this prolific locality, these samples acquired in 1992 before many of the new and rare species were described. Specimens range from about 2cm to nearly 5cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, all with modest micro potential as well.

GOLD- Homestake Mine, Lead, Lawrence Co., South Dakota
A small gold in quartz specimen that once resided in my personal collection recently found its way back into my hands. The piece has several tiny native gold flecks, the largest (and only easily visible one) about 3mm across. Homestake was the largest and deepest gold mine in North America before it closed at the end of 2001, and despite its lean ore, produced over 40 million ounces of gold during its lifetime. A classic locality piece with my original label, overall size about 4x3cm @ 125.00.instructions.

GYPSUM- Alabaster, Iosco Co., Michigan
A large and weighty specimen comprised of a peachy-orange, columnar mass of gypsum, obviously removed from a thick seam, as this is an apparent cross-section with hints of matrix at top and bottom of this weirdly-hued monster. A large and colorfull locality specimen that some would consider as the variety selenite due to its translucent nature. The specimen is an impressive 16cm tall & about 9cm across, quite solid and heavy just 75.00.

GYPSUM (ROSE)- Permian Cu Deposits, Stonewall Co., Texas
Well formed, complex groups of gypsum roses nicely intergrown and forming attractive groups without matrix, colors ranging from greyish to brownish red. The individual blades are typically thin and flattened but radiate into multiples forming the bladed groupings. Old material from a relatively obscure area of Texas, acquired circa 1962 (!!). Moderately attractive specimens from 5cm to nearly 9cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

HEULANDITE-Ca etc.- Paterson, Passaic Co., New Jersey
Old specimens from the H.E. Moore Collection, typically as small vitreous to pearly crystals richly scattered on dark greenish basalt matrix, typically with drusy quartz, laumontite and possibly other zeolite-related species. Collected in the 1950s and 1960s, these are moderately attractive east coast specimens, ranging in size from 3cm to nearly 10cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each. Many of these will also have micro potential as well.

LAUEITE with STUNZITE etc.- Hagendorf Sud, Waidhaus, Bavaria, Germany
A large specimen, ex-Renaud Vochten Collection, acquired in 1978 from G.H. Kummer, showing many tiny, orange-brown wedge-shaped laueite crystals lightly scattered on typical gossan matrix, with small sprays of micro strnzite needles evident as well. Numerous other phosphates from this prolific locality are likely present, as the locality has produced over 185 species to date, with two dozen type specimens as well during its 90 years of operation, closed now for more than 30 years. Overall specimen size a hefty 10x9cm @ 125.00. One only, and it begs to explored and potentially broken up into scores of mounts!

MANGANONORDITE-(Ce)- Karnasurt Mt., Lovozero, Kola, Russia
Small aggregates of glassy, smokey brown to yellow-brown masses of this rare mineral sparsely scattered in matrix on matrix. Formula: (Ce,La)(Sr,Ca)Na2Mn(Zn,Mg)Si6O18 and IMA-approved in 1997. Type locality material, only two small specimens available, average size 1.5cm across @ 255.00 each.

MARCASITE on CALCITE- Elk Creek, Meade Co., South Dakota
A highly unusual occurrence of marcasite, here as tiny botryoids and wedge-shaped micro crystals lightly scattered on bright yellow calcite seams fully overlaying dark Pierre Shale matrix, many with small secondary yellow calcite crystals growing from the calcite substrate as well. A very scarce association at the locality, these from a single find during a recent mining venture. Specimens from 5cm to 7cm across @ 40.00 and 55.00, a few large specimens to 13cm(!!) @ 150.00. Colorful and interesting material!

MELANOPHLOGITE- Fortullino, Livorno, Tuscany, Italy
Moderately attractive, glassy transparent balls to 3mm of this uncommon species scattered on pale rock matrix. More pleasing in appearance than the California material, the botryoids are somewhat more isolated and make interesting micro's as well if trimmed. From material collected in the 1970s, specimens from 2cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

OXYPLUMBOROMEITE etc.- Green Antimony Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
This small deposit was worked as far back as 1918, but has seen little activity since the late 1960s, as far as we know. The oxyplumboromeite occurs as pale yellow to darker yellow crusts and elongated micro aggregates (likely pseudomorphs after jamesonite and sometimes coating thin gypsum needles) on massive quartz, occasionally with other species, and some with modest micro potential. A full study of the assemblage is underway for a future Mineral News article. Specimens on hand range from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 40.00 each.

PICKERINGITE- Cerros Pintados, Tarapaca, Chile
Pure white, fibrous spikey aggregates of this uncommon sulfate packaged in a 3x3cm hinged plastic box. Very old, type locality material, ex-A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum, but a limited amount of material on hand at just 20.00 per box.

QUARTZ var: PETRIFIED WOOD- Mahajanga Province, Madagascar
Fairly attractive, limb cross sections of colorful petrified wood, these showing pleasing cream-brown-red combinations with good luster and patterns, polished on one side. These appear to be the conifer genus Araucaria, these sliced ovals average about 6cm in diameter @ just 20.00 each.

RHODOCHROSITE- Imuris, Mun. de Imuris, Sonora, Mexico
Massive, pink cleavages of rhodochrosite with little or no matrix, originally purchased in 1959. Material from this old and obscure locality has been confirmed by microprobe, XRD and Raman, showing trace substitution of Mg for Mn. Only a few dense, pink cleavage samples on hand, sizes from 2cm to 4cm across @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

SCORZALITE- Palermo Mine, North Groton, New Hampshire
Rich blue masses of scorzalite lightly scattered in pegmatite matrix from this prolific locality. Old specimens acquired many years ago, sizes range from about 3cm to chunky 5cm samples @ 20.00 and 40.00 each. List alternates!

SODALITE in SYENITE- Ditrau, Harghita Co., Romania
From a unique magmatic complex in the Carpathians, we have a small lot of pale blue sodalite as small pods lightly scattered in nepheline-rich syenite matrix, occasionally with minor dark pyroxene and possibly other phases. Therock type was once named "ditroite" (in 1866) for the nearby town of Ditro, now Ditrau. Great locality material and a unique deposit that has yielded over 100 different species to date! Specimens range from about 4cm to nearly 9cm across at just 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

SPHALERITE etc.- Ruby Creek Mine, Clearwater Co., Idaho
An old ore specimen, collected in May 25, 1937 and stored in the Michigan College of Mining & Technology mineral collection for many years. The piece shows small crystals and masses of brownish-black sphalerite in vugs and banded seams cutting through quartz and calcite (? labelled as ankerite ?) gangue matrix, with micro chalcopyrite, a seam of galena, and tiny quartz crystals evident under the scope as well. The label indicates the mine was near Bovill(e) which is actually just over the border in Latah County. An interesting, old locality piece, overall size about 7x6cm @ 45.00, with old label.

TANGDANITE- Lovelock Mine, Bolivia, Churchill Co., Nevada
This relatively new mineral occurs here as micro pale blue to blue-green acicular crystals and sprays perched on matrix. Collected many years before it was properly described, these have been XRD-confirmed and are the only approved Ca-Cu arsenate-sulfate mineral known, IMA 2011-096. These are the best of a modest lot and will all yield excellent micromounts and colorful TNs and miniatures as well. Associations can include tiny azurites, brochantite and many other potential secondary minerals. Only a few samples on hand, sizes range from about 2cm up to nearly 6cm specimens @ 25.00, 40.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each, priced according to quality.

TRIMERITE- Hindenburg Workings, Langban, Sweden
Small brownish pink aggregates of this rare mineral sparsely scattered in brecciated hematite-rich ore matrix. First discovered by Flink at the Harstigen Mine in 1889 and later found at Langban some 30 years later, the species remains one of the truly rare minerals from these prolific deposits. Only two specimens available, about 1.5cm @ 150.00 each.

UVITE TOURMALINE- Brumado, Bahia, Brazil
Deep, rootbeer brown crystals and aggregates of uvite scattered on dolomite matrix. Whether these are fluor-uvite or the OH-dominant end member is unknown, as both species occur at the locality. Since our EDS analytical techniques cannot quantify (OH), we are labeling these simply as "uvite". Originally obtained from Carlos Barbosa many years ago, specimens average about 2.5 to 3cm across @ 20.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each, depending on quality and crystal size.

VARULITE- Varutrask, Vasterbotten Province, Sweden
This uncommon member of the alluaudite group occurs here as dark greenish brown aggregates and granular masses sparsely scattered in a coarse pegmatitic matrix, typically admixed with other phosphates. Type locality material, specimens ranging from 2cm to 5cm across @ 30.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each.

WAVELLITE- Slate Mountain Mine, El Dorado Co., California
Reported by Murdoch et al in 1966, these are from the only reported occurrence of the mineral in California. Old material collected almost 40 years ago, comprised of pale yellow-green masses and micro radiating botryoids scattered in massive white quartz. Not as attractive as Arkansas material but from a unique locality in the state, now on private and National Forest land. Specimens average 3 to 4cm @ just 10.00 each, with modest micro potential.

WHITECAPSITE (IMA 2012-030)- White Caps Mine, Manhattan, Nye Co., Nevada
This relatively new species (for which I am happily a co-author) was found more than thirty (35) years ago along a stope of the formerly accessible 95m level in the East Fault mineralized sections of this prolific mine, but only now fully characterized and recently approved. The mineral occurs as extremely small, luscious orange-brown, transparent hexagonal crystals and anhedral grains, most well under 1mm, sparsely scattered on greyish black jasperoid matrix, occasionally with micro stibnite, realgar and possibly other species. Formula: H16Fe2+5Fe3+14Sb3+6(AsO4)18O16*120H2O; hexagonal, IMA approved #2012-030. We have divided the available specimens into three quality ranges based on degree of crystallization and overall size, with matrix specimens ranging from about 1cm to 3cm across. From poorest to best quality, prices are a) 50.00 and 85.00; b) 125.00 and 175.00; and c) 250.00 and 350.00 each. All will require magnification, and once these are gone, there will be no more! A full color article about the mineral appears in the September, 2012 issue of Mineral News
($6/single issue; $30/yr for 12 issues in USA).

WULFENITE (pyramidal!)- San Juan Poniente Vein, Mina Ojuela Mexico
From the 2009 find at this prolific locality, we have a small lot of wonderful, elongated pyramidal wulfenites to 1+cm tall, richly scattered on dark brown gossan matrix. The crystals show a fine, yellow-gold color throughout, and they perch attractively and richly on matrix, occasionally with other associated secondary minerals. Very neat anddifferent wulfenites, overall matrix sizes from 3.5cm to nearly 5cm across @ 20.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each, some with micro potential as well!

XENOTIME-(Y)- Kasseti, Kivu Province, (Zaire) Dem Rep of Congo
Small crude single crystals of brownish xenotime-(Y) showing good tetragonal form, all matrix free and from an an older mining venture by Sominki Mining prior to the dissolution of Zaire into its current Democratic Republic of the Congo. Specimens range from 4mm to 7mm tall @ 15.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each.

MINERALS OF USSR- Minerals First Discovered in USSR by Igor V.Pekov
This much-heralded book by Dr. Igor Pekov has received rave reviews, written in English and complete with 184 color photos of minerals and localities, 68 SEM images and crystal diagrams. The strength of this 370 page hard cover work lies in the marvelously complete locality information lacking from so many published Russian mineral descriptions, and each description also includes excellent physical characteristics, type locality info, historical data and much more. This is a much-needed reference work @ only 59.00 plus shipping!

UK MICROMOUNTS- Various Mines, United Kingdom
There are a vast number of mines in the UK that produced numerous secondary minerals suitable for thumbnails micromounts. In order to make room in our fully-filled warehouse, we offer a dozen different specimens from a wide range of UK mines, all individually labeled and mounted in TN/Micro boxes at just 49.00 per dozen. While there are more dollars to be made selling these interesting minerals individually, enjoy this blowout offer while supplies last.
Multiples welcomed, and these are sure to please!

DIGITAL SCALE- 650g capacity with 0.1g accuracy
We have a few digital scales remaining in stock, these a neatly folding unit that operates with two AAA batteries (included!) with an LED display. Functions include tare as well as selectable units for either grams, ounces, dwt or troy ounces. Extremely useful for weighing specimens, coins and other items, models with either 650 g or 700g capacity, with 0.1g readouts. These retail for 26.95, and we offer the last of our stock for just 15.00 each, complete
with storage case, batteries and full instructions.

AMETHYST- Rio Grannde do Sul, Brazil
We recently uncovered a large lot of facetted amethyst, all very clean and of pale purple color, containing various cuts such as rounds, cushions, ovals etc. and all in relatively large sizes of 10 to 20 carats each! We want to move these out, so we are offering a parcel of 10 stones weighing over 150 carats, at just 65.00 per lot - that's less than 45 cents a carat for clean, faceted material! Limit two lots per order, please.
Excellent, transparent red faceted garnet, offered here in a nice set of six stones with one pair each of ovals, trillions and pears, total carat weight in the 9-10 carat range. Gemmy, clean stones, these are chemically in the almandine-pyrope series and excellent for jewelry use and collections, at just 35.00 for each lot of six!
Shops/dealers / Re: Purple-Sky-Minerals / David Hospital
« Last post by David Hospital on September 22, 2018, 06:49:09 PM »
Hi lovers and passionates of systematic minerals,

The new auction of systematic minerals is online at E-rocks /Purple Sky Minerals !!


Some outstanding rarities in this auction are:

Zinc (native, outstanding spcimen)
Pseudoboleite & boleite
Rustenberite & Atokite (two very rare palladium-platinum minerals, analyzed)
Britholite & Pyrochlore

....and many more

....so I highly recommend to have a look !

Good luck if you bid !
New Books / 2018, Sorrell, A Collector’s Guide to the Minerals of Flinders
« Last post by Steve Sorrell on September 22, 2018, 01:58:28 PM »
Steve Sorrell
A Collector’s Guide to the Minerals of Flinders, Victoria, Australia
(image shows paratacamite on natrolite like on https://www.mindat.org/photo-511587.html)

Flinders is a well-known collecting locality in southern Victoria, Australia, most notable for its zeolite minerals, particularly gmelinite. This 72 page full-colour publication explores the minerals that have been found here.

Also see:
Shops/dealers / Re: Purple-Sky-Minerals / David Hospital
« Last post by David Hospital on September 14, 2018, 01:20:00 PM »
Hi lovers and passionates of systematic minerals,

The new auction of systematic minerals is online at E-rocks /Purple Sky Minerals, this time a Tsumeb Rarities Special !!


Some outstanding rarities in this auction are:

-Andyrobertsite (part of the famous type specimen pictured in The Mineralogical Record, it includes a copy of the Pinch label)

You can see a detailed explanation about the type specimen and also my piece at auction in the following blog in the e-rocks site:


-Lammerite (outstanding specimen from the Pinch collection, with label included)
-Gerdtremmelite (superb small specimen with a perfect sphere !)
-Galloplumbogummite (extremely rare gallium mineral !!)
-Gallite & Sohngeite (two extremely rare gallium minerals )
-Otjisumeite (extremely rare Germanium mineral!)
-Otavite (one of the only 27 cadmium minerals in existence !)
-Schaurteite (another germanium mineral !)
-Beidellite (very rare at Tsumeb !)

....so I highly recommend to have a look !
Museums / Re: UK, Castleton, Blue John Cavern
« Last post by Frank de Wit on September 12, 2018, 06:22:59 PM »
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