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Largest mineral fairs


The largest mineral fairs
(in visitors and number of dealers)

Mineral fairNumber of tables (dealers)Number of visitorsTucson (50+ locations)4.00055.000 (*)Munich600 (1.250)40.000Chenzhou500-1.500 (2.300)40.000-320.000 (**)Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines     1.000 (1.500)35.000Denver (10 locations)85025.000 (*)Tokyo41720.000Hamburg40020.000Edison40016.000La Union?15.000Verona28012.000Bologna2107.500Paris2005.000West Springfield200?Torino190?Kyoto170?Li├Ęge1153.500Barcelona10012.000-13.000Hong Kong1004.600Antwerp1003.000Bakewell1001.100(*) number not reliable | (**) number very much not reliable

Smaller fairs

Mineral fair     Number of dealers    Number of visitorsSanta Ana80?Luxembourg701.800Walldorf601.500Namur601.300Bad Ems50?Hong Kong (MinSoc)301.000Tisnov??Et cetera: there are now ca.1.750 mineral fairs worldwide...
Also see here for the timing within the year of the main fairs.
And go to http://www.strahlen.org/forum/index.php?action=calendar for a calendar view...

You can add/correct numbers after registering and logging-in.

(Thanks to the show organizers who gave me data, and thanks to Alfredo who helped adding/correcting data)


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