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Questions we all once had. Or still have...

Finding minerals
Where can I search for (and find) minerals?
What are the most prolific mineral localities?
Who can guide me professionally to those localities?
What are good spots to eat, sleep, spa after mineral collecting?
What are regulations for collecting/exporting, per country?
Where can I find nice relaxed people to collect minerals with?
Where are mineral clubs in my region?
and use the map to find the localities... -> http://www.strahlen.org/maps/

Buying minerals, equipment, etc
Where and when are mineral fairs to buy minerals?
Where do I find good-reliable mineral dealers?
Where can I buy geo-mineralogical books?
Where can I buy my (Jousi) mineral boxes the cheapest?
Where can I buy the best hammers, chissels, loupes etc?
Where can I buy good microscopes?
Where can I search in all mineral magazines?
What are online sources for free mineral literature?
Where do I buy rock trimmers/breakers?
How can I clean my minerals?
Where can I have my minerals analysed?
What is the best underground light?
Can I swap/sell minerals in your forum? (yes, only good-rare stuff)
and use the map to find the sellers... -> http://www.strahlen.org/maps/

Viewing minerals
Where are mineral museums to visit during my holidays?
Where are collectors with nice collections to visit?
and use the map to find them... -> http://www.strahlen.org/maps/

Photographing minerals
How can I photograph my micro-minerals?
or, who can photograph my specimens professionally?
and, what setups are other photographers using?
I need a new camera, which one?
What is this stacking all about?

Storage of minerals
How do I store my minerals best?
What is good light in my mineral cabinets?
What software can help me in managing my collection?

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