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December 04, 2023, 05:21:45 PM

Author Topic: Greece, Epidaurus, Kotsiomitis Natural History Museum  (Read 2554 times)

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Frank de Wit

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Re: Greece, Epidaurus, Kotsiomitis Natural History Museum
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Thanks for the repo ; added to the map :)

Prodromos Nikolaidis

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Greece, Epidaurus, Kotsiomitis Natural History Museum
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Hello Strahlers!

  Visiting and exploring Greece is always a unique experience! It becomes even more special when combined with a browsing at a natural history museum. Unfortunately, Greek natural history museums are not a ''thing'' and only a few can be found. One of these scarce museums is the ''Kotsiomitis Museum of Natural History''. It is also called ''Natural History Museum of Asklipieion''. It is more like a private collection open to the public than an actual history museum due to its small exhibition area (always of course in comparison with a proper natural history museum). Although its small scale a visit is well rewarding as there are plenty of carefully selected mineral specimens and a lot of fossils! Its location is at the small village of Ligourio which is approximately 2km away from the famous ancient theater of Epidaurus. So combining a visit to the theater and the museum is strongly advised!
  I personally visited the museum on 2014 during a geological multi-day field trip with the AUTh School of Geology so some things may have changed during this time period.
  I attach with this topic some images I took back then and also a link to the site of the museum.