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Mineral fairs/meetings / Re: Thionville
« Last post by Carlo Alciati on July 03, 2019, 01:02:00 AM »
Bourse exposition minéraux et fossiles Thionville
http://www.geolor-thionville.fr/ (dead ?)
http://www.geolor-thionville.fr/news/affichernews.php?news=61&lien=retour (dead ?)
Organized by the GEOLOR http://www.strahlen.org/forum/index.php/topic,5043.0.html

12-13 october 2019

New site: Espace Multifonctionnel
14 route du BUCHEL, 57100, Veymerange, Thionville, France
Salle Jean Burger (derrière le théâtre)
Rue Général Walton Walker, 57100 Thionville, France

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Mineral fairs/meetings / Re: Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire
« Last post by Carlo Alciati on July 03, 2019, 12:55:16 AM »
Bourse Minéraux et Fossiles Saint Sébastien sur Loire / Nantes
Organized by the Club Minéralogie Paléontologie Saint Sébastien sur Loire http://www.strahlen.org/forum/index.php/topic,7371.0.html

5-6 october 2019

Salle de l'Escall
Rue des Berlaguts, 44230 Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, France

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Shops/dealers / Re: Excalibur Mineral / Tony Nikischer
« Last post by Frank de Wit on July 02, 2019, 09:22:28 PM »
CATALOG 21904 – Volume XLVI, No.4

ALUNITE on KAOLINITE- Allumiere, Tolfa Dsitrict, Lazio, Italy
Excellent tabular to unusual, elongated hemimorphic clusters of transparent to white micro alunite crystals nicely scattered over dense, white kaolinite matrix. Fine older material from the type locality area for the species, some with good micro potential as well. matrix sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

AMBLYGONITE- Mt. Rubellite Quarry, Hebron, Maine
Solid, off-white masses of amblygonite comprising matrix, collected in the late 1960s and XRD-confirmed. From one of the few confirmed Maine localities for the species, as much material labeled amblygonite has proved to be montebrasite instead. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to nearly 8cm across at just 10.00, 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

AMBRINOITE- Signols, Oulx, Val Susa, Torino, Italy
This relative new and rare occurs as brilliant red, micro elongated and flattened aggregates sparsely scattered on white anhydrite matrix, some with minor gypsum, albite or yellow orpiment. From the Cumbe Surde quarry (type locality), a weird hydrated sulfosalt. Formula: [K,(NH4)]2(As,Sb)6(Sb,As)2S13*H2O, triclinic, IMA # 2009-071. Originally found in 1998 and the last of our stock, this is type locality material offered as specimens from about 2cm to 3cm across, all requring magnification and provided with arrows, @ just 65.00 and 85.00 each, depending on quality and size.

ANGLESITE- Monteponi Mine, Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy
An old classic specimen showing about a half dozen anglesite crystals to 1 cm randomly scattered about a massive galena matrix. Most of the somewhat flattened and nicely striated anglesites are transparent on an otherwise rather ugly, grayish black substrate. The piece measures about 8x4cm and is rather heavy, a good representative specimen for this old locality at 350.00. One only!

ARAVAITE with ARIEGILATITE- Hatrurum Basin, Negev, Israel
Two very NEW SPECIES are found together in these small polished sections, the aravaite - Ba2Ca18(SiO4)6(PO4)3(CO3)F3O (IMA 2018-078) - occurring as white crystalline aggregates in massive spurrite, associated with intimately associated colorless, trigonal ariegilatite - BaCa12(SiO4)4(PO4)2F2O - IMA 2016-100. Each 2cm polished sample is accompanied by three SEM images that identify and pinpoint the species in question, with full electron microprobe results for the aravaite. Only a few superbly documented specimens on hand @ 375.00 each.

BARITE- 975' level, Meikle Mine, Elko Co., Nevada
Undoubtably the finest barite specimen occurrence ever found in the U.S., these Meikle barites were collected underground in 1997 in the 3525 stope (20450N, 8450E). They are nicely transparent, pale yellow in color, as excellent, tabular single crystals and groups, all quite attractive and of competition quality. Neatly mounted in standard TN boxes, these choice specimens are offered at 85.00, 125.00, 150.00 and 175.00 each, depending on overall aesthetics and quality. For those interested in larger specimens from other areas in the mine, we have groups to 20cm across @ 3500.00. Please inquire!

BARRERITE- Kuiu Island, Alexander Archipelago, Alaska
Platy, white to slightly pinkish spear-shaped orthorhombic crystals and aggregates of the uncommon zeolite barrerite, scattered on matrix, some associated with minor quartz, heulandite and possibly other zeolites. This material is visually similar to stilbite, and microprobe and X-ray work on the material has shown it to be the rare zeolite barrerite, discovered here in 1984. These specimens were originally collected by the former claim holder, Istvan Toth, the major source of all Alaskan barrerite for many years, the locality often attributed to Rocky Pass. Since the borough designations in Alaska are changing, we no longer use "Sitka" as the borough in our labels. Sizes from about 3cm to 8cm across, priced lower than our last offering in 1998, at just @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each, based on quality. Moderately attractive and likely the finest barrerite occurrence in the world!

BASTNAESITE-(Ce) in FLUORITE- Red Cloud Mine, Lincoln Co., New Mexico
Small masses of micro, tabular tan to brown colored bastnaesite-(Ce), scattered among beige, corroded barite filling small pods and seams in a massive, fluorite-rich matrix. Old material collected more than 25 years ago, requiring some magnification to pick out the sparsely scattered bastnaesite-(Ce) crystals from the surrounding matrix. Specimens range from about 1cm to 3cm @ just 5.00, 10.00 and 15.00 each. Try a special lot of 10 small specimens @ only 40.00 per lot.

BELOMARINAITE & METATHENARDITE- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Russian scientists continue to work on these weird Kamchatka species from the fumeroles of the Tolbachik volcano, this one forming extraordinary, flattened skeletal aggregates of clear to white belomarinaite, typically made cloudy on most samples by included metathenardite (IMA 2015-102). Both species are new for the locality (see our image on Mindat.org), with the new species formula noted as KNa(SO4) - trigonal - IMA 2017-69a, a new member of the aphthitalite group from the second world locality for the species. Specimens are very thin, tabular and range from about 1.5cm to 3cm across @ 150.00, 175.00 and 225.00 for the best ones, depending on size and form, and quite large for a new species! Samples carefully mounted in a plastic box for protection.

CALCITE variety "Cave Calcite"- near Ash Fork, Yavapai Co., Arizona
Attractive, "cave formation" calcite, showing tubular stalactitic masses, botryoids and similar weird forms attractively displayed in these older specimens. Acquired circa 1967, these white to tan oddities may be from the caves in adjacent Coconino County, with Ash Fork being the nearest settlement. The specimens are reminiscent of the "flos ferri" habit seen in some aragonite formations, and they display well. Overall sizes from 5cm to 10cm across @ 20.00 and 50.00 each. Only a few on hand!

CHENEVIXITE- Cu Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
Pistachio green, richly scattered chenevixite on rhyolitic breccia matrix, surprisingly well scattered on quartz crystals and occasionally associated with other secondary minerals from this prolific locality. SEM-EDS confirmed in our laboratory (copy supplied with each sample), an uncommon Cu-Fe-arsenate phase that is reasonably priced, sizes from about 3cm to nearly 10cm across at just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

CREEDITE - Dachang Mine, Qunlong, Guizhou, PR China
An excellent group of lavender (!!!) creedite crystals with little matrix, here as spear-shaped, elongated, amethystine crystals to 2cm long, in a riotous group of many gemmy, small ones associated with and adding to the overall aesthetics of the piece. A choice specimen, one only, overall size about 5x4cm @ just 250.00. Nice!

DJURLEITE pseudo @ FOSSIL WOOD- Scholle District, Torrance Co., New Mexico
An unusual and previosuly unreported occurrence of djurleite replacing fossil wood, collected about 25 years ago and only recently surfaced here. This unnamed prospect (coordinates provided with original label) suggests additioanl copper minerals were likely encountered here. One specimen only, occurring as submetallic black masses with secondary malachite etc. covering a rather ugly conglomerate fossil wood assemblage, size about 8x5cm @ 45.00. One only!

FERVANITE etc.- Jo Dandy Mine, Montrose Co., Colorado
Think bands and circular pods of yellowish brown , somewhat granular-appearing fervanite scattered in matrix, locally associated with goethite, montroseite, gypsum and possibly other minor species such as hewettite as well. An interesting vanadium-rich mineral from the Hummer portal, specimens range in size from about 3cm to 7cm across @ just 12.50, 20.00 and 40.00 each.

FLUORITE on QUARTZ- Huanggangliang Mine, Inner Mongolia, PR China
Known for its superb fluorites with weird quartz combinations, this prolific mine has produced several more outstanding association specimens of these two species. Recently obtained by our agent on site, we offer an excellent specimen showing a pair of diverging translucent quartz crystals, both terminated, respectively 8cm and 9cm long, joined at an angle of about 60 degrees, nicely covered with over a dozen, isolated, transparent fluorite crystals to 1.5cm that are water-clear, and each exhibiting complex and highly modified cubo-octahedral forms! Micro galena and flattened lollingite crystals are evident under the 'scope, as is a tiny 2mm crystal group of scheelite at one edge of the piece, it being brilliantly fluorescent, of course. Overall specimen length is about 14cm across, a fine cabinet specimen, only only @ 575.00.

GAGARINITE-(Y)- Verkhnee Espe Massif, Tarbagatai, Kazakhstan
Pinkish red or somewhat orange colored, coarsely prismatic aggregates of this rare species scattered in quartz pegmatite matrix. Type locality material, named after Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. There are a numberof obscure smears, pods and masses of other phases associated with these specimens, calling for further study in the lab, no doubt! Type locality material, specimens from 2.5cm up to 5cm across @ 50.00, 85.00 and 125.00.

HALITE- Rhodes Salt Marsh, Esmeralda Co., Nevada
Clusters of translucent white halite crystals showing good cubic forms, intergrown into attractive groups without matrix. A few specimens have individual crystals as large as 1.5cm wide, all quite attractive. Cluster sizes range from 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ just 5.00, 7.50 and 10.00; with a few larger groups from 4cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each. Nice, but don't put them in the fish tank with your guppies!

HANKSITE- Searles Lake, San Bernadino Co., California
Excellent single crystals of dipyramidal hanksite without matrix, ranging from transparent to greyish translucent
specimens. Fine for the species, we have a large lot from an old hoard that are also faintly fluorescent (LWbluish), crystals and groups from 1.5 to 7cm across @ 8.50, 12.50, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each. One monster group, perhaps the largest we have seen with crystals to 7cm across, overall 20x14cm @ 250.00. One only!

KHURAYYIMITE (IMA 2018-140)- Siwaga Area, 80 km So. of Amman, Jordan
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute spherolitic aggregates scattered in massive spurrite matrix, typically associated with minor calcite and various hydrosilicates. Formula: Ca7Zn4(Si2O7)2(OH)10*4H2O - monoclinic, IMA 2018-140. Small polished ore sections about 1.5cm across, accompanied by a color image and at least two SEM images identifying the various phases as seen in backscattered imaging, plus full electron microprobe data for the new mineral! Excellent, superbly documented samples, only three available, @ 325.00 each.

KOTULSKITE + UNK Pd-Pb-Te-S etc- Federovo-Pansky Massif, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
Commonly known as the Pana Layered Gabbro-Norite Complex, this Kola Peninsula locality has produced a large number of PGM minerals, many quite rare and difficult to obtain. We have a single 2.5cm probe mount with four embedded ore samples, accompanied by 25 pages of analytical results, including 11 SEM images and analytical data for eleven different sites among the four ore samples. Kotulskite was confirmed in at least 4 analyses, a Pd-bearing gersdorfite in 2, a Pt-Pd-gersdorfite in three more, as well as a telluropalladinite, a PtPd-bearing cobaltite (new for the locality) and an unknown phase (also new) noted as a Pd-Pb-Te-S mineral, as yet not named or described. Full chemistry accompanies each identification, as well as a pinpointing SEM. Only one mount available, superbly documented with numerous pages, at 375.00 for the lot.

Shops/dealers / Re: Excalibur Mineral / Tony Nikischer
« Last post by Frank de Wit on July 02, 2019, 09:22:19 PM »
CATALOG 21904 – Volume XLVI, No.4

LEPIDOLITE pseudo @ ELBAITE- Pederneiras Mi, S. Jose da Safira, Brazil
Attractive, pale pink and fine-grained, lithium-rich “lepidolite:” mica in columnar tubes as replacements of elongated elbaite crystals. Most specimens have minor pale green micro needles of elbaite remaining, some with minor "rubellite" tourmaline as well, these from a small find in 1995. Only four columnar specimens available showing typical tourmaline morphology, the pseudomorphs are typically 5cm to 6cm tall @ 65.00 each. Strange!

MACKAYITE- Mina Candelaria, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
Small masses and smears of dull yellowish green to brownish green mackayite lightly scattered on tough quartz matrix. Reasonably ugly stuff, but the potential for finding other rarities upon trimming makes it all worthwhile. The locality has produced cliffordite, poughite, schmitterite and even minor gold, these specimens ranging from 3.5cm to 8cm across @ just 20.00, 35.00 and 65.00 each.

MANAEVITE-(Ce) (IMA 2018-046)- Mica Mine, Kovdor, Kola Peninsula, Russia
This tiny NEW SPECIES occurs as orange-brown crystalline aggregates largely comprising matrix, named in honor of the late Nikolay Mikhailovich Manaev (1936-2012), geologist and prominent collector from Kovdor's famous phlogopite deposit. The grains are largely monomineralic (see our image on Mindat.org), occasionally with trace REE-rich vesuvianite and/or white calcite. The mineral is tetragonal, Formula: Ca11(Ce,H2O,Ca)8Mg(Al,Fe)4(Mg,Ti,Fe3+)8[Si2O7]4[(SiO4)8(H4O4)2](OH)9 - a just described new member of the vesuvianite group. Author's material, type locality, tiny grains under 1mm on an adhesive disk @ 145.00.ea

MIRABILITE on THENARDITE- Camp Verde Salt Deposit, Yavapai Co Arizona
This uncommon hydrous sodium-sulfate species occurs as white coatings fully covering massive thenardite matrix. Mining of the deposit extends back over 2000 years, most recently in the 1930s and dormant since then. Interesting specimens for the locality, rich samples from 3.5cm to 7.5cm @ 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

NATROAPHTHITALITE (IMA 2018-091)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Yet another new species from this prolific Kamchatka volcano, here showing two colors and morphologies of the same mineral on each small specimen, one as yellowish, translucent rounded drops, typically with minute waterclear, lamellar hexagonal crystal aggregates (see our Mindat.org image). Formula: KNa3(SO4)3 - trigonal - IMA # 2018-091. The mineral is isostructural with aphthitalite, differering from belomarinaite (see above) in stochiometry, crystal structure and space group. Author's material, type locality, of course, small, colorful specimens with modest micro potential, about 7mm across @ 225.00. Limited availability!

NUKUNDAMITE with COVELLITE etc.- Undu Mine, Nukundamu, Vanua Levu, Fiji
From the type locality for the species, we have a small ore section embedded in a 3cm leucite plug, the surface highly polished for reflected light microscopy. The nukundamite occurs as highly pleochroic small aggregates intergrown with deep blue covellite and other sulfides, easily seen under the 'scope and striking in both plane polarized light and with crossed polars. The classic assemblage for this obscure type locality, an excellent ore
microscopy sample @ 275.00. List alternates!

OPAL-(AN) - Pisco Province, Ica, Peru
Attractive, delicate pink (!!), massive opal-(AN) largely comprising matrix, these in bands or relatively pure chunks with minor matrix and bands of massive gypsum on some specimens. Colorful material, sizes from 4cm to 10cm across at 20.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each, one 14x8 cm @ 100.00. Neat!

OXYPLUMBOROMEITE ps @ BOURNONITE- Yaogangxian Mine, Chenzhou, Hunan, PR China
As featured in the June, 2019 issue of Mineral News, we have a couple of remarkable oxyplumboromeite pseudomorphs after bournonite, the first ever reported! The specimens have been confirmed by both EDS and PXRD. The mineral occurs as deep yellow, prismatic replacements of columnar, orthorhombic single crystals,
the most complete and perfect crystal is 4cm tall and sits on a matrix of drusy quartz (pictured in the aforementioned article and in Mindat.org as well), the sample offered at 1750.00. A larger 8cm tall specimen, also illustrated in the article, is singly terminated and shows sharp prism faces but is largely damaged on the back of the piece, the only other sample available from this unique find, offered @ 1500.00. Great rarities!

PLUMBOGUMMITE w/ MIMETITE etc.- San Rafael Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
An exceptionally large specimen comprised of many hundreds (thousands?) of tiny WHITE hexagonal mimetite crystals richly scattered on both sides of this somewhat flattened matrix piece, accompanied by a rich scattering of greenish plumbogummite on one large face, less so on the other, along with light coverage of micro, transparent to white tabular wulfenite crystals as well! Highly unusual colors for both the mimetite and wulfenite, noted in our 2010 Rocks and Minerals article (Vol. 85, 512-524) on the locality. An interesting association specimen with virtually unlimited micro potential (if you dare to break it up), overall size about 18cm x 18cm @ 175.00. One only in this large cabinet size! Small samples of the mimetite and wulfenite are available - please inquire!

PYRARGYRITE- Hecla Rosebud Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
EDS-confirmed massive redish-black metallic pyrargyrite nicely scattered in greyish white rock matrix, occasionally with other admixed sulfides. From the same locality that produced those strange "rhombohedral" barite crystals (a few left in stock!), these ore samples are relatively inexpensive for silver-rich material, matrix sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ only 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

PYROAURITE w/ LIZARDITE- Langban, Varmland, Sweden
We have analytically confirmed both pyroaurite and lizardite from these specimens, accurately described in the wonderful book on Langban (which we also stock). Pyroaurite occurs as pale blue flakes and masses (often mislabelled as wermlandite) scattered through dolomitic marble, associated with small masses of pale yellow lizardite. From 3cm to nearly 7cm across @ just 15.00, 35.00, and 55.00.

QUARTZ pseudo @ GYPSUM- nr. Crawford, Dawes Co., Nebraska
Odd rosettes of bladed gypsum replaced by quartz, all without matrix and forming weird rosettes similar to the well-known gypsum roses. Interesting pseudomorphs from an excellent and unique locality, sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 35.00 snf 45.00 each.

ROWEITE with OLSHANSKYITE- Shijiangshan Mine, Inner Mongolia, PR China
Clearly "the best ever found" of this rare borate mineral, far superior to type locality (Franklin, NJ), Russian, and earlier Chinese finds! Roweite occurs here as euhedral, pale orange-brown, orthorhombic, spear-shaped, transparent to translucent crystals to 1.5cm on matrix, most associated with white to colorless spears of the rare mineral olshanskyite, making for excellent association specimens of two rare species! Earlier Chinese material was generally in opaque stacked platy aggregates, this new find quite superb by comparison, and also significantly less costly! Specimens range from fine TNs to nearly 3.5cm across, competitively priced at just95.00, 145.00 and 200.00 each, depending on quality and crystal size. Confirmed by EDS and PXRD, we believe these are the BEST of species, being both attractive and in well-formed crystals!

RUTILE var: ILMENORUTILE- Haverstad, IIveland, Aust-Agder, Norway
Old material from a classic locality collected in late 1937, these from a noted European geological museum. The ilmenorutile, formerly considered a species and now relegated to a nibian-rich rutile, occurs as greyish black masses comprising or richly scattered in minor matrix, specimen sizes ranging from about 1cm to nearly 3cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, accompanied by copies of the museum labels

SARKINITE on WILLEMITE- Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
Micro drusy brown sarkinite crystals sparsely scattered on rich, brilliantly fluorescent red willemite ore matrix, some associated with minor green cuprian adamite and possibly other species. From the 1400' level find years ago, some with modest micro potential, matrix sizes from 3cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

SKUTTERUDITE- Aghbar, Bou Azzer, Draa-Tafialet, Morocco
Brilliant silvery metallic crystals and masses of skutterudite richly intergrown on matrix, some of the larger specmens with complete crystal groups comprising matrix with relatively well formed cubo-octahredral crystals richly scattered about. Overall sizes from 3cm to 6cm across @ 45.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each. Excellent and richly crystallized, these accumulated from several older collections.

SPODUMENE- Tin Mountain Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
Known for giant spodumene crystals, we have a number of older samples from this locality, most greyish to white, a few with hints of pink, but exceptionally rich and large aggregates, all without other matrix. Sizes range from modest (4cm) up to monster (equant 17x 15cm or elongated 26x6cm) sizes, priced upon size @ 8.50, 20.00, 40.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each for the big ones! Yikes!

TACHYHYDRITE- Stassfurt, Saxony, Germany
From old Cureton stock, we have several small glass stoppered vials of colorless to white tachyhydrite aggregates filling the 2cm tall vials. An uncommon and highly deliquescent mineral found in the potassium-rich salt deposits of Stassfurt, the type locality for the species. The material was the subject of a Mineral News article in the January, 2006 issue. Only a few stoppered vials available at just 20.00 per vial.

TANGEITE- Monument #1 Mine, Navajo Co., Arizona
Bright yellowish green crystalline aggregates of tabular tangeite richly scattered over rock matrix, some with good micro potential. The tangeite tends to form attractive radiating platy crystal groups in this excellent locality material, matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each

TARAMELLITE- Candoglia, Ossola Valley, Piedmont, Italy
Extremely small redish brown to brownish-black columnar aggregates and tiny masses of taramellite sparsely scattered in metamorphosed limestone matrix, most associated with minute pyrite crystals and greenish amphiboles and pyroxenes liberally scattered about. Type locality material, specimen sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

TITANTARAMELLITE- Rush Creek, Fresno Co., California
Better quality specimens of this unusual barium-titanium boro-silicate. We have titantaramellite as small, dark brown platy crystals and crystal sections scattered through a granular, largely quartz and sanbornite matrix. Type locality material for this Ti-rich phase. Nice for the species, in 2cm to 6cm sizes @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00.

TOPAZ (>3160 cts)- Dassu, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
A large, pale sherry-colored single crystal of topaz, showing major pyramidal faces and little in the way of prisms, resulting in a rather squat, chisel-shaped crystal with sharp, excellent modifications! Color deepens from top to bottom of the crystal, but it is transparent and vitreous throughout, showing contact points on the base and rear of the specimen. It resembles Goldschmidt's topaz diagram No. 207 in general form, and the specimen weighs in excess of 3160 carats, measuring 7x7x6 cm @ 1250.00. Attractive and gemmy; one only!

URANOPHANE w/ MALACHITE etc.- Musonoi Extension, Shaba Province, Rep of Con
Recently uncovered in our warehouse, a flat of elongated micro sprays of bright yellow, glassy needles of uranophane richly scattered on matrix, most associated with dark green malachite and/or metatorbernite and possibly other uranium-rich phases. Analyzed in 1996, the material has fine micro potential as well, matrix sizes from about 2.5cm to 5.5cm @ 25.00. 45.00 and 65.00 each, with a copy of our analysis.

VAUQUELINITE w/ CROCOITE- Callenberg, Zwickau, Saxony, Germany
Known from a handful of localities, this chromate mineral occurs a peculiar olive-green to yellow-green masses richly scattered through a secondary gossan matrix, associated with minor red crocoite and possibly pyromorphite or other species. From a no longer accessible location once known for its crocoite, we have only a few specimens available, sizes from 3cm to nearly 5cm @ 45.00 and 60.00 each. Colorful!

WILUITE- Vilyui River, nr. Chernyshevsk,Sakha Russia
This relatively uncommon, boron-rich species occurs as sharp, dark green, tetragonal single crystals without matrix, all showing good prism faces and these being doubly terminated as well. Most crystals will show 2 tetragonal prisms {100} and {110}, dipyramid {111} and pinacoid {001} faces! A membe of the vesuvianite group, well-formed and moderately attractive, sizes from 1.4cm to nearly 2.5cm @ 45.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each.

JAROSITE- Various Localities, Worldwide
Perhaps the easiest way to build a diverse collection of a specific mineral species, we occasionally offer small lots of a single mineral from many different localities. This time, it is jarosite, occurring as amber to dark brown trigonal micro crystals scattered on matrix, offered as a lot of six different localities (including the type), with specimens ranging from 2.5cm to 5cm across, some with older labels and a wide range of associations, many
with trimming and micro potential as well. Each lot of six is just 75.00, bargain priced!

PLACER CONCENTRATES- Long Valley, Valley Co., Idaho
From our materail desccribed in Mineral News (2018) Vol. 34, No.6, these are heavy mineral concentrates from the Cascade area dredge jigs obtained by noted geologist and mineralogist Prof. E.W. Heinrich in the 1950s. Our analytical work on these fascinating tiny grains shows predominant ilmenite, and each 5x1.5cm vial will likely have associated spessartine, magnetite, columbite-(Mn), monazite -(Ce), euxenite-(Y), yellow titanite, trace fluorescent zircon and others! Great looking under the 'scope, and a "must-have" for sand collectors, too, at just 10.00 per 5cm vial. The last of this material!

One of the more unusual colors in quartz gemstones, prasiolite is a delicate, pale green color, these quite transparent and pleasing. Most Brazilian material has been heat treated, and we have only a few stones available, all in good quality faceted ovals in varying sizes from about 12x8 mm up to 22x10 mm, attractively priced at just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. In addition, we have a number of larger, free-form faceted stones in exotic shaps and sizes, so please inquire! Very inexpensive for this quality!
Shops/dealers / Re: Braithstones / Helmut Braith
« Last post by Frank de Wit on July 02, 2019, 09:06:54 PM »
Mineralien (MM)-Preis-Liste 01.07.2019    
Legende: x = Kristall; xx =kleine Kristalle; XX = grosse Kristalle; oo = kugelig, nierig,  (xx) = Kristallflaechen, undeutliche Kristalle;
m = massiv, derb; b= Belag, Kruste, Anflug

Groesse: 1= MM, 2 = Kleinstufe bis ca 2 cm, 3 = Normalstufe bis ca. 5 cm; 4 = Handstufe ueber 5 cm

A = deutliche, gute xx, reichhaltig besetzt, wenn ohne xx vorkommend
B = mehrere typische xx, gut besetzt, wenn ohne xx vorkommend
C = einzelne xx, typische Ausbildung
D = Belegstueck
Fettdruck = Neueinstellungen und Wiedereinstellungen Juni 2019
Nöggerathit-(Ce) xx   1   C   klein rotbraune Nädelchen (Analyse von Nikita Chukanov)    In den Dellen, Niedermendig, Mendig, Laacher See, Eifel. D, TL   50.-
Adamin xx   1   C   dunkelgrüne xx-Gruppen mit Dolomit (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)    Huercal-Overa, Almeria, Spanien   5.-
Adamin xx   1   B    reichlich hellgrüne xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Lavrion, GR   5.-
Aegirin xx   1   B   dickstaengelige schwarze xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Mt. St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada   5.-
Aenigmatit   1   D   schwarze Körnchen in Kapsel (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Cuddia Mida, Pantelleria, I   3.-
Aerinit xx   1   C   reich besetzt mit kleinen blauen xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Estopinan, Huesca, Spanien   5.-
Ahlfeldit   1   B   rosabraune meist neben hellblauen kugelig-nierigen Massen von Chalkomenit   Mina El Dragon, Potosi, Bolivien    9.-
Åkermanit xx    1   B    beigebraune Prismen     Ruschenberg, Neheim-Hüsten, Sauerland, NRW, D   7.-
Allophan   1   A   hellblau, kugelig (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Steinach, Thüringen    3.-
Almandin X   1   B   großer roter X(ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Fort Wrangel, Alaska, USA   5.-
Aluminocopiapit   1   B   bräunlichgelbe xx   Mina Alcaparossait, Calama, Atacama, Chile    12.-
Alunit xx   1   A   reichlich gute gelblich-rosa xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Tolfa, Chevita, Vecchia, I   5.-
Alwilkinsit-(Y)   1   B   gelbe Kügelchen, extrem selten, weltweit nur zwei Fundstellen   Val Daone Mine, Limes, Daone Valley, Trento, I    69.-
Anapait xx   1   B   reichlich gute farblos-graue xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   San Giovanni, Val d'Arno, Tosdkana, I   6.-
Anapait xx   1   B   grünlich-farblose xx im Hohlraum   Bellverde, Ceoclava, Spanien    6.-
Anatas xx   1   B   hell- bis rotbraune xx   Rio delle Marne, Valmozzola, Taro Valley, Parma, Emilia-Romagna, I   6.-
Anatas xx   1   A   reichlich winzige gelbdurchsichtige xx   Schübelhammer, Wallenfels, Frankenwald, Bayern, D (selten angebotene Fundstelle   9.-
Anatas xx   1   C   winzige blaudurchsichtige xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Biberg, Saalfelden, Salzburg, A   6.-
Andradit xx (Demantoid)   1   A   reichlich gute gründurchsichtige xx in Asbest (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Val Malenco, I   9.-
Anglesit xx   1   A   gute Gruppe großer xx auf wenig Matrix (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Mt. Poni, Sardinien, I   12.-
Anhydrit xx    1   B   großer Einzelkristall und Gruppe (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Niedersachswerfen, Nordhausen, Harz, D   7.-
Anhydrit xx    1   A   zwei große rechteckige xx bilden ein Kreuz (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Bernburg, Sachsen, D   8.-
Ankylit   1   D   Kruste auf Nephelinsyenit(ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Ravalli Co., Montana, USA   4.-
Antimon ged. (xx)   1   B   metallisch silbrige Massen aus plattigen, verwachsenen (xx)   Le Cetine, Toskana, I    7.-
Antimonit xx   1   B   Bis zu 3 cm große strahlige xx ohne Matrix (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Felsöbanya, Rumänien   9.-
Antimonit xx   1   C   graumetallische strahlige Masse   Poggo Peloso, Toskana, I   5.-
Apatit xx   1   A   Schöne ziemlich freistehende tafelige xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Zillertal, Tirol, A   8.-
Arisit-(Ce,La) xx   1   B   farblose hexagonale xx  im Hohlraum,  immer Mischkristalle der beiden Arisite    Aris, Windhoek, Namibia, TL   16.-
Arsen ged.   1   B   schalenförmiges derbes Stück "Scherbenkobalt" (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Andreasberg, Harz, D    12.-
Arseniosiderit   1   C   gelbbraune, derb-kristalline bis kugelige Beläge (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Halde Schmiedestollen, Wittichen, Schwarzwald, D   4.-
Arsenmedait xx   1   D   orangefarbene langprismatische xx mit rotem Medait (ex Roberto Bracco)   Molinello Mine, Ne, Val Graveglia, Genua, Ligurena, I, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle    90.-
Arsenolith xx   1   C   farblose xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Manhattan, Nevada, USA   3.-
Arsenpyrit xx   1   A   gute rechteckige xx mit Zinkblende und Dolomit  (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Stari Trg Mine, Trepča, Mitrovica, Kosovo   5.-
Atacamit xx   1   A   gute dunkelgrüne xx  auf Chrysokoll (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   La Farola Mine, Cerro Pintado,  Copiapó, Atacama, Chile   5.-
Augelith xx   1   B   hübsche farblose xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)    Rapid Creek, Blow River, Davids Mts. Yukon, Canada    5.-
Augit X   1   A   16x13 mm großer schwarzbrauner, idiomoepher X ohne Matrix (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Paschkapole,. Böhmen, CZ   7.-
Axinit xx   1   B   farblos-bräunliche, scharfkantige Täfelchen, daneben Albit, Quarz, Epidot (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Grube Pfundetrer Berg, Klausen, Südtirol, I   6.-
Babánekit   2.3   C   rosa Kügelchen (XRD & EDS-untersuchtes Material)   Fenugu Sibiri Mine, Gonnosfanadiga, Sardinien, Italien    49.-
Bakerit (Varietät von Datolith)   1   B   weiße Kügelchen   Rio Gavottino, Casarza Ligure, Genua, Ligurien, I   5.-
Ba-Pharmakosiderit xx   1   C   sehr kleine braune Würfelchen   Grube Clara, Schwarzwald, D   6.-
Bavenit  xx   1.3   C,D   kleine weiße xx, faserig bis tafelig-nadelig   Baveno, Verbano, Piemont, I, TL    5.-/7.-
Bearthit   2   D   kleine gelbe Partien, rotbepfeilt auf weißer Matrix   Rotriegel ridge, Freßnitzgraben, Krieglach, Fischbacher Alpen, Seiermark, A   38.-
Beryll (rot) x   1   B   rotes hexagonales Prisma mit Quarz   Topaze Valley, Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah, USA    12.-
Bixbyit x (n)   1   B   Schwarzmetallischer Würfel auf Topas   Uranium claim, Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah, USA    8.-
Bonacinait xx   1   D   extrem winzige, pseudohexagonale, blaßlila xx, neues Mineral, erstes natürliches Scandium-Arsenat ex Giorgio Bortolozzi (mit Foto)   Varenche Mine, Saint-Barthélemy, Nus, Aosta Valley, I, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle   120.-   
Bosiit xx   1   D   braune xx   Valletta Mine, Vallone della Valletta, Canosio, Maira Valley, Cuneo, Piemont, I (weltweit nur drei Fundstellen)   60.-
Brewsterit-(Sr) xx   1   A   reichlich gute farblos xx   Whitesmith Mine, Strontian, Schottland, GB, TL   8.-
Cannizzarit xx (sh)   1, 2,3   A   lamellenförmige, schwarzmetallisch glänzende xx, z.T verzwillingt, in Paragenese mit schwarzgrauen Bismuthinitnadeln    La Fossa Krater, Insel Vulcano, Messina I, TL   12.-/32.-
Caracolit xx   1   A   hübsche farblose hexagonale xx   La Compania Mine, Sierra Gorda, Antofagasta, Chile   19.-
Carbonatcyanotrichit xx   1   C   Grünblaue Kügelchen   Perda Niedda Mine, Domusnovas, Sardinien, I   8.-
Carletonit xx   1   A   hellblau-farblose, würfelige xx   Poudrette quarry, Mt.St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, TL und weeltweit einzige Fundstelle    19.-
Carlosturanit xx   1   A   Graugruen, langfaserig    Auriol Mine, Sempeyre, Varaita, Cuneo, Piemont, I, TL   9.-
Castellaroit xx   1   B, C   weiße glänzende Nädelchen und nadelig aufgebaute Beläge   Monte Nero Mine, Rocchetta Vara, La Spezia Province, Liguria, Italy    45.-/49.-
Cechit   1   C   winzige chwarze xx auf weißer Matrix   Isallo Qu., Magliolo, Savona, Ligurien, I   9.-
Chalkophanit xx   1   B   reichlich schwarzmetallische hochglänzende körnige Massen   Serrabottini, Toskana, I    5.-
Chibait    1   D   farblose weiße Masse l   Arakawa, Minamiboso city, Chiba, Japan, 2x TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle   25.-
Chromit   1   C   schwarzmetallische, körnig e Partien   Gulsenbruch Kraubath, Steiermark, A    4.-
Coccinit   1   D   rotorange Partin   Carolina Mine, Moschellandsberg, Obermoschel, RhlPf., D   45.-
Coralloit xx   1   D   Winzigste rote Körnchen auf Matrix   Montenero, Rocchetta Vara, La Spezia, Ligurien, I, TL   49.-
Creaseyit xx   1   C   blaßgrüne Nädelchen   Su Elzu, Ozieri, Sassari, Sardinien, I  (eine von nur zwei europäischen Fundstellen)   12.-
Ekebergit xx (IMA No. 2018-088)   1   A,B   metallisch glänzende schwarze monokline xx ohne Spaltbarkeit, oft Dreiecksflächen sichtbar, analysiertes Originalmaterial (Joy Desor)   In den Dellen, Niedermendig, Mendig, Eifel, D, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle   90.-/120.-
Eudialyt xx   1   B   lilarosa xx   Mt.St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada    8.-
Euxenit-(Y) xx   1   C   schwarzmetallisch, blockig   Valle di Crana, Val Vigezzo, Verbano, Piemont, I   6.-
Falkmannit (xx)   1   C   schwarzmetallisch strahlig-kristalline Masse   Boliden Mine, Skellefteå, Västerbotten,    Schweden    9.-
Fangit xx   1   C   rotorangebraune winzige xx mit Auripigment (sehr kleines Stüfchen)   Allchar, Roszdan, Republic of Macedonia   19.-
Favreauit (sh)   1   D   winzige grüne Partien +/-Chalkomenit, Penroseit,   Mina El Dragon, Potosi, Bolivien, TL    19.-
Ferri-Ghoseit xx   1   C   weiß-braungelbliche Nädelchen   Varenche Mine, Saint-Barthélemy, Nus, Aosta Valley, Italy   15.-
Ferrihydrit   1   B   braune xx   Massa Marittima, Toskana, I   15.-
Ferri-Kaersutit xx   1   A   sehr gute schwarze Amphibole mit Sodalith   Caspar quarry, Bellerberg, Ettringen, Mayen, Eifel, D   49.-
Ferri-Obertiit xx    1   C   blass-rosa  feine bis feinste Nädelchen   Emmelberg, Üdersdorf, Eifel, D    18.-
Fersmit x   1   C   kleine hellbraune xx   Alpe Rosso, Val Vigezzo, Val d'Ossola, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piemont, I   7.-
Fluor-Apatit X   1   A   2 cm großer farbloser tafelig-vielflächiger Kristall(ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Alpin    5.-
Fluorit xx   1   B   hübsche gelbbraune Würfel ohne Matrix(ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Freiberg, Sachsen, D   4.-
Fluorit xx   1   A   gute orangebraune Würfel auf Dolomit-Matrix (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Römerstein bei Steina, Harz, D   4.-
Fluorit xx   1   A   violette  Würfel auf Baryt (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Münstertal, Schwarzwald   4.-
Fluorit xx      B   violette  Würfel mit etwas Baryt (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Tempelhof bei Bergheim, Elsaß, F   3.-
Fluorit xx (Phantomfluorite)   1   A   farblose   Würfel mit violetten Phantomen (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Epprechtstein, Fichtelgebirge, Bayern, D   7.-
Fluornatropyrochlor xx   1   C   hübsche, kleine orangerote Doppelpramiden auf Matrix   Água de Pau (Fogo volcano), San Miguel Island, Azoren,  Portugal    39.-
Fluoro-leakeit xx   1   D   Die wenigen blaß bläulichen strahligen Partien neben dem reichlich vorhandenen grünlich schwarzen Arfvedsonit sind Fluoro-leakeit   Norra Kärr,  Gränna, Jönköping,  Småland, Schweden, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle   21.-
Forsterit xx   1   B   große dunkelgrüne xx ohne Matrix (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Rudnik, Kovdor, Kola, R   10.-
Galenit x   1   A   große1x1 cm großer Würfel mit Zinkblende auf  Matrix (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Mid-Continent Mine, Treece, Picher Field, Cherokee Co., Kansas, USA    8.-
Gjerdingenit-Fe xx (sh)   1   B   kleine, beigegelbe, langtafelige xx +/- Hydrokenoralstonit, Lorenzenit, Narsarsukit, Elpidit   Gjerdingen, Nordmark, Lunner, Oppland, Norwegen, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle    25.-/29.-
Gold ged.   1   B   Gut besetzt, oft kleine Knöllchen im braunweissen derben Quarz   Wilber, Frenchman’s Patch, Meekatharra, West Australien   5.-/52.-
Gold ged.   1   D   plattiges Gold in brauner rhyolitischer Matrix   Dutchman Mine, Bouse, Plomosa District, Plomosa Mts, La Paz Co., Arizona, USA   5.-
Gold xx   1   A   sehr schönes  Aggregat aus hübschen Gold xx 6x0,5 mm auf Holzstäbchen montiert   Liberty Mine, Liberty, Swauk District, Kittitas Co., Washington, USA    29.-
Goldfieldit (xx)   1   B   reichlich schwarzgrau metallische Körnchen   Mohawk Mine, Goldfield, Goldfield District, Esmeralda Co., Nevada, USA, TL   18.-
Gonnardit    1   B   Weiße kugelige Aggregate mit Analcim xx   Reunion, Indischer Ozean    7.-
Grossular xx   1   A   Sehr gute manganhaltige Grossulare, deshalb die schöne (und seltene) rosarote Farbe   Chihuahua, Mexico   8.-
Harmunit xx   1   C   feine kleine schwarze Nädelchen (Neufund)   Feuerberg, Hinterweiler, Daun,Eifel,  D    25.-
Haydeeit xx   1   B   kleines Stüfchen mit grünblauen xxt   Haydee Mine, Salar Grande, El Tamarugal Province, Tarapacá Region, Chile, TL   25.-
Herzenbergit   1   D   graumetallische Erzkörnchen in Kapsel   Maria-Teresa Mine, Huari, Avaroa Province, Oruro Department, Bolivien, TL    12.-
Hilairit xx (sh)   1   C   kleines Stüfchen mit farblos-braunen xx    Poudrette Qu., Mt.St.Hilaire, Canada, TL   24.-
Hingganit-(Y) xx   1   C   kleine, braunorange xx-Gruppe   Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada   9.-
Hingganit-(Y) xx   1   C   kleine Gruppe guter gelber xx   Mount Camoscio, Oltrefiume, Baveno,  Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province, Piemont, I   12.-
Hinsdalit   1   C   winzige farblose xx   Dernbach, Westerwald, D   9.-
Hodrušit   1   D   bronzebraun-metallische Körnchen  mit reichlich  bleigrauem Pavonit   Hodruša-Hámre, Žarnovica Co., Banská Bystrica Region, Slowakei, TL   19.-
Hydropyrochlor x   1   A   braune Doppelpyramide ohne Matrix   Lueshe Mine, Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre), TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle    25.-
Imiterit xx   1   B   silbrige, teilweise eingewachsene  Stäbchen   Imiter Mine, Imiter District, Djebel Saghro, Ouarzazate Province,  Marokko, TL   19.-
Jamborit xx   1   C   gelbe bis hellgrüne Nadeln    Rio Rondanera, Marsaglia, Val Trebbia, I   5.-
Jarandolith   1   C   weiße derbe Massen auf grauem Anhydrit   Steinbruch Kohnstein, Niedersachswerfen, Nordhausen, Harz, Thüringen, D   48.-
Jordanit   1   B   schwarzmetallisch matt, körnig auf Schalenblende (Analyse Uni München)   Segen Gottes, Wiesloch, Baden-Württemberg,D   6.-
Jordanit xx   1   C   graumetallisch im zuckerkörnigen Dolomit   Lengenbach, Binntal, Wallis, Schweiz   5.-
Kaatialait xx   1   C   Winzige weisse xx    Geschieber Gang, Svornost Mine, Jáchymov, Erzgebirge, Böhmen, CZ    9.-
Kakoxen xx    1   B   Reichlich orangebraune Kügelchen (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Folgosinho, Portugal   6.-
Kakoxen xx    1   C   Reichlich braungelbe Beläge (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Blaton, Hainault, Belgien   4.-
Kämmererit xx   1   C   rotviolett schimmernde chromhaltige Klinochlorvarietät.   Augraben, Preg/Kraubath, Steiermark, A   4.-
Kladnoit xx   1   C   gelbe Nadeln   Kladno Mine, Libušin, Kladno District, Zentralböhmen, CZ, TL    19.-
Klinoferrosilit xx   1   B   braune Täfelchen   Sant' Antioco, Carbonia-Iglesias Provinz, Sardinien, I   6.-
Klinosuenoit xx   1.2   B   hellbraune strahlige xx   Scerscen Gletscher, Vall Malenco, Sondrio, Lombardei, I, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle   29.-/49.-
Kolwezit xx   1   B   blaßgrüne radialstrahlig aufgebaute Kügelchen   Monte Ramazzo, Genua, Ligurien, I    25.-
Korobitsynit xx   1   B   Reichlich farblos-gelbliche langtafelige xx   Alluaiv Mt, Lovozero, Kola, R, TL   17.-
Kupfer ged. (xx) (sh)   1.2   B   Eingewachsen in die Matrix sind einige hübsche, typisch kupferfarbene Flächen   Lobmingbruch, St.Stefan,Leoben, Stmk.,A   3.-/10.-
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Mineralien (MM)-Preis-Liste 01.07.2019    
Legende: x = Kristall; xx =kleine Kristalle; XX = grosse Kristalle; oo = kugelig, nierig,  (xx) = Kristallflaechen, undeutliche Kristalle;
m = massiv, derb; b= Belag, Kruste, Anflug

Groesse: 1= MM, 2 = Kleinstufe bis ca 2 cm, 3 = Normalstufe bis ca. 5 cm; 4 = Handstufe ueber 5 cm

A = deutliche, gute xx, reichhaltig besetzt, wenn ohne xx vorkommend
B = mehrere typische xx, gut besetzt, wenn ohne xx vorkommend
C = einzelne xx, typische Ausbildung
D = Belegstueck
Fettdruck = Neueinstellungen und Wiedereinstellungen Juni 2019

Lemanskiit xx   1   A   reichlich grünblaue xx   El Guanaco Mine, Santa Catalina, Antofagasta, Chile, TL   25.-
Lenoblit xx   1   C   Ader aus winzigengrau-olivgrünen Körnchen   Molinello Mine, Genua, Ligurien, I   25.-
MACAULAYIT   1   D   Rötliches Pulver in Kapsel   Bennachie, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Schottland, TL    16.-
Magnesio-ferri-fluoro-hornblende xx   1.2   B   hellbraune Täfelchen   Road SP 108, Portoscuso, Carbonia-Iglesias, Sardinien, I, TL    19.-/29.-
Malhmoodit   1   C,D   gelblich-orange Partien, Kügelchen   Tier de Cahiers, Cahay, Vielsalm, Stavelot Massif, Luxembourg Province, Belgien    15.-/19.-
Manandonit (sh)   1   C   weißlich-beigegelbe Aggregate und Massen (ex Sammlung und Analyse Schnorrer-Köhler, Kustos Uni Göttingen)   Antandrokomby, Manandona Valley, Mt. Ibity, Madagaskar, TL    19.-
Manganoeudialyt   1   C   Derbe rosafarbene Masse meist zwischen Aegirin xx (ex Prof. Ricardo Scholz, Ouro Preto)   Pedra Balão, Poços de Caldas,  Minas Gerais, Brazil, TL   19.-
Metaschoderit   1   C   hellgelbe Kruste mit weißem Vashegyit   (Gibellini Vanadium Project)VanNavSan Claim, Fish Creek Range, Gibellini District, Eureka Co., Nevada, USA, TL   45.-
Metatorbernit xx   1   B   reichlich kleine hellgrüne meist quadratische Täfelchen    Costa Magrera, Gromo, Seriana Valley, Bergamo, Lombardei, I    12.-
Metatorbernit xx   1   A   sehr gut und reichlich besetzt mitdunkelgrünen  quadratischen Täfelchen    Musonoi, Kolwezi, Katanga, Kongo    15.-
Millerit xx   1   C   goldbronzefarbene Nädelchen   Rio Rondanera, Marsaglia, Val Trebbia, I   5.-
Millerit xx   1   B   gute  messingfarbene Nädelchen meist freistehend  in Hohlraum    Lisdorf, Saarland, D    7.-
Molinelloit xx    1   D   winzige schwarzmetallische xx (neues Mineral)   Molinello Mine, Val Graveglia, Genova, Ligurien, I, TL   75.-
Montgomeryit    1   C    weiße glänzende Partien mit Englishit   San Vincenzo Area, San Vito, Sardinien, I    9.-
Monticellit  xx   1   D   farblos-graue Partien   Kovdor, Kola, R   9.-
Mopungit   1   B   reichlich weiße derb bis kugelige Massen,daneben Senarmontit   Le Cetine, Toskana, I   6.-
Nakauriit   1   C   blaue, meist strahlige Partien (früher als "Cuproartinit" bezeichnet   Basic Refractories Mine, Gabbs, Paradise Range, Nye Co., Nevada, USA   5.-
Namansilit xx   1   B   reichlich rote Fasern   Cerchiara Mine, Borghetto Vara, Vara Valley, La Spezia Provinz, Liguriena, I   25.-
Natrolith xx    1   A   große weiße Nadelkugel   Bazsi, Barikas-tetö, Ungarn    3.-
Natrolith xx    1   A   weißer nadeliger Rasen mit Tobermorit xx   Uzsabánya, Tapolca, Veszprém, Ungarn    3.-
Norrishitxx   1   C   kleine braune xx   Cerchiara Mine, Borghetto Vara, Vara Valley, La Spezia, Ligurien, I   39.-
Olivenit xx   1   A   grüne xx-Gruppen   Ting Tang Mine, West Clifford United Mines, Carharrack, Camborne - Redruth - St Day District, Cornwall, England, UK   3.-
Olivenit xx   1   B   3 verschiedene gelbgrüne Kristallformen   Grube Clara, Schwarzwald, D    7.-
Olivenit xx   1   B   3 verschiedene gelbgrüne Kristallformen   Grube Clara, Schwarzwald, D    7.-
Olivenit xx   1   A   gute gelbgrüne tafelige xx   Grube Clara, Schwarzwald, D    4.-
Olivenit xx   1   A   grünlichgelbe nadelige xx   Grube Clara, Schwarzwald, D    4.-
Olivenit xx (sh)   1   C   tief im Hohlraum (schwer zu fotografieren) großtafelige xx   Wittichen, Schwarzwald, D   4.-
Orlandiit xx   1   D   winziges Stüfchen mit farblos-weißen Nädelchen sowie Pseudoboleit   Baccu Locci Mine, Villaputzu, Gerrei, Sarrabus-Gerrei, Sardinien, I, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle    69.-
Ottohahnit xx, Manganblödit xx   1   C   grünlich-gelbe xx von Ottohahnit und pinkfarbener Manganoblödit   Blue Lizard Mine, Red Canyon, White Canyon District, San Juan Co., Utah, USA 2x TL   120.-
Palenzonait xx   1   B   reichlich dunkelrote kristalline  Flecken im weißen Matrixbereich   Molinello Mine, Val Graveglia, Ne, Genova, Ligurien, I, TL    19.-
Parapierrotit xx    1   A,B   Schwarzmetallische langgestreckte xx   im derbem Realgar    Allchar, Rozdan, Mazedonien , TL     19.-
Paratacamit xx   1   A   sehr gute dunkelgrüne xx im Schlackenhohlraum   Madonna di Fucinaia, Livorno, Toskana, A   7.-
Pargasit   1   A   grünlich-schwarze xx   Pargas, Turku-Pori, Länsi-Suomen, Lääni, Finnland, TL   15.-
Parsonsit xx   1   C   dottergelbe Nädelchen   Reliez-Lachaux, Puy-Guillaume, Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, F    9.-
Pascoit xx   1   C   orangefarbene xx   Paradox Valley, Uravan District, Montrose Co., Colorado, USA    12.-
Perowskit xx   1   B   kleine schwarze xx in Paragenese mit Augit, Apatit, Leucit, Magnetit   Bellerberg, Eifel, D   5.-
Perroudit xx   1   C   winzige rote Nädelchen   Cap Garonne Mine, Le Pradet, Var, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, F, TL   17.-
Perroudit xx   1   C   winzige rote Nädelchen   Cap Garonne Mine, Le Pradet, Var, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, F, TL   19.-
Perroudit xx   1   C   extrem winzige rote Nädelchen    Cap Garonne Mine, Le Pradet, Var, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, F, TL    15.-
Pezzottait x   1   B   roter, pseudohexagonaler xx mit wenig Matrixanhaftung   Ambatovita, Mandrosonoro, Madagaskar, TL   49.-
Phillipsit xx   1   A   sehr gute farblose xx im Hohlraum   Sümepraga, Ungarn   4.-
Phurcalit xx   1   A   reichlich sehr hübsche gelbe Nädelchen   Los Azules mine, Quebrada San Miguel, Copiapó, Atacama, Chile   12.-
Pikropharmakolith xx   1   B   hübscher weisser Igel (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Dorotheen Gang, Bauhaus, Richelsdorfer Geb., Hessen, D   8.-
Pikropharmakolith xx   1   B   zwei Stüfchen mit hübschen weissen Igelchen (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Klipitztörl,  Hüttenberg, St.Veit a.d.Glan, Kärnten, A   8.-
Piypit xx   1   C   gelbgrüne Nädelchen im Schlackenhohlraum   Braubach, Bad Ems, Lahntal, Rhld.Pf., D   19.-
Plumbojarosit   1   B   Glänzende schwarze xx   Cappatoli, Toskana, I    5.-
Posnjakit xx   1   C   grünblaue Partien und xx    Rheinbreitbach, Virneberg, D    6.-
Pottsit (xx)   1   C   hellgelbe erdige Massen und (xx), daben Klinobisvanit   Linka Mine, Lander Co., Nevada, USA, TL   8.-
Prehnit xx   1.2   A   Gute kugelige hellgruene Aggregate von der klassischen Fundstelle   Rauschermuehle, Niederkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, D   6.-/9.-
Pseudomalachit xx   1   C   dunkelgrüne   xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Rheinbreitbach, Virneberg, D    5.-
Pumpellyit xx    1   B   große Kugel, bestehend aus lauter winzigen grünen xx auf Basalt (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Steinperf, Hessen, D   7.-
Pumpellyit xx    1   B   kugeliges dunkelgrünes Aggregat auf Calcit (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Straßenaufschluß B 277, Niederscheld, Dillenburg, Hessen, D   6.-
Pyrochlor xx   1   C   kleine orangefarbene xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   San Miguel, Azoren,     5.-
Pyrolusit xx   1   B   schwarzmetallische Nädelchen mit Psilomelan (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Ilmenau, Thüringen, D    3.-
Pyrrhotin xx    1   C   bronzegelb-metallische tafelige xx auf Siderit (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Morho Valho, Brasilien    4.-
Pyrrhotin xx    1   C   bronzegelb-metallische tafelige xx mit Apatit xx, Anhydrit xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Kaliwerk, Neuhof, Ellers, Fulda, Hessen    4.-
Quarz psm. nach Fluorit xx   1   A   Rasen aus würfeligen xx   Kraftwerk Pucking bei Traun, Oberösterreich, A   9.-
Rauvit   1   B   braunrote, körnige Massen   Monument No. 2 Mine, Monument No. 2 channel, Yazzie Mesa, Cane Valley Mining District, Apache Co.,Arizona, USA    15.-
Realgar X   1   B   25x14 mm großes rotes Kristallstück (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Nagyag, Rumänien   5.-
Reppiait    1   D   winziges Matrixstückchen mit braunroten Fleckchen   Gambatesa Mine, Reppia, Graveglia Valley, Genova, Ligurien, I, TL   5.-
Retgersit   1   B   gut besetzt mit grünen Kügelchen   Čierna Lehota, Bánovce nad Bebravou Co., Trenčín Region, Slovakei   16.-
Rhodesit   1   D   weißer Belag (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   trinity Co., Californien, USA    3.-
Rhodizit xx   1   A   gute farblose xx in Marmor (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Sahatany Valley, Ibity, Antsirabe II, Vakinankaratra, Madagaskar    12.-
Rinkit-(Ce)   1   C   gelblich braune kristalline Massen in schwarzem Arfvedsonit   Kangerluarsuk Fjord, Ilímaussaq complex, Narsaq, Kujalleq, Grönland,TL   15.-
Roggianit xx   1.2   B,C   feinfaserige weisse xx auf weisser Matrix   Alpe Rosso, Val Vigezzo, I, TL    5.-/12.-
Romanèchit xx   1   B   grauschwarze radialstrahlige Kügelchen   Romanèche-Thorens, La Chapelle-de-Guinchay, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne-, F, TL    5.-
Rosickyit xx   1   B   hübsche farblos-gelbliche xx mit Cerussit xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Nagelmackerstollen, Bastenberg, Ramsbeck, D   9.-
Sabugalit xx   1   A,C   reichlich gute gelbe Täfelchen   Arcu su Linnarbu, Capoterra, Cagliari, Sardinien, I   8.-/12.-
Safflorit xx   1   A   Reichlich graumetallische xx (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Niederramstadt, Odenwald, Hessen, D   7.-
Saleeit xx   1   B   gelbe Täfelchen   Arcu su Linnarbu, Capoterra, Cagliari, Sardinien, I   7.-
Samarskit   1   B   glänzende, schwarze, derbe Massen   Landsverk, Evje, Norwegen    9.-
Sanbornit   1   B   weiße Massen    Trumbull Peak, Clearing House, East Belt, Mariposa Co., California, USA, TL    12.-
Sarrabusit   1   D   extrem winzige,gelbe xx mit Chalkomenit, neues Mineral   Baccu Locci Mine, Villaputzu, Gerrei, Sarrabus-Gerrei, Sardinien, I, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle   99.-
Schaurteit xx   1   B   mehrere Stellen mit seidenweißen Fasern auf Germanit, daneben Calcit   Tsumeb, Namibia, TL   195.-
Schaurteit xx   1   D   sehr kleines Stückchen mit extrem winzigen gelblich-weißen xx  (neue XRD-Raman, SEM-EDS-Analysen)   Tsumeb, Namibia, TL   99.-
Schwefel xx   1   C   gelbe xx auf einer stalaktitischen Coelestinstufe (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Girgenti, Sizilien, I    6.-
Schwefel xx   1   C   gelbliche xx aufAntimonite (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Poggio-Peloso, Toskana, I    4.-
Serpierit xx    1   B   gute blaugrüne xx  (ex Sammlung und Analyse Günter Schnorrer)   Sstockerstollen, Silberberg, Brixlegg, Tirol, AY   5.-
Smythit xx   1   B   braune, oft pseudohexagonale Täfelchen   Abendröthe Mine, St. Andreasberg,  Harz, D   29.-
Soddyit xx   1   C   kleines Stüfchen mit dottergelben Kügelchen   Arcu su Linnarbu, Capoterra, Cagliari, Sardinien, I   9.-
Sphaerocobaltit xx   1   A   Rasen aus rosa xx-Aggregaten   Kolwezi, Shaba, Zaire   9.-
Strontianit xx   1   A   gute farblose Nädelchen   Untermurbach, Lenggries, Bayerrn, D   5.-
Sturmanit xx    1   A   Sehr gute hexagonale, farblose bis bräunliche xx , reich besetzt   N'Chwaning Mine, Kuruman, Kalahari, RSA    16.-
Synchisit-(Ce) xx   1   C   gut besetzt mit rosafarbenen xx   Cuasso al Monte, Ceresio Valley, Varese, Lombardei, I    8.-
Tinaksit xx (sh)   1   A   Gelb, strahlig auf blaßlila Charoit (2x TL)   Chara River, Murunskii Massif, Yakutien, R, 2x TL    12.-
Trigonit x    1   D   Winziges gelbbraunes Körnchen in Kapsel (ex Sammlung und Analyse Franz Neuhold, Wien)   Langban, Schweden, TL   49.-
Tungstenit xx   1   B   Bleigrau-metallische,  glaenzende aufgewachsene Blaettchen   Crevola d’Ossola, Verbano, Piemont, I   12.-
Tungusit xx    1   A   Strahlige xx in graugrünen Sonnen und Fächern   Tuva,Krasnojarsk, Sibirien, R    25.-
Tuzlait xx   1   B   auf weißer Matrix fallen die farblos-länglichen  aufgewachsenen xx durch ihren Glanz auf   Steinbruch Kohnstein, Niedersachswerfen, Nordhausen, Harz, Thüringen, D   25.-
Valentinit xx    1   B   farblos-weiße bis blassgelbe xx   Poggio-Peloso, Toskana, I    7.-
Valentinit xx    1   B   farblos-weiße bis blassgelbe xx   Pereta, Toskana, I    7.-
Vanadomalayait xx   1   C   dunkel- bis schwarzrote xx auf- und eingewachsen   Gambatesa Mine, Reppia, Graveglia Valley, Genova,Ligurien, I, TL und weltweit einzige Fundstelle   59.-
Vashegyit   1   C   cremeweiße Massen    Haut-le-Wastia, Anhée, Namur, Wallonien, Belgien   15.-
Wagnerit (xx)   1   C   Gelbrosa Aggregate mit etwas Flächen   HöllgrabenWerfen, Salzburg, A    6.-
Warwickit xx   1   B   rotbraune Nädelchen zusammen mit Phlogopit   La Aljorra Quarries, La Aljorra, Cartagena, Murcia, Spanien    19.-
Weberit   1   C   grauweiße derbe Masse   Ivigtut, Grönland, TL    10.-
Weloganit xx (sh)   1   A   typische quergestreifte gelbliche xx-Aggregate mit Kristallen bis zu 8 mm +/- Dawsonit und Strontianit   Franconquarry, Montréal, Québec,  Canada, TL    16.-
Shops/dealers / Re: Purple-Sky-Minerals / David Hospital
« Last post by David Hospital on July 02, 2019, 12:26:44 PM »
Hi lovers and passionates of systematic minerals,

The new auction of systematic minerals is online at E-rocks /Purple Sky Minerals with SOME INTERMETALLICS THIS TIME !

By the way, if you missed the NATIVE TITANIUM in my last auction, I have a second (and last) identical specimen available. Please send me a direct mail to david.hospital@gmail.com if you are interested.


Some outstanding rarities in this auction are:

Zhanghengite (extremely rare intermetallic CuZn, analyzed !)
Ruthenium (extremely rare native element !, analyzed specimen)
Stistaite (very rare intermetallic, SbSn, analyzed !)
Alterite (new oxalate mineral IMA 2018-070, one of the few oxalates known!)
Platinum (nice cube of native platinum !)
Kellyite & galaxite
Beryl (pink)

.and many more...so I highly recommend to have a look !

Good luck if you bid !
David Hospital
Purple Sky Minerals
Mineral fairs/meetings / Re: Waikiki
« Last post by Carlo Alciati on July 02, 2019, 01:07:27 AM »
Hawaii Rock and Mineral show / Hawai‘i Rock and Mineral Show
Organized by the Rock and Mineral Society of Hawaii http://www.strahlen.org/forum/index.php/topic,8168.0.html

19-20 october 2019

Ohana Hale Marketplace (where ‘Sports Authority’ used to be)
333 Ward Ave #3, Honolulu, HI 96814, Hawaii
Outrigger on the Beach Hotel
2335 Kalakaua Ave., Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
Mineral fairs/meetings / Re: Tournefeuille
« Last post by Carlo Alciati on July 02, 2019, 01:02:14 AM »
Bourse des minéraux et Fossiles
Bourse d'échange de micros à Tournefeuille

5-6 october 2019

Salle le Phare
Route de Tarbes 32, 31170 Tournefeuille, Haute Garonne, France
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