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December 04, 2023, 04:48:54 PM

Author Topic: Italy, Ancona, Cabernardi, Miniera di Zolfo Cabernardi  (Read 3022 times)

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Re: Italy, Ancona, Cabernardi, Miniera di Zolfo Cabernardi
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Created in 2005, as a National Park, the "Parco museo minerario delle miniere dello zolfo delle Marche" was created to remember and honour generations of miners who have contributed significantly to the birth and development of the Italian chemical-mining sector. With Law n. 160/2019, the Park extends to the Municipalities of Cesena and Urbino and takes on the new company name. The Park consists of its four main extraction sites: the "Perticara - Marazzana mine" in the municipality of Novafeltria (RN), the Cabernardi-Vallotica mine in the municipality of Sassoferrato (AN) to which the Bellisio Solfare refinery in the municipality of Pergola (PU) is added;the mining complex of Formignano inthe municipalityof Cesena (FC) andthe San Lorenzo in Solfinelli mine in the Municipality of Urbino (PU) thus covering the entire geological sulfur deposit of the MarcheRomagna region. At Cabernardi, the layers ofthe chalky-sulphurous deposition are located in a sub-vertical direction and this explains the development of the mines in depth (500-600 m). The sulfur, once extracted from the mine, was refined with the calcarone method orwith that of the gill ovens. The descent into the subsoil in the early years took place in a rudimentary way. With the opening of the wells - some of which are still visible - and the installation of steam winches, the working conditions but above all the extraction productivity improved. In fact, these mines constitute entire underground cities that develop for tens and tens of kilometers of tunnels on 9-11 levels of cultivation. The largest sulfur crystal in the world was extracted from the Perticara mine. All the mines are immersed in a unique landscape with a prevalent agricultural vocation.

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Italy, Ancona, Cabernardi, Miniera di Zolfo Cabernardi
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Miniera di Zolfo Cabernardi
Museo della Miniera di Zolfo Cabernardi (Ancona)
Parco Archeominerario e Museo Comunale della Miniera di Zolfo di Cabernardi
Museo storico minerario Sulphur della miniera di Perticara
Associazione Culturale "LA MINIERA" Onlus

Viale della Vittoria 117, 61121 Pesaro, Marche, Italy
Via Contrada Nuova 1, 60041 Cabernardi, Ancona, Marche, Italy

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